Chapter 155 - End of the Revenge #2

Chapter 155 - End of the Revenge #2

Chairman Song Won-jin died. He had been killed while in hiding.

The Yakuza panicked. Only a few people in the Taesung Group knew where he was hiding. But how did the killer know where he was hiding? In addition, he always stuck with his carefully selected bodyguards.

Plus, a spy had been planted among Song Won-jin’s guards. If there was anything suspicious, then it would’ve been reported to the higher-ups immediately. If Song Won-jin ever attempted to leak anything confidential then the spy would make it seem like he committed suicide.

In the end, Song Won-jin was just a chess pawn for the Yakuza. However, Song Won-jin and his bodyguards were annihilated.

Who killed him? Eventually, an investigator was sent to find out what happened.

“O-Oh my god...”

The investigator doubted his eyes. Everything was turned to ashes like a bomb had blown up the room. And the black things scattered around were probably... The investigator gathered them and started analyzing what caused this.

However, he couldn’t figure out the exact cause of the explosion because it was so intense. If there was a firefight, then there would be things like bullets. The investigator didn’t find anything and concluded that Song Won-jin’s death was due to a bomb attack.

The most likely culprit was Kim Tae-sung, the bomber who had bad feelings towards the Taesung Group. In the end, the Yakuza prepared for a war against the Bomber.

Of course, they never dreamt that Tae-hyuk had used Robbery and Forgery to erase all signs from the room.

They were unaware that their enemy was Phantom.


There was no need to look with his eyes. He was able to see the positions of the enemies with the Demon Revealing Mirror.

Tae-hyuk licked his lips.

‘As expected, the remnants of the Yakuza are gathered here. This means...’

The bombs had a wide range of explosion. However, that was only if the bombs were installed.

Gathering a large number of guards here was simple. Mister Park put pressure on the prosecutors to catch the Bomber before turning this place into a fortress. In the end, if Tae-hyuk crushed this place, then he would be able to cut his fate with the Yakuza, which had continued since his previous life.

Yakuza members poured from the other side of the hallway and fired their guns at Tae-hyuk.


Loud noises filled the air that were enough to burst his eardrums.

“M-Monster! D-Die!”

However, they couldn’t inflict any injuries on Tae-hyuk.


By moving Machina, he could easily block the bullets fired at his head. Tae-hyuk clicked his tongue and muttered.

"Who is a monster? How many people have you killed in the meantime? Personally, it is a little unfair.”

He activated Bullet Time as they fired. Thanks to this, Tae-hyuk’s perception of time was reduced by dozens of times. It was like the world moved in slow motion.

Tae-hyuk moved quickly.

‘Two people behind the wall. And seven across the hallway.’

The map showed the people trying to ambush him. He moved forward and easily overpowered the seven opponents.

'But what I have to do now is not just get rid of the enemy. I need to turn their gaze away from the Bomber towards me.’

In order to do that, he had to act very loudly. By scanning the map, Tae-hyuk could tell that the Bomber wasn’t far from his location. It was one of the points where a bomb should be installed to blow up the laboratory.

‘The next two!’

1/3 of the Yakuza in the institute were already cold bodies on the floor. However, he was approaching his limit. No matter how overwhelming the abilities, even the crime skills weren’t invincible.

Bullet Time had a duration of one minute and Machina didn’t have endless durability. In the end, he couldn’t go to the centre of the institute where Mister Park was. The key to this operation was the Bomber.

Tae-hyuk concealed himself in the darkness and watched the Yakuza. The opponents were already overwhelmed with panic.

“W-What the hell is this?! Why won’t he die? Wasn’t he clearly shot?”

“T-The opponent is a g-ghost...”

“Ack! I ran out of bullets! You, do you have any spare mags left?”

"The opponent is obviously the Bomber! This doesn’t make sense!”

“C-Call for reinforcements!”

In the end, the Yakuza members did something they should never do. They tried to confront the enemy away from the important defense points of the fortress. If someone had a good understanding of tactics and strategy then it was something they would’ve never done.

‘Come to think of it, maybe one of them are the descendants of the Japanese who invaded Korea during the Joseon Dynasty? If I think about that time, their decisions were pretty cute.’

Tae-hyuk laughed. Then he attacked the place where the Yakuza were busy servicing their equipment.

‘Truly easy opponents!’

There was a water pipe on the ceiling. He aimed the pistol at it and water started to pour down with a thunderous sound.


"If you are in the basement then you should be careful of flooding!”

A masked gunman attacked from behind the water. It was a terrible predicament!


The Yakuza were soaked in water and randomly fired their guns.

“Aigoo. If you shoot me like this then you won’t have enough bullets left.”

However, this was more difficult than when they were aiming properly. It was hard to avoid all the random bullet lines. He had to defend himself against a few with Machina. Despite the diamond like strength, the Machina couldn’t withstand the hail of bullets and started breaking.

