Chapter 136 - Everybody Gather! #2

Chapter 136 - Everybody Gather! #2


In a dark container box, someone’s rough groaning was heard. The blue guard’s uniform he was wearing was drenched in sweat.

The person was in his late 20s. The young guard was tied to a pole with his hands behind his back. A cable tie, that police used as a handcuff substitute, was being used to keep him confined. It was a string made of a very thick and durable plastic. In order to take it off, a wire cutter was necessary. His wrists and 10 fingers were bound together, so it was literally impossible to move a single finger.


The guard wondered why he was in this situation. He seemed to have been hit by someone in the back of the head. In order to get to work, he had to get to the port by car and then sail for another 30 minutes. He parked his car in his usual space and came out...


The guard shrieked as something white appeared in front of him. At first he thought it was a ghost. But when he opened his eyes wide and checked, it was a man wearing a mask. He wore a black outfit in a dark room, so it looked like his head was floating.

"You should carefully look at the sides when getting out of the car.”

“Oof, oooof!”

"Oh, I’m sorry about this. You want to say something, but there is a gag in your mouth.”

The black shadow came up and pulled out the fabric blocking the guard’s mouth. Then he was able to do what he wanted.

“....C-Cough! P-P-Phantom!”

"Am I so famous that you are shouting with a happy face to see me? This is the taste of appearing on TV. Shouldn’t I take this opportunity to get one CF?” (CF=commercial)

Phantom started to talk nonsense. The guard looked at Phantom with an perplexed expression. The guard thought back to eight generations of his family tree. However, none of them were associated with the mafia.

“...Why did you attack me? Didn’t you say that you were aiming for the mafia?”

"That? Did I say I would only catch the mafia?”


Phantom laughed.

“Ah, don’t worry too much. I don’t plan to do anything to you. If you help me, then you will be able to go home without being hurt.”

“...If I refuse?”

The exposed mouth gently curved upwards.

“What will happen? I personally recommend that you don’t listen. Do you still want to hear it?"


Phantom was holding a knife. The guard shook his head and bit his lip.

“Name, Cho Il-jang. 29 years old. You started working at Red Phoenix three months ago. You haven’t received a ticket yet? Due to recent worries, you haven’t been able to sleep properly.”


His name and age wasn’t so hard to find out, but the last part gave him goose bumps. He didn’t even tell his parents that he was struggling!

"I don’t have a long time to explain so I’ll just tell you what I want.”

Cho Il-jang, a new guard, gulped.

Perhaps Phantom wanted inside information about Red Phoenix. Then he picked the wrong person. Cho Il-jang hadn’t even received a proper pass yet. He was literally just a rookie. He didn’t know anything about the prison. If Phantom wanted information then he should’ve snatched another guard.

"Well, it is over now. Your cries or moans won’t register properly. Oh, did I say I would give an explanation? This is all you need to do.”

Phantom swung the iron pipe that was hidden behind his body.



Cho Il-jang couldn’t even scream as he fell unconscious.

"Just sleep here for one day. Think of it as a vacation.”

Phantom pulled off the mask to reveal Cho Il-jang’s face. It was the same as the face in front of him. From now on, he would enter Red Phoenix Prison as the new guard Cho Il-jang. Then he would grab the hand of the Bomber and escape.

Phantom looked at Cho Il-jang who had fallen unconscious.

"I will leave evidence behind so that you can avoid being framed. Well, I’ll also help you out with the boss who has been bothering you.”

The police officers patrolling the area in 24 hours would find the car that was left unattended. He had until then to finish everything.


“This brat must be crazy. Why are you so late?”

Cho Il-jang’s supervisor, Kim Byung-gun, wasn’t feeling well this morning.

His junior made him wait 10 minutes.

“I-I’m really sorry. My car broke down so I hurriedly had to take a taxi... But it seems like I am still a little late.”

"Shouldn’t you answer be I’m sorry I’m late?”

“...Ah, no.”

"Eh? You’re not even looking in the face of your sunbae when talking. Shouldn’t this brat show respect for your sunbae?”

"I’m not ignoring you!”

"Then do you dislike looking at my face?”

This was like a Mobius strip; it seemed like it would go on forever.

Tae-hyuk held his tongue and looked as sorry as possible.

“...Then shouldn’t we be getting on the boat? If we don’t hurry, then we will miss the good positions.”

Kim Byung-gun gritted his teeth.

"This bastard...move.”

The newbie stared fearfully at his angry expression. But Kim Byung-gun didn’t see how his mouth slowly curved upwards.

"Then pick a suitable place to sit down."


Tae-hyuk naturally sat at the empty entrance side.

"I-I don’t want to sit facing the sea breeze. Aish, this rookie is late, so there are no other seats.”

Red Phoenix Prison was far away from land. Therefore, abuse under the pretext of education was widespread. In particular, the prison warden was a colonel in the army. Every word from his mouth emphasized discipline. In the end, the prison guards of Red Phoenix were so obedient to the ones above them that they were like soldiers.

