Chapter 100 Black-White Dual Evil Spirits (3)

Chapter 100 Black-White Dual Evil Spirits (3)

Zhou Weiqing blinked, then said: “Tian’er… in truth.... Look at it this way. See, if I marry you, Bing’er and Little Witch… doesn’t that mean I will have the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, Heavenly Snow Mountain and Heavenly Demon Sect behind me and supporting me? With such a powerful background, I’ll be able to walk around the entire mainland without any fear, and no one can do anything to me. Heh heh heh heh.”


“Are you trying to die?”

Both girls cried out angrily. Originally, the lucky fellow Zhou Weiqing who had been enjoying some ‘sexy times’ between the two suddenly felt a sudden sharp pain on both sides of his body as the soft sides of his waist experienced the ultimate move of the ladies, the 180 degree pinch! The next moment, he had been tossed out, smashing into a large tree in a cross shaped fashion before slowly sliding down.

“You two are too violent, how can you all treat your future husband like this? Sigh… My dearest Bing’er is still the best! She will not treat me like this!”

“Shut up!”

Once again, both girls yelled at him in chorus, causing him to hide behind a tree in fear, afraid to continue speaking.

Little Witch and Tian’er looked at each other, before giving of another synchronized cold humph, turning their heads to ignore the other.

Eight years ago was the previous Five Great Saint Lands gathering. At that time, Little...

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