Chapter 70 - DATE HARD 2.0 #3

Chapter 70 - DATE HARD 2.0 #3  

The restaurant cafe, Ludwig, was a so-called hidden attraction.

By default, it was a live cafe where people could eat while simultaneously listening to music. The high quality performances and delicious food meant that it was one of the most popular dating venues among couples.

The owner’s taste meant that there were fairly high quality music equipment. Amateur bands and folk singers came in overwhelming numbers with a desire to perform.

Right now, there was only one couple present. Cho Kang-suk and Seo Ha-ran were sitting down and waiting for their food, but behind the scenes, a fierce war of nerves was occurring.

"Originally, it was impossible for me to do this at this price, but I specifically did it for you.”

Tae-hyuk just glanced at the restaurant owner. Sometimes silence was worth 100 words when bargaining.


The owner couldn’t stand it and cleared his throat. Tae-hyuk slowly opened his mouth.

"A contract to rent the entire restaurant obviously included the food and the stage."

“Yes... Of course, the food is made by the best chef as you said...”

"But the problem is that the show is missing.”

Sweat flowed down the owner’s chin. Today was Christmas Eve, the best day of the year. However, it was from the evening onwards. From 15:00 to 17:00, it was literally called Break Time where the restaurant was closed.

A customer specifically wanted to rent that time. As the owner, he naturally welcomed the customer with both hands. The meals could be cooked in advance, and he could serve it himself. But there was a problem. This wasn’t a simple restaurant, but a cafe restaurant that served food while watching a show.

“Ha, ha, ha... I am sorry for that. But really, you don’t have a person to perform?”

Tae-hyuk sighed.

By doing this, he could rent the restaurant at an unbelievably low price. But this trap was waiting for him. The atmosphere wouldn’t exist if there were no performances.

“It can’t be helped. Can I borrow the stage instead?”

“The stage?”

“Yes. A date should have music.”

The owner’s eyes shone.

"Will you be performing directly?”

"I will use classical music to set up the atmosphere.”

“Cough. Yes, I understand.”

Normally, he would absolutely never allow customers on stage. The expensive equipment could break, and it was against the policy of the restaurant. However, what was happening today was at the fault of the restaurant, so it was natural for the owner to take a low profile.

Tae-hyuk added one last thing.

"Oh, please note that the stage might be noisy. Even if the equipment is broken, I will reimburse you in full so don’t worry about it.”

“Haha, I understand. Then please show a great stage.”

The owner nodded with a pleasant expression. However, he was inwardly laughing. He thought that the customer just wanted to stand on the stage. At best, it would be a tambourine and some karaoke skills. Did he even know how to turn on the amps?

However, it was a money-giving customer, so the owner bowed politely.

"Then I have to go and prepare the dessert. The stage is opposite of the hallway.”

Tae-hyuk quickly headed to the place that the owner directed.

No show? Then he would do it himself.

Fortunately, there was still a bit of time until Nuclear Bomb’s henchmen arrived. He would come up with something suitable during that time.


Indeed, a sweet song added to the dating atmosphere. However, Tae-hyuk couldn’t handle instruments, no matter how many crime skills he had. But he could imitate voices, and he could use a CD for the accompaniment.

"Shouldn’t Ave Maria be played on Christmas?”

It was the song of greeting that was sung when the angel Gabriel visited the Virgin Mary when baby Jesus was conceived. It was the best song for a date on Christmas Eve.

[Voice Modulation has been used.]

-You can directly imitate the voice of Lee Yong-ho.

Singer Lee Yong-ho! With his profound voice and gentle stage manners, he was a celebrity that sometimes appeared on TV.

‘It was worth spending a lot of money to watch his performance.’

Tae-hyuk laughed and turned on the microphone before singing along with the accompaniment. The restrained voice of a soprano spread throughout the restaurant and into the hearts of those listening.

After singing a song to praise Mary, it was time for a carol. The favourite song of the Koreans was Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You. It would make the heart that rose up from Ave Maria pound even more.

Cho Kang-suk and Seo Ha-ran. The stage for only those two was unfolding.


"Omo, there is suddenly a song. What song is this?”

"Ave Maria. It is so powerful that it doesn’t seem to be coming from a CD. It seems like someone is on stage.”

"I can’t see it from here... Are we sitting in a corner?”

Kang-suk discovered that they couldn’t see the stage from where they were sitting. Why did Tae-hyuk tell him to sit here?

Fortunately, the restaurant was empty. It would be good to sit in a place where they could see the stage well. Kang-suk thought so and asked Ha-ran.

"Do you want to move to a place where we can see the stage better?”

“Ah... I just feel like listening. In addition, I’d feel sorry for the waiter if I move the food after eating. We can just keep eating here...”

"Yes, I don’t care as long as Ha-ran is fine with it.”

Kang-suk gazed at Ha-ran sitting in front of him. She was so beautiful that it was hard for him to even look at her properly. Ha-ran blinked at him.

"I-Is there something on my face?”

“No. You are so beautiful.”

“…Y-You don’t need to go that far...”

“Nope. I am serious. It is embarrassing that I can’t even express the full extent of your beauty."

Kang-suk’s eyes were serious. At first, he thought that she was just a beautiful woman when they first met. When he met her the second time, he realized that it wasn’t just her appearance that was beautiful. She was really sweet and beautiful...

"Hmm hmm...”

Kang-suk coughed while blushing,

“Ahaha... Kang-suk is also cool. Those clothes suit you really well.”

The two quietly started eating the food, and the music turned into an exciting carol. It was like a Christmas blessing for both of them. The date that started from the bowling alley, planetarium, and amusement park was nearing its end.

