Chapter 152 - Time to Clean Up #3

Chapter 152 - Time to Clean Up #3

As he opened the door to the security room, men in black suits glared at him. An uninvited person suddenly entered so one person shouted nervously.

“Who? How did you come in here?”

The reason for their panic was simple.

This was a place that absolutely couldn’t be entered without permission, yet a person with a skull mask and leather jacket had entered this place unhindered. It was suspicious, but didn’t seem dangerous.

Tae-hyuk scratched his head and said,

"Ah, I have one jajangmyeon for delivery.”

"W-What, jajangmyeon? That would never happen, so get out of here!”

“Aigoo. As expected, it didn’t work.”

Tae-hyuk looked at the situation inside as he spoke. There were around 30 guards in the room. They were those in charge of the VVIPs of large corporations. Why were so many security guards needed?

When he used ‘Spying’, the Hawk Eyes attribute automatically activated. He could see the status window of the opponent with it. Since he became King, he was able to recognize the weapons the opponents were carrying.

‘Hyu~ they also have guns.’

There were real guns loaded with bullets. Most guards these days were armed with toys, such as tasers or gas guns, yet the guards here were holding pistols. Furthermore, they were loaded with real bullets, rather than blanks. The guards exuded the same aura of professionalism as a special forces trained unit.

The uproar at the entrance was so loud that the person who seemed to be the leader walked out.

“What? Why is it so noisy?"

"Ah, here...a strange person came here.”

"A strange person?”

"He talked nonsense about delivering jajangmyeon.”

The leader looked at Tae-hyuk with sharp eyes.

Deliveryman? If he wanted to pretend then he should’ve at least brought an iron box. He didn’t even seem like a hitman.

“Well. Maknae. Show the guest out.” (Maknae=the youngest person)


The leader didn’t know what this person’s purpose was but he didn’t want to make things bigger.

“Guest-nim. I don’t know why you are here but it is over. Let’s go now.”

A mixed martial arts fighter grabbed Tae-hyuk’s arm to drag him out. But there was something odd.


He touched something metal beneath the leather jacket. But strangely familiar...

The guard realized what it was and screamed.

“Ack! What is this?”

"T-This bastard has a gun!”

It wasn’t just one. Tae-hyuk pulled out a Colt M1911 and Beretta 92. It was common in movies to hold guns in both hands. However, those who used guns knew how hard it was to pull off. If the person didn’t shoot properly then the accuracy was off and the wrist would be damaged. It wasn’t a toy like BB guns...

"I’ll tell you in advance that this isn’t a model gun.”

"Ha? So?"

The other person obviously didn’t know how to fire a gun properly. The leader beckoned and the suited men pulled out guns.


The leader said with a smile.

"This isn’t a model."

“Yes, OK! The situation can’t be resolved by talking to each other right? Okay, okay. Bullet Time.”

The skull masked man chanted something like a spell and fired his guns.

Tatang! Tang! Tatang!


"What, what is this?”

A few guards collapsed in an instant from holes in their heads. The leader of the guards realized the serious situation and shouted,

“H-He has a real gun! Everybody take cover! There is only one opponent! If we remain calm then we can beat him!”

They were elites in the security industry that were trained at the special forces level. However, they struggled to deal with one intruder. In the first place, this wasn’t a suitable room to fight in. There was no place to hide their bodies properly.

In the meantime, the opponent was firing through gaps like they were targets at the shooting range.

"Why can’t we take out someone who isn’t even hiding?”

Then a guard behind a couch shouted,

"S-Something is strange! How did this happen...?”

It was natural for the guards to panic. The opponent was fighting with his body exposed but their bullets didn’t hit him at all. It was like he knew where all of the attacks were coming from.

"Ugh! Ah, it can't be helped. Here I am!”

In the end, the leader fired his gun. He aimed at the opponent’s chest. Then the skeleton masked person raised a hand to block the bullet.

“Puhaha! Fool! Do you think you can stop a bullet with your arm?!”


Then his mouth dropped open as he saw the bullet bounce off the skull masked person’s arm.


The skull masked person grinned.

"Oh, I came here to sell a new arm. It is bulletproof.”


He was literally overwhelming.

The guards boasted significant shooting skills that couldn’t be compared to the mafia. However, he was able to easily deal with them thanks to his upgraded crime skills.

'It is good that I modified the human body.’

Currently, Tae-hyuk had the body of a human. Illegal Surgery evolved into Body Modification. He could freely use Machina, a machine arm, instead of his original arm. Of course, it was forged to look like a human arm, but it was actually Machina, made from a superalloy. It was to the extent that it could block bullets.

'But the damage to Machina is considerable. I should try to avoid bullets if at all possible.’

As he looked at the guards, the Demon Revealing Mirror sent him a notification.

[Number of remaining guards: 14/31]

Then red dots appeared on the map, showing where the guards were currently located. He used Bullet Time to accelerate his mind and the bullet lines to see where the opponents were firing their guns. No matter the difference in numbers, it would be strange if Tae-hyuk lost.

'If I knew this then I would’ve come with a machine gun, not pistols. It feels good to shoot them one by one.’

Tae-hyuk thought as he fired at a guard who protruded his head from the table he was hiding behind.

Tatang! Tatang!

