Chapter 62 - It seems like something is going on #4

Chapter 62 - It seems like something is going on #4  

“Pant... Pant...”

Tae-hyuk started breathing roughly. The status of his body wasn’t good because he had used extreme crime skills.

“But I finished...!”

Tae-hyuk deliberately erased Atlantis from his mind. If he kept remembering it then it felt like his brain would burst. Either way, there was no time left. Tae-hyuk grabbed the blueprint and returned to where the people were gathered.

"Uh, he is here!”

It was less than five minutes but there was a lot of nervousness on people’s faces. Their lives were in Tae-hyuk’s hands.

"T-The blueprint?”

"Here it is."

Tae-hyuk pulled out an A3 paper out of his sleeve and showed it to people. It contained everything about Atlantis.

Yoo Tae-soo, who was watching from the side, started to scoff.

"It isn’t printed but hand-drawn. Is this correct?”

Tae-hyuk shrugged,

"If you don’t have faith then you can go where you want.”


Yoo Tae-soo had a worried expression but he didn’t have any other options.

He poured out his doubts towards Tae-hyuk towards the other guests.

"Can we really trust him? All of a sudden, he suddenly got a nice blueprint of this place. The contents are also doubtful.”

At that time, a middle-aged man walked forward.

"I am an architect. If you feel doubt then I can show you the certification in my wallet. Can I take a look at that blueprint?”

Tae-hyuk’s eyes narrowed.

The water had already reached his waist. It would be a close call, even if they started to escape now. But what would happen if he refused?

Right now, only Yoo Tae-soo was suspicious; however, it might spread even more. It was better to take a little time then to escape with non-cooperative people.

"Take a look.”

“I’ll do it as quickly as possible.”

The architect put on glasses and started to examine the blueprint created by Tae-hyuk. After one minute, he said with wide eyes.

“It is a perfect blueprint. The scale, perspective and marks are all unquestionable. It is made so well that I want to employ the architect who drew it. Most of the time, it isn’t good to draw by hand. It reminds me of how I used to work a long time ago.”


Those who were watching sighed with relief at the architect’s words.

"I know it is made well. Is there evidence that it is the exact design of this place?"

Yoo Tae-soo still had a doubtful expression on his face. Tae-hyuk spat at him.

“Yoo Tae-soo, I don’t know why you are so dissatisfied, as there is already no time. Stop. If you feel doubt then it doesn’t matter if you stay here. I don’t have a mission to save everyone who is here.”

Tae-hyuk said, causing Yoo Tae-soo to laugh.

"Look at this! How shameless! Do you believe him?”

Tae-hyuk narrowed his eyes and glared at Yoo Tae-soo. He wouldn’t feel troubled about saving that guy now. If Tae-hyuk’s body condition was a bit better, then he would’ve hit him with a steel pipe. However, he didn’t have enough stamina to use the Violence skill. He was at his limit due to the extreme crime skills.

At that time, Yoo Ha-yang glared at Yoo Tae-soo and scolded him.

“You. Don’t you know that Seo Tae-hyuk is struggling and risking his life to save people?”


"I-I don’t know what happened but his body has turned into a mess.”

Yoo Ha-yang stared at Tae-hyuk with moist eyes before asking in a trembling voice,

"T-Tae-hyuk, are you okay? What happened? You sound like you are dying...”

Tae-hyuk sighed.

She was a really good girl.

"I’m fine. First, let’s think about escaping.”

“...Yes. I understand."

Yoo Ha-yang’s words showed an authenticity that couldn’t be acting. The people felt confidence and started yelling at Yoo Tae-soo.

“What are you doing now? Do you feel good? Why aren’t you trying to save us?”

"If you can’t take responsibility then stay quietly in a corner!”

"If you are so disgruntled then go on your own!”

Yoo Tae-soo instantly became isolated. However, he showed no signs of concern on his face at all. He leisurely pulled out a gun, like he was taking out a business card.

"I was already thinking about that.”

Yoo Tae-soo smiled as he aimed the muzzle at Tae-hyuk. The people around him paled.

"It would be nice if you didn’t move. Ah. I will correct myself. Feel free to move, and then you will suffer.”

"W-What are you doing?”

Yoo Tae-soo said with a sneer,

"I am in a difficult situation right now, so I have to live alone.”

“D-Don’t tell me...!”

"That's right. I am in charge of this place. And if you guests live then I will have to go to jail. Hah! I can’t allow you to appear on TV as you like. Staying still? I never issued such instructions. But why is this all my responsibility?”

"Then you want to kill the rest of us so you can live?!”

"Of course. I can manipulate everything that happened here at will.”

“What? You completely crazy bastard!”

“Haha. Don't worry. I will make sure that the public knows about your sacrifices. And you will live forever in their hearts.”

“Fuck! How many people are here now? Can you deal with this many people alone? Everyone pounce!”

A man angrily rushed towards Yoo Tae-soo. Yoo Tae-soo fired at the man with a calm face.


Sparks flew as the man collapsed.


