Chapter 55: Black Sheep Exodus #2

Chapter 55: Black Sheep Exodus #2  

He was a man who gave off a sharp impression. Jun-tae continued to point out the loopholes.

"He might be leading you down a path but it might be heading towards a cliff.”

At that moment, someone who had been listening quietly sneered at Jun-tae.

"Then are you saying you have a better idea?”

It was the only woman in Group A, Jeon Mina. Mina showed complete trust in Tae-hyuk.

“No, but... I want to see more tangible evidence.”

“Is that so? I know people like you. You can’t help but feel envious when you see someone doing well. In the end, you will ruin everyone because of your pride.”

Jun-tae’s face distorted at Mina’s acidic tone.

"I saw all of you moving together! Perhaps this is a plan to screw everyone else?”

"I-Isn’t he a wolf planted by Choi Sung-yeol?”

In no time, the crowd split into two groups and started fighting. It was clearly an urgent situation. There was an internal conflict in the group when they should be trying to escape.

Tae-hyuk sighed and intervened between those who were fighting.

“Mina. Jun-tae. Both of you calm down. First of all, listen to my plan before you make a decision.”

Jun-tae looked at him and shouted.

"So that plan can kill all of us!”

"Why are you so suspicious? You should trust someone for once. Cheol-su used his own money to save those of us who were in a life-threatening situation. Let's see... Omo. Do you have 70 million right now? That is why you are so relaxed. Ah, perhaps...”

Mina eyed Jun-tae suspiciously before walking over to Tae-hyuk and whispering something in his ears.

"Isn’t it obvious that there would be a wolf planted by Tiwai here?”

Tae-hyuk nodded quietly.

“Then isn’t he the most suspicious? He has a lot of money and he’s also planting suspicion. No matter how I look at it, he has to be the wolf. It would be better to get rid of such people before going through with the Exodus.


Tae-hyuk paused for a moment before answering.

"I'm sorry, but I can’t do that. While there are definitely wolves among us, if we are suspicious of each other then it is what the wolf wants. First of all, I am thinking of taking everyone with me.”

"Oh, then the wolf...”

"I said I would take them all.”

Mina’s protests died down at Tae-hyuk’s strong will.

“Yes... I understand.”

Tae-hyuk activated the Voice Modulation skill.

[Voice Modulation has been used.]

-You can imitate the voice of Kim Bum-soo.

Kim Bum-soo was an actor who often appeared in historical dramas. He mainly played the role of the king. It was the charismatic voice that really made him seem like a king of the Joseon Dynasty.

There were two groups in front of Tae-hyuk’s eyes. In order to bring them together, he would use Kim Bum-soo’s voice.

"Please pay attention. Right now, there are those who believe in me. There are also those who feel doubt. The two groups exist, and I can understand both. I was afraid after entering the Death Circus. All of you can’t be sure that the path you are walking on is correct. Therefore, I will walk in front. Right now, I am going to challenge the ‘Puzzle House.’ After that, you can decide whether to follow me and clear it, or to give up. I’m just suggesting a path.”

"Y-You will challenge first? We won’t be used as sacrifices to identify the winning strategy?”

“Yes. You can also choose the order that you desire. Anyways, I am planning to escape with everyone. "


The contents absolutely weren’t trivial

This was something that often occurred at military training grounds. A demonstration by a skilled assistant.

However, his voice was overflowing with charisma. The combination of the voice and the words gave them a strange sense of trust. This guy could help them leave with their lives. Such sentiments formed in the minds of the gathered people.

"By the way, Boss! All of a sudden, your voice has changed, making it seem like a god!”

Someone suddenly called Tae-hyuk ‘Boss’. Tae-hyuk released the Voice Modulation skill.

“Haha. I took some classes on eloquence in the past, and I tried to use some of it just now.”

“I see. At any rate, I believe in Boss. Show us how to escape.”

Tae-hyuk slowly nodded. Jun-tae’s expression showed that he couldn’t understand it as he muttered.

"It’s just one speech...”

As the wave of suspicion disappeared, Jun-tae was forced to follow quietly. Mina looked at him with suspicious eyes until the end. The root of the problem still hadn’t disappeared.


The Puzzle House, one of the most notorious Death Circus attractions.

In a sealed room, there was a structure that kept displaying puzzles on a monitor. The problem was the level of difficulty. One by one, the levels were manageable. However, a person had to challenge a few times in a row. There were also hundreds of patterns.

If any mistakes happened, then a guillotine would fall and one part of the body would be cut off.

First, the fingers. Then, the arms. In the end...

There was no dropping out in the middle.

The most terrible thing was to confirm the right answer with a body part in the guillotine. That body part would be cut off if the answer turned out to be incorrect. Body parts were cut off without any anesthesia. A pronounced shock that led to death would often occur.

The Puzzle House was a large glass box, so it was a structure that completely showed what was happening inside. The Puzzle House’s prize was 50 million won. All they needed to do was come out of it alive. The amount was overwhelmingly high compared to other attractions.

At first, there was a man who challenged the Puzzle House. He was a Mensa member with an IQ of higher than 140. He focused and made it to the middle part of the puzzles. However, he made a mistake with one puzzle.

The five fingers that he placed in the guillotine were cut off. The funny thing was that he would remain alive as long as the injuries were treated. Of course, this wasn’t because they cared for the participants. It was to make sure that the participant didn’t die easily so that the guests could enjoy it for a long time.

The treated man looked stunned. However, if he concentrated, then he could clear the rest of the problems without losing anything other than his fingers.

But that wasn't it. The man knew it. If he made a mistake, then he would die. This thought weighed down on him like heavy shackles on his body. He collapsed in an instant. He was worried that the right answer was too obvious and chose the wrong answer.

