Chapter 149 - Phantoms Counterattack #4

Chapter 149 - Phantom’s Counterattack #4

A match against Phantom!

The first one to challenge Phantom was Yamaguchi Takeshi. Although the opponent’s abilities were fearsome, the number of chips played a huge role in Bluff Poker.

1 VS 143. It was such a huge difference that normally it wouldn’t even be a game. The basic bet of Bluff Poker started at 10 million won. It was like one person fighting against an army.

Yamaguchi watched the other bosses. Li Zheng still hadn’t escaped from the confusion of Phantom’s entry. Caterina bowed her head in silence.

The one who held the larger number of chips would surely kill the opponent. This was a great opportunity for Yamaguchi. The game would end once he snatched Phantom’s single chip. Of course, if he succeeded first then the others wouldn’t even be qualified to challenge.

"I will take the position of the vanguard.”

Tae-hyuk, who was wearing dealer’s clothes, sat in a chair and smiled.

"Um, the dealers aren’t in good shape so shall we play Bluff Poker by pulling cards one by one from the pile?”

Yamaguchi stroked his beard and said,

“Won’t you be able to cheat?”

"Then we will pull out a card for each other.”

"Hmm...then okay. I don’t like it but it can’t be helped.”

“I also want to add one condition.”

"What is it?”

"As you know, I might have to fight two more people in the future. Let’s not get caught up in things like betting and bluffing.”

"Maybe I’ll end it on my turn... well, do whatever you want.”

Tae-hyuk raised a partition and made a space for only two people around the table.

"No one else can interfere in this game.”

Yamaguchi nodded to signal that he was fine with it. Thus, Yamaguchi and Phantom’s Bluff Poker game began.

Yamaguchi had 143 chips worth 10 million won stacked in front of him. Phantom only had one chip.

Yamaguchi asked,

"If you don't do the basic bet then you can’t die right? Is it really okay?"

"I will keep my promise. Don’t worry.”

"Huhu...then it is my turn.”

Yamaguchi mixed 20 cards and put them on the table. Tae-hyuk shuffled them once more and placed it in the pile. Everything was ready for the game.

"I’ll go first.”

"Pull it out very slowly.”

"You seem to be uneasy.”

"There are many card sharks with hands that are faster than the eyes these days.”

Tae-hyuk grinned as he pulled out a card and laid it in front of Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi stared intently but couldn’t find any signs of a trick.

“Then it is my turn.”

All the preparations were finished and it was time for the cards to be opened.

Yamaguchi looked at Phantom’s hand.

A 6. It was a moderately high number, but the opponent also had a chance of defeat.

"But isn’t wearing a mask too unfair? This is called Bluff Poker.”

"I’ll take it off.”

Phantom pulled the opera mask off his face. Underneath the mask was Yamaguchi’s face.


He knew Phantom had this ability, but it was more amazing seeing it in person.

"Isn’t it better to have the same conditions?”

However, it didn’t need to be his face! Yamaguchi barely managed to refrain from shouting.

"Then let’s place the bets. I can only play the basic bet so I will bet 10 million.”


Yamaguchi pulled the card down from his forehead.

A 5. It was only one lower than Phantom.

“C-Cough. How lucky.”

"Then let’s do it quickly.”

The approach was the same. Draw a card, place it in front of the opponent, place it on the forehead, then bet. Phantom bet 20 million won. The preparations ended in an instant. The result was that Yamaguchi had a 2 and Phantom had a 3.


The difference wasn’t large, so Yamaguchi’s face darkened. But it was still okay.

No matter how ghostly he was, luck in gambling didn’t last. If Phantom lost once then it would be a fatal blow to him.

"Then, let’s go to the next round.”

"Do it.”

Phantom continued to go all-in. It was like a swordsman approaching death. It was literally fighting for their lives. If he didn’t kill the opponent then he would die.

20 million to 40 million... 80 million to 160 million...

Phantom’s chips continued to grow. In the end, Yamaguchi exploded.

A 2 card was attached to Phantom’s forehead. If it was the same pattern as before then Yamaguchi would have a 1.

“T-This is ridiculous! How does this keep continuing... It doesn’t make sense...”

“It is a coincidence. I am just a little more lucky than you.”


In the end,Yamaguchi had to give up his strategy of making Phantom go all-in. No, if this continued then he would lose. In that case, it was better to slowly adjust the betting.

