Chapter 67 - Bomber #5

Chapter 67 - Bomber #5

The police SWAT team moved to arrest the Bomber, as they couldn’t idly sit by as the culprit was knocked out by an unknown person. The SWAT transport van arrived.

"The destination is Tapgol Park!"

"There is a possibility that the culprit is armed, so be careful!”

The SWAT team checked their equipment at their leader’s command.

Safety goggles, kevlar vests and helmets, tactical vests, and operational clothing.  They also held German made MP5 submachine guns and the P7 pistol, which would make it hard for ordinary people to run normally.

Even so, the crew’s movements were quick.They were the elite counter-terrorist unit under the Korean National Police Agency, the Special Weapons and Tactics Team, abbreviated as the KNP SWAT Team. This group started moving to deal with the criminal.

The citizens took out their smartphones and took photos of the SWAT team. Their atmosphere was different from when protests were taking place in Seoul.

"Isn’t that the special forces?”

“Wah! They are on a completely different level.”

"Did an act of terrorism happen?”

As soon as the special troops arrived at the entrance to Tapgol Park, they secured the border and entered the area. Fortunately, the citizens inside were all able to be evacuated safely. The police had arrived in advance and were blocking people from entering.

However, they couldn’t take away the smartphones. Therefore, the fact that something was happening spread through the country thanks to SNS. The media was controlled to prevent confusion, but individuals putting up shots couldn’t be avoided.

The leader moved at a rapid pace with his team following behind him. A homemade bomb had enough power to blow up a building. There was a sense of tension in the movements of the troops. However, they had gone through high intensity training and were mentally prepared for moments like this.

There were no obstacles during their advance. They arrived at the place where the Bomber was in a flash.

"Ah! A person!”

The team leader looked at the Bomber from a distance. Then he muttered.

“Crazy. He is all packed up and easy to take.”

The leader’s mouth twitched as he saw the bomb in the cart.


Thus, the Bomber ended up being arrested like this, but the storm after that was enormous. What was the relationship between the explosion at Atlantis and the special troops?

A tremendous amount of opinions started to pour in from the netizens. Most people saw it as a serial bomber. In the end, the voices demanding the truth from the government grew more and more.

The police commissioner felt like pulling his hair out. As the commissioner of the NPA was getting a headache, he received a call from a subordinate. They were asking what to do with the unidentified criminal who played a crucial role in resolving the Bomber case. The commissioner of the NPA replied nervously,

"This guy. Don’t report everything. Just take care of it! You have done it once or twice already.”

Right now, the commissioner’s concern was the Death Circus case, not the Bomber. Tiwai International wasn’t a problem. The important thing was that too many VIPs watched the murder variety show that was created.

“Kuoong. I need to at least save this friend, Chairman Song.”

It was nice to hear that the hospital incident was still settled, but things kept popping up.

"Atlantis created by the Taesung Group was bombed... How did Chairman Song handle this?”

If the connection between large corporations and high ranking police officers was revealed, his position would be in danger. Maybe he should reveal a few showbiz scandals prepared in advance to divert the attention of the people. The NPA commissioner issued emergency orders to gather the chiefs of each broadcasting station.

Just as he was organizing these incidents, someone called him.

"Ah, this person. Calling daily...”

But this time, it was someone else.

-C-Commissioner... It is serious. The contents of the breaking news broadcasted by JC...

The commissioner heard his subordinate’s words and rushed to his TV to confirm the breaking news. It was a report about how the terrorist bombings occurred in order to retaliate against the Taesung Group.

Taesung Group had been secretly developing a virus for use as a biological weapon, but it was leaked and dozens were killed. That incident was concealed and reported as a nitrogen gas leak. At first, there were many people who boycotted the large company. But within a few months, the sales had recovered as before.

There was a man who tried to tell the truth. It was a researcher who felt remorse at seeing colleagues dying from his work. However, his declaration of conscience wasn’t revealed at all. Taesung Group had ties to senior police officers. In the end, one person could do nothing in front of the tremendous power of a large company.

Taesung Group infected his family with the virus to stop him from talking. Whether it was a side effect or a variant, they died within a month of infection. In the end, the man disappeared and it had been a year since.

The police commissioner had cleared the incident from his mind. He never thought he would look at it again. His body started shaking.

The director of JC Broadcasting...

“That bastard!”

The commissioner of the NPA called the director of JC. Then a frightened voice was heard, as if the director had been expecting him.

-C-Commissioner... No. We didn’t do it.


