Chapter 58: Black Sheep Exodus #5

Chapter 58: Black Sheep Exodus #5  

“P-President Kim! What are you doing? The contract wasn’t finished?”

“L-Lee Cheol-su...!”

The guests were completely overwhelmed by Tae-hyuk. They had only watched the slaughter on the monitors from a safe place. However, now the danger had neared them.

It was like going to the cinema to watch a horror movie and having a ghost popping out of the screen. It was a crisis that they had never anticipated. The guests fell to the ground to avoid the explosion. No one had the courage to stop Tae-hyuk directly.

Kim Joon-young kept his composure and asked,

“…Is that real dynamite?”

Tae-hyuk licked his lips and detached a stick of dynamite from his body and held it up in the air for everyone to see.

“Why? Do you want to experience it directly with your body? Ah, I see that there is no fire. Does anyone here smoke?"


The guests on the ground shook their heads desperately.

"In anybody wants to experiment then tell me. I’ll let you feel it with your body. Oh, please don’t move carelessly. My coworker has installed the same thing all over the building.”

“Me, me! I did it!”

The butterfly mask raised her hand as if to appeal to the audience.

“Keok! Already...”

Kim Joon-young moaned.

Tae-hyuk smiled as he looked at the dynamite around his body. It was a fake bomb made using the Forgery skill. Crude chemicals were combined to create something with 1/20th of the original explosive power. The only person who would die was the person holding it. If there was an explosion here, then Tae-hyuk would be the only one killed.

He increased the realism of the fakes through the Counterfeit skill. Fake dynamite was created by combining Forgery and Counterfeit.

How many people here could do this? There was no one. No matter how coarsely a fake explosive was crafted, it would still explode if set on fire. Tae-hyuk had participated in the Death Circus all night while keeping it on his body. His mental state absolutely wasn’t normal.

'Well, there is no detonator, so the wick needs to be set on fire directly. That is safe enough.’

Break the Death Circus.

In order to do that, it wasn’t enough to get rid of Kim Joon-young. If he didn’t destroy the guests, who were the consumers, then a second and third Death Circus would appear.

That’s why he asked Moonlight Flower to steal their information. When he asked if it was possible, Moonlight Flower nodded with a casual expression.

It was an absolute secret that must never be leaked. It was protected by digital security from a professional company with several layers of passwords which unfortunately belonged to her family.

‘Moonlight Flower... No, Yoo Ha-yang. The 3rd generation daughter of a huge security company...’

Once coincidences were repeated, it become inevitability. In the end, Choi Sung-yeol and Kim Joon-young themselves leaked all of the information to the security company that they believed would protect them.

‘Well. No one would’ve thought about Ha-yang noona.’

Tae-hyuk looked at Yoo Ha-yang, who was smiling thoughtlessly.

‘I need to pay off this debt.’

Tae-hyuk bowed to Ha-yang who played a key role in destroying the Death Circus. Moonlight Flower just laughed with a strange expression.

Tae-hyuk confirmed the number of people in the room. There were approximately 15 masked people. Kim Joon-young had five bodyguards in black suits. There were also seven black suits in the Death Circus. If he added Kim Joon-young and Choi Sung-yeol in the count, then it was exactly 29 people.

"Didn’t you sign the contract? You said that you would participate in the next Death Circus as a wolf.”


“Ah. What bad manners. I intend to follow the contract. But unfortunately, I am a busy person. Therefore, I would like to proceed with the next Death Circus today.”

Tae-hyuk smiled happily.

"Aren’t all the new participants gathered here?”

The guests who realized what he meant screamed.

“Well. Isn’t it enjoyable to be the protagonists of a stage at least once? Ah right. Of course, I'll participate. The contract states that I’ll get 10 million won for killing one person. Furthermore, if I kill more than 10 people, then there will be an incentive. So how much money can I make this time?”

Chairman Sung Won-jin was lying on the ground and he grit his teeth together in anger. What? They would participate in the Death Circus from now on? If he had a chance then the first thing he would do was to kill Lee Cheol-su. If he worked with all the guests gathered here...

"Oh, that lion mask over there. You seem to be plotting something. Is it really possible? Don’t I have this?”

Tae-hyuk tapped the dynamite on his body.

Sung Won-jin screamed. He had forgotten for a while but Lee Cheol-su had the dynamite. It would be impossible to harm him, even if they attacked as a group. If so, in a 1:1 match...

Wait, they had to fight that monster? No! They absolutely couldn’t win! Before, they had been enjoying his actions through the monitor, but now they had to go against him in reality.

Sang Won-jin’s face distorted with despair. Then he shook his head. It was his complete defeat.


The guests who realized that they would have to fight a monster fainted.

"Then let’s start the second one.”

Until the closing of the new Death Circus -

480 minutes.


"Ugh... Tired.”

Tae-hyuk stretched as he watched the sun rise and asked An Eun-jeong, who was quietly standing beside him,

"Are you sorry that they won’t be killed?”