"I won’t stop those who want to go to the other side with him. There are a limited number of bullets and only 10 minutes remain, so first come first served.”

In the end, sacrifices were needed in order to overthrow Yoo Tae-soo. But how many people would be able to do that for something they met today? In the end, no one moved and the strange standoff continued. In the meantime, water was constantly rising so they could tell the limit.

Yoo Tae-soo aimed the gun at Tae-hyuk again and said,

"Hand me the blueprint unless you want to die right now.”

Tae-hyuk made a slightly difficult expression. Then he spoke loud enough for others to hear,

"I can be a hero if I use my body to subdue that person now. Of course, I will die from a hole in my body but others will be saved.”

“What? Do you really want to do that? Do you want to demonstrate such a great sacrifice?”

Tae-hyuk laughed,

"But I'm not a hero. At best, I am just a criminal. Yes. I understand. I will hand the blueprint over to you.”

Then the people shrieked. If so, all the people remaining here would die. However, no one else rushed forward. Going forward meant they would be killed by Yoo Tae-soo’s gun. One person had already died. If 10 people sacrificed themselves, then the rest could live. However, the ones that went forward...

There was only one person. Yoo Ha-yang approached Tae-hyuk while there was a ruckus and spoke in a small voice.

“…I will get that person’s attention. Meanwhile, you will knock him down.”

“Aigoo. No matter how great your physical abilities are, even Noona can’t avoid all the bullets.”

"B-But somebody should do it.”

“Noona. You will die.”

“...It’s okay. No, it doesn't matter. I made up my mind after listening to Tae-hyuk’s words. If somebody has to be a hero, I will do it. Remember that.”

Yoo Ha-yang smiled brightly. It was the face of a hero who decided to sacrifice herself to save others.

"In the end, it will be Noona who dies here alone. Is it really okay?”


Tae-hyuk stared at Yoo Ha-yang. Her eyes were filled with a strong will. 

According to his memories, she was a weird thief who stole from chaebols. Was there a reason for this?

Tae-hyuk couldn’t understand it. But he couldn’t let Yoo Ha-yang die here.

“I would rather you walk away from here than me. In fact, I have a plan to deal with Yoo Tae-soo.”

Yoo Ha-yang’s face turned red.

“W-What? If you have something like that then say it quickly! If you plan to hit him alone...”

Tae-hyuk raised a finger to his lips. Yoo Ha-yang closed her mouth with amazement.

“Yoo Tae-soo I understand. Here is the blueprint. Instead, you can’t hurt anyone else here. You have to promise.”

"Hahaha! It is understandable. Humans are selfish. There aren’t any fools who would sacrifice themselves for others!”

There was one such fool. Tae-hyuk looked at Yoo Ha-yang and smiled.

"N-Now we will all die!”

"N-No! I don’t want to die!”

“P-Please spare me. I’ll do whatever you want!”

The people started begging for their lives.  They were thinking extreme thoughts.


Yoo Tae-soo fired at the ground.


There were no longer any protests as Tae-hyuk handed the blueprint to Yoo Tae-soo.

"I would like to thank you for using Atlantis Theme Park today. You can’t come back. Enjoy your remaining time.”

Then Yoo Tae-soo quickly entered the vents. He left with one last remark.

"I will tell the world that there was a stupid hero who wanted to save everyone here but couldn’t do it. Wuhahaha!”

“C-Catch him!"

He couldn’t shoot his gun as he entered the vent. From now on, they were safe. In the end, there were those who moved to catch Yoo Tae-soo. However, they couldn’t move quickly because of the rising water. They missed him.


"We're all dead!"

Tae-hyuk looked at the corpse of the man with a gentle expression. He took a moment of silence. The man had died in order to save everyone, but there was no one mourning his death. In front of the hero, Tae-hyuk slowly bowed his head.

When he raised it, he was the criminal Seo Tae-hyuk.

"The hero died alone, and only the culprit survived.”

Tae-hyuk pulled out the real blueprint.

“W-Wait a minute. T-That!”


“Another blueprint?!”

The people shrieked in glee.

"I thought it would be like this so I made a fake.”

“Ahaha! Amazing. We’re saved! We can live!”

Tae-hyuk knew that his physical condition wasn’t good, and from his previous memories, he remembered that there was only one survivor on the fourth underground floor, the floor that had the most victims.

Yoo Tae-soo, the owner of this place. The reason he survived then wasn’t too different to the situation now.

Tae-hyuk muttered in a small voice.

"You don’t know that map is wrong and will be moving towards hell. Once I get out, I will tell the story about the clown who tried to kill everyone here.”

Tae-hyuk hurriedly led the people out. They couldn’t even waste one second.


Tae-hyuk first passed the blueprint to the architect. He was skilled so he would lead the people from the front.

“W-What will you do?”

"I will look at the situation and follow when suitable.”

“Yes. Then I will definitely lead people from the front. R-Really... Thank you!"

The architect bowed humbly. Tae-hyuk clicked his tongue.

