Chapter 129 - Mister Parks Identity #2

Chapter 129 - Mister Park’s Identity #2

Cho Min-hyuk looked at the person who magically appeared with a blank expression. Then he shouted as he realized who they were.


The mask only covered the upper part of the face. Therefore, the scammers could see Phantom’s expression. He looked down at them with a smile. In a dark room with no light, the white mask worn by Phantom gave off an eerie atmosphere.

Cho Min-hyuk gulped as cold sweat flowed down his chin. Phantom said,

"Aren’t you missing a person?”

Then Kim Jin-woo screamed indignantly,

“Song Chi-hyun was caught by the believers! W-Whose fault do you think it is?!”

"It is karma for deceiving all the believers over the years. You can’t be like a politician and blame others.”

“This bastard...”

Kim Jin-woo gazed at Phantom like he wanted to strike. He touched the cutlery that was secretly hidden. The person in front of them was a criminal that even the special forces couldn’t catch. In addition, according to the Oyabun, Phantom was the one who handled the notorious Big Brother killer sent by the Triads. They wouldn’t be able to live if they attacked him.

Damn... If he knew this then he would’ve brought a gun.

While Kim Jin-woo and Park Bum-ho were thinking about how to fight that monster...

Cho Min-hyuk quickly regained his cool and opened his mouth,

"You aren’t as big as the rumors. There would’ve been tremendous benefits if you hadn’t destroyed the cult. With those abilities, you could easily be the head of a religious cult. Being called a god by millions of people...”

Tae-hyuk smiled and interrupted Cho Min-hyuk,

"I don’t have a particular reason for shattering Sun. I'm sorry but you just caught my eyes.”

"Y-You kicked the pumpkin for that reason?!”

"Actually, what I care about are the pumpkin leaves.”

“...What does that mean?”

Tae-hyuk beckoned them to come closer. The cult leaders were overwhelmed by the atmosphere given off by Phantom and quietly gathered around.

"I will summarize your situation in simple terms. The leader gathered a talented magician, a writer, and an engineer to create the pseudo-religion Sun. Your abilities showed a strange synergy and the group increased at a rapid pace.”

The cult leaders stared dumbly. Phantom’s words were all true. He really seemed to have a technique to read people’s minds.

"Then someone passing by smashed the plate. Well, let’s say that all the accumulated evil spirits exploded.”

Tae-hyuk laughed as he saw Kim Jin-woo’s face distorting. Anyone who had their profit machine broken in front of them would react in a similar way. Cho Min-hyuk stopped the agitated Kim Jin-woo from rushing towards Tae-hyuk and said.

"You didn’t come here just to tease us. It seems like you want something.”

He realized that they weren’t a match for Phantom. Cho Min-hyuk’s tone towards Phantom had become quite cautious.

"You noticed quickly. Is this how you were the leader for several years? Yes. What I want is a deal. Right now, the fanatics are aiming for you. They are searching and will discover you in a few minutes. What would happen then? Personally, I think the correct answer is either an Oriental Express style murder case or the French Revolution.”

Cho Min-hyuk started sweating at the conclusions.

"So let's skip the complicated story. I have a suggestion. I will help you guys escape from here. Instead, answer a question for me. Isn’t it very simple?”

“...What will happen if I lie?”

"You can say whatever your like, but there might be a punishment after you are free.”


"For reference, I want to know about the ‘Yakuza’ who are behind you.”


Cho Min-hyuk controlled his expression, but the other two turned white like ghosts.

"If that was a question then I would’ve read the answer from your expressions.”


Tae-hyuk spread both hands out and declared,

“Come, choose. The Yakuza in the distance, or Phantom in front of you. Your fates will be changed depending on your choice.”


Cho Min-hyuk was worried.

He had to accept Phantom’s offer in order to survive. The issue was that Phantom wanted information on the Yakuza. If he made the wrong choice then he could meet a group of lions while trying to escape a tiger.

However, he couldn’t reject. Without Phantom’s help, it would be difficult to get out of here alive. Then what should he do?

In the end, Cho Min-hyuk came to a conclusion. First of all, he decided to see what Phantom could do for them.

“...It isn’t enough to just escape from here. If the Yakuza finds out that I spoke to you about them then it will be hard for me to survive after leaving here. I’d rather...”

"There will be an after-sales service. Don’t worry. I’ve already thought about that.”

