Chapter 157 - Seo Ha-rans Wish #1

Chapter 157 - Seo Ha-ran’s Wish #1

In the end, the Bomber got his revenge, at the expense of his life. Tae-hyuk felt regret.

‘Aigoo. There aren’t a lot of bombs left in the inventory, so if you die like this...’

If he had known this, it would’ve been better to learn the skill ‘Bomb Manufacturing’ by disposing of the Bomber directly.

The aftermath of his death was enormous.

A few years ago, the researchers at Taesung Chemicals’ research institute caused a virus to mutate and an incident to occur. Since then, the institute had been closed and all projects had been frozen indefinitely. Yet they continued working on it in an underground facility?

It was a great event that brought tremendous repercussions. Unfortunately, the fearsome substance called Psychotropic Incense all burned up. However, the media loved conspiracy theories and snapped it up like rice cakes.

Furthermore, all the dirty work done on behalf of the Yakuza were revealed. From the position of the Taesung Group, it was pouring oil on a house that was already on fire.

Tae-hyuk used his smartphone to access the Internet. Most of the news were related to the Taesung Group.

‘In the first place, the Taesung Group was a company with a ridiculous amount of influence.

It would be within the top 10 of all the big companies. Once someone went abroad, they would be able to know the scale of the company. However, Mister Park had been able to control the media until now.

Mister Park became his identical twin brother and entered the political circle.

‘After 10 years, did the company climb up to seventh place?’

Thanks to the sacrifice of the Bomber, that future would never happen. This meant...

The cause of Tae-hyuk going to jail had vanished.

'Since Mister Park died, there is no one else to act as Park Jung-hwan. Furthermore, the Taesung Group can now barely take care of itself. Then the Yakuza controlling everything from behind...’

Along with the Chinese Triads and the Russian Red Mafia, they were walking around with a chain around their necks.

It was the butterfly effect. The theory that a butterfly’s wings flapping could cause a hurricane on the other side of the earth.

Tae-hyuk changed his and many others’ fates by using his knowledge of the future. Every time he received a reward, it was like he got another piece of the puzzle. In the end, a great picture was formed. He had overturned the table so thoroughly that even the butterfly effect couldn’t occur anymore.

Tae-hyuk looked at the Demon Revealing Mirror with a satisfied expression. There was a message to find out about the God of Crime. Nothing had been revealed yet about the conditions required.

However, there was no need to rush. It had been one year since he had first obtained the Demon Revealing Mirror and his crime skills. In the end, he was able to win the fight against fate.

First of all, he decided to relax and enjoy this.

“By the way, I think I am forgetting something very important. What was it?”

Tae-hyuk scratched his head and wondered. Then something suddenly popped into his head.

“...Ah, Noona’s wedding gift!”

He had been busy for a while, thanks to the mafia game and the Bomber’s revenge. In the meantime, Seo Ha-ran’s wedding was imminent.

"What would be good...?”

Tae-hyuk was deep in thought.

“...In the end, it is a house.”

The place where they were living now was like a mansion compared to their previous rented room. However, Kang-suk was taking care of children. Tae-hyuk recalled that Ha-ran wanted to live in a two-storey house with a garden.

After Kang-suk and Ha-ran got married, Tae-hyuk and Tae-min agreed to live with them until they graduated from university. There would be six people living together so a large house was needed.

Anyway, it was okay if the house was in the suburbs because Kang-suk had bought a car recently.

"Well, how much money do I have now?”

He decided to check the balances of his various accounts. He had collected a significant amount of money while working as Phantom. It increased greatly after the mafia game.

“...4.07 billion?”

Winning the normal lottery gave a jackpot of 500 million won. In one year, the amount he earned was like winning the lottery several times.

Tae-hyuk laughed.

First, he would be able to buy a house for his family for one billion won. He decided to go to a real estate agent in the suburbs.


There were smartphone apps that allowed him to search for businesses that specialized in certain things, such as apartments or housing. He finally decided on a single family home and started wondering what to wear.

‘This is the house that I am going to live in so why should I change myself?’

Tae-hyuk wore his usual clothes and went to visit the real estate agent. The agent in his 50s was watching TV with a sleepy expression.

“Welcome. Have you come to see the house?"

The agent studied Tae-hyuk before making a listless expression.

At best, he was a freshman who just entered university. He was wearing a leather jacket and his hair wasn’t even trimmed properly. His body was wet with sweat, like he had been running. Maybe he came to look for a room.

"Ah, yes. I wanted to look at what was on sale.”

“Hrmm. I’m sorry but I don’t think we have any guest rooms suitable for you. The cheapest one is an officetel that requires a basic security deposit of three million and monthly rent is 1.2 million.”

