Chapter 156 - End of the Revenge #3

Chapter 156 - End of the Revenge #3

‘In the end, Machina’s maneuvering limit is around two hours.’

Currently, Tae-hyuk had the Machina replacing both of his arms. Since upgrading to ‘King’, his ‘Illegal Surgery’ skill had evolved into ‘Body Modification’. He was like a converted human who appeared in the movies.

Machina was a machine. It took a lot of training to move it properly. Tae-hyuk forced it using Body Modification. Just using it in simple everyday life was a burden.

‘I used it to smash a wall and to block bullets, so it wouldn’t be strange if the Machina broke down right now.’

The stamina that had risen after becoming a King was barely hanging on. Tae-hyuk massaged his arms and looked at the Demon Revealing Mirror, which marked the location of the remaining survivors in the underground research institute.

After two hours of fighting, the number of Yakuza members remaining was less than half. The survivors lost their will to fight and started to protest. In order to take control of them, he would receive some damage, even with the help of the crime skills and Machina.

This was why the power of the Bomber was necessary. It was impossible to blow up an institute of this size with just one or two bombs. Thus, seven bombs were installed at the optimal points and would explode at the same time. All the preparations were finished, and he could now blow up the place at any time by pressing the switch.

‘First of all, I have to wait for the Bomber’s revenge to end and then the institute...’

At that moment, Tae-hyuk noticed something strange.

‘...Eh? What the?'

This was an underground research facility. Naturally a ventilation system was installed. However, a light pink smoke was emerging from it.

Tae-hyuk wasn’t the only one to notice this. A place not far from where Tae-hyuk was located. The Yakuza were doing their best to build a base in the laboratory. One of them looked at the smoke being emitted from the vents and shrieked.

"T-The Psychotropic Incense?!”

"Surely they aren’t sacrificing us...!”

“D-Damn! Mister Park has left us!”

"Aaaaack! N-no! This can’t...”

Even those who maintained their composure started to panic. The smoke was a vivid pink. At this level, it was almost like a raw solution. The smoke that was diluted a hundred times could turn people into puppets. But this concentration...

"L-Let me out of here!”

The Yakuza felt like prisoners of war who were trapped in a gas chamber. The Psychotropic Incense instantly spread to cover the Yakuza.

“Kwaaaack! U-Uwak, kuoock!”

Through numerous research, its effectiveness had reached the limit. Originally, it was mixed with alcohol and the fragrant scent spread in the air. But what if it was sent through the ventilation system?

The undiluted solution was sprayed.

Of course, it wasn’t poisonous, so it didn’t kill the Yakuza.

"Kkuck...! Keeok....kuk!”

But at this moment, the Psychotropic Incense showed an unexpected effect.

“Grr... Grrrrrrr!”

The eyes of a Yakuza member affected by the Psychotropic Incense turned red. The muscles of his body relaxed and blood vessels bulged out on his face.

"Kuaah! Aaack!”

The Yakuza member started to attack his colleague. He reached out for the neck of the person next to him.

"Kkuck. Kkuk! Keuok!”

His mouth started foaming. From the eyes, blood mixed with water started to flow down. Some people were scratching their necks and vomiting up blood.

Those who inhaled the Psychotropic Incense were no longer human. All reasoning disappeared and they became monsters that wanted to kill.


Tae-hyuk groaned as he watched the scene unfolding before him.

'Once all reason is taken away from the Yakuza, only violence remains.’

The area around him was filled with the smoke of the Psychotropic Incense. Despite his stats reducing by half, he managed to retain his sanity.

However, his stats were still falling. The moment it reached zero, he would lose control.

The Demon Revealing Mirror let out a warning sound. It would become dangerous if he didn’t get out of here right now. Tae-hyuk thought that the Psychotropic Incense just turned humans into puppets. But something this ridiculous was happening.

‘In the end, the Psychotropic Incense is similar to dynamite.’

Sometimes, inventions made in goodwill were distorted. Dynamite was made for mines to work safely in the mines. However, the dynamite became bombs that killed many people.

The Psychotropic Incense was created to steer people to buy the company’s products. It gave birth to a larger evil. The virus that they were studying here could propagate infinitely.

From what Tae-hyuk remembered, it had never appeared in the world.

‘...I know as far as 14 years in the future. Then after that...’

If that were to happen, the world would fall into chaos. Maybe even World War Three would happen. However, Tae-hyuk had a bomb switch that could blow this whole place up. The Psychotropic Incense was a perfume. If he set it on fire before it was absorbed in the body, he could burn it. This meant that he could get rid of everything simply by pressing the switch.

Tae-hyuk’s forehead was sweaty as he thought about it. Maybe he was doing something great without knowing it.

'Let’s get out of here first and wait for the Bomber to contact me. However, that situation...’

Maybe the Bomber was in a crisis.

“Well, I prepared ‘that’ for such a situation.”

