Chapter 140 - Everybody Gather! #6

Chapter 140 - Everybody Gather! #6

“Really? We can talk about the details later, but I think we should run away first.”

“That’s right! Then what good plan do you have?”

Tae-hyuk pulled out the paper that he had used to make the counterfeit documents.

“I will apply what I have done before.”

As his hand passed over the sheet, something appeared on the blank white paper. This time it was a map, rather than some documents.

‘I wrote it in advance with Forgery and then implemented it with Counterfeit. Then, like magic, a map containing the escape route is created.’

Yoo Cheol-ho looked at the map and exclaimed. There was a detailed plan to escape the police once arriving at the port.

"But Phantom, can’t you easily escape by changing your appearance? Why this thing...?”

“I am fine alone, but both of you will need to disguise yourselves if you want to escape with me. Two prisoners have escaped from prison, but the jailbreak isn’t over until you completely get away.”

"T-Thinking up to here...”

Yoo Cheol-ho looked at Tae-hyuk with an impressed expression. He had forced Phantom to bring him along, yet Phantom was paying such careful attention to help him escape. Tae-hyuk beckoned and urged the two people to hurry.

"As time passes, the encirclement is narrowing. We have to hurry.”

“Yes! I understand.”

The criminals who escaped from Red Phoenix moved along the route on Tae-hyuk’s map. The first destination was a nearby container box. These boxes could be rented for a week at a cost of 100,000 won. They were used for various purposes, such as temporary warehouses or housing.

"Dress appropriately as you like.”

Instead, there were various clothing like a department store. Both prisoners were still in their prison uniforms, while Tae-hyuk was dressed as a prison guard. Their clothing was too prominent.

“Hoh? There is a mirror. Is this to look at the disguises?”


"I think a wig and some glasses are good for changing my appearance.”

Yoo Cheol-ho, who wore a clean suit and had nearly combed hair, looked like a white-collar office worker. Kim Tae-sung wore cargo pants, a plain shirt, and used some disguise items. Tae-hyuk wore a tuxedo used by chauffeurs of luxury cars.

"Now it is time to go to the safe house in a car that is parked nearby.”

"Did you prepare the car in advance? Can’t you use your abilities to steal one?"

Tae-hyuk inwardly smiled.

"If you escape in a stolen vehicle, then you are more likely to be caught by the police. A perfectly washed car will allow you to escape without detection.”

Yoo Cheol-ho asked,

"Then what about the safe house?”

"It is a shelter. Most people who escape don’t have a place to stay, so they lurk around their homes or friends’ places, causing them to be caught. If you stay in this shelter, then you won’t be caught for your whole lifetime.”

Yoo Cheol-ho nodded.

The safe house depicted was a house in the quiet countryside. It was good compared to the church that he was caught in. Of course, he could avoid the police by changing his appearance and stealing a vehicle. But Yoo Cheol-ho didn’t want to show all the skills that he had.

'Then let’s finish this play.’

"Shelter... You also prepared for what would happen after escaping the prison.”

“I made a promise that I would help you break out of prison.”

Yoo Cheol-ho chuckled.

In order to fight the mafia, Kim Tae-sung’s bombs were needed. The police weren’t stupid. If Kim Tae-sung accidentally got caught again, then it wouldn’t be easy for him to escape next time. 

'He is something precious that I should deal with very carefully. Except for him, of course.’

"And don’t forget this.”

Tae-hyuk smiled as he watched Yoo Cheol-ho. It was like he was looking at an old relationship.

Yes, Yoo Cheol-ho was the start of everything. Catching Yoo Cheol-ho had started a lot of things, but now it was farewell. As Yoo Cheol-ho looked in the mirror, Tae-hyuk handcuffed his hand to a pole nearby.


"This is far enough, Yoo Cheol-ho.”

"W-What are you doing?"

"The promise was clearly to help you escape from prison. I have now honored my promise, it and now it is time to separate. We shouldn’t travel together."

"But a true jailbreak is when the person gets away...”

“That’s right; however, unlike the Bomber, you are now useless. I’m not the type of person to carry around loose baggage. Then I will give you the last mission: be captured by the police. We will use that time to get away safely.”

T-Tricked! He had trusted the other person completely!

Yoo Cheol-ho cried out,

“Phantom...! If you leave me like this then I will tell the police the location of the safe house! Then you will never be saf...”

"Ah? That?”

A wicked smile appeared on Tae-hyuk’s face. He touched the map with one hand and something new appeared on it.

"Did you really think that I would show you the real thing?”


Yoo Cheol-ho shouted with a red face as he realized.

"P-Phantom! This isn’t over! How dare you betray me? I will twist your neck no matter what! Aha, ahahaha!”

