Chapter 90 - Big Brothers Raid #1

Chapter 90 - Big Brother’s Raid #1

"Did you enjoy seeing the people?”

Kim Hyun-do was as happy as he was when he was a child.

“I didn’t expect so many people to come. I met some of the world’s richest people today.”

Tae-hyuk inwardly sighed,

The Red Mafia plot to sell fakes of the Rubens painting had been smashed by Phantom. If he got Machine and left then it would be the end. However, the remaining people here would be the target of the Red Mafia.

“Director Kim Hyun-do. Not long after, the Red Mafia will come looking for you.”

“R-Really? Don’t worry Phantom. I absolutely won’t say that you came here.”

Tae-hyuk shook his head, as Kim Hyun-do would be in danger if he did so. If they didn’t know who the enemy was, then they would target the innocent people here.

“No. Tell them that everything is Phantom’s doing.”


"So that you can be safe."


Kim Hyun-do’s eyes widened as he looked at Phantom. A man who he simply thought of as a criminal was worrying about him. Despite the mask, Phantom seemed to be gently smiling. Tae-hyuk laughed as he realized that Kim Hyun-do’s heart was now his.

"I would be a villain if I discard my ally.”

In the future, S University would continue to do research into artificial body parts, Machina. He could do this much lip service if it meant that he could keep having access to it.

“Then can you please show my Machina as promised?”


Kim Hyun-do cried out in enthusiasm.

They arrived at the special exhibition hall of the museum. It was a place to release the results of projects from the laboratories. It was in order to get funds for their research.

"The artificial body Machina is displayed in that area.”

"Thank you. You have been very useful.”

Kim Hyun-do wondered while Phantom would be interested in Machina. By linking the nerves, humans could control the machine using their will. Although it was listed as a new chapter in biomechanics, it was still in its infancy stage. The result was slightly better than normal.

‘It would be nice if he told me why he needed the Machina.’

As he thought that, Tae-hyuk opened up,

"You know that a while ago, I blew up some organ trafficking.

"Of course. There was a  lot of excitement about Phantom’s actions”

There was some criticism but Kim Hyun-do didn’t mention it.

“Then you will know that the children lost one of their body parts. I didn’t want it to end with just rescuing them from hell. Humans can live due to hope.”

Kim Hyun-do almost coughed. 

Most people were enthusiastic about the fact that Phantom hit a criminal organization. He also thought that. But Phantom was working to heal the wounds of those who suffered... He even risked becoming enemies with the Red Mafia, a huge organization.

“Ohh... Phantom...”

Tae-hyuk laughed at Kim Hyun-do’s reaction. His original purpose for giving Soo-bin Machina was so that Kang-suk and Ha-ran could date. Then he got the information that Park Jung-hwan and the mafia were related. He didn’t know what type of forces they had, but it was certain that he would need to confront them. He just pulled it forward a little bit.

'It is also good at introducing Phantom.’

Without the masked criminal, he wouldn’t be able to face the mafia. Tae-hyuk went to where Machina was displayed. The mannequin had a mechanical arm. He tested it with Spying to see if Forgery would work.

[A new attribute has been added to Forgery]

-Trace (Functional Copy) can now be used.

-It is possible to reproduce not only the appearance, but also the function.

-It is automatically acquired thanks to the skill proficiency of over 100%.

‘Automatically acquired?! Wow, what a complete benefit!’

A significant amount of affinity points was required to add an attribute. In order to do that, he needed to catch blacklist members faster so he could save more victims, but he obtained this for free. Furthermore, the ability was enormous. If he had the materials then he would be able to build a spaceship.

[Forgery has been used.]

-Analyzing the specified artwork.

[Machine Body Machina ver 0.11]

-Electronic signals move the machine.

-It is a prototype and needs improvement.

-The detailed information is hidden because the rating is too low.

-Tools needed: Titanium alloy, stainless steel, CP1Z...

‘W-Wait a minute...’

Tae-hyuk stared blankly at the messages that started to rise on the Demon Revealing Mirror.

[Insufficient driving motor materials.]

[Insufficient housing materials.]


