Chapter 80 - Phantom Opens His Eyes #2

Chapter 80 - Phantom Opens His Eyes #2  

"Then where are the kidnapped children trapped?”

It was good to know about the secret area but the problem was that he needed to find the children in order to rescue them. According to Big Mama’s research, T Medical Center was connected to the Chinese mafia. There were security guards armed with rods and a radio outside, but what about inside? There was a need to move as carefully as possible.

Tae-hyuk pulled out a sketchbook and a pencil from his bag.

"Well, not knowing something won’t stop me.”

Because he had to use several skills, Tae-hyuk adjusted the Demon Revealing Mirror. His abilities were shown.

[Seo Tae-hyuk]

-Title: God of Crime

-Rating: Commoner (Lacking conditions for upgrade)

-Skills Possessed: Robbery, Voice Modulation, Spying, Counterfeit, Forgery, Gambling and Violence.

Stats: Stamina (58), Intelligence (50), Agility (34), Dexterity (46)

The bombing case had significantly increased his agility and dexterity. Furthermore, he studied with An Eun-young constantly for the end of year tests and his intelligence reached the required 50 points for the upgrade.

The compensation for solving this case was 10 blacklist points and 20 stat points. He could instantly upgrade to Noble rank.

The crime skills that Tae-hyuk had were strengthened by the affinity points.

After invoking Robbery, he had three seconds to select what he wanted to steal. Spying could expand its range once a day, and it also had the ability to project the Demon Revealing Mirror in the air. In order to increase the utilization of Forgery, he bought a trait that increased production speed.

Tae-hyuk’s heart started to beat faster as he checked the abilities that he had gained in half a year. He could use all of this to make ridiculous things happen. Soon, they would be strengthened even further.

In order to do that, he needed a map of this place. He used the trick that he used in Atlantis.

[The Spying skill has been used.]

-The Expand Range attribute allows you to explore a larger terrain.

-You can draw a map of this place using the Forgery skill.


Crime skills linkage! Through it, impossible things became possible.

Tae-hyuk completed drawing in the sketchbook in an instant.

"Oh, complete!”

Looking at the completed work was the best source of happiness for an artist. Now a map of T Medical Center was drawn in his sketchbook. It seemed that he would be able to enter the strictly guarded places with this new map.

“…Moonlight Flower would be upset and jealous if she saw this skill.”

Let’s take a look at the map of this structure. The children were being held in B2. One problem was that he had to pass through the most difficult gateway to get there, but the biggest problem was that the stairs didn’t go straight. In order to go to the next floor, he had to take the passage on the other side.

‘Of course, there’s a CCTV camera in every corridor. There are also a lot of security guards.’

The basement was complicated like a maze. The reason was simple.

'If anyone is lucky enough to escape then they won’t be able to get out.’

Tae-hyuk remembered that the structure of the prison was also like this. The prison memories that popped into his head were truly unpleasant.

‘I am worried that someone unrelated to Doll Play will get involved. It is useless. When I think about it, aren’t even the cleaners accomplices? At the very least, they know what they are cleaning up.’

As Tae-hyuk made a plan to infiltrate, the radio started making a noise.

-It is the regular reporting time. Is anything wrong?

At the moment, Tae-hyuk's mind came up with a plan.

[Voice Modulation has been used.]

-You can imitate the voice of Kyung Bi-won.

“There is nothing wrong. However, there is smoke coming out from the vents. Are there any problems in the basement?”

Then a cough was heard from the radio.

-Cough! Really? I guess I should check it out. You have a little bit of time left on your shift so keep an eye out. There is one more work in the afternoon.

“I understand. Keep up the good work.”

Tae-hyuk shrugged and pressed the button on the radio. Of course, it was an absolute lie. But from now on, the security guards would desperately be trying to find out where the smoke was coming from.

What would happen if he lit a real fire in the meantime? Of course, a huge mess would occur.

Tae-hyuk muttered as he looked at the boiler room on the map.

"No matter how fierce the guards are, I will create a big crack.”


The boiler room was outside for ventilation. There were dozens of hundred liter drums that were responsible for heating the entire building. After one was used, it would be recycled to take care of the bodies.

It was a place that had to be strictly managed, but there was only one person in charge of it. He was sitting on a chair and sleeping with empty soju bottles on the floor. Tae-hyuk tied up the boiler room manager with a rope and gagged him. Despite that, there were no signs of him waking up. It seemed like he could even sleep through a bomb explosion.

Dung dung!

Tae-hyuk found an empty drum and installed a bomb there. It was the most sensitive one he had, so it would explode if there was even a small shock. He hid it between drums containing oil.

He opened the lids of the other drums and placed military grade tear gas inside. Any man who was in the army would be very familiar with it. Taking one sip would make them feel the pain of falling into hell.

‘I don’t have a gas mask so I’ll have to struggle as I’m going inside.’

He mixed all the smoke bombs he had with tear gas as well. This would fill the place with a special smoke made from tear gas and smoke bombs. On the surface, it would look like a fire in the boiler room. His work went smoothly, due to the 40 points in dexterity.

Tae-hyuk made a satisfied expression and headed for B2.

“Huhu... It is a mess.”

The building seemed to be in half emergency mode. People dressed as security guards were frantically running around. It wouldn’ t be good to encounter them. Tae-hyuk grabbed the iron pipe and held his breath as he hid inside the vents.

-Where is the smoke coming from?

He heard an urgent voice over the radio.

Tae-hyuk deliberately replied in a trembling voice,

“Ah, it seems to be the boiler room.”

