Chapter 89 Three Toxic Venoms (2) (Teaser)

Chapter 89 Three Toxic Venoms (2)

After thinking it through, a faint smile appeared on Lin TianAo’s face. This was not a bad thing for them, not just for Zhou Weiqing having good relations with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, but even the Fei Li Empire would gain much from having good relations with the ZhongTian Empire.

As Zhou Weiqing’s Follower, he naturally had to think of Zhou Weiqing’s position first; but as a Fei Li Empire Citizen, he was naturally even happier with such a win-win situation.

He understood that Zhou Weiqing had revealed too much of his talent today, and it was just too astounding. As the saying goes, the trees that grow the highest in the forest will be knocked down first[1. That’s the literal translation, but I think you all can get the meaning from the words; basically someone overly talented would attract jealousy], there was always a bad side to drawing too much attention. He knew that with Zhou Weiqing’s character, the only reason he would do something like that was because of Shangguan Bing’er. Alas, if they did not have a strong background, such an outstanding talent could mean an early demise.

The world had never lacked talents, but those who could survive and grow...

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