Every time his gun fired, a guard collapsed. The bullets fired from the opponents were easy to block. Once the number of guards reached 10, the opponents surrendered.

“D-Don’t shoot! We will give you anything you want! J-Just spare our lives!”

The screams of the shot bodyguards could be heard from around the room. The leader of the guards was at a loss for words. A shootout was occurring in a building in the middle of the city.

“Hrmm. You seem to be the highest ranking one here.”

“T-That’s right!”

The leader walked forward with both hands up. Tae-hyuk clicked his tongue and muttered,

"Sheesh. I wanted to kill a little more.”

He spoke like it was a game.


The leader moaned with a bitter expression. His precious men were killed or injured. Tae-hyuk slowly walked closer and asked,

"Where is Chairman Song Won-jin right now?”

"Y-You are after Chairman...!”

"I just asked where Chairman Song Won-jin is.”


Tae-hyuk smirked as the leader didn’t answer.

“Are you remaining silent? Then...”

He aimed his Beretta 92 pistol at the head of a man that was currently moaning on the ground


"I will ask you once again. Where is Chairman Song Won-jin?”

“W-What the hell is your identity...!”

"You should’ve answered well. Why don’t you understand?”

Tae-hyuk fired at the head of another guard. It wasn’t a threatening shot. He made sure to take the other person’s life.

“I-I understand! I-I will answer.”

The leader realized that he would be left until last and started to reveal what he knew.

“Hrmm... He was there.”

"That is everything I know. So the remaining people...”

“Huh? Did I make a promise to spare your lives?”


Tae-hyuk shot towards the chest of the leader. He couldn’t even groan and died instantly.

“T-This scammer! You said you would spare us!”

The guards, who had been giving up, raised their guns and started their last hurrah. However, the result was just like before. Tae-hyuk looked at the dozens of guards collapsed around him and installed a bomb in a corner of the room. There was someone who was still breathing but it didn’t matter.

"It is small but it is enough to blow up the room. This will get rid of the bodies and evidence all at once.”

Tae-hyuk quickly left the security room and hit the detonator, causing the bomb to explode with a loud bang. Tae-hyuk was no longer interested as he looked at the Demon Revealing Mirror.

“Well. Interesting. This is how it works.”

[Find Chairman Song Won-jin and get information!]

A new message appeared on the Demon Revealing Mirror. The leader said that Chairman Song Won-jin was hiding in a hotel with a entertainment spot. Then his next destination was decided. He had to leave here before the people who heard the explosion came running.

Tae-hyuk walked out onto the streets where the hot sun was shining. It was a bit unsettling that he didn’t show any emotions after just killing dozens of people.

He had completely become a criminal.


A castle like structure was located not far from the city centre. It was the J Hotel that only the peak of the political and economic world could enter.

Of course, the hotel was luxurious and had the finest entertainment. As Tae-hyuk tried to enter, a security guard stopped him.

"This place is only for reserved guests.”

"Reserved? I made a reservation.”

“Huh? W-What?”

Tae-hyuk pretended to pull something out from his pocket and hit the guard’s head with his iron pipe. There were many people inside the building. A gunshot would definitely be noticed.

"I should use Transformation so that I can enter peacefully. In fact, I should’ve met the guards as Song Won-jin. I’m sorry.”

He didn’t sound sorry as he entered the hotel. A woman with a strange hair color approached him.

“Ah, Guest-nim! Welcome! Please let me know your reservation number and I will guide you there.”

She thought he was a normal guest because he passed through the entrance.

"Oh, I just went to the convenience store for a while. I don’t remember my room number.”

Tae-hyuk had turned into Song Won-jin before passing through the front door. A security guard would have to show a pass, but customers were different. With this face, he had a free pass.

The female staff replied with a smile.

"I'm sorry, could you tell me your membership number?”


Unfortunately, he didn’t know that. During this time, Song Won-jin’s phone might ring.

Should he threaten her with a gun? If he shot a few areas without killing her, then she would probably speak. As he was thinking that, a man passed by.

“Ah, C-Chairman! When did you leave? I’ll guide you back to your room.”

Tae-hyuk looked at the nametag of the other person and said.

"Uh, Chief Kim. Thank you.”

“Haha! No. We are always working so that Chairman-nim can relax.”

Fortunately, he was a person who knew Song Won-jin. Thanks to that, Tae-hyuk was able to easily find the room where Song Won-jin was staying.

As he opened the door, hot air and strange moaning could be heard.

“Pant...! Pant pant! W-What? I didn’t order room service.”

Song Won-jin, who was gasping for breath above a woman, turned and looked at the entrance.

“A-Ack! W-What?”

It was Chief Kim who reacted. Two people with the same face looked at each other. Of course, one person stood with a cynical expression while the other person was lying on the bed.

"Ah, Chief Kim went through a lot of trouble. Please rest.”

He swung the iron pipe at Chief Kim’s head. Then he entered the room and said,

“Chairman Song, it has been a while. Ah, I shouldn’t speak while looking like this.”

Tae-hyuk laughed and placed the skull mask on his face.

"I have a few things to ask you.”

“Kya, aaaack!”

The female who was with Song Won-jin screamed. Tae-hyuk also hit her with the iron pipe and sat next to Song Won-jin.

“Will you tell me? We are close friends.”

He took off the mask to reveal the face of Kim Tae-sung, the Bomber.

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