“Really? But I am sorry. Once you go back to prison, it won’t be so easy to escape this time. You will receive very good treatment inside.”

Tae-hyuk smiled and pulled a tape recorder out of Yoo Cheol-ho’s suit.

"T-This...obviously the voice of the warden is recorded...”

“That is a lie. I wonder what is really recorded?”

Yoo Cheol-ho got goosebumps.

He had carried it around all this time, but hadn’t thought much of it. But there was something other than the warden’s voice recorded on it? The button was clicked and Yoo Cheol-ho’s voice flowed out.

-The warden ordered me to watch Kim Tae-sung. He promised to give me some conveniences in the prison in return. Haha! Of course I am a mole. But who cares about my petty dealings with the warden, ohuhu!

“...N-No! T-That!”

Yoo Cheol-ho, who knew very well how spies were treated in prison, screamed.

"Well, I think it is time to go home. Please get along well with your friends.”

Tae-hyuk placed it back in Yoo Cheol-ho’s pocket and buttoned it up.

Now he couldn’t get rid of the tape recorder as he was struggled. As both hands were tied to the pole, he had to listen to his voice coming from the tape recorder.

"Bye bye Yoo Cheol-ho.”


The door of the warehouse closed. The police would come here soon.

Yoo Cheol-ho bit his lip and muttered,

“Shit. If I knew this would happen, then I would’ve eaten the grilled ribs.”


After leaving the warehouse, they walked a few minutes and arrived at the prepared car. It was a used car purchased through Big Mama, but Tae-hyuk deliberately didn’t bring the car keys. As he placed his hand on the front door and activated the skill, the door opened and the car turned on.

There was a reason to use the Vehicle Theft skill. This way, he could apply the attributes that changed the appearance and boosted the speed.

‘It feels strange because I am stealing something I own. Before I know it, my right and left hands might automatically steal...’

Tae-hyuk gestured and Kim Tae-sung got on the back seat.

"I didn't think you would abandon him like this.”

“He is an uninvited guest. Plus, didn’t I say that I would help him escape from prison? I made sure to keep my promise.”

"I want you to keep your promise to me.”

Kim Tae-sung escaped in order to get revenge on the group that killed his family. He promised to make bombs in return for Phantom’s help.

“Of course.”

As he drove along a quiet country road, breaking news appeared on the radio.

-...One of the prisoners who escaped from Red Phoenix Prison has been arrested by the police. The police are using all of their efforts to arrest the remaining one...

"He was captured safely. Once he returns, he will be greeted enthusiastically by his friends as well as the warden.”


After one hour, the downtown area of the city appeared. Tae-hyuk’s hideaway was a small officetel  located between other buildings. (Officetel=Google Link)

Kim Tae-sung entered the room and asked,

"Isn’t this a place with many people? I thought the hideout would be in a quiet rural village.”

"It is actually more dangerous in the countryside.”

“Is that so...?”

"The countryside has an open atmosphere. The individuals there know everything about each other. In that respect, an officetel or an apartment is safer. Even if a person dies next time, they can be left there for several months."

"Haha, I agree. Then I will be working here?”

“Yes. You will make the bombs here."

The room was perfectly prepared for it.

"Even the most important ventilation system is set up. Often people only think about the materials and tools.”

"It will be inconvenient if someone wonders about the smell. There is no need to create too much. One a day is enough.”

“I understand.”

Kim Tae-sung’s eyes flashed as he checked the equipment.

"Tell me if there is something missing and I will prepare it for you.”

"Then let me ask you one thing: What are you going to do with my bombs?”

Kim Tae-sung had killed innocent people in the past, but that was for the sake of revenge. If Phantom’s purpose was to kill civilians...

Phantom was wearing an opera mask made of plaster over his face. Kim Tae-sung felt like the mask smiled.

"Right now, China’s, Russia’s, and Japan’s mafias are all gathering in South Korea. This place will soon be their battleground, and I want to stop that. Of course, I don’t want to be a hero of justice. One of them has what I want.”

"Y-You will deal with all of them by yourself?”

"Of course, I won’t be able to do it alone. That is why I am gathering criminals.”


Kim Tae-sung noticed that he was one of them. Tae-hyuk took off his shoes and entered the room. It was like a university laboratory filled with various tools. But this wasn’t the end. There were home appliances and multimedia equipment. If there was enough food, someone would be able to stay here for several months.

Tae-hyuk headed towards the Bomber’s workshop. There was something made of plaster on the table. Kim Tae-sung followed behind Tae-hyuk and muttered as he saw it.

“Opera mask...?”

It was the same as the mask that was on Phantom’s face. Phantom picked it up and approached the Bomber. Then he placed it on the Bomber’s face.

Phantom opened his firmly closed mouth.

“―From now on, you are Phantom.”

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