Tae-hyuk shamelessly said,

"Let’s finish it all at once.”

Tae-hyuk pushed all his chips into the middle of the table. If Yamaguchi didn’t bet the same amount then he lose the round.

“This! First I will watch the situation. I give up this round. Anyway, the card on my head is a...”

Of course it would be a 1, so Yamaguchi forfeited and threw the card on the table. Then he opened his eyes and groaned.

"...H-Heok!” What? This!”

There was a card with a 10 on it, like it was making fun of Yamaguchi.

"Don’t you know that if you die with a 10, you have to pay double the bet? My apologies, but this is just the basics.”

“Y-You did all-in on a 10? If I accepted...”

"It would’ve been your victory.”

Yamaguchi had continued to score one below Phantom in several rounds. Phantom continued to declare all-in and won. Yamaguchi thought the result would be the same if he declared all-in this time.

But what was this? A 10?

"H-How the hell...? P-Phantom. Your luck...”

Yamaguchi muttered with a dark expression. Thus, Yamaguchi’s fighting spirit disappeared. All that was left was to take the remaining money. Tae-hyuk looked at Yamaguchi with a satisfied expression and said,

"Now, let's continue with the next hand.”

"Aaaagh, ahhhhhh!”


Within 10 minutes, Tae-hyuk had 1.44 billion won worth of chips. Now Phantom was the one who had the most chips here.


Tae-hyuk clicked his tongue as he saw Yamaguchi staring blankly up at the sky.

"In fact, you had a way to win.”

One person would intentionally lose 10 million won to Phantom. And another person would do the same thing. If all three people had 1.43 billion won, two people would now be reduced to 1.42 billion won. As a result, Phantom would become the property of the remaining person.

"In the end, no one wanted to make the sacrifice. Thus, nobody could get their hands on Phantom.”


The Red Mafia and Triads bosses still remained but the results wouldn’t change. They gave up their only chance of victory.

Tae-hyuk was able to change the card he pulled from the pile into whatever he wanted thanks to Counterfeit. As soon as he pulled a card, he naturally touched the next one. Thus, he used Counterfeit to change two cards at the same time.

Card counting? Controlling the dealer? Threatening with a gun?

None of that could beat Phantom, who could freely decide the numbers.

Yamaguchi was completely soulless. In the end, Mister Park, who was waiting in the hallway, had to come and help him.

"Next up are the Triads.”

"Bah. I won’t be as easy to beat.”


20 minutes was enough time to beat Li Zheng.



"Now, it is Caterina’s turn.”


Caterina bit her lip and asked,

"D-Do you dislike me so much?”

Tae-hyuk stroked her hair and smiled,

“No way, that is impossible. Anne is someone who needs to do something very important.”


"Let’s finish the game here. I have two things to offer Anne. Do you want to hear it?”


“Yes. If you give up the game here, then Anne will be able to obtain two benefits. You will lose to Phantom, but you will be ahead in points against the other bosses. I think that is enough to show the qualities of a boss."

"That is nonsense! That isn’t enough to get the recognition of the other bosses.”

"And after you give up, I will be the winner of this mafia game. What if such a person helps you?”


"Of course, I will refuse the position of head of the Korean branch. However, I will help you become the boss. Of course, you will have to return the chips to me.”

Tae-hyuk didn’t forget that his opponent still had 1.43 billion won worth of chips.

"Y-You will really do that?”

Caterina asked tearfully.

“Yes. You have been added to my precious balance.”


Caterina’s face reddened. But this wasn’t the end. Tae-hyuk brought his mouth close to Caterina’s ears and whispered,

"Well, the happy story ends here. Do you accept the offer?”

“...Of course, Phantom. Such conditions are welcome. I-I really appreciate you helping me.”

After finishing the story, Tae-hyuk went out and declared victory to the other bosses.

"The Red Mafia boss has given up the game. With this, I will announce the revenue of each team. I have 2.87 billion won. The Red Mafia has 1.43 billion won. Then the remaining two teams...”

Yamaguchi raised his body and said,

"Stop. It is our defeat. But why did you call us here if it was to end this way? You could’ve just met Girlie alone.”

Tae-hyuk replied with a smile.

"Ah, that? I will explain that now.”

He pressed a button and a monitor descended from the ceiling.

