Chapter 143 - War Between Criminals #2

Chapter 143 - War Between Criminals #2

"Ah, yes. These devices are a little bit like Phantoms. Should I call them Phantomz?”

Tae-hyuk muttered as he drove a stolen car down a small street. It seemed like he was thinking about something.

“Phantomz, Phantomz. Well. Good!”

Inside the trunk were special bombs made by the Bomber. Even if he could leave other things to the Phantoms, he would install the bomb himself. He wanted to reduce the damage to the civilians as much as possible.

However, the bomb would blow the whole building down. Many people not involved with the Triads would be affected.

“I've already started this. If so, I will carry the guilt.”

Tae-hyuk felt emotional.

Still, it was strange. Since he started to fight the mafia in earnest, he had killed many people, directly or indirectly. However, rather than feeling guilty, he felt like it was something he had to do. This was surely a criminal...

"Oh, I really am a criminal.”

He had always paid attention to his bodily and psychological changes ever since he first received the crime skills. The higher his stats climbed, the more he felt like someone else. It got worse after Phantom appeared and he started his activities in earnest.

"It is like there is another personality called Phantom.”

Tae-hyuk shook his head at the thought. He had a mountain of work to do. There was no time to spend on such introspection.


At that moment, a message arrived on his phone. He parked the car and checked the message. It was from a Phantom.

-I can confirm that this medical centre is involved in organs trafficking. There are traces of Chinese mail being sent and received from the computer in the head office. The information...

His Phantoms were doing a lot of work.

" much money have I spent on this?”

Because there were so many people looking for Phantom, all communication had to be through burner phones. He also hired a hacker through Moonlight Flower to disperse the call history. But this wasn’t the end.

"The activity fees for the Phantoms are coming from my pocket... There will be a deficit this month.”

All the savings he earned in the meantime were shrinking at the speed of light. Well, if he found the Yamashita gold, then he could get back his money a thousand times over. 

There was no need to look at all of the message. The place he was entering now was run by the Triads. Things similar to the events of the Doll Play incident would be going on.

"Plus, it is right next to a port so it is easy to move things.”

Tae-hyuk ordered the Phantoms to retreat from the medical centre. Except for the operating rooms that were deep underground, it was an ordinary medical facility. The core personnel such as the doctors and guards were people dispatched from the Triads. But in addition to them, it was necessary to have people who would operate the medical centre.

In other words, there were plenty of gaps.

‘From the second floor upwards, general patients are hospitalized. Then the operating rooms are only underground?’

He wanted to get rid of all the doctors, but he decided to endure it. He wasn’t aiming at the destruction of the enemy.

“Let's see.”

Tae-hyuk opened the trunk and check the bombs inside. There were many types available for use in different situations.

"This is too explosive, so the building might collapse if placed in the wrong area... This should be enough.”

He picked the right type and moved it to the front seat. On the surface, it looked like an ordinary briefcase. But if someone tried to forcefully open it or it was the appointed time, the briefcase would explode with a huge force. From now on, he had to install it in the basement of the medical centre and escape before it exploded 600 seconds later.

He opened the drawer in the driver’s door and saw the familiar Russian made pistol. He placed it at his waist and triggered Vehicle Theft. There was the sound of the engine starting and the car’s appearance changed.

The medium sized car became a luxury Mercedes. The camouflage attribute was to escape without being seen by the police, but he mainly used it to hide his identity. He changed his face into Cho Kang-suk’s and looked like the chauffeur of a luxury car.

“Counterfeit and Camouflage. The abilities are similar but I like the fact that I don’t need to worry by using both at once.”

As he arrived at the medical centre, the security guard watching the  back door blocked the car.

"I’m sorry, but if you have an appointment at the medical center, then please go via the front way.”

Tae-hyuk rolled down the window and said,

"Didn’t you hear from the director? I have a reservation today.”

The guard nodded and said,

"Oh, you are a guest here. I understand. Come in."

Tae-hyuk smiled and stepped on the pedal.

As he parked the car in a good location, the guard came hurrying over. He had realized something was strange.

"I-I'm really sorry. What is the name of the person riding in the back? I asked the director and there are no plans for a surgery today...”

"Oh, the person in the back?”

“Yes. I’m sorry. The atmosphere is tense these days.”

"The grim reaper bastard.”

Tae-hyuk hit the guard with the iron pipe that was hidden in the back seat of the car.

“I’ve smashed a few places so the guards are more careful these days. I have to watch out in the future.”

Other guards would notice over time and come flocking. Tae-hyuk grabbed the briefcase and headed to the underground area of the medical centre.


“Y-You! What are you...”

“Yes. Bullet Time.”

Tae-hyuk invoked Bullet Time as guards with guns gathered around him. His mind accelerated and time seemed to be going dozens of times slower.

'It is surprisingly busy despite there being no booking today. Are they preparing to export the products?’

