Chapter 154 - End of the Revenge #1

Chapter 154 - End of the Revenge #1

Wolsang was a research institute specializing in particle physics.

The task that they were focusing on now was a new energy development project that could potentially be several times more efficient than fossil fuels. If it succeeded, all the researchers who participated would be able to win the Nobel Prize in physics.

‘The looks in their eyes are ridiculous. Besides, isn’t that a particle accelerator?’

It was a device that boasted a huge price, but there was a lot of dust piled up on it. It meant it hadn’t been used for research in a while.

A researcher was sitting on a desk and seemed to be writing a report with an annoyed expression.

‘It is typical of a research institute with no money.’

In any case, the situation of the Wolsang Institute didn’t seem that great.

‘Certainly, this seems more difficult than robotics or developing a new material.’

There seemed to be a lot of empty chairs, indicating that the management of this institute wasn’t so good. Great achievements required a lot of money, but if there weren’t any results, then they wouldn’t get any investments.

It was literally a Mobius strip.

“Ah! Director Go Ah-tae! Hello, it is Ha-ran.”

Ha-ran said with a smile and the man sitting in the corner lifted his head. The ramyun noodles cups piled up on his desk indicated how long he had been here.

He had a beard from not shaving for a few days. The skinny body also indicated the time spent here. Was he around 40 years old? He was fairly young for a director. He also didn’t have a separate office, working in the same space as the other researchers.

“Ha-ran? Ah, please wait a moment. I’ll bring some drinks.”

Go Ah-tae headed to the refreshments room with a friendly smile. He swayed strangely like he was ill.

“Haha! I ran out of coffee. Sorry but this...”

Go Ah-tae brought out cups containing cold water. There wasn’t a trap so he held all three cups in his hands with an anxious expression.

"Help yourselves.”

"Wah! I am thirsty. I’ll drink it well.”

Go Ah-tae had heard about Tae-hyuk through Ha-ran.

“Are you Seo Tae-hyuk? I've heard a lot about you from Ha-ran. Nice to meet you, I am Go Ah-tae, the director of this institute.”

“I am Seo Tae-hyuk.”

Tae-hyuk secretly used Spying to check his status window. Stamina was almost zero, but his intelligence was enormous. Furthermore, he had a profession other than the director of a research institute.

‘Isn’t this quite surprising? Fortunately, there aren’t any problems.’

Tae-hyuk analyzed the situation of the research institute. The facility had received a good amount of investments, so the equipment was good. It was comparable to places like the European particle physics institutes. But the companies that invested in these type of places were in a rush, so if no visible results were shown, then they would withdraw themselves from the project.

This situation was just like that. The researchers moved to other places and this was what remained. The director was somehow leading the project by himself, but it seemed like there was a limit. It was just before the sinking of the ship.

'He had a reason to invest in Noona. It is a situation where he even needs to borrow the hands of university students.’

Still, it seemed like there would be a lot to learn from working under such an enthusiastic director. It was enough if Ha-ran was satisfied. If it was money then he would soon be able to earn a big amount anyway.

'Yes, help the Bomber get revenge and then go find the gold. Most of the Yakuza in Korea are returning to Japan so this is a great opportunity. And the remaining ones are probably...’

As Tae-hyuk smiled, Go Ah-tae asked him.

"I think that Tae-hyuk’s mind is very good. Do you want to make something like a black hole?’

“...I’m sorry but I have to go to university.”

“T-That’s right. If you change your mind then here is my contact number...”

After spending an hour talking, Go Ah-tae had another appointment. He had to go to another research institute for assistance. Even though he seemed quite busy, he still called them there to talk.

Director Go Ah-tae’s expectations for Ha-ran seemed quite big.


Tae-hyuk turned to the Bomber sitting in the back seat of a stolen Mercedes and asked.

"Can you artificially create a black hole?”

"It is impossible with the current technology. Won’t it be hard unless the Higgs Particle is discovered?”


"But why are you asking about such a thing?”

"Ah, it is nothing. Just a personal matter.”

The Bomber laughed and checked the bombs filling the back seat. They were enough to blow up the entire Taesung Chemicals research institute.

"By the way, I didn’t know that the perpetrator of the disease was Direct Jang Ik-sam."

"Do you know him?”

“Not really. I just thought that he was a good person. Yet my family... K-Kuheok!”

The Bomber bit his lip and suppressed his anger. He formed tight fists and said,

"Please let me handle Director Jang Ik-sam with my own hands.”

"I was already planning on that.”

Tae-hyuk parked 500m away from the Taesung Institute of Physics and Chemistry. Then he pulled out a large map. Last night, he had gone to the destination and used Spying. This was the result.

