Chapter 89 - Genius and Genius #5

Chapter 89 - Genius and Genius #5

“Oh my god... Then everything was manipulated...”

Kim Do-shik sighed as he listened to Joo Hyun-ho’s report. He never thought that a criminal organization would have planted a spy within the police. It was like someone unseen was pointing a gun at his back.

"But you are truly amazing. How did you know that Lee Shi-hyun was lying? I was also tricked.”

"That is because I am a genius.”

"Then why are you broken by that Phantom bastard?”

Kim Do-shik’s words caused Joo Hyun-ho to tremble. He had a showdown with Phantom over the bombs and was fully defeated.

"Well, isn’t that the same for everyone?”

On that day, the police had been puppets dancing on the stage prepared by Phantom. Joo Hyun-ho had been so mentally wounded by the event that he couldn’t eat properly for a while. However, he had such an optimistic personality that his childhood nickname was Beagle. Thanks to that, he recovered quickly.

"But Phantom is being surprisingly quiet.”

"That's right. He hasn’t appeared after the broadcast.”

"There is a possibility that he might’ve gone overseas."

“Speaking of overseas... The place that Phantom blew up...”

Joo Hyun-ho was thinking about T Medical Centre that Phantom broke. They were in business with the Chinese mafia, the Triads.

“Yes. The Chinese mafia.”

Kim Do-shik raised his finger. Furthermore, there was a Red Mafia crime shortly after that incident.

"If Japan’s Yakuza show up here, then all three forces will gather in Korea. If there is a fight against Phantom... If this continues, something huge will happen in Korea.”

"It is our job to prevent it. I have obtained the complete cooperation from Incheon International Airport. I am worried.”

"At any rate, if Phantom shows back up then I will surely catch him this time.”

“Haha... I wish that would happen. The pressure from above to catch Phantom is no joke right now. Have you gone to take a look at the Phantom of the Opera?”

"Hmm... Why? I already know it.”

"At any rate, you are the main investigator. Aren’t you responsible for it now?”


"Then try to profile the people working at the police station. Make up some excuse for it. Perhaps a rough psychological counseling? Normally it would cost 100,000 won, but it would be nice if you offered it for free. Come to think of it, I don’t think you have a psychologist license.”

The confused Joo Hyun-ho stuttered out,

"T-That is because I graduated from another course at university.”

He was good at profiling, but there were over 100 people working at this police station. It would take 50 hours to talk with them for 30 minutes.

"Why, don’t you want to do it?”

Hyun-ho sighed,

“No, I’ll do it. It is true that a competent person is too busy to breathe.”

It seems that it will be hard to go home from work on time for a while.

"At any rate, I found a trustworthy person so you just focus on the profiling.”

“Umm... I understand.”

Kim Do-shik spoke confidently.

This time, he made sure that he selected a very competent appraiser. Unfortunately, the new appraiser that Kim Do-shik selected was also a Red Mafia spy.


“Is it really okay?”

Kim Hyun-do looked at the opera mask that Tae-hyuk was wearing with an uneasy expression.

“I showed you my skills.”

Tae-hyuk pointed to the Rubens hanging on the wall of the director’s office. Before fully embarking on the mission, he had copied the Rubens painting. Then he showed the final product to Kim Hyun-do. Although Kim Hyun-do had no professional knowledge, he had the experience of living and working with paintings all throughout his life.

"Even though it is a fake, sometimes the fake can seem​ real.”

Kim Hyun-do nodded quietly.

Tae-hyuk’s plan was simple. The Red Mafia would once again send a spy as the appraiser, and the painting displayed here would unconditionally become authentic. After that, the Red Mafia would release their fakes onto the market. Those who thought they bought the genuine one would flock to compare it to the Rubens painting on display at S University’s museum.

This was what Tae-hyuk was aiming for: to paint his fake on top of the Red Mafia’s. Of course, there would be very small changes to the composition of brush strokes and oil paint.

‘If the fake I made becomes real, then the Red Mafia’s plan would be completely smashed.’

Tae-hyuk said nothing as he looked at Kim Hyun-do. Sometimes silence was more convincing than 100 words.

“I understand. If you are able to thwart the Red Mafia’s plan then I will cooperate.”

Tae-hyuk nodded with a satisfied expression. In order to do that, he first had to recover the fake hanging in the museum. Guards patrolled the museum 24 hours a day. Even if the security device was released using Kim Hyun-do’s master key, he had to avoid being seen.

Tae-hyuk looked at the forgery of the Rubens painting that he had already drawn.

"Well. You can hang that instead.”

"It is painted on drawing paper. Won’t it be noticed when touched?”

"A security guard would know not to get close to the painting due to the security devices.”


Kim Hyun-do nodded with a convinced expression. The fake that Tae-hyuk was hard to distinguish from the original without touching it. The guards couldn’t get close so it was perfect to deceive them.

"I heard about the guard’s patrol route so I will take care of that. Then exactly seven minutes later, turn off the security system for one minute. In the meantime, I will switch the paintings.”

“I understand.”

Tae-hyuk’s plan progressed smoothly and he was able to obtain the fake made by the Red Mafia. Kim Hyun-do opened his mouth once he saw it.

“You succeeded. I’m glad you don’t have a bad heart. If you did, all the museums in the country would be wiped out.”

"Then I will start.”

Tae-hyuk made his own studio in the director’s office. The estimated work time on the Demon Revealing Mirror was 120 minutes.

[Forgery has been used.]

