Chapter 36 - Ill-Fated Relationship from a Past Life #7

Chapter 36 - Ill-Fated Relationship from a Past Life #7

Park Jung-bae did better than Tae-hyuk initially thought.

Tae-hyuk’s purpose wasn’t simply to win a large sum from gambling. Even if he won now, the threat of a predator wouldn’t disappear, as long as SY existed. SY might strike again to take away something else that was precious.

In the end, he had to win the war, and not just the battle. To get rid of the predator, it was necessary to pull out its teeth and claws in order to weaken them. In the case of SY, their money represented those teeth and those claws.

‘Destroy the illegal casino system itself.’

According to Big Mama’s information, most of SY’s operating funds were supplied from this casino. If it disappeared, then the organization would naturally die out in suit. It was the best way to get rid of the ghost from a previous life.

In order to do that, Park Jung-bae’s cooperation was essential. Tae-hyuk had promised him 50% of the profits earned from today’s events.

Han Sang-won murmured in a trembling voice.

“W-What is going on...?”

As if to answer his question, the door to the manager’s room opened. A person in a suit burst in and shouted in an urgent voice.

“S-S-Sang-won hyung-nim. I-It is serious!”

"I told you to call me chief! Where is that bastard Park Jung-bae?”


"What about it?”

"Hyung-nim should run away! The police are out there!”

Han Sang-won’s face distorted in an instant.

“Son of a bitch! How much have I paid him in the up to now...?!”

Tae-hyuk started to take the money piled up on the table while Han Sang-won was distracted by the sudden appearance of the police.

It was 300 million in total. It was already lucky that he previously gained 50 million won. If not, he would have needed to mobilize 007 bags to move it.

He started out with 30 million won, and it had literally multiplied by around 10 times its original amount.

‘The professional gambler fled, and has probably been arrested by the police officers guarding the exit.’

Kim Shin-hyeong could no longer be seen. His wits were incredible, since he gambled for a living.

"Seo, Tae, Hyuk!”

Han Sang-won glared at Tae-hyuk.

Tae-hyuk replied with a sudden expression of remorse.

"Ah, Chief. Doesn’t Noona still owe you 250 million won?”

Tae-hyuk extended the money to Han Sang-won. Once the police came in, the money would be no different from toilet paper. He acted like this while knowing that fact.

“Kuock! T-This bastard!”

Han Sang-won couldn’t resist the urge and pulled out a knife.

"Don’t you have to run away? Kim Shin-hyeong has already escaped. Meanwhile, the police encirclement is narrowing.”

The manager’s room had a back door. Tae-hyuk thought it would be best for Han Sang-won to run away there.

Park Jung-bae, who was armed, would soon come here to receive the money that could be called the profits of this case. Before that happened, it would be more than easy for Han Sang-won to disappear.

However, more than three minutes had already passed by.

‘This bad detective...! He is completely late!’

Thus, Tae-hyuk had to deal with Han Sang-won alone.

“Fuck. I’ll kill you now, even if it means getting caught!”

Tae-hyuk felt sweat flowing down his back.

'I-Isn’t this a dangerous situation...?’

There were loud sounds coming from outside the door. The guests who came to the casino had become mixed up in this mess.

At that moment, something unexpected happened.

[Crime Skill: Violence has been learnt.]

-Can use iron pipes.

Tae-hyuk stared at the Demon Revealing Mirror with an absurd expression.

‘It is good that I received a new skill. What? Can use iron pipes?’

That was the end of it.

‘If I have the Violence skill, then shouldn’t I be able to win in a 17:1 fight? But what is this?!’

Despite how he felt, Tae-hyuk tried to use the skill. Then, as if it had always been there, an iron pipe appeared out of thin air. He caught it, since there were additional capabilities.

'The cold feeling in my hand. I can only wield it in moderation. This really is the end for me!’

Unlike his bad appearance, Tae-hyuk was a ‘model student’ who had never been in a fight before. Even if he had the iron pipe, he wouldn’t be able to win in a fight against Han Sang-won, who was a gangster.

'Ah, I don’t know! It is better than nothing!’

The agitated Han Sang-won rushed towards him and swung his knife towards Tae-hyuk’s arm to try and cut a wrist artery. Tae-hyuk aimed the iron pipe towards Han Sang-won’s head.


There was a loud thud and the opponent’s body shook.

'Uh, isn’t this better than I thought?’

Tae-hyuk had never seen a fight between criminals. All he could remember from the movies were the protagonists attacking the enemies.

Even so, he was able to deal an intense blow to Han Sang-won’s head. The iron pipe, summoned by the Violence skill, moved as it if was part of his body.

[With the effect of your stamina, you can deal stronger blows.]

[Agility will allow you to move more swiftly.]

‘Wah, my stats are applied!’

Tae-hyuk was filled with admiration. Violence was a simple skill that allowed him to summon an iron pipe. But when he held it in his hands, his stamina and agility stats were reflected within, and he could make stronger and more agile movements.

While Han Sang-won was the master of the back alley fights, Tae-hyuk was unlikely to lose this one.

“This bitch!”

