Chapter 66 - Bomber #4

Chapter 66 - Bomber #4  

"I’ve been running around Seoul all day...”

Tae-hyuk muttered as he stared at Samilmun. (TN: A large gate that is a the entrance to a park in Korea. Named after the March 1st Movement, one of the earliest displays of resistance during the ruling of Korea by Japan)

The fourth bomb was installed in Tapgol Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul. The hint mentioned a park and the 3.1 movement, so it wasn’t too hard to locate. The problem was the rest of the situation. The sun had gone down while he was running hard. Perhaps this would be the last bomb installed today.

“Ah really. Once I make enough money then I should buy a car.”

Then Tae-hyuk scratched his head as he thought of something.

“Ah. That reminds me, I don’t even have my license yet.”

Of course, if he needed a license then he could make it with the Counterfeit skill. However, public transportation such as the bus and subway was still comfortable. He was a citizen.

Tae-hyuk recalled the contents of the phone call that he made before. It stated that the contact person had changed to Cho Kang-suk, and that there would be a reward if he cooperated in finding the bombs.

“I didn’t think they would give the money so obediently. Still, it is strange.”

Tae-hyuk licked his lips.

By the way, Cho Kang-suk would be in charge of him, which wasn’t entirely unexpected. It seemed like there was more confidence in him than Tae-hyuk thought. It wasn’t bad for Tae-hyuk if Cho Kang-suk was in a higher position. If he kept stacking up merits like this, wouldn’t it be easy for him to eventually become the commissioner?

"That should be enough for Noona. That reminds me, I have to prepare for their second date.”

He had planned something great for both of them, but it ended up not working. Kang-suk had received a call during the visit to the planetarium and had to go to work while wearing a suit. It was a sad day that allowed them to feel the woes of an ordinary worker.

In the end, Tae-hyuk and Ha-ran went to the luxurious restaurant that was reserved. Ha-ran had enjoyed spending time with her younger brother after a long time. However, Tae-hyuk had to spend 300,000 won for the meal, so he didn’t know if the food would enter his mouth or his nose.

Anyway, Tae-hyuk had decided to produce the second date.

The bomb would be hidden some place to the right after entering through Samilmun. The December evening was so cold that he couldn’t prevent the coat even with a thick coat. Therefore, there were barely any people walking in the park. Even if an explosion occurred here, the damage wouldn’t be so great. 

Tae-hyuk wondered if there were any witnesses around and triggered the Spying skill. He could feel some unseen eyes. He had invested a great deal of affinity points to escape from Atlantis, and now it was possible to check the status and belongings of other people in a wider range.

“Hrmm... There is a cleaner with a broom.”

It felt like observing the surroundings through radar. However, he couldn’t use it often due to the serious stamina exhaustion.

“Wait a minute. Cleaner...?”

Tae-hyuk suddenly realized a strange point. He took out his phone and checked the time.

6:30 p.m. It was long past the work hours. Cleaners were people who were sensitive to work hours due to it being an occupation that involved their bodies. But this cleaner was staying up late to work? It was strange.

This was a place where the bomb was installed, further heightening his suspicions.

Tae-hyuk scratched his head.

Originally, the hidden bomb was supposed to be found at H High School around 10 tonight. Tapgol Park was tomorrow at dawn. One of the biggest disadvantages of the liquid bomb was that it didn’t perform well as a timer bomb. Therefore, a specially made storage contained was needed to delay freezing as much as possible. But that had a limit of half a day.

'In other words, Kim Tae-sung predicted the time that the bomb would be found and set up the next bomb.’

He was a man with a very good mind, and had obviously calculated everything when he started this. The search of all schools in Seoul was also an operation to buy time.

But there was something Kim Tae-sung couldn’t think of, which was the presence of Seo Tae-hyuk. It was the same as playing a Minesweeper game while knowing the correct answer.

Tae-hyuk arrived at the place where the next bomb would be installed much faster than Kim Tae-sung anticipated. Maybe it wasn’t a bomb but the Bomber hunt.

Tae-hyuk laughed.

It saved like he would be giving a present to the police officers suffering in this cold weather.


“You must have suffered in this cold.”

Tae-hyuk handed a warm can of coffee to the cleaner having a hard time in this cold weather.

“Aigoo. Of course not, it’s my job. Thanks, I really appreciate this.”

The cleaner was a man in his 50s with wrinkles around his eyes, indicating that he smiled a lot. The two men sat down on a bench and looked up at the moon in the sky. The cleaner grabbed the can of coffee with both hands and carefully raised it to his mouth before saying in an excellent voice.

"On nights with a bright moon like this, I think of my daughter.”

"Your daughter likes the moon?”

The cleaner replied with a look that said he was locked in his memories.

“Yes. When my wife had my child, I saw a big moon in my dream. Therefore, I named her Sang-ah (Ivory).”

"Oh, isn’t she the goddess of the moon from Chinese mythology?”

“Yes, also known as Heng’e. So she really liked the moon. She said she wanted to go there one day. Her dream was to become an astronaut.” (TN: The common name in Chinese mythology is Chang’e)

Tae-hyuk asked a question that was necessary when hearing old stories.

“So what happened?”

The janitor smiled wanly.

"In the end, she went to the moon, along with her mother.”

"So why didn’t you go with them?”

The cleaner made a serious expression and sighed. He was locked in his thoughts. Was he remembering his happy days with his family?

A long time passed. Once the hot can of coffee became cold, the firmly closed mouth finally opened.