Unfortunately, it hadn’t been possible to open a new stage with the guests who came to watch the Death Circus. It was due to the police who received a report and arrived on the scene.

Seo Tae-hyuk and An Eun-jeong were able to escape the building safely with the help of Moonlight Flower. That woman truly ran very fast. Moonlight Flower had reminded Tae-hyuk that he made a promise to go to the amusement park with her. Then she waved her hand and disappeared.

An Eun-jeong bit her lip until it was bloody and said.

“...No. I am just lucky to have survived. Then what will happen to them now?”

“They will be judged by the law. I left a lot of evidence behind.”

“I see. Then running away like this...”

Tae-hyuk had removed all evidence that An Eun-jeong had worked for Tiwai. The fact that she was involved in this incident would disappear from the world.

Tae-hyuk laughed and replied.

"You should thank the fact that you have a good sister.”


"Never let tears flow from the eyes of your family because of your actions again. Otherwise I will punish you.”

Tae-hyuk turned and started heading somewhere. An Eun-jeong smiled at his retreating form and shouted.

"Thank you so much! Saving my life and my family... Ah! This man! Listen until the end!”

An Eun-jeong sighed and returned home. The things she experienced that night felt like a dream.

Exactly one week passed by.

She had a proper job, not an illegal one like the multilevel scheme. It was a cashier job to calculate the goods that the customers purchased. It was a hard job where she had to stand for eight hours a day, but it felt like heaven compared to life in the Death Circus.

At night, she went to a cram school to prepare for her entrance exams. She wanted to go to university.

If she worked hard every day without doing illegal work, would she someday be recognized by her parents?

Yes. She would go and greet her parents on New Year’s Day. An Eun-jeong laughed at the thought.


"Clothes OK. Gift OK.”

An Eun-jeong turned around in the mirror. It was the first time she wore a suit since working at Tiwai. That salary was twice what she was receiving now, but she felt like she had been doing something wrong. And in the end, she had to participate in the Death Circus.

What would have happened if she hadn’t met Lee Cheol-su?

"What is he doing now?”

In the end, she didn’t know anything about Lee Cheol-su. He had tremendous skills. Was he using it to capture other criminals? It was apparent that he was doing a big job.

A strange confidence rose now that she was wearing her best clothes.

“Yes! Eun-jeong fighting!”

An Eun-jeong gave a small shouted and headed out. She was returning home, where her family was gathered, for the first time in ages. It was only her sister and father but she felt full of something.

"I-Is it really U-Unni? Unni!”

Her tearful sister threw open the door. Eun-jeong embraced her sister and stroked her hair.

"Ah, I can finally see my little sister...”

She had cried when she thought that she would go to hell without seeing her family. Eun-jeong remembered the face of that man and laughed.

In the end, she was able to meet her family again. He was like a hero of justice who beat the villains and then disappeared.

“I am entering. Is Father home?”

“Yes. But... I have a friend over. I called him to eat because he said he would be alone on New Years...”

Eun-young mumbled with a strange expression.

"Yes. My little sister. Is he your boyfriend?”

At that moment, Eun-young’s face turned red. Eun-jeong gently patted her sister on the head. She was already big enough to bring a boyfriend home.

“Ah, no! He is just a friend that I study with!”

“Ahaha. I see. I understand. I will trust you.”

At that time, the voice of man was heard.

"Eun-jeong came? It’s been a while. It is cold. Come in quickly.”

She was back after running away from home a few years ago, but her family acted like it was natural for her to come here. Eun-jeong’s eyes turned red. From now on, she would make sure to act like a daughter to her father. She vowed to do so.

Eun-jeong walked towards the room where her father was waiting.

“Eh? A guest?”

Her father and Eun-young’s friend were playing chess.

“Ah. Eun-young’s friend. This guy. You are very wily. It is a lot of fun playing chess with you.”

Her father chuckled with a smile on his face. Her father was being overwhelmed as he said those words. It was over. The opponent obviously had the skills of a semi-pro. Well, perhaps... He did it on purpose.

Eun-jeong looked at her sister’s boyfriend. There... He rose slowly and bowed his head.

"Hello. Nice to meet you. I am Seo Tae-hyuk who is studying with Class President.”

Unlike what Eun-jeong knew, his face and gestures were calm. But he obviously...!

Tae-hyuk smiled and raised an index finger to his mouth and quietly said,

"It is a secret. Noona.”

Cheol-su...! Eun-jeong couldn’t understand why that fearsome monster was in her house. Ah, yes. He said that he came because of her little sister. Eun-jeong sat down with a frightened face and started to cry.

“I-I’m really sorry...! I was wrong... Please forgive me...!"

The confused father of the two sisters said,

“...E-Eun-jeong. Father has already forgiven you, so you don’t need to apologize. Yes? Don’t do this in front of a guest. Isn’t our Eun-jeong good?”

"No, that's not it..."

In the end, Eun-jeong was forgiven by her father.

It was a happy ending on the first day of the new year.

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