30,000 parts were needed to make a car. Machina needed around 2,000 parts. Basically, there was a driving system that moved the arm and the housing that formed the outer surface. In addition, there was a central processing device that accepted and processed electrical signals. The container made of titanium alloy and stainless steel could be easily made. However, the problem lied in the driving system and central processing device.

‘It isn’t at a level that can be made even if I have the materials!’

Tae-hyuk sighed.

Kim Hyun-do, watching from the sidelines, asked with a worried expression.

“Can you create it?”

“Of course. It is a very easy thing for me.”

Tae-hyuk laughed.

He took exactly two weeks to collect all the materials.



Tae-hyuk’s eyes became moist as he saw the finished Machina.

How much trouble did he go through to make this happen? Even though he had the crime skills, he couldn’t create something from nothing. In the end, he needed to get all the parts individually. Many of them were things that weren’t sold on the market.

In the end, he ended up getting Big Mama’s help. It was an enormous amount of money, even through the black market. But eventually, it was completed.

Thanks to the artificial skin, it really looked like a human arm from a distance.

"This is the Machina ver 0.12?”

Tae-hyuk called Kim Soo-bin from the warehouse he borrowed as a workshop. He naturally used the name Phantom.

-Come over there? Are you going to do anything strange...?

“There is something I want to give you.”


"If possible, please come alone.”

Kim Soo-bin had now recovered enough to walk around without the help of others, but there was a lump attached to her. Tae-hyuk licked his lips.

"I thought I told you to come alone.”

Song Hye-mi was attached to Kim Soo-bin’s side. Was she nervous about meeting a criminal who turned South Korea upside down? Her hands were trembling.

"Unni’s body is uncomfortable.”

"I understand. It can’t be helped if you are her guardian.”

Tae-hyuk patted Song Hye-mi’s head before turning on the lights of the warehouse.

“Huh? You are a surprisingly good person...?”

Song Hye-mi looked at Phantom’s back with a blank expression. She had come prepared to defend her sister. However, his reaction was unexpectedly tender. She thought he would be a demon-like person from hell...

There was a mannequin inside the warehouse.

Kim Soo-bin asked,

“It doesn’t seem like you are planning a fashion show. What’s with the mannequin?”

Tae-hyuk pulled out the smartphone that contained the Machina app and activated the stored motion. Then the mannequin’s arm started moving.


"W-What the?”

The Machina unbuttoned its clothes, tied a shoelace, and poured water into a cup. They were actions that were hard to do with one hand.

Tears dripped from Kim Soo-bin’s eyes as she realized what it meant.

“T-This is a gift...?”

Tae-hyuk took Machina off the mannequin and said,

“Yes. This will be your arm from now on.”

Unfortunately, it was impossible to connect the nerves and move them freely. The movements had to be registered in advance on the smartphone. However, just that alone would be a tremendous help.

"From now on, this is going to be my arm...”

Kim Soo-bin gently patted the Machina. There was the distinctive coldness of metal, but it was strangely warm.

"I'm sorry but I didn’t say it was for free.”

Surely he didn’t want money?

Song Hye-mi exclaimed.

"W-We don’t have money!”

“Huhu... I'm sorry but there is something else more important.

“D-Don’t tell me...!”

Song Hye-mi’s face turned bright red. It seemed like there was a strange misunderstanding. Kim Soo-bin had taken off her outerwear so that the Machina could be installed. It was obviously embarrassing to be standing in her underwear in front of a man.

However, he didn’t have the slightest thoughts about that.

“What I want is data. The Machina will continue to develop in the future, so I will test every version with Kim Soo-bin’s body.”

Kim Soo-bin laughed as she sat down on the chair prepared by Tae-hyuk.

“…It would be nice if you were a little honest.”

The work of attaching the Machina was over. It was originally designed so that it could move freely through willpower without any other aids. But a significant amount of time was required for it to develop into that. Of course, Tae-hyuk would be eating popcorn and watching the research.

"Be patient even if it hurts a little bit.”

The Machine was firmly attached to the cut surface of the body. Most of the pain came from the healed flesh being torn again.

“...Yes, this is nothing. I had my arm cut off without anesthesia, after all.”

He had checked Kim Soo-bin’s size in advance so Machina fit her body perfectly. Kim Soo-bin realized this and asked,

"When did you examine my body?”

