Chapter 87 Controllable Demonic Change (2)

Chapter 87 Controllable Demonic Change (2)

As the Consolidating Equipment God Protective Aura dissipated, a bright red protective heart mirror appeared in front of her chest. It was decorated with a simple but enchanting purple-gold carvings on the border, with a large metallic gem in the center. Shen Little Demon’s Heavenly Jewels also released at the same time, showing her six Red Jade Physical Jewels. Similar to Han Bing, she had the coordination Physical Attribute.

As a thick red light shone from the protective heart mirror, it enveloped her entire body, staining it in a layer of red. After releasing her Consolidated Equipment, it was too late for her to use any Skills, as Zhou Weiqing had already reached her.

Shen Little Demon shoved outwards with both hands, as a solid-looking white glow burst forth from her palms, striking out at Zhou Weiqing.

The four main stages of Heavenly Energy were the Heavenly Jing Energy, Heavenly Shen Energy, Heavenly Xu Energy and Heavenly Dao Energy. The difference between Heavenly Jing Energy and Heavenly Shen Energy was being able to release it out of the body, while Heavenly Xu Energy was able to go a step further and use it in direct...

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