Chapter 91 - Big Brothers Raid #2

Chapter 91 - Big Brother’s Raid #2

The Red Mafia was a Russian crime organization. Decades ago, they were a hydra with multiple heads, and were notorious for committing all types of evil deeds throughout the world. They would incorporate the beliefs of Zvezda, the symbol of the Ivankov family. (Zvezda= star in Russian apparently).

After a bloody struggle, he became the godfather with tens of thousands of members. Ivankov recruited Soviet troops, who had been unemployed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, into his large organization. Then he acquired large quantities of scattered weapons to make a private army that he would use as mercenaries in the world’s conflict zones.

The war came to an end. Zvezda accumulated tremendous wealth as an arms dealer and mercenary leader. After Ivankov’s death, the Hydra’s neck that he had cut off, started to regrow. The people that Ivankov trained aimed their guns at each other and conflict swallowed the Red Mafia again.

The difference was that the weapons were guns and missiles, not swords. If the war persisted, only ruin would be left in its wake. Ivankov’s legal successor, the young boss Kataros, was well aware of this.

An old castle, Winter, hundreds of kilometres away from Moscow was Zvezda's home. As the name suggested, it was surrounded by white snow all year round.

"Boss. Our plan was completely foiled by Phantom."

Kataros sat on his office chair and looked at Semon, his second in command. He was a genius with an IQ of 160 and had three doctoral degrees in economics. Since Ivankov had been the boss, Semon had managed the organization’s economics and was notorious for weapons smuggling around the world. There were rumors that he could supply submarines, tanks, and nuclear weapons at any time. The only one he bowed to was the boss of Red Mafia, Kataros.

Semon said with an angry face,

“Revenge is necessary. The damage he inflicted is millions of dollars.”

"Killing the Phantom won’t make all that come back, Semon.”

"But Kataros, it is dangerous if you ignore this. The other bosses won’t stand it.”

Apart from the godfather of the Red Mafia, there were nine representative bosses. Kataros had legitimacy as Ivankov’s successor, but his forces were the weakest. He only kept his position due to the absolute support of Semon.

The Red Mafia dealt with high risk crimes such as drugs, prostitution, trafficking, arms trading and casinos. However, Kataros was interested in the so-called brain business. He supported students who were smart but had no money to study things like law and economics. After graduation, they would work in the Russian mafia.

It took a long time to see the results. Of course, the other bosses objected violently.

Kataros and Semon just prepared it silently.

"The world is changing. I want talent.”

"But it is money that moves the world. If there isn’t a large amount of money available then Boss won’t be able to do what you want. That’s why you started the forgeries...”

He stopped before pointing out that it was the boss’ failure.

"And it failed. I know. Phantom hit us perfectly.”

"So I’ve prepared some extra budget.”

Semon was the man who handled the biggest amount of money among the nine bosses of the Red Mafia. He couldn’t understand why Kataros was refusing his aid.

Kataros said with a laugh,

"I told you. I love talent. It is the same with me. Everything I’m doing is to prove that I am fit for the position of the boss.”


Kataros had only been one of the nine bosses for one year. He didn’t have any achievements. If this situation persisted then Kataros would be forced out by the other bosses. Of course, it wasn’t like someone being fired from work. Rather, his neck would be sliced and he would be displayed on the streets of Moscow.

"That Phantom person is very interesting. It feels like he enjoys having people play in the palm of his hand.”

"If Boss commands it, then I will cut off his head right away and decorate it in a well-visible place.”

Kataros coughed. Semon was highly loyal but sometimes it was a bit intense.

"Let’s just watch first. We are not the only ones aiming at him.”

“Do you mean the Triads?”

“That’s right. The long-term organ trafficking business they were running was blown up. It seems like the damage is considerable.”

"The damage is bigger here.”

Kataros coughed again. He spoke in a strangely sweet but sarcastic tone.

“They boasted that they sent their strongest killer to South Korea.”

"He bought a lot of weapons from us. A high number of explosives... He can fight a war in order to get Phantom.”

"If Phantom manages to defeat the killer from the Triads, then I will go and see for myself. Maybe he is the person I have been looking for.”

Semon narrowed his eyes.

“South Korea will be set on fire.”

“Yes. The movements of the Triad and the Yakuza are strange. Soon there will be a war.”

Kataros said prophetically.


Inside the hotel room, ‘Conquest of Paradise’ was playing. It was classical music that expressed the joy of Columbus discovering the New World.

Big Brother was moving his body on top of a woman while listening to the music.

“Heok... Heeeok...”

The girl panted roughly before becoming quiet. Big Brother, who had been choking her from above, released his grip. Then the woman’s body flailed like a broken doll.

"So don’t just follow anyone. By the way, what was your name? Well, it doesn’t matter.”

Big Brother inserted his fingers into an eye and pulled out the eyeball. He pulled out a combat knife and cut the connected optic nerve. He always carried a bottle of formalin in his bag. It would be okay as a souvenir.

Big Brother picked up the phone on the floor and called the janitor.

-W-Why weren’t you picking up? What can I do for you?

"There is some garbage to clean in the K Hotel Suite. She hasn’t died yet, so you can sell her.”

-I guess you didn’t have a favorite part this time. Just before...

“Hey. Just do what your job is. If you have a long tongue then I will shorten it.”

-H-Hik! I-I’m really sorry. I understand. Then please have a shower and I will clean it up nicely.

Big Brother went to the shower and turned on the cold water. His body was hot with excitement.


The icy cold water poured on his head, but it didn’t cool the dark desires in his blood. It was a long trip and he could kill dozens of people.

“Well. It is clean.”

