Chapter 96 Lustre Spatial Realm (1) (Teaser)

Chapter 96 Lustre Spatial Realm (1)

The strongest part of Zhou Weiqing’s considerably powerful body was definitely his right leg, especially after his entire body had gone through its second evolution. Added on to the fact he was in the Demonic Change State, even if Lin TianAo was using his five-Jeweled Assembly Set Shield to block Zhou Weiqing’s right leg, he would be hard pressed to do so and remain standing stably.

Furthermore, that was just considering the pure brute strength of the blow. Within Zhou Weiqing’s Demonic Right Leg also contained a powerful mixture of Demonic and Darkness Energy, and once it struck an enemy, would be infused into his body. Although Zhou Weiqing’s current Heavenly Energy was not strong, but it was extremely high quality Darkness and Demonic Energy. In terms of energy grade, even the Eight-Eyed Demon Spider was unable to match it.

Facing such a blow, the Sealed Eight-Eyed Demon Spider was unable to dodge or block it, and could only take it head on with its tough armored scales. Alas, without sufficient Heavenly Energy to support itself, all its abilities were greatly reduced, even its defensive capabilities.

In that massive explosion, its eight legs were unable to...

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