Arms... Legs... In the end, his neck...

He was one of the best participants in the Death Circus and he lost his head. After witnessing that, no participants challenged the Puzzle House.

After three hours passed, a second challenger appeared.

Seo Tae-hyuk. As Tae-hyuk entered the Puzzle House, he saw a bearded man sitting in a corner.

"Are you going to challenge?”

"There are many people waiting. Let’s start straight away.”


Tae-hyuk sat on the chair in the middle of the Puzzle House and placed one arm in a small guillotine. It was a tool for cutting off the fingers. Guillotines made for cutting off the arms, legs and heads were also inside the room.

As he sat down on the chair, the first problem appeared on the wall-mounted monitor. The first problem had a simple level of difficulty.

Question 1) 2+2*2=

Tae-hyuk put his brain into full operation and came up with the answer. He manipulated the panel and chose the number 6.

The terrible Puzzle House began.


"T-The right answer once again!”

“Oh my god!”

"How many problems has it been so far?”


The crowd outside cheered as they saw Tae-hyuk solving the problems. They were dubious at first but their voices gradually rose as Tae-hyuk solved the problems one by one. The great thing wasn’t that he was solving all the problems. He was doing everything at a tremendous speed.

"Uh, how could he solve that problem in one second?”

“B-Boss is a genius! No, it isn’t a genius level. It’s like he knew all the problems already!”


They could live. If they followed the Boss then they could get out of here. Hope filled the faces of the participants.

"A-All 30 questions are correct...! The Puzzle House is cleared... He did it without getting hurt at all!”

For the first time, cheers rang out in the Death Circus.


Tae-hyuk got up and spoke to the bearded man.

"Please prepare for the next guest.”

“Huh? Oh, yes!”

The bearded man replied with a stunned expression. He had been responsible for the Puzzle House for two years, yet this was the first time he saw a person clear this place. He was sure that it would never occur again in the future.

Tae-hyuk slowly walked out of the Puzzle House and said,

“How is it? Simple right?”


50 million won in 10 minutes.

There were some who shed tears at Tae-hyuk’s tremendous achievement. However, Jun-tae still had a sour expression on his face as he spoke.

"This is even more suspicious. It seemed like you knew all the problems. You are in fact a spy planted here by the organizers... hup hup”

The person next to Jun-tae blocked his mouth.

“Boss! Never mind this brat. Then a second person will enter right?”

"That’s right.”

“Then who...”

"I would like someone to volunteer.”

“Cough! Who wants to enter the Puzzle House next?”


No matter how overwhelming Tae-hyuk’s victory was, no one was willing to go. Once another person entered the Puzzle House, Tae-hyuk planned to tell them the right answers. However, if Tae-hyuk was truly a spy, then he would likely reveal his true colours with the next participant. The third was less likely than the second...

While everyone was busy thinking...

Someone walked forward. It was An Eun-jeong who was hiding in the crowd.

“I will be the second person.”

“Ohh! This young lady? Fighting!”

Sighs of relief were heard.

An Eun-jeong had infinite trust in Tae-hyuk, just like Mina. She had been quiet, but now it was her turn. Eun-jeong swallowed her saliva as she looked at Tae-hyuk.


However, Tae-hyuk had a strange look on his face.

"I want to say something before An Eun-jeong enters.”

“Huh? W-what...?”

Tae-hyuk looked at the other participants. There was obviously a wolf in sheepskin among them.

"Tiwai has planted spies in here, famously known as wolves, and I know who the spy is.”


Eun-jeong’s eyes widened.

She couldn’t understand why he was saying this. Yoon Jong-hyun then opened his mouth.

“Is there really a spy?”

“Yes. And if the wolf doesn’t confess right now... I won’t tell the correct answer to the wolf. Then we can handle it simply.”

“Ah. Then it doesn’t matter if we aren’t a wolf.”

"Indeed. Of course, if you are one of them then please raise your hand quietly.”

Tae-hyuk looked at them with an expression like he knew everything. Of course, the wolf didn’t reveal their identity.

“What, no one came out? Then I will tell the wolf this. Surely you don’t think that I didn’t notice such suspicious behaviour?”


"Then I will proceed immediately. Ah, right. I have something to say to Eun-jeong noona. Take a look at this once you are sitting down.”

Tae-hyuk handed Eun-jeong a small folded note.


An Eun-jeong nodded quietly.

The second person entered the Puzzle House. The bearded man greeted her with an interested look. It was the first time a female participant had entered this place.

"Are you going to participate?”


An Eun-jeong looked at the note Tae-hyuk gave her with an uneasy expression. What did it say?

In a flash, five of her fingers were placed in the guillotine. Even if Tae-hyuk told her all of the correct answers, it was natural to feel nervous. Eun-jeong felt cold sweat drip down her back. Before solving the puzzle, she had to check the note Cheol-su gave her..

"I will read this first.”

“Do as you like.”


Right now, Eun-jeong couldn’t move. The only thing she could do was move her left hand to manipulate the panel. Eun-jeong unfolded the note from Tae-hyuk and started to slowly read it.

This was what was written:

-Noona betrayed those who trusted Noona. Noona should know the pain that they experienced. In fact, I’m not sure who the wolf is yet. However, I should give confidence to the others, so I am going to make Noona a wolf. Everyone can live by sacrificing one person. Then I wish you luck.


Eun-jeong was furious.

Betrayal. Tae-hyuk's betrayal.

Now she would die here. Her limbs would be cut off in a gruesome manner.

Eun-jeong shook her body to get out of the chair. However, she was already stuck. She couldn’t get away.

The first problem flashed on the screen.

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