Chapter 130 - Mister Parks Identity #3

Chapter 130 - Mister Park’s Identity #3

As they followed the path that Phantom marked on the path, they didn’t see many believers. It was the perfect escape route.

Cho Min-hyuk once again marvelled at Phantom’s abilities.

"But what will happen to Song Chi-hyun sunbae?”

"Wasn’t he caught by the believers?”

"If we don’t have his magic tricks, then in the future... What will we do?”

They weren’t worried about Song Chi-hyun’s safety. They were just colleagues, so it was none of their business if he was caught. They would easily betray each other in order to live. This was an appropriate relationship for partners in crime.

“Forget about that magician. Anyways, it is enough if we just show a few tricks once in awhile. Plus, we have Phantom’s skills. Try to imagine it. Phantom appearing before the public.”

“Whoa! There will obviously be a tremendous response.”

"It will be the greatest hit ever, beyond a jackpot. Ohuhu... This time we won’t receive Oyabun’s help, so let’s try hard from the beginning.”


Cho Min-hyuk recalled Phantom’s absurd abilities. His know-how and Park Bum-ho’s story. What if it was accompanied by Kim Jin-woo’s production? It was obvious that the public would go crazy. Just imagining it caused a smile to appear on his face.

"Once that happens, thousands of people won’t be a problem. Perhaps tens... No, it will be hundreds of thousands of people.”

Cho Min-hyuk felt a twitch in his chest. He felt tremendous expectations towards the future.

Park Bum-ho looked closely at the escape route on the map and said.

"We just need to turn right there.”

If they crossed the wall in front of them, then a car would be waiting on the other side. Once they rode it, they could get out of this place. Their short escape was reaching the end.

Cho Min-hyuk looked at the home of ‘Sun’, where he had stayed for a while.

“Aigoo... I didn’t know it would end up this way. Anyway, right now I am running away. Just wait. Within a year, I will create a group large enough to swallow Sun.”

Kim Jin-woo listened to his words and agreed.

"I hope so.”

“We are going to be legends. Hahaha!”

He stepped on the Park Bum-ho’s hand and climbed the wall first. Next, it was Kim Jin-woo’s turn. Then the two people pulled Park Bum-ho up on the wall. In a flash, the three people had crossed the wall. It was a proficient move that thieves were capable of.

"I think that is the car that Phantom mentioned.”

Park Bum-ho pointed to a medium sized sedan that was parked. It was so waxed that the car could be used as a mirror.

A big man in a black suit opened the door of the car. He had short cropped hair and black sunglasses. Anyone looking at him would think he was a gangster.

"Are you sure he is the driver?”

“It seems so.”

As they approached, the driver asked,

“Are you Cho Min-hyuk?”

"Yes, that’s right.”

"But I heard there would be three people with you.”

Cho Min-hyuk shook his head and explained,

"One person unfortunately...”

“Well, three is good enough. Then get in the car.”

They quietly nodded and boarded the car. The driver climbed into his seat and said,

"Can you please put on your seat belts?”

“Ah, um. Right.”

After confirming that their seat belts were on, the driver added,

“Whoops, I forgot the most important thing. Would you like to have this?”

He pulled out something shiny and threw it into the backseat.

“Huh? What...”



Cho Kang-suk, who had been treated as a gangster, turned back to them and declared,

"I am arresting you for murder, imprisonment, assault and drug trafficking! You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.  You have the right to an attorney and to have the attorney speak for you when asked a question. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?”


"If you don’t put it on then I will help you directly. What do you want to do?”

"W-We are innocent...”

“Hah, I really got lucky. The prosecutor’s office was paying attention to the movements of the Sun group. Then evidence was found. Sun’s code of conduct doesn’t allow for deserters does it? If someone tries to desert, then aren’t they killed? Ah, don’t worry. I have the evidence right here.”


"Oh, the person who gave it to me asked me to tell you this. Make sure to put you in a religion free prison. I did as he asked, so the place where you will be staying is decided. Do you know the Black Tortoise Prison? You can work hard at your religious activities there. Then who knows? Maybe you can go to heaven.”


Cho Min-hyuk struggled to get out of the car. However, the seat belts couldn’t be removed no matter what they did.

"Ah, I placed glue on the joints so it can’t be taken off unless a special solvent is used. Then I will drive you to your destination comfortably.”

“P-Phantom... That bastard tricked me!”

Cho Min-hyuk cursed his unseen opponent.

However, Phantom hadn’t spoken any lies. Being locked up in prison was the easier way to escape from the Yakuza’s hands.


Cho Min-hyuk and his bishops were arrested by Cho Kang-suk. He made his way down the road like it was an eight lane highway.

