Chapter 141 - Everybody Gather! #7

Chapter 141 - Everybody Gather! #7

The Bomber’s jailbreak!

He was an atrocious criminal who made bombs with great power designed to commit terrible acts. It was a case that overturned the whole country. But the problem was what led to the breakout.

“Did you sense home?”


“Wah? Did you know? I’ll tell you the truth. You’re returning home in two hours, you really do have a homing instinct.”

Yoo Cheol-ho glared at the investigator in charge of questioning him.

"Investigator-nim. Let’s be honest here since we know each other so well. Give me a pen and I will tell you who the leader that escaped with Kim Tae-sung is, and everything else you want to know.”

The investigator clicked his tongue and muttered,

"Is it because you escaped from jail twice? Well, it is good that this will end quickly.”

“Instead, I have one condition.”

"What is it?”

"Once the investigation is finished, I want to be sent to another prison...”

"If you cooperate with the investigation, then I’ll see what I can do.”

Thus, the whole truth behind the Red Phoenix escape was revealed by Yoo Cheol-ho. A groan emerged from the mouth of the investigator.

“Kuooooh... P-Phantom and the Bomber have joined hands. If the commissioner hears about this, then he will have a headache for a while.”

"Yes, that’s right. This time, I didn’t break out because I wanted to. I was forced into it due to Phantom... Doesn’t Investigator-nim know about his tricks?”

Then the investigator laughed,

“Really? Then this is also fake?”

He pulled out the tape recorder that had Yoo Cheol-ho’s voice recorded on it. Yoo Cheol-ho’s eyes trembled as he saw it.

"P-Phantom has the ability to change his face and voice into me...”

“Really? Then I should discuss it with the warden. Anyway, I won’t forget what you told me and will talk to the warden.”

What? Tell the warden?

Yoo Cheol-ho’s face turned white.

The tape recorder showed that he betrayed the warden. He would be dead if it entered the warden’s ears!


The newly appointed police commissioner, Chae Bum-ho, was eating in a high class Korean restaurant. There were delicacies such as abalone, sea bream sashimi, roasted eel, fresh roe, etc.  Even so, Chae Bum-ho’s reaction wasn’t impressed.

A man in his 30s with a scary atmosphere was sitting in front of Chae Bum-ho.

“Yes, Mister Park. Did you get the job done?”

Mister Park put wasabi on top of the sea bream sashimi and said,

“Don’t worry. The evidence that Hyung-nim is related to us has been disposed of.”

“Really? If that is so... You went through a lot of effort.”

Chae Bum-ho’s stiff face became much softer. He grabbed his spoon and started to eat the rice.

Mister Park finished the sashimi and reached out for the grilled beef. The charcoal gave it a mouth-watering scent.

"The meat is very soft.

"I see. Eat a lot.”

“Ah right, today Hyung-nim is a reborn person who has nothing to do with the Yakuza. Congratulations. Let’s have a drink.”

Mister Park passed a cup of sake to Chae Bum-ho.

Their words were dangerous, but there was no need to worry about anyone overhearing. This was a place where large business executives and high ranking bureaucrats gathered. Thus, it was very strictly managed. Secret conversations shared over meals wouldn’t be leaked.

Chae Bum-ho and Mister Park drank the sake and smiled at each other.

"To the newly reborn Hyung-nim!”

Chae Bum-ho smiled in satisfaction.

With this, he could focus on catching Phantom without any worries. It hadn’t been exposed, but the Japanese Yakuza were already deeply embedded in South Korean society.

"Then I would like your help with Phantom, as well as in covering up the Taesung Group case.”

“Kukukuk. Phantom doesn’t know how big of a group he has declared war against. Only the tip of the iceberg has been revealed.”

Chae Bum-ho was the local police commissioner. He was credited for finishing a mysterious illness case and was considered a genius at taking opportunities when they arose. Although the Bomber had run amok, he was now in prison. That case wouldn’t be mentioned again.

"Please note that the research is proceeding safely. This is all thanks to Hyung-nim’s efforts.”

“Yes. This time, pay more attention to managing the staff.”

“Haha! Don’t worry. Sooner or later, I will use this face to enter the political arena. Then we can focus more on the research.”

Chae Bum-ho smiled at Mister Park’s words.

"Then let’s talk about Phantom.”

Mister Park replied with a smile.

"He is our enemy. What other explanation is needed? The organization will lend its full support.”

"I heard from Kazuo hyung-nim. Sooner or later, a major Phantom extermination plan will be implemented. What? Working with criminals to catch criminals? I will let him know whose home he is playing in.”

The Yakuza and police had a common goal to catch Phantom.

