Chapter 32 - Ill-Fated Relationship from a Past Life #3

Chapter 32 - Ill-Fated Relationship from a Past Life #3

Lessons were over. Tae-hyuk stayed in the classroom with An Eun-young.

"Give me some recommendations for cram schools.”

An Eun-young was confused by Tae-hyuk’s question.

"Cram schools?”

"Noona got a job straight after high school, and this time she wants to sit the university entrance exam again.”

There was less than a month until this year’s university entrance exam, so it was impossible to start preparing for it now.

"When are you going to take the exam?”

"Next year."

"What university is she aiming for? What is its current rating? Liberal arts? Science?”

An Eun-young’s specialty came out as she started firing off specific questions. Tae-hyuk scratched his head and replied to the questions that he knew the answer to.

“I don’t care as long as it isn’t expensive. She hasn’t studied for several years, so I want her to learn from the basics.


An Eun-young looked at various cram schools with her phone and checked them thoroughly. In the end, she showed him the homepage of the best place.

"Then this one should be the best. The teachers are okay and the pass rate is also the highest.”

“I see.”

Tae-hyuk checked how much the school expenses were.

700,000 won a month. Including food expenses and transportation costs, it would be one million a month. There was one year left, so Ha-ran’s tuition fee would be 12 million won. However, this wasn’t the end.

“The costs of the textbooks and special lectures... It all costs almost two million.”

It was more than 25 million won combined for both of them.

An Eun-young spoke while Tae-hyuk was looking at the school expenses page.

“I-I looked for the cheapest place possible. The boarding cram schools are three million won a month.”

Tae-hyuk sighed.

This was a world of money.

‘I wish I had a surplus of funds... Are there any more bounties?’

Unfortunately, there were no more big jackpots until next year.

Tae-hyuk muttered as if he were making a promise.

"I will cling to all of them.”

 An Eun-young made a fighting posture.

“Tae-hyuk, you can do it!”

“Yes. The three of us should pass next year.”

“Uh, yes... T-three...”

An Eun-young looked strangely disappointed.

"In addition, there are the interviews and essays... It isn’t just the exam?”


An Eun-young lecture on university admissions began and Tae-hyuk wrote everything down in his notebook. This would be useful to Tae-min, who would sit his university entrance exam in a few years.


All of a sudden, there was a vibration from his pocket.

‘Did my stats rise or something?’

Tae-hyuk pulled out the Demon Revealing Mirror, showing nothing on the screen.

An Eun-young giggled from where she was watching.

"You mistook your phone with the mirror.”

“Ah, phone...”

He forgot, because most of his notifications came from the Demon Revealing Mirror. Tae-hyuk pulled out the phone from deep within his pocket and checked the contents of the notification. It was a text message from someone.

-Tae-hyuk I

The message cut off there. He checked and saw that it came from Seo Ha-ran’s phone.

“Eun-young, I’m sorry but I have to leave early. I have an urgent matter so I’ll be going first.


Tae-hyuk grabbed the jacket hanging on his chair and ran out. The contents of the message had been omitted, but he could tell.

'Something big has happened!’

The situation was so urgent that she couldn’t even send a message properly.

Tae-hyuk called a taxi in order to get home even one minute faster.

‘Noona, please be safe...’

Tae-hyuk worried as he rode in the taxi.

‘Why isn’t Kang-suk hyung picking up his phone?!'

He must be in a meeting where he needed to turn it off. It had been a while since Tae-hyuk saw Kang-suk’s face.

Tae-hyuk made a strong fist. He couldn’t expect any help from Kang-suk, so he had to get through this with his own strength.   

This was the second time that something unforeseen had happened. Knowing the future wasn’t enough, as taking different actions produced different results.

After the Rosario incident, Tae-hyuk had searched for related books in the library. He learnt of the phenomenon called the ‘Time Leap’. The Time Leap said that he didn’t return to the past with his memories. Instead, an infinite number of parallel words existed, and he obtained the memories of one of those worlds.

Of course, it was just a hypothesis, albeit a convincing one. The book was thick enough to be used as a pillow, but he came to one conclusion. The future wasn’t fixed, it was constantly changing. Someday, Tae-hyuk’s future knowledge would lose its power. Before that, he needed to learn as many crime skills as possible, since it was his second weapon.

‘Pull yourself together Tae-hyuk. You are walking a tightrope right now.’

Tae-hyuk arrived at the road near his house and handed the driver a 10,000 won bill. There was no time to get the change.

‘Please make it in time!’

Tae-hyuk jumped out and ran home.

Fortunately, his sister was at home; however, she wasn’t alone.

"Seo Ha-ran ~ You didn’t pay back our money, and yet you moved to such a good place?”


A large number of men were surrounding Ha-ran. They were neatly dressed in suits, but the atmosphere was terrifying.

"If you borrowed money from us, then you should pay it back! Isn't that right? Kids."

“That’s right, Hyung-nim!”

The man called ‘Hyung-nim’ seemed to be in his mid-30s.  Every time he laughed, a gold tooth quickly flashed as it reflected the bright sunlight.

The leader of the group extended a hand as he noticed Tae-hyuk entering.