"Ah, I'm sorry. I was trying to relax. This is the time limit. Now I’ll go faster.”

The Yakuza were shocked after hearing Tae-hyuk’s words. He had been relaxed until now?

“Then showtime.”

Tae-hyuk grabbed a pistol in both hands and pulled the trigger.



The Bomber, Kim Tae-sung, grabbed his shaking right arm..

All the preparations were finished. He succeeded in installing the bombs in all the places indicated on the map. Now he could blow up the institute at any time by just pressing the detonator.

“Pant... Pant... Pant!”

The Bomber leaned against the wall and breathed roughly. He had to run for almost two hours through the institute to install the bombs.

He heard fighting from a place not far away from him. It was like a war zone with gunshots and shouting. Then somebody died.

He knew who did it.

The masked man, ‘Phantom.’

Miracles were always created from his fingertips. Kim Tae-sung couldn’t do anything but make bombs. He had gotten this far thanks to Phantom.


Then the radio made a noise.

-I guess it is around the time that the installation is finished.

“Yes, Point G has been completed.”

-Then be careful. There might be a few people in the hallways. Don’t worry, it isn’t impossible for you to move.

The Bomber got goose bumps as he realized what Phantom was saying. There was something white across the hallway. It was a corridor deep underground but he didn’t care what was down there. But he took a deep breath once he realized what Phantom was suggestion.

"Phantom...what are you...?”

-I can blow this up right now but it won’t be your revenge. I’ll give you 10 minutes. Finish everything and come to Point A. There will be a vehicle for you to escape.


He closed off contact with Phantom. The Bomber gulped and looked at the darkness in front of him. It was like an abyss that led to hell.

...It seemed like not even moonlight could penetrate the darkness. The Bomber... No, very little remained in Kim Tae-sung’s heart. He had to finish everything before this warmth disappeared.


The enemies of his wife and daughter were there.

Kim Tae-sung bit his lip and headed to the underground laboratory. Not long after, Kim Tae-sung arrived in front of a firmly closed door. Once it opened...


When on Earth did things go wrong?

Mister Park was tense. It hadn’t been a week since Phantom defeated them in the mafia game. He had been concentrating on finishing the Psychotropic Incense, but now he received news that Taesung Chemical’s chairman Song Won-jin had died.

The culprit was a researcher who used to work for Taesung Chemical’s research institute.

“Director Jang Ik-sam. What was the name of the researcher?”

The elderly man walking nervously around the shelter answered,

“Ah, Kim Tae-sung.”

“Hrmm. It is obviously more famous under the nickname the Bomber.”

“Yes...that’s right. I’m sorry. I should’ve taken care of him properly...”

Then Mister Park shouted in a tense voice,

“Damn...! If you knew that then you should’ve reported it properly! Do I have to pay attention to everything?”


“No matter how great the Bomber is, he won’t be able to get in here. At best, he will be crushed by the building.”

Even if a bomb went off, they were safe inside this shelter. Mister Park and Jang Ik-sam were in the core of the research institute. It was a place where confidential secrets that absolutely couldn’t be leaked were kept. The downside was that radio waves couldn’t pass through, so communication had to be done through specially designed handsets. However, it had recently been jammed.

"No way out...”

Then the door opened and someone entered. Jang Ik-sam knew that face.

“K-Kim Tae-sung! H-How did you get through security...?”

Kim Tae-sung aimed a gun at Jang Ik-sam with trembling hands.

“...Now, Jang Ik-sam! I will send you to hell!”

Jang Ik-sam started to laugh.

"Hahaha! Do you want to kill me with a gun?”

Jang Ik-sam made a gesture and the bodyguards waiting with him pulled out their guns.

"I praise the fact that you made it here. But you are surely dead. Can you kill me?”

"That is a lot of talk, Jang Ik-sam!”


Kim Tae-sung fired his gun.

It flew towards Jang Ik-sam and literally stopped in front of him. The opponent didn’t die.

"Pfft! Puhahaha! How funny, funny! Didn’t you know? This shelter is protected by bulletproof glass! Did you shoot a gun in the army? Aren’t you a moderately good shot? Puhuhuhu! Well, it was nice to see you after a long time, but this is the end. Goodbye Bomber.”

Jang Ik-sam motioned to his bodyguards. Apart from the bulletproof glass, he coldly closed the door of the shelter completely by pressing a switch. Then no matter how many bombs exploded outside, the dust wouldn’t be able to enter here. Plus...

"Oh, I almost forgot. The special Psychotropic Incense made at the institute is installed in the air vents. If an intruder enters then it can be sprayed. Then what would happen?”


"The person responsible for the incense will fall victim to it.”

Of course, the guards outside will be sacrificed but it doesn’t matter. Jang Ik-sam smirked and pressed the containment button of the shelter. Now the Psychotropic Incense would spread through the entire research institute except for here.

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