Chapter 81 Silver Emperor Wing Slash! (3)

Chapter 81 Silver Emperor Wing Slash! (3)

*Clang* *Clang* *Clang*. Three loud clashes rang out as three of the shields were knocked away by the spiked mace. Alas, that moment of stiffness had done its job, and Lang Xie was unable to dodge or parry the last two shields. With a sickening thud, his right arm which had been holding his spiked mace was chopped off from the shoulder by one of the shields. As for the other shield, it slammed savagely into his belly. Although he had a powerful Heavenly Energy shield, Lin TianAo’s cultivation was equal or slightly higher than his, and the sharp edge of the shield almost cut him into two.

The five shields flew back together, consolidating into the single huge tower shield once more. Once again, Lin TianAo activated his Charge Skill, slamming into the heavily injured Lang Xie, causing him to fly back from the impact.

An arrow flew in right into the flying body, sinking directly into the wounded belly of Lang Xie with a huge explosion. Finally, Lang Xie’s wounded body was split into two from that explosion, and he landed below the stage, on the verge of death.

When Lang Xie fell down onto the floor with a loud thud, the entire Plaza fell silent.

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