"This is a blueprint of Taesung Institute. The bombs will be installed in the places shown here. If they explode at the same time, then we can blow up the entire institute.”

“Yes, I understand. Then this place with the O mark is...”

"The director’s room is there. Do you understand what I mean?”

"Thank you for keeping your promise, Phantom.”

The Bomber memorized the locations of the bombs.

"Let me explain an outline of the operation. Currently, the Taesung Institute had a huge increase in the number of guards. I will go into the institute first and deal with them while you install the bombs in the specified points. After that is done, go to the room where Jang Ik-sam. Do you know what to do after that?”

“...Of course.”

"What weapon do you want?”

The Bomber picked out a pistol from the weapons in the car.

"Can you shoot it?”

“Haha. I also went to the army.”

“Well. This should be fine.”

The Bomber confirmed that there were six bullets in the magazine and placed it in his pocket. This would be enough to take care of Jang Ik-sam. Tae-hyuk nodded and started walking silently in the darkness.

The Bomber followed quietly with a heavy bag.

'This is truly the end of my previous life. The Psychotropic Incense is really important so Mister Park has kept it all in the institute and guarded by Yakuza members. I can change my fate if I take care of this.’

Mister Park was also in the laboratory. Tae-hyuk had been falsely framed thanks to Mister Park.

Jang Ik-sam had killed the Bomber’s family.

‘Whoops, I almost forgot. After this, should I go and buy a wedding gift for Noona?’

Seo Ha-ran and Cho Kang-suk’s wedding ceremony was taking place next week. Tae-hyuk moved through the darkness as he thought about what to buy his sister.

And after a while...

The operation to break his ties with Mister Park began.


The Taesung Institute of Physics and Chemistry was in the research complex until a year ago. After public opinion turned against them for the mass killing event, the location was moved to a secret place.

It was right here. Tae-hyuk looked at the research institute in front of him. It seemed like there was nothing inside. However, that was just a camouflage to conceal the identity. The Taesung Institute of Physics and Chemistry was hiding underground.

Tae-hyuk placed his hand on the wall and triggered ‘Spying’. Then he was able to see how many people were hiding in the building. As if it had been waiting, the Demon Revealing Mirror assigned him a mission.

[Kill Mister Park and the Yakuza members.

The remaining number of Yakuza members: 117]

This was the first time it said to kill the opponents. He wasn’t planning to keep them alive anyway so he decided to follow the Demon Revealing Mirror’s mission. After receiving the mission, he could see the targets on the map.

In front of Tae-hyuk’s eyes, the map of the research institute appeared like a hologram. The red dots were shining brightly. They were the Yakuza members guarding the institute.

“The Psychotropic Incense is really important. Aren’t most of the Yakuza members remaining in South Korea?"

Of course, there were other remnants left. However, most of the people who could fight were gathered here.

"It means that if I get rid of them, the ones who will interfere with my treasure hunt will also disappear. It is good luck.”

Tae-hyuk licked his lips. It tasted oddly of blood.

“Then let’s go.”

The Bomber tilted his head and asked,

"But the surveillance cameras watching the walls...”

"Who said we were going over the wall? I am going in this way.”


Tae-hyuk raised his robotic arms and cried out.

"Machina, mode Smash!”

Both Machina arms were pulled back to their limit. Then they shot towards the wall in front of him.


Then the wall made of cement shattered with a huge roar. The Bomber was speechless.


An excavator was needed to break a wall of that thickness. However, a human had punched it with the force of a machine. He could imagine what would happen if that was used to attack humans. They would literally become chunks of flesh.

But this wasn’t the end. Tae-hyuk was dressed in a modified version of the body armour worn by Big Brother from the Triads. One or two bullets wouldn’t give him any fatal injuries, and most aggressive actions were possible.

'Furthermore, Machina can be used to protect my exposed head.’

He could see the trajectory of the bullets and had Bullet Time that accelerated his mind. He was confident that he alone could win against an army.

Tae-hyuk had two pistols hanging from his waist and a FA-MAS 62 rifle on his shoulder. There were 20 magazines containing 12 bullets. He had a bunch of pockets in his body armour, allowing him to hold them all. He was significantly armed but this wasn’t that much if he was to fight over 100 Yakuza.

If they all attacked at once, it would be difficult to avoid all the shots, even with Bullet Time. Therefore, he chose an appropriate route.

Tae-hyuk placed the skull mask on his face. The Bomber was wearing a mask of the same design.

"Then it is a showdown between two bombers and 117 Yakuza members. It would be a plausible action movie if this was filmed. Unfortunately, that will have to wait for the next opportunity.”

Once Tae-hyuk gave the signal, the Bomber started running towards the place where the bombs would be installed.

The skull mask shone white in the darkness.

“Then it is time to kill.”

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