Chapter 57: Black Sheep Exodus #4

Chapter 57: Black Sheep Exodus #4  

Tae-hyuk checked the badges of the participants with a serious expression. Most of them had the number 200 or more on the display.

‘A total of 3.67 billion won...!’

He was able to collect the target amount 40 minutes earlier than expected. Originally, he was supposed to search for the fifth wolf and reunite with the gambling brothers.

However, they were hiding. Maybe Kim Joon-young had issued some instructions. As a result, he could save more than 30 minutes.

There was now a cheerful atmosphere around the group as Yoon Jong-hyun walked out.

"Boss. What will you do with the wolf?”

It was an expression that indicated he would do anything that was ordered.

“Oof! Oof!”

Mina’s face turned white. Her life now depended on Tae-hyuk’s words, and she couldn’t even defend herself because she was gagged.

“I said that I would take everyone out of here.”

“Ah, even a traitor?”

Tae-hyuk immediately answered like it was a no-brainer.

"Of course."

“...Yes. I understand.”

"I want to talk to her for a bit before that.”

The other gathered people disappeared and Tae-hyuk approached Mina with a satisfied expression.

"Are you surprised that you’re still alive?”


"I want to hear some information from Mina noona. Do you know anything about the fifth wolf?”

Mina’s face changed from white to purple.

"I’m asking you to tell me right away. I’m a little bit interested in who he is.”

Tae-hyuk had smelled a familiar scent while walking around Death Circus. He checked the Demon Revealing Mirror and all of his stats were decreasing. Fortunately, his concentration didn’t decline as fast as before.

Anyways, there was definitely a criminal who used psychedelic fragrances in the Death Circus. They were clearly a wolf, and not a regular participant. Then another wolf, Mina, was more likely to know his identity.

Tae-hyuk pulled a syringe containing clear liquid from his pocket and stabbed it in Mina’s arm.

"I’m not a professional at this, so please understand.”


Mina fiercely struggled but her body was tied up and resistance was impossible.

“Are you curious about what this is?”

Tae-hyuk tossed the syringe and said. Mina looked at him with shaking eyes. There was a black and red butterfly stain at the place where he injected her.


“Ah, don’t worry. The stain will disappear in a moment.”

Tae-hyuk started to explain with an emotionless face.

"However, if you don’t receive the antidote within a week, then blood will pour out from every hole in your body and you will die... Ah, it is unfortunate that I won’t be able to see it directly.”

Tae-hyuk shook his head with a grim expression. He truly felt sorry.

“U...! Ooof!”


Did you inject poison just now?’

An ominous energy was coming from the black butterfly on Mina’s arm. In addition, blood pouring from every hole in her body...This was the first time she heard of this poison.

"Well, think of it as an offering.”


Tae-hyuk turned around and walked to the place where everyone else was gathered.

Mina realized that the moment she left this place, she had to mobilize all of her power to find that man. If she didn’t, then she would die.


‘Wow. Isn’t this really usable?’

Tae-hyuk looked at the screen of the Demon Revealing Mirror. It stated the remaining number of times he could use the Counterfeit skill.

[Counterfeit skill 1/3]

'In the end, it is three times a day?’

Counterfeit had the ability to make tangible things look different. It was particularly useful because it didn’t need materials to be used. Instead, he could only use it three times a day.

Tae-hyuk recalled Mina’s expression. She looked at him like she was seeing a monster.

‘Aigoo. Today is the day when I am hated by females.’

Tae-hyuk received information about the fifth wolf. In order to do that, it was necessary to trick Jeon Mina.

'Well, that was just water so don’t blame me.’

Tae-hyuk shrugged.

The Bluff Poker table had a bunch of syringes to draw blood. He had taken one, filled it up with water, and injected it in Mina. Then he triggered the Counterfeit skill. It made her feel like the drug had turned her skin black. Moreover, the duration of the Counterfeit skill was five minutes, so it would return to its original state.

Tae-hyuk took full advantage of this to deceive Mina. Thinking about it again, his acting was really plausible. Now she would try everything she could to meet him in a week.

"Then it is time for the Producer to call.”

All of the participants had the 200 million won needed to clear the circus. It was something that Kim Joon-young would need to react to. The participants, who didn’t know what Tae-hyuk was plotting, were talking among themselves.

“Then we’ll become platinum members of the company now?”

"Of course! We cleared the Death Circus!”


They were purely delighted.

Tae-hyuk licked his lips.

The guests were still here, so there couldn’t be any nonsense. Anyway, they had achieved the goal in accordance to the rules of the Death Circus. But would 17 people really get the platinum membership card?

That Choi Sung-yeol?

At that time, an announcement was heard inside the Death Circus.

- Bravo! Congratulations on clearing the Death Circus! All of you will receive Tiwai International’s platinum membership certificate. Then please follow the guide outside. There will also be an award ceremony for Lee Cheol-su as the representative of the participants.

After the announcement ended, all of the participants threw their badges into the sky and cheered.

Only An Eun-jeong and Yoon Jong-hyun were watching Tae-hyuk.

A platinum member of Tiwai. It meant becoming part of those who tried to kill them. In addition, there were currently 15 platinum members in Tiwai. If they upgraded all 17 people, then it would double in an instant. If a person thought calmly, they would absolutely never receive the compensation. No, they might not even survive this place.

Tae-hyuk just spoke with a relaxed smile.

“They called. Don’t you have to go?”

In no time, dozens of men in black suits were surrounding the participants. Their waists were bulging, as if they were wearing something underneath.

"Then follow me.”

A black suited man gestured to Tae-hyuk. The other participants stepped closer to Tae-hyuk with uneasy eyes. If they followed him then they could at least live. However, the men in black suits stopped the participants from walking forward.

