Chapter 145 - War Between Criminals #4

Chapter 145 - War Between Criminals #4

There was a tense atmosphere at Incheon International Airport as dozens of mysterious men, wearing black suits and black sunglasses, exuded a heavy aura. Whenever the letters on the board changed, their turned their heads in tandem, like a mob of meerkats, to look at it.

“....Those people?”


"Aren’t they looking this way?”

“What are the police doing?”

The police could issue an eviction order if a group gave off a sense of oppression, but the black suits were standing away from each other, and couldn’t be accused of doing anything. The passengers at the airport looked at the dangerous men in black suits instead of approaching them.

At that moment, a plane arrived at gate 12. The atmosphere among the black suited men became tense as the door opened and passengers started to pour out. One man was visible among them. He was a sharp-eyed man wearing Chinese clothing. People started to talk as they saw him.

"Who is it? Unbelievably handsome!”

“Yes. An actor from China? Look at those clothes.”

"...I-I think you should be quiet. The men in black suits are gathering...”

The passengers moved away as the men in black suits moved and lined up. The black suited men bowed towards the person in unison.

"Welcome, President-nim!”

Li Zheng clicked his tongue as the black suited men greeted him loudly enough for his ears to ring. It was like advertising that the boss of the Triads had come. He was glad that the muscle-brained people called him ‘President’ instead of ‘Boss.’

Li Zheng was known as the president of a textile factory. He used that identity whenever he went abroad.

"I clearly said that only a few people should come and pick me up.”

"T-That, Phanto...isn’t he currently really active? If President-nim receives any damages...”

"It is groundless. Even if he is Phantom, there is no way for him to know my identity.”

Li Zheng laughed. It was impossible for Phantom to know that he was the boss of the Triads.

No, in the first place, Li Zheng didn’t exist in this world. He was one of the successors gathered from all across China and eventually made the boss of Huaqing. He had been able to become the boss after beating many competing successors since his childhood. Li Zheng was a nickname attached to him because he mainly used a blue club during the trainee days.

That’s why hackers trying to figure out the boss’ identity couldn’t find it. Even if Phantom had remarkable abilities, he couldn’t solve a problem that had no answer.

Li Zheng beckoned to his men.

“Let’s go.”


The dozens of black suited men started to follow after him. Phantom had made a symbol of himself and created Phantoms.

Li Zheng was also a symbol of Huaqing. So his identity would never be known...

Li Zheng left the airport to meet his limousine ride. However, one of the black suited men quickly followed behind him. He approached so closely that Li Zheng could feel his breaths. The black suited man brought his mouth to Li Zheng’s ears and whispered,

"I don’t think that is the case.”


The rest of the group yelled with confusion.

“H-Hey! What are you doing? Get away from Boss!”

"Did you eat something bad yesterday? You looked fine...”

“B-Boss-nim... I-I’m really sorry. Maybe due to the hot weather...”

Walking without thinking and bumping into the boss. Such rudeness couldn’t be forgiven in the organization. However, the person in question just faced Li Zheng with a firm expression. Such behaviour could only be forgiven from the bosses of the other divisions. There were those who put their hands in their pockets like they wanted to blow his head off right away.

The insane man in the black suit said,

"I want to talk to you for a bit. Didn’t you also want to meet with me?”

The man slowly took off his sunglasses and placed an opera mask on his face. Phantom stood in the place where the black suited man was.

Phantom said,

"Hello, boss of Huaqing, ‘Li Zheng’. No, I should say No Name.”


Li Zheng's body froze. He could understand Phantom standing in front of him.

...But how did he know Li Zheng’s identity? It was absolutely impossible. Li Zheng was so stunned he thought he was going to pass out. It was the first time he felt like this since he was born.

“It must be quite strange that I know your name.”

"H-H-how, that...”

Tae-hyuk said with a smile,

“Isn’t it written on your face?”


He wasn’t telling a joke. He literally read the opponent’s name that was floating in the air. Of course, this was because because he had Hawk Eyes.

Three days ago, Phantom had perceived a strange atmosphere as he watched the Triads. After realizing this, Tae-hyuk disguised himself as a member. The organization members seemed awfully busy. They cleaned up and brought in luxury furniture, as if a VIP was coming.

Tae-hyuk had seen something similar in the army.

‘When the commander visited my unit... The preparation took five weeks for a meeting that only lasted five minutes.’

It meant that someone high-ranking from China was coming. Therefore, Tae-hyuk joined the welcoming committee. Surprisingly, it was the boss who they were meeting.

‘No Name, unknown. Now I understand why the bosses of the Triads are veiled in secrecy.’

China had the One Child Policy for 35 years. The second born child of a low income family wouldn’t be on the family register and would live a cattle-like life. They were left to roam the back streets and were often picked up by the criminal organizations. Among the numerous nameless people who entered, Li Zheng entered up being a boss.

Tae-hyuk moved closer to Li Zheng. The other black suited men couldn’t approach and just yelled,

“G-Get away from Boss!”

"You know what? If I wanted to then he would be dead 150 times already.”


Tae-hyuk pulled out an invitation and placed it in Li Zheng’s pocket with a smile.

