Chapter 137 - Everybody Gather! #3

Chapter 137 - Everybody Gather! #3

"Aaaaack! T-T-Taste this e-electricity!”

“―Bullet Time.”

Kim Byung-gun aimed the taser gun with trembling hands and pulled the trigger. The two electrodes were launched. The electricity was set at the limit to neutralize the opponent. There was a pajijik sound as the electrodes flew through the air.

Tae-hyuk easily avoided the taser gun fired by Kim Byung-gun.

"W-W-What, what the hell?”

The taser gun used a cartridge of compressed nitrogen to fire the electrodes. Although the range was short, the speed definitely wasn’t slow. It was impossible to see the shot and then avoid it. But he did so effortlessly.

“...Turn off. I have to save my daily minute. Then shall I start this game?”

Tae-hyuk moved his left hand.

Then he triggered one of the attributes of Illegal Surgery to block pain. It was a skill that amplified the micro electricity flowing through the body. The nerves would be paralyzed for a while so that he wouldn’t feel any pain. It was a very good match with Illegal Surgery.

Then he brought the No.20 scalpel to his belly. He didn’t have the holder so he had to press down on the blade with his fingertips. Such sophisticated work would’ve been impossible without the help of his crime skills.

As he cut under his belly button, the contents inside started to be revealed.

“Ack, aaaaack!”

“Let's see. Was it here?”

Tae-hyuk rummaged through his stomach and started to pull things out. He definitely put a silicon pack inside…

Ah, found it! If he didn’t die from whatever he did using Illegal Surgery, then he could restore it through Cancel. Therefore, he acted like his body was a cadaver for dissection. However, touching his insides with his fingers was never pleasant.

Kim Byung-gun’s eyes were huge as he watched the scene in front of him. His entire body trembled. It was like a grotesque scene from a horror movie.

Tae-hyuk pulled out the silicon pack that he put in his stomach. It was drenched in blood but the contents were fine.

"I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday due to this. But surprisingly, I’m not that hungry.”

“Kuaaack!” M-Monster!”

Inside was a Glock 17 and a spare mag. Tae-hyuk pulled out the gun and bullets as he muttered.

"You like to play pretend army. Now I am holding a gun. Do you want to play?”

“G-Go away! Argggghhh!”

Kim Byung-gun completely panicked and fell down as he tried to retreat backwards.


If he kept calm and reloaded the taser gun then it wasn’t impossible to attack. Tae-hyuk combined the pistol with the magazine and loaded the bullets.


The sight of a man who cut open his stomach and was approaching with a gun was literally horrifying. It was a weapon that was taken out of his own stomach.

"Come, let’s play once.”

Tears flowed from Kim Byung-gun’s eyes. His whole body trembled as he stared at the weapon. Tae-hyuk slowly moved towards the other person.

"Shall I see what the lunch menu was today?”


In the end, Kim Byung-gun dropped the taser gun to the ground. Then he started to move. As Kim Byung-gun took one step back, the zombie with the gun took two steps forward. Once Kim Byung-gun was inevitably blocked by a wall, he started to scream as if he was dying.

There were guards passing by outside the warehouse. Surely one of them would come rescue him. But unlike his predictions, the guards outside didn’t come to his rescue. They just thought that Kim Byung-gun’s punishment was a little harsher than usual.


Tae-hyuk arrived at Kim Byung-gun’s side and aimed the gun at the other person’s head. If he used even a little bit of strength then it would turn into a pool of blood.



Kim Byung-gun fainted as he thought the sound effect from Tae-hyuk’s moth was real gunfire.

“Well. Shall I borrow this face?”

Tae-hyuk hid the gun and canceled Illegal Surgery. Then it was like time reversed as all the blood and substances on the floor returned to his body. Next, the stomach that was visible to the naked eye disappeared. It only took five seconds to repair his belly.

At that moment, Tae-hyuk’s vision clouded. It seemed like he had opened his belly too large and had put a large strain on his body.

“...This is the limit.”

Using the pain blocker didn’t just mean that he wouldn’t feel any pain. It meant that he wouldn’t notice if the body’s condition was worsening. In the future, he had to be careful when doing such a thing.

Tae-hyuk hid Kim Byung-gun in a corner of the warehouse and turned into him. Kim Byung-gun was quite muscular but there was a superficial similarity when covered by clothes. However, Tae-hyuk had to be careful when taking off his clothes and showering.

Tae-hyuk exited the warehouse and pretended to know the other guard.

“Kim Byung-gun sunbae. Did you properly punish the rookie today? He screamed like he was dying.”

“I need to do this sometimes or else he won’t listen to me well. You should also be careful. The rumors these days aren’t very good.”

“Ugh. U-Understood. By the way, the rookie?”

"He is still blubbering in the warehouse. Don’t pull him out needlessly. Maybe it is better if he is stuck in there for a while.”