"I still have work to do.”

Tae-hyuk gulped down his cold coffee and said with a smile.

"It was nice meeting you, Kim Tae-sung. I’ve heard your story well.”

Kim Tae-sung’s eyes widened. His expression seemed to ask how Tae-hyuk knew his name. Tae-hyuk stepped on the can he was drinking and said.

"I would like to send you to the moon where your daughter is. Well, I don’t have enough ability. At best, I can only show you the stars.”

“Huh? A-All of a sudden...?”

[You have activated the Violence skill.]

-Muscle strength and agility are strengthened.

Tae-hyuk swung the iron pipe made by the Violence skill and hit Kim Tae-sung’s head.


Kim Tae-sung collapsed at the unexpected attack.

“Ouch... I thought I would die from the cold. Why was the introduction so long?”

Tae-hyuk checked the status of Kim Tae-sung who was collapsed on the bench. He controlled his power but it seemed like Kim Tae-sung would be out for a while. Perhaps it would be a few hours before he opened his eyes.

"Once he wakes up, he will be panicked to see a strange ceiling.”

Tae-hyuk took off the glasses he was wearing. He also tore off the beard that he had put on his chin. It was a disguise but he looked quite funny.

Tae-hyuk also covered his head with a beanie so he wouldn’t leave any traces behind. Then he took out surgical gloves. Once everything was ready, Tae-hyuk started to check Kim Tae-sung’s belongings.

"Oh, the tape recorder is found.”

The recorded tape was in the pocket of the clothes. The content was a riddle about the location of the next bomb, which was found in a garbage-carrying cart. The effect of the intimidation would fall if he didn’t back it up.

“…Indeed, there is also a primer this time.”

Tae-hyuk smiled bitterly after confirming that his memories were correct. Tae-hyuk tied up Kim Tae-sung’s body after attaching the evidence with gum tape.

"It is cold outside, so you might catch a cold. I’ll have someone come pick you up quickly.”

In the end, the bomber Kim Tae-sung had made the whole country move for 120 hours with his bombs. Tae-hyuk had stopped him after 20 hours.

Tae-hyuk pulled out Yoo Ha-yang’s phone from his pocket, which allowed him to make calls without having his position traced. Of course, she had to be a night owl for that to happen.

"I'm sorry, but this time the criminal is caught so it is a happy ending! ...Please do this.”

Kim Tae-sung could be called a material to be traded. Until now, Tae-hyuk was only concerned about catching criminals.

Then he could get new skills or affinity points. However, even though he met new criminals after the hippo case, he didn’t get their skills. The reason was probably Tae-hyuk’s low rating.

If so, he needed to at least make money. Tae-hyuk saw a serious deficit from the Death Circus case.

‘Ohh... I once had three billion won in my hands.’

Of course, it was nothing. Even if he came out of the Death Circus with it, Choi Sung-yeol wouldn’t have paid him any money. It was a bourgeois game played with fake money.

But now it was different. He now had a route to get money. From now on, he had to move really carefully.

"Then shall I finish this Bomber case?”

The police were trying to catch the Bomber. However, they had no idea that Tae-hyuk had already caught him.

Tae-hyuk made called Kim Do-shik’s phone. But it would probably be Cho Kang-suk who picked up.

'It feels strange to deceive Hyung. Hyung, please excuse me for Noona’s sake.’

Then the call was connected.


The call arrived. Joo Hyun-ho was filled with embarrassment.

"Uhh, has he solved the problem already? Damn! What? What the hell is going on in that head?”

He had been reading all types of history books for an hour, starting with Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It was to solve the riddle left behind by the Bomber. He knew the outline to a certain extent so he could get the answer in 10 minutes. But the God of Crime had called. Joo Hyun-ho kicked the ground.

Cho Kang-suk was in charge of contact with the God of Crime. He was speaking with a serious expression. Once the call ended, Kim Do-shik asked.

“Detective Cho! What did you find out? Did he tell you where the next bomb is?”

Cho Kang-suk made a difficult expression.

“That... It isn’t it. He didn’t find the bomb.”

"Aigoo. Then what? He called because he was bored?"

Joo Hyun-ho, who had been listening to the conversation between Kim Do-shik and Cho Kang-suk, jumped in.

“Haha! I thought so. This problem isn’t easily solved! Please wait a moment. I will definitely solve the problem faster than the God of Crime!”

Cho Kang-suk burst out laughing.

“That... He found the Bomber, not the bomb.”



The people who heard him shrieked.

“What? Really?”

“Yes. He really called about that. The Bomber is caught.”


"Tapgol Park."

Joo Hyun-ho shrieked.

“Ah! 3.1, March 1st movement! Damn... Why didn't I think of that before?”

Cho Kang-suk and Kim Do-shik ignored Joo Hyun-ho, who was running around with an upset expression.

"Then what are you going to do? Will you really give him money?”

"If he really caught the Bomber then yes. It is a promise.”

"150 million...”

"But I still can’t deny that the Bomber and God of Crime might be accomplices. So I’d like to hold both of them. Therefore, I put a mini transmitter in the money bag. The National Intelligence Service is assisting.”

Cho Kang-suk’s eyes widened.

"Are you going to catch the God of Crime?”

“Yes. Then I will see what tricks he used. Detective Cho, aren’t you curious?”

Kim Do-shik’s eyes flashed.

His senses, developed from over 30 years as a police officer, told him something. They told him that the Bomber was nothing compared to the God of Crime.

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