Chapter 95 - Big Brothers Raid #6

Chapter 95 - Big Brother’s Raid #6


Big Brother grabbed his head and shouted. As if a bullet had passed by his face, blood started to emerge.


A rough groan couldn’t help emerging. He felt like falling onto the ground. However, Big Brother held on with superhuman patience. Even though it hurt, it wasn’t fatal. Furthermore, the opponent also suffered an injury. When comparing his weapons and his basic stamina, the odds were still overwhelmingly in his favor.

But how on earth did he get hurt? Big Brother couldn’t understand it.

Of course, the opponent wasn’t safe either. Blood was dripping down between the cracked mask.

"T-This bastard..."

However, Phantom was sending him a crazy smile. It was like this situation was satisfactory, even though he was seriously injured.

‘The killer was unable to kill me. But... It really hurts!’

He pretended that he was fine, but he was actually covered in cold sweat. Originally, he should’ve been dead. Even though it was reduced by half, it wouldn’t be unusual if he was stunned.

He had to fulfill several conditions for Damage to Both Sides to be used. First, he had to touch the opponent for a certain amount of time, and exchange questions and answers. The range of Damage to Both Sides was determined by the content.

If he was told that there was someone the opponent wanted to protect, the opponent would become linked to that person. Then their wounds would be shared. On the other hand, if he answered that only himself was important, then a different effect would occur.

Tae-hyuk smirked.

"This is the problem with bad guys. They talk too much.”

If the opponent had fired the gun before Damage to Both Sides was triggered, then it would’ve been over. In order to prevent such a situation, Tae-hyuk made Big Brother think that his plan was to take off the reinforced suit. That alone reduced his defensive capability, but it allowed Big Brother to move much faster. Then he deliberately allowed himself to be caught.

‘Looking at what he did with the hostages, this killer is the type to play with his opponents. It is easy to buy time if I create a suitable atmosphere.’

Thus, Damage to Both Sides was completely triggered. Tae-hyuk pointed a finger at his chest and said,

"Now you can't kill me. Fire one more shot if you are curious.”

"Kuock, do you think I won’t do it?”

Big Brother aimed at Tae-hyuk’s body and pulled the trigger. However, his target was the shoulder, not the heart. The gunshot rang out and blood simultaneously appeared on both Tae-hyuk and Big Brother.


"The one shooting is the one who is suffering.”

“H-How? Did it do nothing? Wasn’t it a clear shot?”

"Only you are hurt, you clown.”

Tae-hyuk’s taunt stunned Big Brother. He attacked the opponent only to get wounded himself. In addition, it seemed like he was the only one feeling pain. It was the first time Big Brother felt fear since he was born.

‘Thank god for the medicine.’

The two people suffered the same damage due to Damage to Both Sides. The reason why Big Brother’s suffering was overwhelming was simple. While hiding among the hostages, Tae-hyuk had injected medicine into his body to reduce the pain in advance. It was an anesthetic that he got from T Medical Centre.

Thanks to it, Tae-hyuk was able to bluff like he didn’t get hurt at all. It worked very well.


Big Brother was in a panicked state. No matter how he attacked the opponent, he would only get hurt himself. He didn’t know what witchcraft was used, but he couldn’t attack.

In fact, Tae-hyuk was the same. It was literally Damage to Both Sides. If he attacked Big Brother now, then the damage would return to Tae-hyuk.

‘But he doesn’t know that. Then my bluff will work!’

Tae-hyuk looked at Big Brother with mocking eyes. He was an elite killer with the best skills. When had he ever received such humiliating treatment? In the end, all of Big Brother’s patience disappeared.

Big Brother glared at Tae-hyuk.

"Still, I'm glad. I was able to protect my precious people.”

"Precious people?"

Tae-hyuk turned and looked at Min Soo-young and Min Soo-yeon, who were shaking in place. Then he muttered in a soft tone,

"I came to save these children. It is impossible to allow a killer to murder them.”

The two sisters looked at Phantom with wide eyes. The whole reason Phantom was here was in order to save them? It was so surprising that they couldn’t say anything.

Big Brother looked between Phantom, Min Soo-young, and Min Soo-yeon. He then started laughing like crazy. He didn’t know what magic Phantom was using to protect his body. Still, the reason he came here was to protect those children.

"Kuahahaha! A criminal trying to save someone is funny. Then, let’s see if you can save them.”

Big Brother laughed and pointed his gun at the two sisters. He no longer hesitated. First, one foot forward. There was a tang and blood emerged from Min Soo-young’s head. And another foot. Blood covered Min Soo-yeon’s chest as she held her sister’s hand.

The two people, who the Phantom was trying to protect, were killed at the same time.

How about this? His purpose... P...

"K-Kuheok... T-this... Keook!”

At the same time, blood spurted from Big Brother’s head and chest. Then the floor approached Big Brother’s head. No, to be exact, Big Brother’s body was collapsing towards the ground.

At the last moment, Big Brother realized it. Phantom didn’t use strange magic. He was the strange thing himself. And he probably created...


Big Brother killed two people at the same time. The effects of Damage to Both Sides triggered, causing him to die. Tae-hyuk clicked his tongue as he looked at Big Brother’s corpse on the ground.

“You. Your skills were too good. If you didn’t kill them both at the same time, then you would’ve lived.”

Phantom killed the killer. The hostages realized this and cheered.