-W-We were hacked. The broadcast right now is a pirate broadcast...

"S-Stop the transmission right now!”

-T...That... If we stop the broadcast then they threatened to blow up the station like Atlantis...

The NPA commissioner watched the screen with a blank expression. At that moment, the names of the people involved in this case appeared. It included Song Won-jin, the chairman of Taesung Group as well as the police commissioner himself.

“It’s over...”

The purpose of the Bomber. It was to hide one target among nine.


The undercover police officers didn’t know anything about the storm that was blowing among the high-ranking police officers.

-Aim for the moment when the God of Crime takes the money!

150 million won filled a bag. The weight was heavy.

The God of Crime demanded cash that didn’t have consecutive serial numbers. The Bomber had been arrested, but the remaining four bombs couldn’t be found. Then contact arrived from the God of Crime. Once he received the money safely, the remaining bombs would be handed over.

Kim Do-shik’s eyebrows twitched at the words.

"He truly is a criminal!”

In the end, after the Bomber was arrested, a plan was launched in order to capture the God of Crime. It was just before the money would be handed over.

The agent carrying the money asked,

"Supervisor. Do I really just wait here?”

For security reasons, they called their bosses ‘supervisor’ or ‘manager.’ Right now, the agent was standing at Exit 1 of Gangnam Station. It was a place where hundreds of people passed by in a single minute.

This place was the location of the trade. The opponent was a fairly bold criminal.

-Yes. There are officers and armed special forces nearby. You just need to wait. An exact time wasn’t specified so wait until the person contacts you.

The agent took off the sunglasses he was wearing. He looked around and saw many men with sharp eyes. Numerous people were staring at the bag he was holding. If the other person could take it then he really was a god.


The position where the agent stood was just before the entrance. Therefore, the people passing by constantly bumped into him. On the road, there were clothing stores and phone stores. Without a doubt, it was the best place for an ambush. Why did the opponent ask to meet in a place like this? It seemed like he wanted to be caught.

Kim Do-shik contacted the agent.

-Officer Park. Can you check the inside of the bag?

“Huh? The money is safe...”

-Check it yourself!


The agent pulled open the bag and briefly checked inside. There were many people nearby, excluding those who were undercover. He couldn’t show them a bunch of bills...


The agent couldn’t help screaming.

The treasured bag he was hugging was empty. There was nothing left except for the transmitter hidden in a corner.


"H-He really is the God of Crime...”

Kim Do-shik said with a bemused expression.


"Urgggh... Hungry...”

Tae-hyuk yawned as he sat on the couch and poured water into his cup noodles. He had been running around all day so this was his first chance to eat properly.

Ha-ran, who always waited for Tae-hyuk to return home, had entered her dormitory at the private cram school last week, and would only return home on the weekends.

"It is really good but it is hard to wait for three minutes.”

Tae-hyuk muttered as he broke apart the paired chopsticks.

"Ah right, shouldn’t I cover the lid?”

He looked around, but there was nothing to press on top of the lid.

There was a book he borrowed from An Eun-young, but she would be angry if there was any liquid on it. Tae-hyuk was her student for the next month. He didn’t want to go against her because he needed her help.

"Well, it is a bit big but I’ll use it.”

Tae-hyuk took the liquid bomb on the table and placed it on the lid of the noodles. It was a bit heavy but the noodles would turn out well. He laughed at that thought.

The police tried to catch him. Then he couldn’t give this to them easily.

“Uh... There are still two minutes left. Shall I watch TV? Then the remote...”

The remote control was a master of stealth, it was hard to find once it ran away. At the end of a search operation, he was able to arrest the culprit that was hiding between the seats of the couch.

The ramyun noodles smelled delicious. Tae-hyuk picked up his chopsticks and placed the noodles into his mouth, and then he took a sip of the broth.

"Kuah! Kill!”

He couldn’t help letting out a sound of admiration once it entered his cold and hungry body. Breaking news was now being aired on TV.

-Today, the first trial against Chairman Song Won-jin of the Taesung Group is being held. The prosecutors have charged him with assault, killing a teacher and malpractice. The next breaking news. The National Police Agency...

The screen showed Chairman Song Won-jin handcuffed and with a bowed head. Next to him was a face familiar to Tae-hyuk.

It had been a long time so it seemed like a reunion. Tae-hyuk slurped the delicious noodles with relish. There were also leftovers in the fridge. If he didn’t eat it then it would go mouldy.

"By the way, I think I forgot something...”

Tae-hyuk scratched his head and laughed.

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