Chapter 65 - Bomber #3

Chapter 65 - Bomber #3

Kim Do-shik was troubled after receiving the call from the unidentified person. The commissioner of the National Police Agency had given him field authority, but the case had grown too big to make a judgement alone.

The SWAT team members also didn’t look good. Their abilities were lacking and they needed to get help from an unknown person. The SWAT team leader said with a resolute expression.

"First of all, why don’t we try to do as much as we can? Then we can ask for cooperation if we need it.”

Kim Do-shik nodded. Fortunately, this time they had half a day to spare. First, they had to wait for Joo Hyun-ho to arrive.

Shortly afterwards, a BMW arrived at the scene of the incident.

“That person...”

“Yes. Investigator Joo Hyun-ho.”

It was a luxury car that wasn’t suitable for the field, but it was a ride that was bought using his own money.

“Ahaha. I’m sorry for the delay.”

"No, it was faster than I thought. Just listen to the tape recorder.”

"Then I’ll solve the riddle right away.”

Numerous people paid attention as Joo Hyun-ho listened to the hint that the Bomber left behind. He was the one who solved the first problem instantly. They thought he could do it again this time. Then they could solve this case without the help of the God of Crime.

Kim Do-shik thought so as he looked at Joo Hyun-ho.


“What is it? Will it take more time? The time for the bomb to go of is still five hours away. Relax.”

“That’s not it...”

Joo Hyun-ho made a difficult expression. It wasn’t that he couldn’t solve the problem, it was just not the answer that he wanted.

Kim Do-shik’s expression became serious. It seemed like Joo Hyun-ho was unable to say the answer.

"He is being a petty jerk.”

“Yes. That’s exactly what it is.”

Joo Hyun-ho sighed and wrote down the answer to the problem on the piece of paper.

[Educational institutions in Seoul.]

“…That is it?”

The scope was too broad. Furthermore, if the bomb went off then the damage to young students would be enormous.

Joo Hyun-ho bit his lip and answered,

"The answer I got is an educational institute. More details are needed but it just leads to an endless loop. The problem itself is literally a trap.”

"Oh my god..."

Joo Hyun-ho was a Mensa member and the owner of a very high IQ. His reasoning was top class among the investigators. That Joo Hyun-ho was saying this.

He was very nervous about the content.

“In the end, a bomb is hidden in one of the many educational institutes in Seoul.”

"This hint can’t be narrowed down further.”

“Are you sure?"

“Yes. King Solomon would say the same thing if he were to be resurrected.”

“...Investigator Joo. Do you know how many educational institutions there are in Seoul?”

Joo Hyun-ho nodded.

"Three years ago, there were a total of 872 kindergartens, 594 elementary schools, 379 middle schools, 317 high schools, 29 special schools and 17 others for a total of 2208. I think we will need at least 20,000 people to search all of them for the bomb.”


It was an impossible number.

"Even if all the police officers in Seoul were gathered together, it is impossible. In the end, you will need to obtain the cooperation of the private sector. So the presence of the bomb will spread to the mass media.”

“Ohh... That can’t happen!”

Bombs occurring in the middle of the city. If it spread to the media then there would be a huge uproar, and the censure would be tremendous. Kim Do-shik was prepared to take off all his clothes and take responsibility if this case went wrong. He didn’t know it was a situation where he would have to go to the army rather than ending it with the police.

In the end, Kim Do-shik made a firm decision.

“It can’t be helped. No matter how big it gets, the safety of the public is the top priority I will take responsibility. Immediately contact all educational institutions in downtown Seoul and ask them to search for bombs on campus. I also have to make a call to the commissioner. I will do it on my line.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Kim Do-shik picked up his phone to call the commissioner of the NPA. At the same time, someone called him.

“It can’t be...”

When he picked up the call, the person he expected was on the other line.

-It looks like you are asking for help from the police commissioner. As expected of Inspector Kim Do-shik. You will accept full responsibility to protect the people. But I am sorry.

"...What does that mean?”

He didn’t have time to think about this person.

-I have already found the bomb. Why don’t you go to H High School in K district? Ah right, this is a service. It isn’t easy to mobilize 20,000 people. The choice is yours to make.

Then the call cut out.

Kim Do-shik gritted his teeth. He wasn’t sure what the other person knew, but if his information was true, then he would get 150 million won. Then they would be able to handle the remaining bombs.

“Detective Cho. Do you want to go to K High School to check if there is really a bomb?”

“Yes, I understand.”

He would soon see if the other person was a fraud or not.

"The Bomber or that bastard. I don’t know who is worse. The person doing it, or the one trying to make money from it.”

Kim Do-shik suddenly wanted to smoke a cigarette.


There really was a bomb.



Tae-hyuk moaned as he finished the phone call and sat on a bench. He seemed to have overdone it this time. He had been running hard for almost three hours, and now he was completely exhausted.

"Anyways, the one coming to check the bomb is probably Kang-suk hyung. Shouldn’t I finish the preparations before that?”

Just finding the bomb ahead of the police wasn’t enough. He also had to do a lot of work behind the scenes.

"Still, Ha-yang noona is very useful.”

