Chapter 71 - DATE HARD 2.0 #4

Chapter 71 - DATE HARD 2.0 #4  

"The money offered is 200,000 won?”

“Aish, it can’t be.”


It was more than he thought, so Kang Han-seong stuttered. Tae-hyuk joined his thumb and index finger together to make another circle.

“C-Cough... It isn’t a bad opportunity.”

"Of course, I’m doing this after thinking of your position. How about it?”

Tae-hyuk’s suggestion was like the devil’s temptation to Kang Han-seong. Money was money, but if those photos were known to the neighborhood, then he would have to immediately step down from his position in Nuclear Bomb.

In the end, Kang Han-seong made a decision and nodded,

“You are Tae-hyuk? This is a contractual relationship, and I absolutely won’t be your subordinate.”

Tae-hyuk laughed.

"I did not need such subordinates."

He turned the iron pipe round and round and released the net and glue. The trick was simple. He stole the net and glue from the other person using Robbery and gathered it neatly in one hand.

The released people ran towards the clothes that were piled up.

“Hey, that is my clothing!”

"This is mine!”

"Check your eyes!”

The gangsters fought each other to get dressed before standing in a line in front of Tae-hyuk.

"Anyone who has a complaint can tell me. I’ll make sure that you don’t get bored. Of course, then you won’t be able to receive compensation.”


The gangsters were quiet. It had already been discussed by the representatives. These henchmen were in a situation where they couldn’t talk, even if they were disgruntled. Besides, they couldn’t defeat Tae-hyuk in a 1 on 1 fight anyways. In fact, this problem ended well. It was two million won per case. Even if it was shared between 10 people, it was still a large amount.

Where else could they make that type of money? Tae-hyuk used a carrot and stick approach to tame the wild gangsters.

"Oh right, I have something for you to do right now.”

"W-What is it?"

"Ah, relax. Do you see that Hyung out there?

“Yes... Uh. Eh?”

"It isn’t hard. I just want you to act as usual. The details...”

Tae-hyuk told them his plan for Kang-suk while Kang Han-seong nodded with understanding.

“Ah! Then you want to increase his manliness through this?”


"We can really get two million won if we do this?”

"I’ll give it in cash. Of course, I can’t give you the photos I just took. Once I am assured of a good relationship, I will hand it over.”


Considering Han-seong’s position, it wasn’t a bad offer. He soon forgot why he came here as he discussed the plan to become a villain.

Then the ambitious gangsters were ready to go and pick a fight with Kang-suk. However, the restaurant was already empty.

Tae-hyuk muttered with a blank expression.

“Kang-suk hyung. Your progress is too fast! Already...”


In the end, after looking like a dog chasing after a chicken, Tae-hyuk mentally educated the gangsters. Kang Han-seong remembered that Tae-hyuk went to A High School and asked.

"I don’t need to babysit your fellow students right?”

Tae-hyuk nodded, as he wasn’t their leader. There was no obligation to guard all the students. However, there were exceptions.

“Wait a minute. Do you want me to show you something interesting?”


"From now on, this tree will be half gone.”

Tae-hyuk walked to a big tree outside the restaurant. Then he literally swung his iron pipe with all his strength.


There was a loud sound and half of the wood disappeared.

"If you touch any person under my protection then you will be very sick.”


The gangsters’ paled at the power of the iron pipe. How the hell did he have so much strength?

Kang Han-seong realized that he had touched a sleeping lion. It was fortunate that Tae-hyuk hadn’t used violence on them.

“I’m looking forward to your work in the future, Han-seong hyung."

Tae-hyuk smiled and stretched out his hand, and Kang Han-seong started sweating as he shook it. This considerably improved the relationship between the two people.


"You look really beautiful dressed up. But from now on, a change of clothes is needed.”


Ha-ran’s eyes widened with surprise. Kang-suk sweat the moment he realized what he said.

“Uh, ugh... H-Ha-ran! I-I absolutely am not taking you to a strange place!”


"I-I am Cho Kang-suk. Do you believe me?”

Kang-suk was speechless.

The typical words of a bad man had emerged from his mouth.


Kang-suk blushed as he showed her what was in the bag. It was a Santa suit and a Christmas elf costume. Ha-ran’s face reddened the moment she saw it.

Kang-suk took the Santa suit and said,

“A-After changing, there is a place I want you to come with me.”

“...K-Kang-suk. A Santa costume is too crazy!”

“Huh? Aaaagh! It isn’t like that! Ha-ran will wear the Christmas elf over there. I will wear the Santa costume.”


Kang-suk proposed wearing the Santa suit for his volunteer work. This was misunderstood as strange behaviour.

Ha-ran poked her fingers together in embarrassment. The two people laughed as they looked at each other.

“H-Ha-ran. What were you imagining?”

"Kang-suk should’ve given me a precise explanation!”

Kang-suk finally realized that his explanation was quite poor.

“Then I’ll explain. There is an orphanage that I sponsor.”


“Yes. They have no parents to become Santa, so every year I become Santa. I wanted to go with Ha-ran this year so I prepared the costumes.”

Ha-ran started to move her fingers in circles.

"I-I-I didn’t know so I had some strange thoughts.”

"If you don’t mind, would you like to hand out gifts with me? Maybe you will like it as well. Oh, today was supposed to be a day for Ha-ran. Sorry for asking this all of a sudden.”

Ha-ran’s heart started to beat faster at the gruff, but warm Kang-suk.

“No. I want to go with you.”