"Say thank you if you survive. Now hurry.”


The people calmly followed Tae-hyuk’s instructions.

The water was already up to their chests. Furthermore, the speed was getting faster. It was obvious that this space would be completely covered in water in a few minutes. Under these circumstances, more than 20 people entered the vents.

Was it due to the sacrifice of the nameless hero? No one fell into panic.

There were only five people remaining. Tae-hyuk told Yoo Ha-yang who was helping the people.

“Noona. Stop now and escape first. I will follow right behind you.”

“W-What? Follow right... Do you want to see my underwear? It’s too fast. That’s it. I will send people until the end. Go first.”

Tae-hyuk sighed. There was no time to argue.

"Then I'll go first. Noona, be sure to come along.”


Yoo Ha-yang laughed at him.

Tae-hyuk didn’t look back as he entered the vent. That was a man. So she liked it.

"Now, everybody hurry! I will kick your butt if the distance increases!”


The people remaining escaped one by one. Yoo Ha-yang remained until the end, pushing them from behind to allow them to enter the vent easier.

"N-Now I will get out...”

At that last minute, the place where she was present was completely submerged in water.


At first, she thought he was just a kid. But he wasn’t like that. It was amazing to see him bargain with Big Mama and finally recover the thing that he wanted. In addition, she saw him saving many people from the Death Circus.

It was the appearance of a hero that Yoo Ha-yang longed for.

-Daddy. Why did you fire the employees?

-It is in order to live.

-Then the fired employees...

-Ha-yang. Don’t forget that you will also have to live this way.

- ......

Something popped up in Yoo Ha-yang’s head.

Signs of her life, words she remembered. She felt everything so vividly. Was this a kaleidoscope?

-F-Father. Why is the security so easy to penetrate? If something goes wrong then their personal information might be leaked and they might become the victim of voice phishing or card fraud!

-It doesn’t really matter. It will never happen anyway.

-We have to prevent such a thing.

-Don't pay attention to it. Anyway, it’s not the people giving us money whose personal information is stolen.


-No matter what we do, it won’t change. Yoo Ha-yang. Get rid of the illusion that you are a hero. You are just a security company employee. Aren’t you parachuting off me?

- ......

Yoo Ha-yang hated chaebols. The people sat on their thrones and hated ruling over so many people. She wanted to show them a spicy taste.

Therefore, Yoo Ha-yang decided to become a thief who only stole from chaebols. She was confident in her physical abilities. She also had extensive knowledge from working at the security company.

But in the end, she didn’t do anything right and would die like this... Strangely, she didn’t feel regret.

In the last minute, she had become the person she had been longing for.

Yoo Ha-yang felt something warm before she lost consciousness.


“...Ha-yang! Yoo Ha-yang! Steady yourself!"

Tae-hyuk shook Ha-yang’s body and called her name. At the same time, he slapped her cheeks.


She groaned as water poured out from her mouth.

Ha-yang slowly opened her eyes.

Tae-hyuk’s face was right in front of her. He was the first thing she saw. He looked confused. Was it because she almost died?

By the way, her name came out from his mouth. She had obviously never given him her real name.

“H-How did you get my name...?”

"That isn’t important now! I was really worried because you didn’t open your eyes after artificial respiration!”

"Ah... artificial respiration...”

Ha-yang raised a finger to her lips, which were wet with someone’s saliva.

“My first kiss..."

“Aigoo. This Noonim... I rescued you from dying and crossing Jordan River, so it isn’t your first kiss.”

“Ahaha... I-I lived.”

"Of course! What did I say? I saved Noona’s life didn’t I?”


Seo Tae-hyuk had obviously rescued her. Yoo Ha-yang faced turned red as she remembered a warm touch. Had he been waiting near the entrance of the vent because he was worried about her?

"At any rate, reporters and police are outside. Noona and I don’t have to meet those people. Let’s just run away.”

“Yes. Then...”

Yoo Ha-yang realized her own heart when she was prepared to die. He was a little young but obviously...

Tae-hyuk said.

"Oh right, I need Noona’s help with something.”

“Yes. I’ll help you with anything.”

"I want to catch the culprit of this bombing case.”

Bomber Kim Tae-sung.

Tae-hyuk licked his lips. From now on, Tae-hyuk would move to catch him. It would be a bonus if he could learn a new crime skill. As Tae-hyuk thought about Kim Tae-sung, something on the Demon Revealing Mirror caught his eyes.

[Two affinity points have disappeared due to the destruction of the bond.]


Tae-hyuk’s eyes trembled.

Come to think of it, there were two people who didn’t escape. The man who threw his body in order to stop Yoo Tae-soo, and Yoo Tae-soo himself. In the end, his relationships with them had vanished.

As Tae-hyuk was upset over the loss, Yoo Ha-yang hugged his arm.

"Then let’s hurry. I am confident in running away! Believe in this Noona!”

Tae-hyuk sighed.

He decided to forget about the points that were blown away as a soft texture stimulated his arm.

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