Tae-hyuk smiled wickedly. It seemed like he wouldn’t care even if the world was destroyed.


Kim Tae-sung’s body moved at lightning speed.

People said that if there was a crisis, a human could exert the power of Superman. At this moment, he surely transcended human movements.



A rough groan emerged from Kim Tae-sung’s mouth. His body blocked the door of the shelter that was attempting to close.

Kim Tae-sung lost all sensation in his lower body. His spine was crushed by the shock. However, his mind was clear.

The confused Jang Ik-sam shouted,

"W-What are you doing? You blocked it with your body? Are you that eager to die?”

“...J-Jang Ik-sam.”

A fierce look was in Kim Tae-sung’s eyes as he glared at Jang Ik-sam. Mister Park was shocked as he watched from behind. It wasn’t something any sane person could do.

Kim Tae-sung spat out blood. However, he still managed to grab a bomb in his hand. There were seven points from A to G where he had to install the bombs, but there had been eight bombs in his bag.


What was he trying to say? Kim Tae-sung had blood flowing from his mouth and couldn’t speak properly. However, his hand installed the bomb on the glass.

Mister Park realized what he was trying to do and moved swiftly. If he couldn’t stop the Bomber then he would die. He had to stop it.

“What are you doing? Shoot! Shoot him!”

"Yes, yes!"

The bodyguards, who had been staring blankly, aimed their guns.


Dozens of bullets were fired.


Wasn’t this place bulletproof? Mister Park wanted to shout.

Jang Ik-sam howled.

“K-Kim Tae-sung. I made a mistake. S-So please, my life... I-I will also give you money... How about one billion won?”

“Kuoh, eooh...”

Kim Tae-sung would lose his life in a few minutes after suffering a fatal injury, so what good was offering him money? But Jang Ik-sam was so confused that he couldn’t even think. He put his head to the ground.

Kung! Kung!

“Please spare me! I was wrong! Y-Yes. It was all Mister Park. I didn’t want to kill your family. So...”

But Kim Tae-sung already couldn’t hear anything. He just stared at Jang Ik-sam beyond the glass and looked at the bomb that he just installed. He had made it several times stronger than the other seven bombs. It could tear apart the glass and blow up the shelter.

Had Phantom expected that something like this would happen? No, that wasn’t important right now. The life of that person in front of him...

Kim Tae-sung laughed.

Honey... Sang-ah...

From now on, he would be going to the place where they were waiting. He could smile and go.

"T-This bastard!”

Jang Ik-sam threw himself back as Kim Tae-sung pressed the bomb switch. However, the tempered glass didn’t do anything.


There was a huge explosion that burst the eardrums. Inside the shelter were Jang Ik-sam, Mister Park, and Yakuza members. Everything including the Psychotropic Incense started to burn. At the last moment, Kim Tae-sung smirked and muttered,

“...Yes, I am the Bomber.”

He himself became the bomb that scorched his enemies.



-Yes? Sang-ah?

-Even if this is a picnic, why are you sleeping on the bench? You have been in the research institute for several months, so this chance to play... It will be wasted if you are sleeping.

-Oh, I fell asleep while waiting for my beautiful daughter.

-Eh? Is Daddy crying? Did you have a strange dream?

-Haha... It was a dream, a dream.

-Hihi. I made sushi and sandwiches for you. Mother will be angry so let’s go quickly.

-Oh, she is scary when angry. Let’s go quickly.


-Once we finish eating, do you want to go on the rides at the amusement park?

-Wahh! Daddy! Hooray! Can I go on the Blue Dragon Train?

-Of course. Then hurry. Mommy will be waiting.

-Yes? Okay! Mommy will wait forever for Daddy!


Ah, I see. How lucky. But it is okay now Honey. You don’t have to wait anymore. I’m going right now.





He felt a tremendous vibration from his feet like there was an earthquake. Tae-hyuk knew what it meant.

He had the switch for the seven bombs installed in the institute. Kim Tae-sung only had the switch for one bomb.

“...Your revenge was successful, Bomber.”

He tried to get in contact with the radio, just in case. However, only empty noise was heard. Tae-hyuk left the research institute. Once he exited, there was a black van hiding behind a wall. He had prepared it for the escape.

"I will wait one more minute as promised.”



Tae-hyuk closed his eyes and counted. It didn’t matter if Kim Tae-sung’s revenge succeeded or not. In one minute, he would blow up the entire laboratory by pressing his switch.

Mister Park. Psychotropic Incense. Virus. They would all disappear into flames.

"It was really long.”

The persistent relationship from his previous life was finally ending.

“...1. Farewell, Mister Park.”

Tae-hyuk murmured and pressed the switch and the Taesung research institute exploded like a movie.

Kwa kwa kwang!

It was at that moment that the Demon Revealing Mirror popped up in front of Tae-hyuk.

[Learn about the God of Crime.]


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