"It seems like you want to show us something.”

“Correct. Most of the cameras were used to hide the sleeping gas but there was a real one mixed in. This was taken.”


Yamaguchi coughed and looked at the monitor. Then something strange appeared. Phantom was putting something in Yamaguchi's chest.


“W-what is going on?"

Caterina shrieked as she saw the surgical scene without any mosaics.


Tae-hyuk patted her head and said,

“Don’t worry. I didn’t leave any scars.”

"W-What did you do to my body?”

“Illegal Surgery. I did the same to the other people so Grandfather, don’t be too sick.”

Li Zheng and Caterina’s faces turned pale.

“Now, the next scene.”

Tae-hyuk flicked his fingers and Li Zheng and Caterina appeared in turn. Caterina’s white breasts were exposed but she couldn’t afford to feel ashamed.

“W-What? What did you put in?”



“...Bomb? P-Please give a proper explanation!”

Li Zheng and Caterina tried to reach Phantom.

“The video isn’t over yet. Then I will let you know the power of the bomb.”

Once again, the screen changed. This time, the same thing that was placed in the chest of the bosses was installed in the front seat of a car. Tae-hyuk pressed a switch and the car exploded.

“Whoa. It is hot just looking at it.”

"I-In my chest...”

"If you try to get it out with surgery then it will explode, so be careful.”

"H-How the hell did you put it in?”

"Very precisely. Oh, I also put it in the bodies of your lieutenants so you can share your sorrow.”


Tae-hyuk slowly walked to the centre of the casino. It was the place where the huge monitor was installed. Then he spoke like he was a noble.

"Here we have the detonation switch. If I press it, then the boss and lieutenants will die at the same time.”

"This isn’t helping!”

"I would rather die than become your subordinate! Anyway, there are numerous candidates in the Triads. Any one of them can replace me...”

Tae-hyuk shook his head at Li Zheng’s violent reaction.

"You guys are just the messengers. What am I going to do with these detonators?”

They were shaped like a small fountain pen. Tae-hyuk gave out three of them to the bosses.

"From now on, you are holding the lives of the different bosses and their lieutenants in your hand. Can you fight against each other then?"

Yamaguchi looked at the detonator in his palm and muttered,

"T-The bombs will explode if I press this?”

“Yes. Be careful. There will be a real bang!”

Li Zheng’s face paled even further. Yamaguchi and Caterina could kill him anytime they liked.

"Then this is the last game. Who will be the first to push the detonator? Of course, the deadline is...”

"W-Who would do anything so dangerous...?!”

Tae-hyuk spread his arms open and declared,


The bosses were confused. They couldn’t press it because they didn’t know whose detonator they had. Still, they were aware that their lives were in their opponents’ hands.

"Thus, the mafia will need to get along during this game.”


Caterina quickly noticed Phantom’s purpose.

He wanted the Red Mafia, Triads and Yakuza to keep each other in check. Therefore, the bosses wouldn’t be able to fight a war against each other in South Korea. Of course, peace wouldn’t be sustained forever. But as long as the people here existed as bosses, they couldn’t move carelessly, making it like there was a truce.

“...It took only one night to shackle the mafia’s necks.”

Caterina touched her chest which contained the bomb installed by Phantom.

Her heart beat quickly. Even though she was treated like this, her love didn’t diminish.


“Ohu... Kuhuhuhu... Uhahahaha!”

Tae-hyuk laughed crazily as the people left and he was alone. Tae-hyuk installed bombs in the hearts of the participants of the mafia game and then returned the switches to their original owners.

"But they can’t press it unless they know who it belongs to! They might die themselves!”

If a boss touched the switch to kill another boss, the bomb in their chest would explode. Who would be the first one to blow themselves up?

The one certain thing was that the Red Mafia, the Triads and the Yakuza wouldn’t be able to fight each other or touch Korea for now. With this, the cats were collared.

“The mafia game ends with my victory! They can’t touch South Korea anymore. The police are already not my opponents! Now, come. I showed the quality of a king. Hahaha! Yes, from now on I am...”

Tae-hyuk took the phantom mask from his pocket and placed it on his face. The excitement heated up his head. Finally, Tae-hyuk shouted something.

“....A king!”

[You have won the mafia game.]

[Do you want to upgrade to a King status?]

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