-F-Fuck... What the hell is the manager doing? I understand. Continue to report on the situation.

After a while, a bunch of security guards ran out of the building. There were also personnel from T Medical Center who managed the power.

"Then shall I enter the empty house?”

It would take around 10 minutes for the guards to find out that the boiler room wasn’t on fire. Before that, he had to collect the evidence and save the children trapped in B2. He couldn’t delay for even one second.

Tae-hyuk exited the vent and headed to B2. The structure was the same as the first basement floor. There was a corridor and rooms with windows.

However, the mood changed. It was like sticky death was stuck to the soles of his feet. There was a groaning sound, as if there was an injured animal somewhere.

“Hrmm. There is a drum.”

It was sitting in the middle of the corridor. The person who was moving it probably rushed out due to the fire in the boiler room. Tae-hyuk gathered his courage and beat the drum.

A sound was heard. It was filled with something, and it wasn’t oil. Tae-hyuk carefully opened the firmly closed lid. A smoke with an unpleasant smell emerged.

Sulfuric acid. Tae-hyuk was careful not to breathe in the toxic gas as he confirmed what was inside. The thing that was melting inside...


Tae-hyuk caught the reality of T Medical Center through the camera installed in the opera mask.

The evidence within was more than what he had initially imagined. Cutting a person’s body without proper anesthesia. People were raised like livestock until a suitable match was found.

Tae-hyuk’s heart calmed like a frozen lake.

It was anger.

The doctors of T Medical Center didn’t regard those here as human.

'Wasn’t there a surgery scheduled for this afternoon?’

Tae-hyuk headed to the operating room that was in the deepest part of B2. Once he opened the door, he saw the tragedy happening within. A naked girl was tied on top of the table in the operating room. It was Kim Soo-bin who Song Hye-mi had been searching for.

Dr J. stopped the hands that were cutting into her body and looked back. Their eyes met. The first one to open his mouth was Dr. J.


"I’m sorry for interrupting you. I am just a criminal passing by.”


“Yes. From now on, I plan to blow up this place.”


Dr. J looked at him with an absurd expression. A man wearing a strange mask was saying funny words. He didn’t know how the man got in here, but he seemed to be crazy. Dr. J put down the scalpel he was holding and picked up a radio.

"This is the doctor. How are you doing your jobs? There is a strange person...”

Tae-hyuk smiled and slammed the iron pipe down on Dr. J’s head, causing him to instantly collapse onto the ground.


Oh Shil-jang, the cleaner, screamed from where he was holding Kim Soo-bin’s body. He pulled out a gun from his pocket and aimed at Tae-hyuk.

"Drop your weapon now! Before a bullet enters your head!”

"You seem confident now that you have the gun. Isn’t it incomplete though?”


"It means that no one would be scared of a gun that isn’t loaded with bullets.”

Oh Shil-jang’s face distorted. It was the right answer. The first time he had held a gun was one hour ago. The confused Oh Shil-jang looked into the muzzle.

"I'm sorry but that was a lie."

Tae-hyuk hit the opponent’s hand with his pipe. There was a loud noise as Oh Shil-jang fell to the ground.

“Tsk tsk. You should always pay attention to the direction of the muzzle.”

Tae-hyuk clicked his tongue as he released Kim Soo-bin from the operating table. Her condition was bad. One arm was cut off, and there was a scar on her body that would never be erased. But she was still alive.

"Kim Soo-bin?”


Kim Soo-bin looked up at Tae-hyuk with eyes glazed from the anesthetic. It seemed like she couldn’t tell if this was a dream or reality. Tae-hyuk slapped Kim Soo-bin’s cheeks.

“...W-What? Why is this pers... Kyaaaaak!”

Kim Soo-bin screamed as she regained her bearings. A man’s head had been blown away in front of her.

"If you’ve regained your consciousness then somehow get up. I'm sorry but there is no time.”

“...Are you here to save me?”

“It is just a bonus, but in the end I guess so.”


Kim Soo-bin staggered as she desperately got down from the operating table. Fortunately, her legs were fine. She suddenly realized that she was naked. Her one arm was unable to hide all of her body.

Kim Soo-bin said with a stutter.

"I-In a situation like this, shouldn’t you usually take off your clothes?”

"I'm sorry but I’m not a gentleman."

Tae-hyuk smiled before handing over Oh Shil-jang’s coat. He handed it to Kim Soo-bin, despite the blood dripping on it. He wanted her to wear clothes from an unidentified white lump?


"If you don't like it then don’t wear it.”

Kim Soo-bin was forced to wear Oh Shil-jang’s clothes.

"I’ll just ask you one thing. Do you know how many children are left?”

Kim Soo-bin replied in a cracked voice,

"Maybe five people are left. I don't know exactly, but I am sure that they are locked up here.”

“Really? We will get them and then escape from here. Kim Soo-bin. Will you help me?"

Kim Soo-bin’s eyes widened as the man who saved her asked for her help. But this man was the only one she could trust.

“Yes, I will help.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

"Wait a minute. What should I call you?”

Kim Soo-bin saw a soft smile appear on the face of the man wearing the opera mask and inwardly sighed with relief. She didn’t know his identity but he didn’t seem like a bad guy.

"You mean me? I am called Phantom.”



"Are you someone like a police officer or detective?”

Tae-hyuk laughed,

"I'm sorry but I’m not such a great person. At best, I am just a criminal.”

"But you saved me. Ah, I see. Are you a criminal who judges other criminals?”

“Hah, that’s right.”

Tae-hyuk and Kim Soo-bin moved out of the operating room to save the other children.

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