Chapter 87 Controllable Demonic Change (1)

Chapter 87 Controllable Demonic Change (1)

Facing Zhou Weiqing’s incomprehensible strength, Shen Little Demon was inevitably stunned for a split second. Alas, Zhou Weiqing was a master of seizing opportunities, and just that split second had allowed him to grab hold of her fist as his palm grew larger.

A huge suction force emitted from Zhou Weiqing’s palm, enveloping Shen Little Demon. She felt as if his palm was like a black hole, the depths of hell, and her own massive store of Heavenly Energy acted like a hole opened in a dam, gushing out towards his hand.

It was almost visible as well, as white light sprang forth around her body, encasing her as it seemed to rush towards Zhou Weiqing’s right hand in a strange movement. At the same time, his entire body seemed to expand as well.

The entire uniform on his upper body was blown apart, revealing his well muscled torso. That was not the only thing, as his left arm and hand followed his right, growing immensely as well.

Black and grey tiger tattoos seemed to appear, moving around like waves across his skin. The ‘King’ word and its domineering aura appeared around his forehead at the same time, shimmering in all its glory.


Shock rippled through the entire audience, the Rest Houses, and even the VIP stage, as everyone...

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