His words meant to leave now. However, Tae-hyuk shook his head and said,

"I came to see about buying a place, not renting.”


"I was wondering if there was a suitable single family home. There should be a lot of rooms. It doesn’t matter if it is new or not But there should be a small garden.”

“Ha, ha, ha... Guest-nim... You seem to be mistaken about something. Such a house is at least one billion won...”

"I have that much.”


The agent’s eyes widened. This guy had one billion won? The agent turned red and he thought about calling the police.

"Are you joking right now? This is obstructing my business...”

Tae-hyuk’s eyes narrowed as he watched the agent. It seemed like he would have to take out his bankbook and show his balance for things to go smoothly.

It was at that moment. Two guests entered through the half open door. It was a young woman with colourful makeup and a man who seemed to be in his late 40s. The two of them were stuck close together like they were dating.

No matter how he looked, it seemed like an affair. The atmosphere of the agent changed as the couple entered.

"Oh, Boss-nim is here! I have found a house that fits your requirements.”

The middle-aged man chuckled and replied,

“Really? Is it was two-storey house with lots of rooms and a yard? I thought I would buy one due to the redevelopment happening nearby. We need a house to live in.”

A fresh smile appeared on the agent’s face. The real estate agent would receive a percentage of the sales price as a commission fee. Selling a house was much better than renting one.

"Please sit here and look at the catalogue. I’ll go and get you some tea.”

The middle-aged man started talking business with the agent.

"It is cheaper than the market price in a nearby area. In this location, a house for one billion won is cheap.”

Coincidentally, the house he was looking for had the same specs that Tae-hyuk was interested in. Tae-hyuk’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the couple.

‘If you want to live, then get out quickly.’

However, the couple ignored him.

“Hrmm... It seems a bit more expensive than I thought....”

“What, Oppa. Buy me a house~”

"No, not that one. The price is a little...”

It seemed like the price was a little expensive just for an affair. The two people started to argue for a while.

"Argh! Annoying! By the way, who is the person who keeps looking at us?”

"That reminds me, he was here from the beginning.”

Then the agent said with embarrassment,

“Ah, no. I’ll get rid of him straight away.”

The agent approached Tae-hyuk and waved his hand like he was shooing away a fly.

"I have an important deal to take care of, so please come see me about the house next time.”

Tae-hyuk made an absurd expression. The house that the couple was buying. Tae-hyuk had enough money to buy two or three of them if he wanted, yet he was being treated as a troublesome fly?

“What? That person came to see you about a house?”

“Ah, yes. It seems like he wants to buy a small house.”

“Haha! Is it a rooftop house? By the way, I truly don’t know how people can live in that. I would die if I needed to live in a rooftop house. Huh? Right Oppa?”

"Okay, okay. Oppa believes you.”


All expression disappeared from Tae-hyuk’s face as he listened to the conversation between the couple and the agent. His family had lived in a rented semi-basement room for years.

‘Well... What a disagreeable couple. Should I just take them out quietly? Then I will buy that property. It is a good idea.’

He touched the Tokarev TT-33 pistol that was hidden on his body. He had obtained it from the mafia members who attacked Caterina. It had been really useful in the meantime.

Tae-hyuk heard the whisperings of the couple.

"But are we going to live in the same neighbourhood as a person like that? It is disgusting...”

“Aish, surely not. This is an expensive area. Don’t worry.”

His grip on the gun tightened. He instantly started planning the crime in his head. The opponents knew his face. Therefore, he needed to get rid of everyone here.  After all, the dead couldn’t talk. This place had CCTV but it wasn’t on an external server. If he knew the exact location then it wouldn’t be that difficult...

-The most important thing that Mother left isn’t this Rosario.”


At that moment, he felt like something was breaking on his face and there was a strange pain.

His wildly beating heart calmed down.

‘Eh? I thought I heard something strange just now. Was I mistaken? Um... Didn’t I come here for Noona’s gift? There is no need to do such annoying things. First, let me ask what gift Noona would like to receive. Then I can buy them a house if it isn’t enough.’

Tae-hyuk let go of the pistol and quietly left the rest estate business. The couple looked after him and muttered,

“Aigoo. An empty-headed fellow like that. Boss-nim. Don’t rent a house to someone like that in this neighbourhood. It will bring the quality down.”

“Haha, of course. Anyway, I doubt he would have the ability to obtain any of the properties. He will probably go to the slums.”

"Don’t you think the quality of the person living there is important to increase the value of the house? Then let’s go see this property.”

“Yes. Oppa, let’s go see the room.”

“Ah, yep! I will go start the car. Boss-nim, please be at ease.”

The agent and couple laughed happily without realizing that they had almost died.

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