Chapter 94 - Big Brothers Raid #5

Chapter 94 - Big Brother’s Raid #5

The encounter with a killer who possessed overwhelming violence evolved Tae-hyuk’s crime skill.

[A new attribute has been added to Crime Skill: Violence.]

[’Damage to Both Sides’ has been acquired.]

[An attack on your opponent will also damage you.]

Tae-hyuk inwardly groaned as he looked at the message on the Demon Revealing Mirror.

‘Hrmm... Something....’

Unlike the other attributes he had gained so far, the performance was quite ambiguous. The good news was that it was possible to turn it on and off.

‘Eh? Wait a minute. Can I designate the opponent?’

Tae-hyuk’s eyes gleamed as he discovered an additional explanation at the bottom. Then the story was different. If Damage to Both Sides was used, doing damage to one person would inflict it on the other. The scale was exactly 5:5. It was an attribute that would increase the use of the Violence skill if used well.

'But in order to damage the other person, the conditions have to be satisfied?’

Tae-hyuk manipulated the Demon Revealing Mirror to check what the conditions were, and then licked his lips.

'Cancel what I said about this being useful... What, these conditions are crazy.’

While Tae-hyuk was looking at the new attribute, Big Brother had completely broken the mirror. Phantom’s provocation seemed better than he thought. Then Big Brother started to unleash his anger on the hostages.

“Kid. I said that I would spare you sister if you shot yourself in the belly? That is cancelled. If you want to complain, blame Phantom.”

Big Brother’s eyes were full of madness. It wouldn’t be strange if he killed all the hostages right now. Min Soo-young wept and clung to his leg.

“...P-Please, s-spare... I-I will die. R-Right now...”

Then she pulled up her clothes and revealed her belly. Big Brother looked at her in surprise. It seemed like she really would kill herself. It was a very interesting situation for him since the sacrifice was nothing but hypocrisy. He would have been able to play more if it wasn’t for Phantom.

Big Brother kicked Min Soo-young’s belly like it was annoying. Her body curved like a bow and a sharp scream emerged, but this wasn’t the end. Big Brother grabbed her head and slammed it against the floor. There was a cracking sound and blood rushed out from Min Soo-young’s nose.

"Keeok, augh... Keook...”

“Yes. I’ve just come up with a good idea. I will give you the pleasure of killing your sister directly.

Min Soo-young tried to somehow save her sister. Therefore, she didn’t release the gun in her hand even when she was kicked and her face slammed against the ground. Big Brother grabbed Min Soo-young’s shoulder firmly so that she couldn’t resist. The other hand grabbed her right arm that was holding the pistol. Then he slowly turned the muzzle towards her little sister.

“Ah... No, do...”

Min Soo-young tried desperately to resist but her body didn’t budge.


In the end, the muzzle arrived directly in front of Min Soo-yeon. If she pulled the trigger, then her sister’s life would be taken.

“Uwah... Euh...!”

Min Soo-young finally gave up resisting and closed her eyes. She didn’t want to see her sister dying in front of her.

"Aigoo. You shouldn’t miss something this good.”

But Big Brother was persistent to the end. He forced open Min Soo-young’s eyes so that the sight in front of her would be imprinted.

"Now. Pull this and there will be a very impressive scene. Don’t worry. You will soon follow your little sister.”

Big Brother put his finger on the trigger and pulled.


The bullet fired from the muzzle struck the wall above Soo-yeon’s head. What, did she avoid the attack just now?

Big Brother glared at the man who had pushed Soo-yeon out of the way. He was the only one who knew what that person did. He mixed in with the hostages and popped out like lightning when the trigger was pulled and kicked Min Soo-yeon’s legs, making her fall to the ground. As a result, she was bleeding from the nose like her sister, but she was able to avoid being shot.

Big Brother looked at the man with a strange expression.

"What, this guy?”

If the other person’s response was too early, then Big Brother would’ve seen it and changed the direction of the muzzle. If he was too late, then the girl’s head would literally be like a cracked watermelon. It was impossible for a human to react that fast when a bullet was shot.

“Hrmm... How did you notice the moment of attack?”

Min Soo-young’s gun was loaded with 5.56mm bullets that had a speed of 945 meters per second. It was a tremendous speed that was three times the speed of sound. It was normal for the head to already burst the moment the firing sound was heard.

That meant the other person knew exactly when he was shooting. But was that possible? Big Brother looked at the opponent like he had seen a magic trick.

“You are the one who was with Shin Se-ho.”

He was the one who urinated himself after being threatened with a few bullets. Therefore, it must just be a coincidence.

"It is funny. Very funny! Kuhaha! You made me feel very amused!”

He was lucky with the first bullet, but Big Brother still had many bullets remaining. Even if he shot everyone here 10 times, he would still have some left. Big Brother laughed crazily and aimed the muzzle again at Min Soo-yeon who was rolling on the ground.

"Let’s see if you can avoid it again this time. Of course, such a coincidence won’t be repeated twice.”