“Yes! U-Understood."

Tae-hyuk had fed him a sleeping pill, so he should be out for at least half a day. He had verified the efficiency using Yoo Cheol-ho.

Of course, he didn’t forget the security card that Kim Byung-gun had. He was now free to roam around the interior of the prison.

"Then shall I gather everyone together?”


Yoo Cheol-ho scratched his ears and murmured,

"Who is talking about me? Why do my ears tickle? Fuck, why do I need to wash poop-stained underwear here? If I had escaped Blue Dragon Prison as planned, then I would be sticking a knife in that cocky detective right now.”

When he was in Blue Dragon Prison, he had strangely slept all day. By the time he woke up, the prison was crushed and he was being moved to Red Phoenix. In the end, the tunnel that he dug for nearly six months was useless.

“Do you think I will give up just from that? I’m Yoo Cheol-ho! I will also escape from here!”

Yoo Cheol-ho muttered as he loaded dozens of prisoner uniforms into the washing machine.

A new escape plan was created in his head.

Red Phoenix had one distinctive feature compared to the other three prisons. The medical facility was much worse than the other prisons. In particular, the special ward for mentally ill patients is operated by another prison on land. This was what Yoo Cheol-ho was aiming for.

"I wanted to be the first person to escape from Blue Dragon Prison. If I am in a hurry then can’t I pretend to be crazy?”

At that moment, Yoo Cheol-ho noticed a familiar person who was working alone. It was a middle-aged man wearing thick rimmed glasses.

“Ah, I forgot about him. I was supposed to watch him.”

The reason why Yoo Cheol-ho was in a rotten place like this was simple. He made some type of deal with the warden of Red Phoenix. As he was always preparing to escape from prison, he acted quietly, which caused him to be treated well.

“I don’t know what that person did in society that caused him to be imprisoned. Am I just supposed to watch and report if he does anything unusual? I’m lucky that I can be rewarded for doing such a simple job.”

Yoo Cheol-ho finished doing the laundry and started to watch Kim Tae-sung.

Then something strange happened. One of the guards with a dirty and bad personality called Kim Tae-sung over. Was he trying to make Kim Tae-sung run an errand? But he couldn’t ignore the smell that something was going on.

Yoo Cheol-ho quietly followed Kim Tae-sung.


Tae-hyuk became Kim Byung-gun and called Kim Tae-sung behind the laundry. Kim Tae-sung asked with a suspicious expression,

"Do you have something for me to do? I’m sorry, but I still have things to do, so can you tell me right away? If I don’t wash all the clothes before lunch then they won’t be dry until tomorrow.”

"I have a task. I came to keep the promise.”

“Huh? What do you mean...?"

Tae-hyuk had made a promise with Kim Tae-sung in Blue Dragon Prison. He would break Kim Tae-sung out of prison and help him get revenge, in exchange for being provided with bombs. It has been more than a fortnight since then but had he already forgotten?

It was because Kim Tae-sung wasn’t expecting it at all. Feeling hope would just lead to despair.

“Do you remember this?”

Tae-hyuk turned his face sideways.


It was the face of the criminal Kim Cheol-su, not Kim Byung-gun.

"Then I’ve return to the original appearance for a moment.”

Tae-hyuk changed back into Kim Byung-gun.

“A-Are you P-Phantom...”

"Are you wondering what I want from you?’


“It is simple. It is because I need the bombs that you can make.”

Kim Tae-sung gulped.

At first, he had no idea who caught him. He was attacked by someone wearing a leather jacket but couldn’t remember the face. Once he gained consciousness, he was handcuffed by the police. Then the seasons changed while in prison. Quite incidentally, he heard a conversation between two guards. The Bomber being sent to jail was the work of Phantom.

As Kim Tae-sung was locked in thought, Tae-hyuk licked his lips.

'The Bomber is the only person who met both Seo Tae-hyuk and Phantom.’

He had caught Kim Tae-sung before he became a Noble. At that time, he couldn’t change his face with ‘Disguise’, or hide his identity with the opera mask.

After meeting with Kim Tae-sung and confirming that he was indeed the Bomber, Tae-hyuk knocked him out with the iron pipe. What if he remembered Seo Tae-hyuk’s existence? Something had to be done.

Tae-hyuk confirmed Kim Tae-sung’s psychological state with Hawk Eyes.

'He doesn’t remember my face. However, he knows that he was caught by Phantom. Did he hear it from someone?’

Due to the Hawk Eyes attribute, he had a great advantage in psychological warfare.

"T-Then you will help me escape?”

"Of course. That is why I came. I’ve secured the escape route and hideout. But...”

Tae-hyuk shifted his gaze to a corner that wasn’t visible from his position.

“...Kim Tae-sung. Someone was following you.”


There was someone there.

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