"W-We’re saved!”


The people started crying as they realized that they had survived. One hostage went up to the fallen children.

“You bad person... You killed these children...”

Tae-hyuk quietly reached out and touched his fingers to their necks. It was marginal, but there was still a pulse.

“They are still alive. However, it would be better to call a doctor as soon as possible. Go outside and tell the police there there are two severely wounded people.”




The hostage nodded after receiving the instructions and ran out of the room. Tae-hyuk looked at the two sisters who were unconscious.

"Don’t resent me too much for giving you half of the pain. This was for the best.”

At the same time, he felt the pain that had been suppressed by the anesthetic. A crying hostage bowed to Phantom.

“T-Thank you for saving us.”

Then like dominos, the other hostages also gave thanks.

“Phantom-nim. Thank you very much.”

Tae-hyuk took a deep breath and told the hostages.

"Let’s get out of here. The killer seems to have set up bombs. Take these children as well. They are seriously injured, so be careful not to shock them."

"Leave it to us!"

The spirited hostages left the room one by one. A few people remained and gently lifted the stunned children.

Once all of them left the room, Tae-hyuk was suddenly alone.

First of all, he couldn’t forget about Big Brother’s weapons. They were things that weren’t readily available in South Korea. Just taking the guns would be the reward for today’s work.

Tae-hyuk looked at Big Brother’s corpse and muttered.

“It is literally Damage to Both Sides.”


Tae-hyuk, who was disguised as Kwon Joon-hyuk, mingled with the people in order to leave the building. The hostages were so relieved that they survived that they didn’t even notice that their numbers had increased.

The police shouted with joy as the people came out.

"The hostages are coming!”

"Maybe the culprit is dead!”

Then the special units tried to enter the building.

“There are bombs installed in the building! Call the experts to dismantle the bombs!”

"Enter with care!”

“Phantom is in there! Somehow catch him!”

The men gulped. Phantom killed an opponent with a huge firepower that couldn’t be matched. Now they might have to fight him.

The people who survived Big Brother swarmed everywhere.

“A-Any wounded, please come over here!”

Several ambulances were carrying injured people from the scene.

"Sir, over here!”

A nurse shouted as she saw Tae-hyuk, who was bleeding from the head. As it happened, the ambulances belonged to the hospital where An Eun-young’s father was the director.

Tae-hyuk sighed.

He had suffered a gunshot wound to his head and shoulder. He had somehow hung on due to the power of the anesthetic but he was at his limit. He would be able to get treated by pretending to be a hostage, but he wanted to avoid even a 1% chance of detection.

It would be better to ask for help from Moonlight Flower. She would introduce him to an unlicensed doctor who worked in the back alleys.

The nurse held out her hand to grab his bag.

"Give me the bag."

However, he couldn’t give it to her since the bag contained guns. The weight was 80kg so he couldn’t hand it over to others.

“It is okay.”

“T-That... The blood from your head...”

Tae-hyuk replied with a smile.

“I’m still half alive.”


-Breaking news. The terrorist incident in the middle of the city has ended with the death of the perpetrator. It is believed that the terrorist was killed by the criminal Phantom, who wears the opera mask. The prosecutors have given an explanation that should be accurate. At the crime scene...

The young boss of Huaqing, Li Zheng, one of the 13 branches of the Triad, watched the broadcast on TV.

“In the end, Big Brother failed...”

The boss’ attitude wasn’t angry but his subordinate still flinched. He was nervous about being shot as he carefully asked Li Zheng.

"Should we send another killer?”

“No. If Big Brother failed then it means he is an opponent that can’t be dealt with individually.”

“Then how...?”

Li Zheng quietly rose from his seat.

"The Triads has gained tremendous profit from South Korea. Sooner or later, the Red Mafia and Yakuza will fight for it. In such a situation, we can’t fight Phantom.”

They vowed revenge but the situation wasn’t good. If they mobilized many people to deal with Phantom then the other groups wouldn’t miss it.

“Then what...”

"If we can’t kill him then we need to make him join our side.”

"Then I will arrange a flight for South Korea.”

“Not yet. Let’s first watch the situation. Use all of Huaqing’s power to watch the Phantom’s movements. Then either the Red Mafia or Yakuza will try to catch him.”

The subordinate’s eyes shone.

Phantom would clearly become the center of the mafia war. If so, they would first look at the reactions of other organizations without intervening.

Phantom was burning with hostility towards the Triads. Li Zheng planned to use the other organizations to hook him. Li Zheng quietly watched the video on the monitor.

"The Phantom will end up eating South Korea.”

"Yes, Boss.”


He wanted to have him.


Big Brother, the best killer in Huaqing was dead! The news spread to all the crime syndicates in the world.

"According to the eyewitnesses, he fought Big Brother and won.”

"Wasn’t he playing with Big Brother?”

"He shot Phantom, but the attacker was the one that got injured!”

“Oh my god! Is he even human?”

"He can change his face freely?”

"Is it true that the Red Mafia lost billions of dollars in forgeries due to Phantom?”

“Who the hell is he?!”

"I don't know! However, we have to get the Phantom!”

“Can’t we hire him?”

"Prepare a private plane! I am going to South Korea right now!”

Criminals around the world started to notice a small country in the east of Asia. There was only one thing they wanted: to find out Phantom’s identity.

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