After being hit by the iron pipe, Han Sang-won ran aggressively towards Tae-hyuk.

Tae-hyuk stepped forward and calmlyswung the pipe towards the hand holding the knife.



Han Sang-won screamed and dropped the knife he was holding. Tae-hyuk confirmed it with the Demon Revealing Mirror. With the previous blow, he had completely learned the crime skill. It was the first time that he had received two skills from one incident.

"D, i, e! This bastard!”

Han Sang-won roared and ran to the table in the corner of the manager’s room. He pulled out a pistol from the drawer, aiming it at Tae-hyuk.

‘Crazy, this isn’t America where guns are everywhere, you know?’

Tae-hyuk gave more strength to the hand holding the iron pipe. How could he fight against an enemy with a gun, instead of a knife?

At that moment, the reinforcement that he had been waiting for arrived.

“Chief Han. You keep acting poorly until the end. You lost.”


Park Jung-bae entered the room, pulled out a gun and aimed it at Han Sang-won’s head.

"Detective, Park! This bastard dared betray me!"

“This... Don’t misunderstand me, as we weren’t on the same side in the first place.”

"Have you forgotten that there is somebody behind this organization?”

Park Jung-bae laughed.

"I know. That person is politician Park Seong-ho, who, for reference, was caught in a political scandal last month, and is now confined in a halfway house.”


Han Sang-won grit his teeth.

Park Jung-bae knew everything, so his bluff wouldn’t work. SY was an organization raised on the back of a politician, which was why the police weren’t able to handle them properly. They pretended not to see the many criminal actions, but now it was different.

"It looks like you are saving money in order to make connections with other politicians. However, that is the wrong move. A few days ago, the name of SY emerged from Park Seong-ho’s mouth. You are now a walking bomb.”


"There is no one who will carry that bomb. It is the end of SY.”

Han Sang-won lost his spirit and sat down.

Tae-hyuk, who had been watching the conversation between the two people, opened his mouth.

"Detective Park, you are completely late.”

Park Jung-bae spoke while handcuffing Han Sang-won.

"I forgot to say the Miranda Rights because I was too busy talking. Chief Han, you heard it roughly.”


Saliva emerged from Han Sang-won’s mouth.

“Things became a mess.”

Park Jung-bae placed Han Sang-won in a corner and turned his attention to Tae-hyuk. He came here alone because there was something he wanted.

"By the way, why was he pointing a gun at you? Even if he is a criminal, isn’t that overkill?”

"Does a corrupt cop care about that?”


"Then, let’s split the revenue.”

Tae-hyuk showed Park Jung-bae the vitamin drink boxes containing money. There were four boxes with 50 million won each.

"Well, that is 200 million, and will be divided 5:5 per the contract. 100 million each.”

Park Jung-bae received two vitamin boxes from Tae-hyuk. He checked the contents and made a satisfied expression.

He had completely swept up the bad guys, and had also got some extra income doing so. It was a rewarding day.

"It is surprising that Mama knows someone like you. I confess that I did some investigation, since it was a proposal from a kid.”

“So it is like that. Well, it doesn’t matter.”

“You were the one who uncovered the crimes of Park Seong-ho’s son. Additionally, on the same day, Park Seong-ho’s wrongdoings were uncovered.  Don’t you think this is a strange coincidence?”

Tae-hyuk laughed.

Park Jung-bae was more competent than he initially thought. However, he wouldn’t discover the truth of this case.

"Well, maybe we had a relationship in a past life.”

“A relationship?”

"Probably an ill-fated one.”

“Haha! An ill-fated relationship from a past life. Anyways, if you have another job similar to this one, then contact me again. I’ll be waiting.”

Then there was a signal from Park Jung-bae’s walkie-talkie.

-Detective Park. The situation is ending.

“Yes. I am coming now.”

Park Jung-bae pointed to the back door of the manager’s room.

"Go out that way. I’ll instruct them to release the net for a moment.”

“Thank you. Then...”

Corrupt policeman Park Jung-bae.

Tae-hyuk left the casino, Park Jung-bae gazing after him.


Tae-hyuk sighed with relief as he sat down on his bed.

The long day had ended.

“Detective Park. I’m sorry, but didn’t you know about this?”

Tae-hyuk took off his clothes, revealing the wads of cash taped underneath. Today, he had earned a total of 100 million from SY Capital.

"It is too big of an investment to only regain half.”

Ha-ran had 50 million stolen from her. He spent almost 20 million on the information. In addition, 30 million out of the 300 million was originally his. No matter how he thought about it, earning 100 million was a deficit.

‘It was the right answer to hid some money in advance.’

In a situation where guns were pointed at each other, one mistake could cost a person their lives. In the midst of all that, Tae-hyuk had been concealing the money.

"In the end, I received 200 million?”

Tae-hyuk laughed.

Not long ago, he had been working as a delivery man at a Chinese restaurant for 10,000 won. Now, he had just earned 200 million in one night.

It felt strange.

However, he had promised to take back 10 times the lost money. It was a bit lacking.

"There are still gifts left. This time, please be satisfied.”

Tae-hyuk whispered into Ha-ran’s ears, who had fallen asleep waiting for him.

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