He had protected his body with a specially made reinforced suit. In such a situation, murdering other people gave him a pleasure which couldn’t be explained by words.

"But what are you going to do after killing everyone here?”


Big Brother thought he heard wrong for a moment. That crazy bastard was making strange noises as he was staring straight into Big Brother’s eyes.

"There are many police officers outside who are trying to save the hostages. If the hostages are alive then there is a possibility of escape. But that will change if they are all dead. So how are you doing to run away?”

“Huhuhu... A rat is worried about a cat. If you have questions, then I’ll let you know in the afterlife. At the very least, you should know why you died. I came here to catch the Phantom. Well, do you already know that much? Whether successful or not, a helicopter is going to pick me up.”

"That is great, but what should I do? I blew up your rescue helicopter.”


"The pilot’s name is Wei Chang.”

“This bastard... How do you know that?”

The bastard put his hand into his clothes and pulled out something white.

“Phantom mask? D-Don’t tell me...!”

"Do I still look like your hostage?”

The confused Big Brother slowly counted the number of hostages. There were 30 people, and he killed 11 rebellious ones, so 19 people should be remaining. But no matter how much he counted, the number remained the same.


"I told you. I came here to kill you.”

The bastard who put on the mask was Phantom.


"Kuhahahaha! You walked in here of your own volition.”

Big Brother picked up the submachine gun that he had left in the corner. It was the German-made MP5 that boasted high precision and reliability. It was used in numerous special forces and counter-terrorist units since the 1970s. Most of them were retired and disappeared into history, but they were still active in the mafia.

The incredible capacity to fire 800 shots per minute meant that it couldn’t even be compared to a pistol. There were 30 bullets in 6 cartridges, too much just to kill one person. The whole body would turn into a bloody mess.

Tae-hyuk told the hostages to gather in one corner of the room.

"If you don’t want to be killed by blind bullets then you should all fall to the ground.”

"Uack, aaaaack!”

The hostages screamed and fell to the ground.

"It seems like you are planning something interesting, but let’s see if you can survive the first hail of bullets.”

[Violence has been used.]

-An iron pipe is equipped.

Big Brother pulled the trigger of the MP5.


In an instant, 30 bullets fired towards Tae-hyuk as the magazine became completely empty.

[Sixth Sense has been used.]

‘I see the attacks!’

Sixth Sense allowed Tae-hyuk to feel where the attacks were coming from. The trajectory of the bullets became a red line in the air.

“What? B-Blood?”

Big Brother stared at Tae-hyuk.

Violence allowed him to increase his strength and agility by a certain extent. The higher his stats, the greater the increase. Tae-hyuk currently had 50 agility. Since it was amplified, it was possible for him to move beyond human limits.

However, the power of the submachine gun was also enormous. Even with the help of Violence, he couldn’t avoid all bullets. Tae-hyuk’s shoulders and thighs were soaked with blood.

"You are confidently barging in. However, you should realize that you can’t hurt me just by avoiding those bullets.”

Big Brother said,

He used all the abilities of Violence, but it was just to avoid the opponent’s attacks. The first one to succumb in the end would be Tae-hyuk. However, Tae-hyuk was still smiling with a relaxed face.



In no time, Tae-hyuk had reached closed enough to stretch out and touch Big Brother’s body.

“Hahat! I don’t know what construction site you picked up that pipe at. However, you won’t be able to hurt me with it.”

Big Brother wore a reinforced suit that even blocked bullets.

"But I can touch you at this distance.”

Tae-hyuk struck Big Brother’s shoulder like he was a quarterback.

"Kuahaha! You approached me to do this. It is an attack like a mosquito!”

"Now the armour protecting you has disappeared.”

Tae-hyuk said and Hyung-nim looked down at his body,


The reinforced suit he had been wearing had disappeared. Tae-hyuk threw Big Brother’s reinforced suit, that he had taken with Robbery, into the corner.

"Now let’s try this.”

Then he struck Big Brother with the iron pipe. It was a blow with enough power to shatter asphalt at once.

"I don’t know what you did to take off my reinforced suit, but I wouldn’t be a killer of the Triads if I relied on body armour.”

His strike didn’t work. Big Brother grabbed the iron pipe with his right arm and lifted it.

"It looks like this time it is my checkmate.”


Tae-hyuk groaned. Big Brother smiled with satisfaction. Instead of the sub-machine gun, he pulled out a familiar handgun and pointed it at Tae-hyuk’s head.

"Now, say your last words.”

If he pulled the trigger now, the opponent’s head will smash along with the phantom mask. Tae-hyuk spoke in a calm voice, even with the muzzle touching his head.

"Is there someone you are willing to risk your life to save?”

“What are you saying? Did you finally going crazy? Either way, it doesn’t matter. I don't have such a person. The most important thing in this world is my own life.”

"Then now it is time to feel the pain that the people who died by your hands felt.”

"Is that the end? Well, goodbye Phantom.”

Big Brother pulled the trigger.


The phantom mask was destroyed.

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