After finishing out the shower, he found that his room was tidy. The bed-sheet that had been dirtied with something red had been changed. The janitor did a good job.

The table had a report that listed everything about his target, Phantom. Big Brother wore a dressing gown and sat down to read it.

“...He touched the Russian mafia? This brat is putting himself out in the open. I should check him out once.”

As he drank wine in the suite, attendants emerged from the darkness. They placed various weapons on the table and disappeared. Big Brother saw the familiar Russian semi-automatic gun Torkarev TT-33 among them. He aimed it at one of the attendants and pulled the trigger.


The head of the attendant scattered like a smashed watermelon. The faces of the other attendant turned white. He was terrified of the man who laughed like killing one person was a fun game.

"Hu... Now I am a little calm. I'm sorry but can you call the janitor?”

“Yes! U-Understood!"

The survivor sighed with relief.

Tang tang!

"I'm sorry but I like killing those who think they survived the most.”

After killing the two attendants, Big Brother realized that he had no one to call the janitor.

"Was this a little too much?”

Big Brother laughed.

Anyway, his killing spree was just starting. He laughed like a child receiving a new toy.


The Triads had dispatched a skilled killer to catch Phantom. He was armed with a large number of firearms distributed from the Red Mafia. An enemy different from the criminals so far had emerged.

Tae-hyuk didn’t know this and was handling the enemies in front of him with a serious expression.

"No... No matter how delicious you tteokbokki is... Isn’t it a little too much to make it for all the children in the orphanage?”

The one who spoke was Sister Viviana, a nun who cared for the children at St. Mary’s Orphanage.

"I am always thankful. After Hye-mi ate it last time, she was bragging loudly.”

Still, no matter how simple the food, it was more than 30 servings. Tae-hyuk put the sauce into the large pot of boiling rice cakes. He grunted as he started to stir the contents with a large spatula that was more like a shovel.

"The smell is unbelievably good!"

"I used a good hot pepper paste. And this seasoning...”

Tae-hyuk sprinkled some white powder into the pot. Sister Viviana tilted her head and asked,

"What are you putting in now?”

"It is a secret. Do you know any chefs who would tell their secrets?”

“Ehhh... Surely it isn’t cocaine or...”

Tae-hyuk laughed,

This nun... She had a naive face and harsh manner of speaking, He wasn’t the Red Mafia, who dealt with such things.

"It is Miwon. MSG is good for your mouth, regardless of your body. Ah right, some people treat it as a crime.”

“Omo. No?”

“Anyway, it is now completed so please help me put it on the plates.”

“I understand.”

"I can help.”

Kim Soo-bin said from where she was snooping around the kitchen.

"Sister, be careful. It is hot so you might get burnt.”

Kim Soo-bin picked up the pot with her right arm and started to add the rice cakes to the plate.

"This arm, it is strong. It isn’t hot holding something like this, and is quite comfortable.

Fortunately, Kim Soo-bin seemed to like the Machina.

“Speaking of the arm. Would it be better to use it a bit more carefully? It is still a machine.”

"A friend gave it to me so it won’t be respectful if I don’t use it.”


Tae-hyuk sighed. It was good if she liked it.

Kim Soo-bin looked around the orphanage.

"I am leaving here soon, so I wanted to give them a last present.”

"Then you should do it yourself!”

"I don't cook.”

Kim Soo-bin and Song Hye-mi were leaving the orphanage to stay at Cho Kang-suk’s house. It was only a short time until they graduated school and became self-reliant, but there were still freeloaders in Cho Kang-suk’s house. Thanks to the Machina, Cho Kang-suk could now be at ease when going to catch criminals. Ha-ran also confirmed that they would have the promised date sooner or later.

“Wah! Tteokboki!”

Once dinner was ready, the children entered. Sister Viviana spoke as she watched them eating the delicious food.

“Thank you very much."

"Did you want to eat the tteokbokki?”

"No, for many other things.”

Sister Viviana smiled like she knew everything. Then all of a sudden, the expression disappeared from Viviana’s face. She spoke in a voice that was empty of any emotion.

"There will be many trials for you in the future, but don’t worry. Your skills will become even stronger in the future. In the near future, someone will appear asking for help. Don't ignore him. You must definitely take care of him...”

“Eh? Sister Viviana?”

"....Eh? I’m sorry. I must have fallen asleep. Ahaha...”

Sister Viviana blushed like she was embarrassed. Tae-hyuk asked several times about what she just said but she couldn’t remember anything.

‘What...? It felt like someone borrowed Viviana’s mouth to give me a message... I shouldn’t refuse to help?'

Tae-hyuk scratched his head. Viviana’s words were strangely embedded in his head.

-Breaking news. In Seoul, a person with guns has taken hostages at a bar.

Tae-hyuk suddenly looked at the TV after hearing the report. It was clearly an entertainment program being broadcasted...

"A gunman?”

Tae-hyuk approached the TV and listened to the announcer’s words.

"I-I'm sorry. We are eating... I’ll turn to another channel.”

“No, wait a minute.”

-He has one requirement. If Phantom doesn’t appear in front of him within 30 minutes, he will kill the hostages one by one. Phantom. Are you seeing this now? The lives of the hostages depends on you.

Tae-hyuk licked his lips. Such a thing should be left to the police and SWAT team, but why was he looking for Tae-hyuk?

‘I shouldn’t ignore the request for help?’

Tae-hyuk thought about what Viviana said once again.

"There is more tteokbokki in the pot if you run out. I have something to see to, so I will go out for a while.”

Tae-hyuk left the orphanage before pulling out the opera mask and putting it on his head. He didn’t know who the killer was, but Tae-hyuk wanted to meet him.

Of course, the price would never be cheap.

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