At that moment, a vibration was heard.

“Hyung-nim. Is that a message?”

“...I told them not to contact me while I was eating.”

"There must be an important reason. You can check it out.”

Chae Bum-ho looked at the screen of his phone and was at a loss for words.


Mister Park got up and approached Chae Bum-ho, who had become like a stone statue. What the hell was going on?

He looked at Chae Bum-ho’s phone. It was written that Phantom was the ringleader who broke the Bomber out of Red Phoenix Prison.

“Hu, huhu, huhuhuhu...”

Chae Bum-ho chuckled in a low voice. Then he muttered in a small voice,

"You dared touch this area?! Yes, let’s do it Phantom. I will take it as a declaration of war. Yes. This is war.”

The next day, the police changed their policy from cooperation with Phantom to catching him. Phantom absolutely had to be arrested. The police declared a war against the criminal Phantom.


In secluded rural village deep in the mountains of Gangwon Province was a place that tourists rarely ever visited.

It boasted only 20 households and even that number was gradually decreasing. However, there was a sudden boom a few years ago. A dozen or so robust men came to the area to do farming.

This was the first time.

In addition, the crops they brought were far more profitable than the ones previously grown. It was like gold was literally growing from the ground. It was delicious food for worms.

The village thoroughly restricted access of outsiders. The advantage was that people couldn’t enter the village unless they crossed a long bridge between two cliffs.

"Hwang-ssi! I heard that last month’s harvest was 2,000?”

"Huhu, it was 500 more than expected. It is because there was a lot of rain.”

"But the crops are also very good this time. If this continues on, then we will be able to harvest more than usual.”

“Haha. I didn’t know that barley would sell for such an expensive price.”

The old man said this but he actually knew the truth. The crops being grown here were drugs. However, he learned that terrifying fact too late. The numbers written in the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF) account was growing and the village was becoming rich. He could ignore his conscience. He hadn’t been in touch with his family for several years. The village changing was exciting.

“Huhu, I am going out to work in the fields today...”

The old people followed behind the young people who came to town. However, the things they were carrying were strange. They were holding black rifles, not plows, or sickles. They were the escorts and watchdogs of the elderly.

As the elderly people arrived at the fields, they saw something red.

“W-What? T-That!”

"The fields are burning!”


They dropped the farm equipment that they were carrying. The person holding the steering wheel of the tractor rushed out. The sight before their eyes was completely different.

The drug farm was burning like a bomb had gone off. In the middle was a white mask.

"A-A person?"

"H-How can he stand there without burning?!”

As the elderly people stared, the masked person disappeared like the wind. Only the mask he was wearing remained on the completely burnt fields.

A man with a gun muttered,

“Phantom...?!” (Japanese)


The monster with the mask disappeared like the wind after blowing away one of the Yakuza’s drug farms. Then the police sirens were belatedly heard in the secluded village.



A man in a white suit and black sunglasses struck the table.

"W-What? 10 places have been hit in just a week?"

He was Kazuo Takeshi, the Yakuza member in charge of all of South Korea.

"I thought it was easy to manage the farms. What is Mister Park doing?”

He pressed the call button with an agitated face. Then a familiar voice was heard,

-I'm sorry Hyung-nim. We are doing our best, but we can’t even find a shadow...

“Does that make sense? What is Chae Bum-ho doing?”


“A week. If you don’t catch that bastard in a week then it won’t end with just one finger.”


Kazuo hung up and muttered,

"How could one bastard do so much damage?! Damn.”

There was a nameplate reading ‘Park Il-bu, president of the Taesung Industries’ in front of his seat. (President is lower than chairman). It was a lower title than what his men called him. However, he needed to hide his identity as a Yakuza member in South Korea.

"If the supplies are delayed then the research will be delayed, and our wish...”

It was at that moment. There was a flash, and the office where Kazuo was sitting in was hit with a huge explosion.

Kwa kwa.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

There was a huge thunder like sound in front of him. Kazuo died without feeling any pain.

Tae-hyuk watched the explosion from 500m away from the Taesung building and lamented.

"Ah, the timing was a little wrong.”

He wanted to make a speech before pressing the detonation switch, but he had accidentally blown up the building before he could do so. It couldn’t be helped.

"Ah, I don't know.”

Tae-hyuk pointed at the burning building.


It was a little late but he still felt good. He had destroyed the enemy’s base and their supplies. The only thing left was to deal with the remaining people.

"Now, my turn still isn’t over yet.”

The Yakuza and police were looking for him at the same time.

Nevertheless, Phantom’s movements were unaffected. He was always one step ahead.

Tae-hyuk thoroughly destroyed the places run by the Yakuza.

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