"Today was really fun. I’m scared to be this happy...”

At that moment, Ha-ran stopped. There was something strange. All of a sudden, she felt a deep despair as she thought back.

As Ha-ran’s face darkened, Kang-suk’s expression became serious. He quietly wrapped his hands around Ha-ran’s.

“Ha-ran. You know that my job is to catch criminals who have done bad things.”

“Yes... I’m aware of that. You are doing a really good job.”

"I punish those who are doing bad things. However, is there nothing in the opposite direction? I think I give their victims the right to be happy.”

Ha-ran’s eyes shone.


"Today was fun."

"Yes, indeed."

"I don’t want it to end today. I hope that Ha-ran will continue being happy in the future. So... Ah... That...”

Ha-ran realized that there was a strange attitude around Kang-suk. He kept putting his hands in his pocket and was touching something.

Ha-ran smiled gently at the nervous Kang-suk.

“It’s okay. If your words are hard to say then I’ll wait. I’m really good at waiting. So please slow down and tell me. Yes? For example, I think I waited a long time for someone... Ahaha. I’m sorry. I’m tired.”

“Umm. T-Then, by the way, will you date me again next time?”

Kang-suk stuttered out. Ha-ran replied with a smile.

“Yes, okay.”

Kang-suk cheered. Although he couldn’t communicate everything properly, he could do it slowly from now on.

"Ah right, Ha-ran. After the meal, there is a place I’d like to go with you. This wasn’t in the original plan, but I’m sure that you’ll like it.”


There was a large sack beside the table where the two people were sitting, large enough to accommodate one person.

Kang-suk looked at it and smiled. If he missed this on Christmas Eve then he would feel regret.


It was time for Nuclear Bomb to arrive.

"Wow, I thought this was going to be Hiroshima.”

He bribed one of the henchmen to report the movements of the group. They betrayed their group so easily for one million won. That was the weight of a bad group.

Unfortunately, the time constraints meant there was no encore. He received information from the source that the point of entry would be the through back door of the restaurant. Tae-hyuk moved to set up a trap that was prepared in advance.

Then once it was the scheduled time, voices were heard.

“It is here.”

"Are you sure?"


"Then let’s go through the back door as I said before.”

The henchmen quickly followed Kang Han-seong’s instructions, holding iron pipes and baseball bats in their hands. They weren’t properly armed because they thought it would be a one-sided fight against Tae-hyuk.

Tae-hyuk clicked his tongue as he watched through the surveillance camera.

“Aigoo. Don’t you know the basics of a raid? At least 30% of the total number of infiltrators should support from outside. Everyone coming in...”

Tae-hyuk confirmed that all of Kang Han-seong’s group had entered and activated the trap.

"Uh, darkness?”

"Turn on the LED of your phones!"


“W-what is this?"

Kang Han-seong’s group started screaming, as something sticky had covered them. Tae-hyuk turned on the light of the room and looked down at Kang Han-seong’s group who were tangled together.

“…In this way, all of you are wiped out.”

It was a basic booby trap. Tae-hyuk set up a large net with glue at the expected point of infiltration. It had fallen and neutralized all but two people of the group of 10.

"W-What the fuck!”

"L-Let us go!”

Tae-hyuk shrugged. What was the point of installing a trap if he was just going to release them?

"Using this much force against a student.”

Tae-hyuk twisted the iron pipe that he equipped with the Violence skill and winked at one of the two people not trapped. That person was the spy.

Then Tae-hyuk asked,

"The two people left, do you want to be stuck together?”

“Ah, no!”


Tae-hyuk smiled wickedly at the mice stuck together.

"Now, what do I do with you?”

“I-I will kill you! Release me right now!”

"There are so many false words. Ah, yes. This is an opportunity to experiment with a new magic.”

“M-Magic? What are you...!”

Kang Han-seong trembled.

"It won’t hurt. Hang in there.”

Tae-hyuk lightly stepped forward and touched the bodies of the gangsters lying on the ground. Numerous messages appeared in front of him. He practiced so much that he could alternate stealing the clothes of the opponents.

The clothing that the opponents were wearing moved to his right hand. He threw them away and tapped another person lightly with his other hand. After repeating this a few times, he was able to strip all eight people of their clothes.


“W-What? What did you do?"

"T-T-That bastard!"

The gangsters started to scream. Tae-hyuk smirked.

"I left your underwear behind due to my conscience. Now, shutter time!”

He pulled out a camera and started to take photos of the naked men thrashing around.

Click! Click!


Kang Han-seong’s group moaned.

"Your personal motto was ‘to live and die like men’ right? Then what would happen if these photos were scattered around the neighbourhood?”


"Are you short on words?”

"P-Please stop!”

Tae-hyuk sat on a chair and showed the people the photos he just took on the digital camera. Screams could be heard from here and there.

"Now, let’s negotiate. Will you continue to fight me as enemies? Of course, if you do so, then you won’t be able to prevent these photos from being printed and scattered around. Or I can give you a part time job taking care of things that I’d rather not do. Of course, I will take care of the costs. Well. This much for one time?”

Tae-hyuk quietly raised two fingers. Kang Han-seong swallowed his saliva.

All of a sudden, there was an offer from the opponent.

"This doesn’t mean that you will become my subordinates. It is just a formal contract. Of course, I am the one in charge.”

"D-Do you mean things like beating up your enemies?”

"You understand quickly. It is something similar.”

Tae-hyuk looked at Kang Han-seong and his henchmen.

‘I need some long-term pieces I can move at will.’

If he gave them money then he could use them moderately. He would be able to use them to fight other criminals in the future.

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