Tae-hyuk clicked his tongue and fired at the guards.

'It is made using Forgery but it is almost the same as the real thing. Isn’t this almost an art?’

After becoming a Noble, the attribute Trace was added to Forgery. It had the ability to copy not only the appearance, but the function of the object. He could make bullets and guns if he had the materials.

However, Shooting Spree couldn’t be used with his created guns, so he had to be satisfied with just bullets.

'How do you like the taste of the bullets that I sweated to make!’

As the guards all fell, Tae-hyuk leisurely turned off Bullet Time. Then a scream belatedly entered his ears.




There was a security camera in the hallway. Other guards would see it and come flocking. He had to finish all the work before that. Tae-hyuk quickly left the medical centre after setting up the  bomb in a place that was deep underground.

But it was strange. He didn’t see any other security guards.

They weren’t just responsible for protecting this place. They handled all types of dirty things from kidnapping to corpse handling. Thus, there were at least 10 security guards working at the medical centres.

Tae-hyuk clicked his tongue.

"Did they run away because Phantom attacked?”

He had already blown away five of the Triads’ businesses. He used the method of blowing up the buildings.

Tae-hyuk disguised himself as a guard who he had killed already. Then he headed into the lobby of the medical centre.

“R-Run away! P-Phantom!”

"A bomb will explode! Take your valuables and run away!”

"What about the hospitalized patients?”

“Fuck! Our lives are more important, so why should we worry about them? Destroy all of the important documents and flee!”

Tae-hyuk smiled as he looked at the staff members running around. The man, who seemed to be the director, screamed when he saw Tae-hyuk.

“What are you doing? Why are you just standing there? Pack up and prepare to escape like planned...”

Ah, they even practiced running away. Tae-hyuk quietly pulled out the opera mask and placed it on his face.

“Oh, it looks like you are busy. I’m sorry. Can I ask questions at the reception desk?”


"Don’t stutter because your panties are so tight. When will the ship come to the port to pick up the exported goods?”


"It seems like it is hard to say. Do you want a little help?”

Tae-hyuk pulled out his gun and aimed it at the director.

“I’ll ask once again. When will the smuggling vehicle come?”

The director of the medical centre flopped to the ground and said,

“T-Tonight at 8 o’clock... But you can’t meet them unless I contact... S-So please, my life...”

Tae-hyuk pulled out the phone from the director’s pocket and said,

"Thank you! You contact them on this?”

“Yes, yes. That's right.”

"Thank you. Oh, this is a gift."

Tae-hyuk pulled out a pair of handcuffs and placed one link on the handle of the briefcase he was holding. The other side was connected to the director’s hand.

“Don’t try to open this. It might pop.”

"Aaaagh!" B-Bomb...!”

"Then I hope you can escape safely."

Tae-hyuk walked out of the medical centre. A bomb was connected to the director’s hand! The employees screamed and ran away after realizing this. The director shrieked.

"C-Cut it off right now! Bring a tool! Even if it is from the operating room, just bring a tool!

What on earth would be cut off? Tae-hyuk was very curious but just left.

The security guards were too busy trying to deal with the bomb connected to the director that they didn’t chase Tae-hyuk.

"Will he be shocked to know that only documents are inside?”

The real bomb was in the basement of the building. There were 480 seconds until the bomb would explode.

Tae-hyuk started the car as he imagined what would happen in the meantime.


After the medical center, dealing with the transport ship was anticlimactic. The sun rose and broke apart the darkness of the sea.

"The trees will blow like this on the weekend.”

Tae-hyuk looked at the blood on his clothes. He thought he had been careful but some seemed to splattered on his clothes. He had shot many bullets in the darkness.

"I won’t be able to go home like this. I should go to a public bath.”

After setting his next destination, he stretched and started the car. This time he was Phantom, not Seo Tae-hyuk.


At the same time.

The Red Mafia, Yakuza and the Triads were feeling various emotions.

Li Zheng’s one was anger. The young boss of the Huaqing Triad, Li Zheng, opened his drawer after hearing the report from his subordinate. He aimed a gun at the subordinate and pulled the trigger.

Taaang - tang!

The subordinate instantly collapsed.

Li Zheng muttered,

"I thought he was just a clown, but now he is trying to bite. I can’t just continue watching.”

Li Zheng ordered another subordinate to get rid of the dead body.

“Yes, I understand.”

Even though a colleague had died, his eyes were burning with loyalty. If Li Zheng ordered him to commit suicide, he would do it without any hesitation.

"Prepare a private plane. I will meet directly with Phantom.”


His men were confused. He was a boss with countless subordinates, yet he was going to meet Phantom directly. It was too dangerous.

However, determination was fully entrenched in Li Zheng’s eyes. In the end, his men couldn’t stop Li Zheng.

The case of Yamaguchi Takeshi, the leader of Japan’s Yakuza, was curious.

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