-Analyzing the specified artwork.

[A forgery of ‘Descent from the Cross’.]

-A craftsman with great skill has copied and painted Rubens ‘Descent from the Cross.’

-The detailed information is hidden because the rating is too low.

-Tools needed: Pigment, colour, soluble oil...

‘The opponent is someone who is superior to me in forgery. Perhaps even more than Big Mama... The Russian mafia has huge monsters.’

Tae-hyuk admired the opponent’s skills, and couldn’t help wondering who made this. If his rating was higher then would it be possible to know that information? Unfortunately, he didn’t even know the conditions to upgrade to a ‘King’.

In the future, he would definitely have a confrontation with the mafia. The criminals on the blacklist were heinous criminals, but they were mainly just individuals. However, the mafia was a criminal group that boasted tremendous power. A hint to become a ‘king’ might be hiding in the fight against them.

Once the crime skill was activated, Tae-hyuk’s body started moving at a tremendous speed.

“Oh god... Is that the movement of a human?”

Kim Hyun-do stared at Tae-hyuk with a blank expression. Tae-hyuk’s hands moved at a tremendous speed. However, there was no change in the painting. It was a great thing. He was putting pigments on the painting but the place where his brush passed was still the same. Kim Hyun-do wouldn’t have believed it if he wasn’t seeing it with his own eyes.

“Phantom... You...”

After two hours, Tae-hyuk looked at his work with a satisfied expression. He didn’t touch the things that the Red Mafia’s artist used to make it look like an old masterpiece. However, the color of the Phantom was coming out. This was now the work of Phantom instead of the Red Mafia.

The Demon Revealing Mirror popped up in front of Tae-hyuk.


[A great work of art has been completed.]

-Dexterity has increased by 1.

-You have exceeded the 100% limit and a new attribute is born.

[The Hawk Eyes attribute can be learnt.]

‘Hawk Eyes?’

It seemed like something new had been added to the attributes that formerly could only be raised by affinity points. When he checked, the Spying skill was shining.

[Hawk Eyes]

-Able to see the abilities of the specified target in detail.

-If the other person is using a pseudonym then you can confirm their true name.

-Necessary affinity points required: 10

Tae-hyuk’s eyes widened. The Hawk Eyes attribute could increase the number of details that he saw. If he learned it, then the uses for it were endless.

'Is this DLC (downloadable content)... Shouldn’t a great ability like this be the default? By the way, I didn’t know that Forgery would strengthen Spying. Indeed, there is truly something about the growth of the crime skills.’

His skills had been constantly growing after becoming a Noble.

'Voice Modulation evolved into Disguise. Now a new Spying added. What the hell is the criteria?’

Tae-hyuk licked his lips. As Phantom stared into the air for a while, Kim Hyun-do asked in a quivering voice.

"I-Is it completed?”

“Yes. It is perfect. Now I just need to put this back in the original place.”

"Is it truly possible to destroy the Red Mafia’s plan with this?”

"Very interesting things will happen soon. Director Kim Hyun-do, you should eat popcorn while you’re watching.”


After repeating what he did two hours ago, Tae-hyuk’s imitation was displayed in S University’s museum. Tae-hyuk muttered as he watched it.

"This time, there is no flashy reversal or colourful explosions. That is why it is even more enjoyable. From now on, it's showtime.”


A few days later, as Phantom said, another appraiser showed up. After spending one hour looking at the Rubens, he said with a smile.

"This is authentic.”

Director Kim Hyun-do swallowed his saliva. It meant that the person in front of him was a spy from the Red Mafia. It felt like he exposed to the dark side of the world. Phantom’s presence felt even scarier.

The next day, a huge number of VIPs from all over the world came to the museum where Kim Hyun-do worked.

“Hello? I am James Trevor, a spokesperson for Pineapple.”

The blonde man, James, smiled brightly and shook Kim Hyun-do’s hand. He was very fluent in Korean for an American. Pineapple was an industry giant famous for their smartphones, so Kim Hyun-do was stunned by their visit.

"I heard that you have Rubens’ Descent of the Cross on display? I got permission from the Hermitage Museum. Can I look at the painting directly for a while?”

In the first place, the Rubens painting was from the Hermitage Museum. If they gave permission, then Kim Hyun-do couldn’t say no. Kim Hyun-do contacted the director of the Hermitage Museum and told him that James had come. Then he heard that it was okay to show the painting.

"He has confirmed it. I will turn the security devices off for a while.”

James told the man standing behind him something in English. Then the man nodded and started to look at the Rubens painting.

How much time passed? The man looking at the Rubens painting turned pale. He walked over to James and whispered something in his ear.


James, who was wearing a neat suit, pulled at his tie, and started screaming curses. He left the museum without a proper goodbye and called someone. Kim Hyun-do didn’t speak English, but he seemed to know what the man was saying.


-It is Mr James. The painting we purchased is a fake.

That would obviously be the content of the call.

After James left, three Arab oil kings and a wealthy person from China appeared in front of Kim Hyun-do. If all their possessions were combined, then it would be possible to buy a country. Kim Hyun-do felt like he was losing his mind. And the reactions of the guests were all the same.

"I heard curse words from all over the world today.”

Kim Hyun-do laughed.

The Red Mafia was screwed. It grew very big. Thanks to Phantom, the billions of dollars they would’ve earned had turned into tissue paper. The boss of the Red Mafia would know what it was like to be struck from heaven. It was literally a disaster.

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