Cho Min-hyuk smiled as he answer he wanted emerged from Phantom’s mouth.

“Hoh, that means...”

“Yes. I’ll send you to a place where the Yakuza absolutely can’t touch you. Once there, you can do the same thing that you are doing now. Of course, it can be hard starting from the beginning, so I will go and help you a few times if you want. Is this enough?”


The conditions weren't perfect, but Cho Min-hyuk decided to be satisfied with this much. A lot of their earnings were siphoned off to the Yakuza. If they took advantage of Phantom’s power, then they could get a lot more revenue than they were right now.

Cho Min-hyuk asked for confirmation.

"Will we really be in a place where the Yakuza can’t reach us?”

“Yes. I promise for sure. Don’t worry about it.”

"What about the profits we earn? Do we have to give you a share?”

"Of course it is all yours.”

Unlike the Yakuza, his services were free. If that was the case, this might be a huge jackpot. Yes, they were simply changing clients. Didn’t this sort of thing happen frequently?

Cho Min-hyuk slowly reached out his hand.

“I understand Phantom. I will accept the offer. I will be happy to tell you all I know. Then we are business partners.”

"Business partners. You can say that.”

Tae-hyuk smiled with satisfaction and shook Cho Min-hyuk’s hand. Thus, the cult leaders made an alliance with the criminal called Phantom.

Cho Min-hyuk told Tae-hyuk everything he knew about the Yakuza. The contents that emerged from his mouth was half expected.

Japan was a country where numerous cults existed. Of course, many of them were backed by the Yakuza. Cho Min-hyuk was a Korean but he had grown up in a Japanese cult since childhood. Then a Yakuza executive saw his talent and made a suggestion.

'Create a cult in South Korea. I will give you support for it.’

The goal was to us the followers to do things behind the scenes. Therefore, Cho Min-hyuk decided to go to South Korea where he could be the leader of a cult. And over time, Cho Min-hyuk became the leader of the Sun Cult.

"It seems like the Yakuza are planning something in South Korea.”

It wasn’t much different from the Triads. Drug growing, organ trafficking, etc. Those things couldn’t be done in their country.

Tae-hyuk extended his notebook. It was the drawing of the strangely familiar man wearing black sunglasses. Cho Min-hyuk might know who he was.

"Oh, it is too small so I don’t know if this is correct. That is Mister Park.”

“Mister Park?”

Tae-hyuk narrowed his eyes and muttered the name. It was the same title that he found in the Blue Dragon Prison warden’s notes. Was it simply a coincidence?

“Yes. An agent of the Oyabun. Most of the orders come through him. I also trade the necessary supplies through Mister Park.”

"I see. Do you know anything else about him?”

"Only that he is Korean... Oh, I will notify you if he ever contacts me. But you won’t be able to meet him unless I contact you personally.”

In order words, Phantom wouldn’t be able to meet Mister Park without his help. Tae-hyuk laughed and said,

"Don’t worry about that.”


Cho Min-hyuk felt goose bumps at suddenly hearing his voice from the other person. Once again, he realized how his opponent was.

"For your mental health, I won’t take off this mask.”

"T-Thank you."

Cho Min-hyuk wasn’t that familiar with the Yakuza. Most of his information was useless. However, he was a person with contacts to Mister Park. If he used Cho min-hyuk's voice and face, it was possible to meet with him.

"It seems like we can’t stay in here much longer. Shall we leave?”

Tae-hyuk quietly led them out of the room. The encirclement of the believers was imminent.

“This is a blueprint of the building. If you follow the escape route that I wrote down then you can escape from here.”

"W-We are surrounded by the believers...”

“I will attract the attention of the believers. If the believers follow me in the opposite direction, then the encirclement will be broken. You can escape through the crack.”

“However, Phantom is alive, so how can you be three people... Ah, you will use your skills.”

"That's correct.”

Phantom was capable of freely changing his face. He would use it and head in the opposite direction of their escape route. In the meantime, the scammers would leave here.

Cho Min-hyuk nodded with understanding. Tae-hyuk pointed to an area outside the building.

"A man will be waiting here for you. If you follow him then the Yakuza absolutely won’t be able to touch you.”

“I understand. Thank you Phantom.”

Phantom disappeared into the darkness.

Cho Min-hyuk, Kim Jin-woo and Park Bum-ho followed the escape path on the map.

"We just need to follow this path.”

The cult leaders started walking towards the destination without knowing what was waiting for them.

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