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A crunchy, crispy piece of chicken. The stretchy cheese on pizza, and eating ramen at one in the morning! I only wanted to eat delicious food. So why is my life in danger because of eating addiction?!
There's a place where I can fulfill my most cherished dream of eating everything I want!
The virtual reality game Athenae!
I'm just eating well but isn't this a bit weird?
The Food God's True Worth.
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1014 Chapters
Licensed From
Park Mingyu/KW Books


Also known as Leveling Up Through Eating

Status in Korean: Completed with 1391 chapters

Editor: Kun

Food Gallery

Original work  ©Park Mingyu/KWBOOKS 

47 Reviews
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2 years ago
I have been following this novel for months now. I was sad that the previous translator stopped translating. But now its good to see it in WuxiaWorld. Now on to the review.

LUTE is a VRMMO novel where most of the action takes place inside the game. The story is about how the protagonist is suffering from Bulimia Nervosa and his struggle to get into shape with the help of the game. I wont get into spoilers, but evry chapter is such a good read especially when reading about the protagonist's struggles through his disease and how it affects those around him. Overall, its a good read and i hope a lot of the WuxiaWorld users come to like it too.

PS. There is a high chance of becoming hungry while reading as the author is very good at describing food and eating.

Akhil Theerhala
2 years ago
I have read about 300 chapter of this novel from the previous translator, and was searching who would continue this novel . I was hoping that WuxiaWorld may continue this, and here I am. I am happy that they are checking whether to translate this or not.

** My opinion might contain some spoilers, so Beware****

Well in my opinion, this is a novel that is not so epic but also not some trash. It has a decent pace and a decent story. You will sometimes feel that everything is absurd, No matter what class others choose (like a warrior, mage etc.,) they can't just match up to the hero as he is a legendary CHEF!! and has an obsession with tasty food. Even the gods in the game aren't free from this food maniac. But that is what makes this novel good in my opinion.

Every novel has it's own point around which the plot revolves and this one revolves around a man who has a disease that makes him obsessed with food. So, it kind of makes sense in it's own way. It is a bit funny too. You might not laugh out loud, but you will get a decent amount of smiles. Hope you enjoy reading this.

2 years ago
Not recommended
This novel starts good. The main character is fairly likeable, and the side characters aren't bad. Unfortunately it pretty quickly falls into a standard formula:

MC arrives at new place/event, and spends most of his time looking for new foods to eat.

People misunderstand his actions or don't understand why he works so hard.

He unlocks some amazing reward, but there's another, much less traditionally enticing option. Due to his worldvirw/mental illness he chooses the other option and gets a super rare reward for being so special to not choose the obviously better reward.

Rinse and repeat.literally every Arc so far has followed this formula, and it doesn't seem like the main character is changing much at all. Maybe in several hundred chapter he will have some character growth and start to do stuff out of friendship or some reason besides food, but I doubt it.

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