Tae-hyuk found it hard to imagine her as security company employee. However, it was with her help that he could call Kim Do-shik with such confidence. She manipulated the origin of the call every time Tae-hyuk called. It was like putting a swan in water - on the surface, they floated gracefully. However, their feet were actually moving rapidly in the water.

"My agility has increased, thanks to running around so much.”

In Atlantis, he had to go beyond the limits of his flesh to escape, so his agility had gone up by five. But now when he checked, it had risen by another three.

"I'm already at 33.”

When he thought about it, his agility stat mainly rose when he was with Yoo Ha-yang. Maybe Yoo Ha-yang had something special like An Eun-young’s studying skill?

"Next time I have to find out more.”

That wasn’t all that was available. It was necessary to check everything as the God of Crime.

Tae-hyuk was sitting on a bench in the corner of the playground at H High School, near the school where he caught the voyeur. He was able to blend in naturally because he had the uniform.

"Now. I will finish this.”

There was a large courier box at Tae-hyuk’s feet. Kim Tae-sung’s liquid bomb was hidden inside it. Once the primer was triggered, the two liquids would mix and cause an explosion. However, he had removed the primer.

"Originally, 20,000 people were mobilized because of this bomb.”

The information spread to the media and caused an uproar around the whole country. It was exactly what the Bomber wanted.

Distract the police and kill his real target.

Why did he become the Bomber when he was an ordinary chemistry teacher? It was clear that Yoo Ha-yang was interested in this.

However, Tae-hyuk’s thoughts were different.

"A bad guy is just bad. All the people I met in prison were heinous criminals.”

All criminals had their circumstances, but it was no excuse. Seo Tae-hyuk had a memorable stay in prison for 10 years, and had met countless criminals there. Therefore, Tae-hyuk believed that criminals were just criminals.

"They are just a good money source.

Tae-hyuk licked his lips and looked at the box containing the bomb. Once the police discovered this, they would have to deal with him.

He had received a bounty for catching Yoo Cheol-ho. However, he didn’t earn that much despite catching some criminals. It was literally a free service. There was no enthusiasm. He didn’t want to catch a criminal who didn’t have a bounty.

But the police would eventually given Tae-hyuk 150 million to catch the Bomber. A criminal who caught other criminals. Today, the God of Crime appeared in the world for the first time.

“There are still more than 100 people on the blacklist.”

Some of them couldn’t be judged by the law such as Park Seong-ho. Some people he couldn’t turn over to the police, like Big Mama and Moonlight Flower.

However, there were at least 50 people he could catch with their own crime skills. Depending on the risk, the bounty applied would be between 50 million to 200 million. If he could get them all, then he could receive over five billion won. With that type of money, his family wouldn’t need to worry for a lifetime.

"First of all, we can buy a good apartment. Noona can open a small shop. Would Tae-min like an office?”

It was starting now. Until now, he had dealt with the criminals without thinking, but now it was different.

Tae-hyuk laughed. It was important to pursue Park Jung-hwan’s whereabouts, but he needed money for the happy future of his family.

It was very deep. The blacklist would make him big money. In order to act while concealing his identity, he thought of the title, the God of Crime.

“Shall I finish this?”

When he checked the time, Kang-suk would be coming soon. Tae-hyuk placed the bomb box on the bench and hung a banner from the tree.

The bomb wouldn’t be difficult to find. When they looked at this, the police would cry out the name of the God of Crime, rather than the Bomber.

Tae-hyuk didn’t look back and moved to find the next bomb.


“Keok... This bastard!”

Kim Do-shik gritted his teeth. He could find the bomb at H High School. The other person clearly said that. He had been wondering what it meant, but the person did something cute like this..

“Haha... He is called the God of Crime? I don’t know who you are but you are a delightful person.”

The SWAT team leader muttered. A box containing the bomb was placed in a corner of the school. However, there was a large banner above it.

[Feel free to eat - God of Crime.]

There were three boxes containing ramyun noodles underneath.

Cho Kang-suk said.

“Inspector. I think he brought this for us to eat.”

“Fuck. Then he should have given us hot water as well!”

Kang-suk laughed.

Fortunately, the school gave the police warm water and they could eat warm noodles.

In the meantime, Kim Do-shik finished his conversation with the commissioner. He delivered the contents directly to Cho Kang-suk.

"I have permission. I will appoint Detective Cho as the head of the Special Headquarters for the God of Crime.

“Huh? What do you mean?"

"In the future, I will tell him to speak to you.”

Kim Do-shik handed his phone to Kang-suk. He was the typical boss dumping the unenviable task onto his subordinate.

Kang-suk made a dumbfounded expression at the promotion.

Kim Do-shik added,

"A special budget will be organized.”

Kim Do-shik spoke angrily with a red face.

"Deal with the God of Crime.”

Kang-suk swallowed his saliva. He couldn’t decide if this was right or not.

"I don’t know if this is really good.”

"But with his help, nobody will get hurt and we can catch the Bomber.”

"Still, the opponent is a criminal.”

“Yes. A criminal who catches other criminals.”

Kang-suk was left holding the phone. In the future, it was his task to deal with the God of Crime.

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