Chapter 93 Heavenly Jewel Island! (2) (Teaser)

Chapter 93 Heavenly Jewel Island! (2)

After a thousand metres or so, they were totally surrounded by mist. Once again, Lin TianAo warned his companions to be careful as they all slowed down their climbing speed due to the lack of visibility. As they ascended higher, the temperature also dropped. Xiao Yan was forced to release his Fire Attribute Heavenly Energy in order to dissipate the mist directly surrounding them, and to provide some measure of heat for his companions. Every thousand metres or so they climbed meant about a six degree drop in temperature, but with Xiao Yan’s help and the strong physiques as Heavenly Jewel Masters, it was not a huge problem. They had heard that the pillars extended more than five thousand metres high, but they did not know the exact height. Since it was their first time climbing it, they wanted to be as careful as possible.

Slowly, the mist surrounding them grew thinner. After another hour of climbing, the sight before them changed almost abruptly, as they had broken past the bank of clouds and could actually see them below!

An amazing sight filled the eyes of the Fei Li Battle Team members. They could clearly see the skies right in front of them, a clear brilliant beautiful blue, the almost piercing sunlight, and at their feet was a huge mass of clouds that seemed almost impenetrable. Such a vision,...

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