"The other people, please wait here. We will bring Lee Cheol-su first.”

Tae-hyuk looked back at the participants and followed the black suited man in silence. Producer Kim Joon-young would obviously be waiting for him.

The remaining An Eun-jeong muttered something.

“The exodus hasn’t ended yet? What...”


"Oh my god, I never thought you would really clear the Death Circus. You showed me many great things today.”

Kim Joon-young headed towards Tae-hyuk with a welcoming pose. The place that Tae-hyuk was guided to was the Producer’s office, furnished with a big monitor and luxurious furniture. He would watch the Death Circus using this monitor.

Kim Joon-young touched a chair and indicated for him to sit down.

“Then let’s get into the specifics.”

Tae-hyuk sat down in the chair and Kim Joon-young opened his arms.

“Congratulations. With this, you have become a member of Tiwai International.”

Tae-hyuk replied with an impatient look,

"I’m not one of the players. Aren’t you tired? Won’t you cut to the chase?”

Kim Joon-young looked at Cheol-su with an expression of interest.

“Haha. Indeed, I know it all. Personally, I think that you are a mysterious expert brought by one of the guests.”

"It is something similar."

“Indeed! Then I will be blunt. I would like to scout you. I will try to match your conditions as much as possible. If you become the head of the wolves, then I’m sure the Death Circus will become the best show in history.”

He thought that Tae-hyuk’s actions in the Death Circus were to show off his skills.

"So how much money can you give me?"

“Haha. Please wait a moment.”

Kim Joon-young took out a tablet PC and showed a neatly organized table. It was a contract stating the terms and conditions.

Scamming and ruining one person was worth 20 million won, while a frontal match was 30 million won. And if he created a show like this one, then he would get 200 million in incentives.

Tae-hyuk pushed away the contract and said.

"I will only appear twice. Additionally, if I kill more than 10 people then the payout is doubled.”

Kim Joon-young’s fingers trembled.

“Cough. Double?”


Kim Joon-young briefly thought about it, but he realized the value of the man in front of him.

“I understand. Then let’s sign a formal contract.”

Tae-hyuk raised his hand as Kim Joon-young was about to hand him the contract.

"Wait. Before that, I want to say hello to the audience as the main character of the Death Circus. If I’m lucky, then can’t I get tips?”

Kim Joon-young nodded.

"I wanted to ask you that. Everyone wants to meet you.”

“This... Today I made a lot of money. That reminds me, what about the other participants? Surely you won’t give all of them a platinum membership card.”

Kim Joon-young’s eyes shone. He asked, so naturally the answer was obvious.

"Of course, 20 drums will be dumped off the coast tomorrow.”

“Haha, indeed! You truly are a bad person.”

"Thank you for the compliment. Then let’s go greet the guests.”

Kim Joon-young completely believed in Tae-hyuk.

His gait, his gestures, his expression, and especially, his tone. Everything about Tae-hyuk showed that he was the best criminal around.

However, it was all just acting. Tae-hyuk followed behind Kim Joon-young and confirmed the message from Moonlight Flower.

-Everything is ready.

Tae-hyuk smiled widely.


There was an uproar as Tae-hyuk entered the ballroom. It felt like he had become a Hollywood star.

“Ohh! You are the main character of the Death Circus right now!”

“Great skills!”

“Yes! Truly a wolf candidate.”

“Wah. I am already looking forward to your next stage!”

Tae-hyuk entered and greeted them. Applause rang out here and there.

“Hello. I am Lee Cheol-su.”

People gathered around him. They were holding something in their hands.

"Today's performance was so good. This is a tip.”

It was a 10 million won check.

"This is a platinum card. You can use up to 100 million freely. Have this glass of wine as well.”

In an instant, Tae-hyuk’s hands became heavy with gifts.

"Thank you. By the way, I have something I personally want to say to you.”

He caught the attention of the masked people. Were the tips too burdensome?

As Tae-hyuk gestured, the woman in the butterfly mask came out from among the masked people with a bunch of documents.

“Noona. Thank you. I will definitely pay this back.”

"Bah. You didn’t keep your promise from before. Still, it was fun.”

As the two people conversed, the lion mask and opera mask came forward.

The lion mask said.

“...As expected, you know this person!”

The opera mask said.

"That's right...”

Tae-hyuk took the bundle of documents and skimmed through it.

Then he said,

“Wah. The one wearing the lion mask. Aren’t you Song Won-jin, the chairman of the Taesung Group? You have a hobby like this. Ah, then the opera mask, you are the daughter of the president of Taesung Group? I thought you were married. An affair like this...”

Tae-hyuk started to slowly reveal the identity of the masked people. The inside of the room became frenzied.

“W-What is this? Fuck, block his mouth right now!”


"What is this bastard doing?”

Tae-hyuk smiled and raised a hand as if to block the masked people rushing towards him.

"Stop moving! If you don’t want to die then stay still."

“Crazy bastard. Are you pranking us right now? President Kim. Send that bastard out right now!”


Kim Joon-young was furious.

He had been feeling good about finding a worthy wolf after a long time. The Death Circus would flourish with him as a wolf, but now everything was messed up.

Lee Cheol-su was revealing the identity of the guests. Now they wouldn’t come to see his show again. Kim Joon-young thought about how he could painfully kill Cheol-su and called out to the suited men waiting outside.

The men armed with guns approached.

“What? Stay still if we don’t want to die? Let’s talk after there are a few more holes in your body. Shoot him!”

Then Tae-hyuk took off his coat. Dozens of primed explosives, dynamite, could be seen around his body.

“Huh? Didn’t I say to stop moving?”

"Aaaack!” It’s a bomb!”

Everyone in the room screamed.

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