“Yes. Then let’s change the clothes we are wearing. If we clearly explain to the owner then he will let us use the locker room. Oh, do you want to be Santa or the elf? It is a little big because the Santa costume is for men.”

"I'll take the elf."

The costume that Kang-suk provided wasn’t like Tinkerbell, who was often the image when thinking of a fairy. It was a Christmas elf with pumpkin pants and a green cap.

"I’ve changed.”

"Me too.”

Ha-ran couldn’t resist laughing after seeing Kang-suk wearing Santa clothes and the beard.

"F-Fuhub...! I’m sorry. It really suits you.”

He looked like he was a mixed martial artist.

"I will really look like it if I carry the gifts. Haha.”

“Yes! Santa should have presents!”

"Then let’s go. The limo will be waiting.”

"Santa is coming in a limo instead of a sleigh. It is strangely modern.”

“Haha. Indeed."

The two people looked at each other and laughed.

The prepared gifts weren’t that expensive. Teddy bears, crayons, sketchbooks, lego toys, etc. The name of each child was written on the wrapping paper.

Ha-ran asked after seeing it.

"Did you prepare everything they wanted?”

“Yes. Last month, I asked them to write down any gift that they wanted to receive from Grandpa Santa. I prepared their gifts to the best of my ability.”

“That is really great. You do this every year?”

"I started five years ago. But a few years ago, they started telling me to bring Rudolph or an elf. That reminded me to ask Ha-ran to join me.”

Ha-ran realized that the children knew Santa’s identity, and she could understand the meaning of the children telling Kang-suk not to come alone. Her chest warmed at their consideration towards each other.

"So shall we do this?”


She was carrying heavy gifts but her footsteps seemed strangely light.


“Hohoho! Kids, Santa is here!”

“Wah! Kang-suk o... No, Santa oppa!”

"Today I even brought an elf noona!”

“Wah! Oppa is good!”

The children of the orphanage cheered at Santa Kang-suk’s appearance. The popularity of Santa Kang-suk was enormous. The amount of gifts was too much for Kang-suk to carry alone, so Ha-ran arrived a bit later with some gifts.

“Haha! Elf noona is also working!”

Ha-ran raised her hand and said,

"Now, please stand in a line to make it easier for Grandpa Santa to hand out the gifts!”

A girl, who seemed to be an elementary student, shook her head and said,

"Not grandpa! Oppa!”

"Yes, Santa oppa!”

Kang-suk was happy not to be called a grandpa.

Ha-ran felt strangely sorry. The kindergarten kids seemed to know the identity of Santa Kang-suk.

“Hohoho! Merry Christmas!”

Still, Ha-ran burst out laughing after seeing him desperately pretending to be Santa.

“Wah! Elf unni! Your smile is so beautiful!”

"Thank you. Since Santa oppa is busy, I will give out the gifts.”


The kids gathered in front of Ha-ran like baby birds waiting for food. Ha-ran laughed at the cute faces. Then Ha-ran looked at Kang-suk who had children hanging on him. He did this type of thing every year, but he also worked day and night shifts to catch criminals. But this was more like a family than a sponsorship.

“Aigoo. Santa doesn’t have enough sense.”

Ha-ran suddenly heard a familiar voice from behind her. It was Seo Tae-hyuk, dressed as Rudolph.

“Eh? T-Tae-hyuk!”

"This can’t be missed when it is Christmas.”

Tae-hyuk started stacking some boxes. The children shrieked with joy when they saw it.

“Wah! Cake!”


"Rudolph is amazing!”

Santa Kang-suk asked Rudolph Tae-hyuk,

"H-How did you know?”

“Aigoo. You suddenly disappeared on the date. If you do this then you should tell me.”

“Haha. I forgot.”

"At any rate, I will share this. It is one box per two people. There is plenty.”

"As expected from our Rudolph!”

Santa Kang-suk, Rudolph Tae-hyuk and Elf Ha-ran. The three representatives of Christmas earnestly started the Christmas party with the children of the orphanage. Everyone gathered shouted with one heart.

“Merry Christmas!”

It was a fun party for a sacred night.


At dawn, it was a restaurant staff member who came to work and discovered it. 

It was Christmas morning, but he could get more money on days like this. Anyway, it wasn’t like he had family to spend the holidays with. He had to make as much money as possible to pay the rent for next month.

Snow had fallen overnight so the streets were covered.

"Hey, this is the devil's dung powder. I’ll get rid of all this.”

In order to do business, the snow piled in front of the store had to be removed. The staff member grumbled as he shovelled the snow.

“Shit. It is cold.”

The weather was cold enough to petrify the brain. Every time he opened his mouth, a white cloud would emerge. At that moment, he found something strange in front of the restaurant.

“Christmas tree? There was something like this?”

The staff member spat on the white snow. The Christmas tree was decorated with something colorful, and the snow piled white on top of it.

"Did Boss put this up?”

If so, he needed to clean up the tree. The staff member started getting rid of the devil’s dung powder piled up on the tree. Then something red emerged. At first, he thought it was just a unique looking decoration. However, he realized it wasn’t ordinary as he looked closer.

“Huh? It is a little odd looking... Aaaaacck!”

The staff member shrieked as he realized what was on the tree. It was like the remains of a broken doll.

Small arms and slender legs. 10 or more of them hung from the tree. The thing he thought was a red ornament was actually blood flowing from the arms and legs.


On Christmas morning, a tree decorated with body parts was found in front of a restaurant.

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