The ship arrived at the prison, and the guards started to disembark. Kim Byung-gun said with a sneer,

"Shouldn’t you do the heavy lifting for your sunbae? Look at you. Have you only come here once or twice?”

"I'm take it!”

"Yes brat. Move a little bit faster.”

'This is enough to cause a neurosis. Isn’t it like a military pairing? No, isn’t it worse? At least there is a time limit until I can be discharged from the army.’

The turnover rate here was higher than everywhere else. A guard who had his cap covering his face was at the prison entrance. He was holding a metal detector in his hand. Even the guards had to be thoroughly searched.

Tae-hyuk and Kim Byung-gun, who were at the exit, were the first to get off the ship. Thus, they were at the front of the line to enter the prison.

"Please stand in one line.”

The method for a physical search was simple. First, all metallic objects would be placed in a basket, and then the body would be checked with the detector.


The detector made a loud sound as it moved around Tae-hyuk’s body. The person checking him was perplexed.

"Uh, what is this? Hey, Newbie. What did you miss?”

"I-I'm really sorry."

"Don’t just apologize. Ah, the people waiting behind...”

"Oh, maybe my leather belt...”

"I told you not to wear a metal one! Ah, I feel like I am being tortured due to this brat. Ack! Why are you taking off your pants here? Just enter. Ah...”

“Yes, yes! Sunbae, good work!”

After Tae-hyuk passed, it was Kim Byung-gun’s turn. His face was completely rotten. As soon as he passed through the checkpoint, he spat at Tae-hyuk.

"Ah, this fucking brat. What a stupid thing to do. How many times have I told you to be careful?”

“...I’m sorry.”

Kim Byung-gun spat on the floor and said,

"Head for the accommodations and wait there. I will show you hell today.”


Then he walked towards the smoking area.

Tae-hyuk smiled widely.

‘—As planned.’

Tae-hyuk touched his belly. He could feel something bulging out.

There were two reasons why Tae-hyuk chose Cho Il-jang as the target of Disguise. He was a famous target among the prison guards. Even if Tae-hyuk behaved strangely, the guards would just blame it on him being a brat.

‘It was the right thing to sit at the entrance.’

The entrance of the ship was an area that people avoided because it was very busy. Furthermore, today there would be a sea breeze and water splashing if anyone sat there. It was a place that the prison guards were reluctant to sit.

However, he was able to get off first when arriving at the destination. That’s why he deliberately arrived just as the ship was going to depart. In the end, Tae-hyuk was able to pass the physical examination very quickly.

‘The person in charge of the checkpoint today dislikes Cho Il-jang. It will be impossible for him to ignore the long line and do a slow physical search.’

In the end, he could safely pass through the checkpoint while hiding various things in his body. And another reason why...

“Hey! Cho Il-jang! What are you doing! Quickly change clothes to prepare for your shift!”

One of the guards urged him quickly.

Tae-hyuk looked at the building that the guards were entering. The Bomber was trapped inside.

'This guy is in charge of the bombs.’


He was changing clothes in the dressing room when he heard a rough voice from somewhere.

"This bastard. Why did I say just now? Didn’t I say to head to the accommodations?”

“I-I’m really sorry. I was told it was my shift right now.”



Kim Byung-gun’s temper ignited as he heard the name from Tae-hyuk’s mouth.

“Fuck, that bastard must be crazy. Who is the most senior one?”

“...Kim Byung-gun sunbae.”

"Then you should listen to me until the end.”

"I will listen to Kim Byung-gun sunbae.”

“Do you know this? Hey, you brat. Come with me.”


Kim Byung-gun grabbed Tae-hyuk’s collar and pulled him into a warehouse. The guard at the entrance of the warehouse saw Kim Byung-gun’s face and pretended not to know anything. After entering the warehouse, Kim Byung-gun hurled Tae-hyuk to the floor and shouted,

“Today you are dead. Eh? Is this bastard smiling?”


"Very well...a-aaack! W-What is that?!”

Tae-hyuk took out a scalpel. It was something that he had hidden in his clothes. It was only a blade without a holder, so he had to hold it with the tips of his fingers.

“What? Scalpel No.20. It is good for making large incisions.”

"T-This crazy bastard, crazy! You brought a razor blade? was good that I brought this.”

Kim Byung-gun said angrily as he pulled out a taser. Then he turned on the output to the maximum. It was enough to take down a martial artist.

Despite seeing the taser gun, the bastard still stood with a confident face.

"Today is your memorial service day.”

Tae-hyuk looked at Kim Byung-gun while holding the scalpel. Then he laughed.

Kim Byung-gun got goosebumps.

Since when did that person smile laugh like that? It was a laugh that seemed to suit the criminals locked up here.

"I am looking forward to your replacement.”

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