He couldn’t tell her that when she was at his house a while ago, he fed her sleeping pills and measured her size.

"I can tell just by looking.”


Kim Soo-bin gazed at the masked Phantom suspiciously, but she couldn’t see what expression the person inside was making.

"This is how it moves.”

Tae-hyuk installed the Machina app on Soo-bin’s smartphone. There were 10,000 movements required in real life installed.


There was the sound of gears turning and Machina, Kim Soo-bin’s right arm moved.

"Now I have to oil the arm every morning.”

“I made a manual for it so please read it carefully. In particular, you should always pay attention to warmth. If you go outside without any equipment in winter then it might become icy and stop working.”

“Thank you Phantom.”

"Then you can go back. I will send you a message if I need to contact you in the future.”

Hye-mi, who was hiding behind Soo-bin, stuck her head out and said.

“I want to say something to Phantom. Thank you for saving Unni...”

“Huh? I'm sorry but I didn’t hear it well.”

"Thank you!”

Hye-mi was embarrassed and hid behind Soo-bin again. The scars inflicted by the organ trafficking incident would never disappear. However, Kim Soo-bin now had a new arm, and would be able to hold Hye-mi’s hand.

Tae-hyuk looked at the two people leaving with a small smile. It seemed like the Doll Play incident was completely finished now.

“Phantom! Sorry but could you open this?”

Kim Soo-bin asked as she got to the locked warehouse door.

“Just wait. I’ll open it soon.”

“Ah, no. I can open it. I want to test the power of the arm that Phantom gave me!”

Kim Soo-bin manipulated Machina so it would open the shutter. It seemed like she thought that the shutters were just down.

"W-Wait a minute! There is a lock...!”

The confused Tae-hyuk cried out but it was too late..


Machina completely ruined the iron shutters and the lock.

“Oh my god...”

He wanted her to live a strong life, but it seemed to be a bit too strong.


A new stewardess on a plane departing from China muttered as she watched the first class passengers.

"He looks like a movie star... "What does Unni think?”

The senior stewardess next to her replied.

“Yes. Unbelievably handsome.”

"I think he has a lot of money. The clothes he is wearing are all brand names."

"Furthermore, he is in his mid-30s...”

The stewardess spent most of her days on a plane. As a result, she couldn’t go on blind dates once she was at a marriageable age. Thus, she used to actively dash at young men in the business seats.

However, the customer in front of her was sitting in the first class seats. In business class, there were many people who had to go on business trips quickly, but there was no room in economy. But first class was different. If someone wasn’t born with a gold spoon, it would be hard for them to buy it easily since it cost a large amount of money.

"Business is bad right now so he is the only one in first class... Isn’t this a big hit?”

"Dom Perignon 2004? Take the whole bottle.”

It was the best champagne served only to first class guests.

“U-Unni. Perhaps...”

"I am definitely serving him.”

"How petty! I saw him first!”

“I am turning 30 next year. There is an urgent fire.”

“Hiing... I understand.”

The senior stewardess fixed her makeup in the hand mirror. Then armed with her best smile, she headed to the first class customer.

After five minutes, the senior stewardess returned with a face full of smiles.

“What should I do? Too amazing. He is a complete gentleman.”

"Did you get his number?”

"Hah! I got his business card.”

The senior stewardess proudly extended a black card.

“Let's see... Is he a second generation chaebol? Or an actor?”

"Maybe he is both!”

The business card contained one word in Chinese and a phone number.

"Big Brother?” (Chinese)


The stewardesses panicked. There was nothing that stated the person’s identity.

"I still want to contact him. The customer bought a one-way ticket. He is obviously going to spend a long time in South Korea.”

"Unni, please ask if he has any friends.”

While the stewardesses were gossiping, he was drinking his glass.

““Um... Good... It is a good drink.”

Big Brother smelled the champagne that the stewardess had brought and opened his briefcase and looked at the profile of the target.

"Phantom. There is also a strange person in South Korea.”

Big Brother, the best killer from the Triads, arrived in Korea.

"First of all, I should meet Shin Se-ho from ABS Station.”

Big Brother laughed and poured the champagne down his throat.

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