“This is a party invitation. Come if you can. I will be holding a very enjoyable game.”


"If you went then I will tell you how I found out your name.”


Li Zheng’s eyes trembled.

Then he looked down at Phantom’s invitation. The words ‘Mafia Game’ were written on it.

"You are inviting me to a mafia game?”

There was no answer. Li Zheng looked around like he had seen a ghost.

Phantom had already disappeared.


His men fell down in front of Li Zheng, who was dressed to attend a party, and begged.

“B-Boss! You can’t go in there! This place is dangerous. It is clear that Phantom installed a trap!”

Li Zheng ignored the request of his loyal subordinates.

"If he was going to kill me, then I would’ve crossed the river by now. This invitation obviously means something.”

The only thing stated was the name of a hotel lounge. Li Zheng was one of 13 bosses and a symbol of the Triads, yet he was going directly to a suspicious place like this. His men had to stop him, even if it cost them their lives.

"I understand why you are worried. However, the place mentioned on the invitation is a hotel lounge where many people gather. If he doesn’t want to be infamous, then Phantom can’t bomb it or go on a shooting spree.”

"I-It is still dangerous! At the very least, guards...”

“Of course I will. Phantom didn’t stay that I had to come alone.”

“Huu... Then I will carefully select among our elites.”


Time passed quickly and it was the time marked on the invitation. Li Zheng went to the hotel lounge with nine guards in order to meet Phantom. The hotel was gorgeous enough to be rated five stars. But to Li Zheng, who lived surrounded by all types of luxury, it seemed ordinary. Despite the fact that it was a weekday evening, there were a lot of people in the lounge.

Li Zheng went to the bar and ordered a martini. His guards stayed within 10 meters of him. If they were with him then he could flee no matter what happened. The guards would protect Li Zheng, even if they died doing so.

Then the bartender spoke to him,

“Customer-nim, I’m sorry but did you come to attend the game?”

Li Zheng was baffled. He wondered if Phantom was disguised as the bartender. But that didn’t seem to be the case.

“That’s right.”

"Oh, I almost forgot. He asked me to deliver this if someone like you entered.”

The bartender pulled out a VR machine from a drawer. There were safety goggles and a machine that allowed someone to see 3D videos, as if one was experiencing it himself.

"Hrmm... Who gave this to you?”

"He wore a black suit and black sunglasses.”

Li Zheng swallowed back his groan.

It was clearly Phantom. He searched with a portable detector but didn’t see any traces of explosives.

"It doesn’t look dangerous.”

In the end, he gulped and placed the VR machine on his face. The switch was pressed and the recorded video played.

-Hello. Bosses of the Triads, Yakuza and Red Mafia.


Li Zheng almost screamed as Phantom’s voice flowed into his ears. He wasn’t alone in this place? As Phantom said, the bosses of the Yakuza and Red Mafia were watching this video somewhere in the lounge.

-There are many surprised expressions. Oh, don’t get too excited. You aren’t the only ones who brought your men. They did as well.

If the bosses of the Yakuza and Red Mafia were here then Li Zheng could use his guards to secure them.

“...Anyway, it is a recorded video. He just wants to imitate a mind-reader.”

Li Zheng licked his lips.

It was the same with Mister Park and Semon. In fact, most of the people in the lounge were from the mafia. One wrong move would turn this into a battleground. It was the same as pointing a gun at each other’s heads.

The bosses were forced to focus on Phantom’s video. They would listen to Phantom’s message first and decide what to do next. It was the best they could do right now.

-I guess you have some ideas. Then I will tell you why I called the bosses here. Until now, I have gone against all the mafia in South Korea. But I’m feeling a little weak. I think I should hold hands with one side.

Li Zheng gulped.

Phantom had been dealing with the mafia alone. What would happen if he joined hands with one of them? Then they would dominate.

-Now, now. This is a reminder that it is a joyous celebration. One week from now. I will prepare a stage where we can all play games happily. Then I will hold hands with the victor. How about it? Simple isn't it?

Of course, some people will have a grudge against me. I’ll give them my head. If you want me strength then that is good. Of course, I can also get married. In other words, Phantom himself is the prize. Now, how about it? Are you getting interested?


Everybody’s eyes flashed at the contents. Playing the mafia game that Phantom created? If they won then Phantom was the prize. It wasn’t just at the level of holding hands since he said he would give them his life.

Li Zheng had something he wanted to ask. To do that, he had to win the mafia game. Of course, he would cut off Phantom’s head after receiving the answer. After all, he had killed plenty of his own subordinates.

Mister Park smiled. This was the stage for him. Getting Phantom meant that he could rule South Korea. No, he could get more if Phantom’s abilities were added.

Caterina’s face turned red. If she won the game, then he would marry her? To do that, she had to compete with the other bosses. Her life itself was a struggle. It was natural to fight to get what she wanted.

In the end, the bosses all came to the same conclusion. They would attend the mafia game!


“““I must acquire Phantom...!”””

Thus, the mafia bosses made their decisions and their fighting spirits blazed.


“―Of course, victory is mine.”

Tae-hyuk smiled and listed out the conditions to participate in the mafia game.

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