However, the remaining people were a problem. They found out about the leader’s deceit and discovered that Sun was a cult. Still, the atmosphere didn’t quite dissolve. 

A person who was exceptionally faithful and who was the representative of the believers climbed on stage. He grabbed the microphone and told the believers,

“All of you are free to return home. But although the leaders were fake, I believe that the teachings of Hwanin are real. Hwanin is an existence that clearly exists. He might’ve been used as part as a scam, but once he knows that we are waiting, I believe that Hwanin will come down from the sky to save us.”

"Aye! I'll wait!”

"Me too! I was born again because of Hwanin! Even though the impostor blurred his name, Hwanin really exists in the world!”

More than half the believers responded to the representative’s words. However, it wasn’t everyone.

“Che! Another one... What Hwanin...? I’m going home. Jang-ssi as well?”

"You can go home but I will stay here.”

The representative holding the microphone raised his voice,

"All those who want to leave are welcome to. We won’t oppress any deserters. Just remember Hwanin’s teachings. Wait for him as well. It is free to enter and leave.”

Thus, the believers divided into two groups. Tae-hyuk licked his lips at the sight.

“This is why I only got 300 affinity points. In the end, I can’t save the people who have already fallen into the mud.”

Only 30% returned to their homes. The remaining members renamed themselves ‘Dawn’. A new cult was born.

Tae-hyuk sighed and mixed among the people who were leaving. Then a familiar face was seen. Once Tae-hyuk approached, Lee Gun-woo clearly knew him.

"Ah, this cool face... P-Phan...”

Tae-hyuk raised a finger to his lips. Then Lee Gun-woo nodded.

“T-Thank you for saving me! Greet him as well. This is...”

Lee Min-young was pulled over by Lee Gun-woo and reluctantly bowed.

"Thank you for helping me regain my mind. I really appreciate it, Phantom.”

It was decided that they would leave Dawn and return home. Tae-hyuk touched the Phantom mask hidden on his body and said,

"Well, I was able to fool them thanks to you. So how long do you have left? I hope you finish your remaining military life well.”

Lee Gun-woo’s eyes widened at Phantom’s words. Tae-hyuk had harsh memories of the military. But he wasn’t like Lee Gun-woo, whose life was twisted due to it.

‘Wait. Won’t I get a draft notice next year? I have to experience the army twice... Ah...’

As Tae-hyuk was thinking about the unpleasant memories, Lee Min-young said to him,

"This isn’t the best place, but can I please get your signature?”

“Well. It isn’t that hard. Do you have a paper or pen?”

"Oppa, do you have a pen?”


“Ah... The rare opportunity to get the Phantom’s autograph...”

Lee Min-young shook her head with a grim expression. Tae-hyuk said with a smile,

“By the way, do you want to see a magic trick?”


The next evening.

Tae-hyuk had set up a trap to catch Mister Park and wanted to make sure that all of the preparations were correct.

"Hrmm, the cameras and mikes are perfect. The boss is resting well in the warehouse... Now Mister Park just needs to come.”

He was disguised as Cho Min-hyuk. Tae-hyuk contacted him urgently stating there was a problem. All the goods and personnel needed to operate Sun were supplied by Cho Min-hyuk.

It wasn’t strange to meet this way. First of all, he needed to find out Mister Park’s identity. Then he would take measures against the Yakuza.

“It is time.”

The appointment time was 6 o’clock. Exactly one minute remained. Tae-hyuk finally looked at his face in the Demon Revealing Mirror. It was the same face as Cho Min-hyuk, so even his biological parents wouldn’t recognize him.

"Uh, I’m strangely tense...”

At best, he was just meeting with one of the Yakuza’s subordinates. But he felt something strange.

"It is the same as what I felt when I found Yoo Cheol-ho and realized that my memories of the future were real.”

Tae-hyuk swallowed his saliva. It was obvious that Mister Park would have a bigger influence on him than Yoo Cheol-ho.


The door opened and a man in his 40s entered the cafe. The cafe had a CLOSED sign so it obviously wasn’t a passing customer. This meant...

"Exactly 6 o’clock. I’m not late. You wanted to meet me?”

Tae-hyuk looked at him blankly. It was the first time he was so surprised since gaining the future memories. An unexpected person was standing in front of him.

‘Zombie? No, ghost? Or twins?’

The name of the other person unknowingly fell in a whisper from Tae-hyuk’s mouth.

“Park Jung-hwan...”

In his ‘past life’, Tae-hyuk was framed for killing him and received the death penalty.

Big Mama said that he died two years ago. However, that Park Jung-hwan was now grinning in front of Tae-hyuk.

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