Chapter 97 Fat Cat, Tian’er! (3)

Chapter 97 Fat Cat, Tian’er! (3)

“How about… you change back to Fat Cat. Just like previously, following me, I definitely will not tell anyone about you, okay?”

Tian’er turned back around, looking at him rebukingly as she said: “Hmph, you’re still calling me Fat Cat? You want me to turn back so you can bully me?!”

“Heh heh.” Zhou Weiqing laughed foolishly. “At least when you are as Fat Cat, I can hug you to sleep like I’m used to! If I try to sleep with you like you are now… heh… I will definitely do commit something foolishly wrong.”

“You…” Tian’er flushed a deep red, glaring at him savagely. “Don’t try to tease me like your Bing’er, I’m not so good tempered like her. Hmph. With your current power levels, this young lady can easily take you down!”

Zhou Weiqing put his arm casually around Tian’er’s shoulders, saying: “I do not know whether or not your temper is good, but I am definitely sure that your tolerance level is much stronger than Bing’er. Otherwise, I’ve touched Fat Cat’s little bottom so many times, but you’ve never really lost your temper.”

He knew that saying that would get him into trouble, and as soon as he said those words, he instantly used Blink and vanished on the spot, just managing to barely...

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