"Aigoo. Who is this? Seo Tae-min?”

"It is Tae-hyuk, Hyung-nim.”

“Uh, yes. Tae-hyuk! Come come. The head of the house has come, so let’s talk business.”

Tae-hyuk suppressed his anger and spoke.

"What are you doing in someone else’s house? I’ll call the police.”

They knew his name.


Based on Tae-hyuk’s memories, they never came to his house.

“Aigoo! Sir!  We aren’t bad people. It’s just us. We work with unions and are following all of the laws. Do you want to see our business card?”

The man pulled a business card from his wallet.

“... SY Capital. You are Han Sang-won.”

“That’s right. We have come to receive the debt, all according to legitimate procedures.”

Tae-hyuk stared at Ha-ran, who was shaking with a pale face, from amongst the men. She was biting her lips so hard that blood started to emerge.

This was a legitimate procedure? More than 10 men surrounding a woman was legitimate? Tae-hyuk looked at the baseball bats and iron pipes placed neatly in the corner as threats. The group didn’t carry them, but they were willing to use it at any time.

Tae-hyuk said towards Ha-ran.

“Noona, don’t worry. I won’t let even one of them touch you.”

"Aigoo ~ Sir! You have a strange misconception. We just came to reclaim the debt! Is there any need to touch her if we receive the money?”

“... What type of debt are you here to take?”

"There is a guarantor debt in Seo Ha-ran’s name... with the interest, it is approximately 300 million.”

"There was a clear exemption.”

Their parents had passed away in an accident, leaving behind a huge debt.  They were able to solve it by giving up the inheritance. The problem was that the debt was in Ha-ran’s name. She couldn’t do it, so the last resort was applying for personal bankruptcy. It was a debt that their family had barely escaped from.

Why had it shown up again?

Han Sang-won extended an envelope.


"Read it. This is an order of payment from the courts.”

Tae-hyuk examined the documents. Han Sang-won’s words were real. Han Sang-won smiled at him.

"Even if there was an exemption, if a claim is made, then the debt will become valid again.”

At that moment, Tae-hyuk realized what Han Sang-won was doing.

It was a type of illegal collection act that indiscriminately purchased dead debts at a cheap price and used lawsuits to activate them again. If the person couldn’t pay, then they would have to register for bankruptcy. Of course, there were no prohibitions or penalties, as it was a legitimate business. If someone was hit by this, then they would become a slave, paying off the debt for life due to the huge interest.

Han Sang-won waved Ha-ran’s bankbook.

"At any rate, I had forgotten about it. Then not long ago, you bought this house, so I hurried to file a lawsuit to get an order of payment.”

The house...?

Tae-hyuk instantly realized why this had happened.

'They found out about the house and came sniffing around...’

Creditors could view the property details of those who owed them money. In the end, money brought the hyenas around.

Tae-hyuk bit his lip and glanced at Ha-ran. Her face looked like she would burst into tears at any moment. However, her desire to protect the money at all costs was seen in her eyes.

“At any rate, tell me your password and nobody will get hurt. Yes? How long has it been? I couldn’t even eat lunch. The account name is Cho Kang-suk? I didn’t expect you to keep this money in a bank account under someone else’s name. Do you want to be kicked out of the house in this cold winter? First of all, I’ll just take this money. I am a very merciful person. Haha!”

‘Cho Kang-suk?’

Ha-ran had deposited money into a bankbook in Kang-suk’s name. It was her own idea. If they found the cash, then they would have just taken it. However it was harder with a bankbook that had a password.


Tae-hyuk grinded his teeth together.

These guys hadn’t just come. They had been here for at least half a day. Han Sang-won had the bankbook and seal in his hands, which were clearly taken from Ha-ran. However, she didn’t tell them the password until the end.

They didn’t touch Ha-ran directly. However, Ha-ran’s expression made it obvious that they had threatened her. How had she felt when she was surrounded by 10 men?

Ha-ran had bravely fought alone. In order to protect the precious money necessary for the family’s dreams...

Tae-hyuk wanted to kill these people right now. But first, he had to secure Ha-ran’s safety.

“... The password is Public Employment.”

“Hahaha! As expected from a friend! Hey kids, let’s go. Pack up your tools.”

The henchmen chuckled and started to pick up the equipment they brought.

“Sir! We have just received 50 million won! Although, don’t you know that there is still 250 million won left? See you next time. Hahahaha!”

Han Sang-won and his henchmen were gone in an instant.

Ha-ran’s shoulders shook.

“T-Tae-hyuk... S-sorry.. Noona is a fool... Huaaang!”

In the end, Ha-ran burst into tears. They were the desperate tears that she had tried to keep from falling.

Tae-hyuk bit his lip.

“... I will make them pay for every tear that fell from Noona’s eyes.”

Tae-hyuk gazed coldly at Han Sang-won’s business card.

‘SY Capital...!’

Seo Ha-ran had fought against them to the end.

Now it was Tae-hyuk’s turn to fight.  

“Noona. Don’t worry. I’ll get it back tenfold.”

Tae-hyuk stood up.

He would put everything he had into destroying them.

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