Chapter 128 - Mister Parks Identity #1

Chapter 128 - Mister Park’s Identity #1

He pulled out the Demon Revealing Mirror and checked the message.

[317 affinity points have been acquired.]

[You can use the affinity points to enhance crime skills or activate hidden attributes.]

‘317 affinity points?!’

Until now, he had mainly only received around 10 at a time. It was the first time he obtained so many points in one go.

‘My prediction was right. I get affinity points for changing someone’s fate.’

It was rare for people to lose their lives after getting involved with Sun. Despite that, he gained more than 300 points so Tae-hyuk’s hypothesis was correct.

‘Then how should I use these points?’

He could strengthen all the skills he had. However, Tae-hyuk hadn’t received any new skills since he had acquired Illegal Surgery. The more skills that Tae-hyuk added, the wider range of things that he could do.

Tae-hyuk manipulated the Demon Revealing Mirror. Then a special menu that wasn’t usually seen popped up.

[Platinum Draw Chance!]

-You can obtain various skills by using 10 affinity points.

-It is possible to acquire skills that aren’t available due to the low rank.

-The more you draw in a row, the more points that will be consumed.

After becoming a Noble, the points consumed had returned to its original value.

‘Yes. I should use the points to learn a few new skills. Preferably, something that increases my attack power.’

The only skill he could use for fighting was Violence, using the iron pipe. He was confident that he could win against any opponent using Damage to Both Sides. It was too weak to be used in a one versus many situation. In order to fight the mafia in the future, he needed a better skill.

Tae-hyuk thought that and carefully pressed the button.

The roulette on the Demon Revealing Mirror started spinning. There were cheerful sound effects as he received the message that he got a new skill.

[Crime Skill: Vehicle Theft has been acquired.]

-Anything with an engine can be freely used by holding the handle.

-The ability will be affected by your dexterity.

"I-It is subtle...”

It was a skill that could be utilized in various ways, but it wasn’t the ability that he desired.

“...One more draw.”

He was able to gain another skill by consuming 100 points.

"I could do more if I had 1,000 points.”

The problem was, what skill would he get next? He wanted a decent combat skill. Tae-hyuk once again tried the platinum challenge.

This time, he clicked the button very carefully. A huge 100 points. He could’ve invested this in Voice Modulation or Counterfeit.

He gulped nervously as he looked at the Demon Revealing Mirror. There were cheerful sound effects as he received the message that he got a new skill.

[Crime Skill: Shooting Spree has been acquiring.]

-You can handle various firearms freely.

-For 100 affinity points, you can learn the attribute Bullet Time.

“W-What? This is a j-j-jackpot!”

Tae-hyuk, who had been watching the Demon Revealing Mirror nervously, let out an excited cheer. He had acquired a combat skill. Furthermore, he had the guns that he took from Big Brother. He didn’t have a lot of bullets, but they would do well as secret weapons.

However, there was an uneasy part about the message in the Demon Revealing Mirror.

“Bullet Time? It is a named attribute.”

Among the attributes, there were those with unique names such as Hawk Eyes, Damage to Both Sides, and Sixth Sense. Unlike other skill attributes, a large number of points were consumed, but the performance was enormous.

Tae-hyuk decided to check the description of Bullet Time. It was a buff-type skill that could only be activated with firearms.

“...Accelerated thinking?”

When Bullet Time was cast, everything except for Tae-hyuk’s consciousness moved 100 times slower. One moment could feel like eternity.


He unknowingly exclaimed. It had a limit of only one minute a day, but it was a tremendous skill. In particular, it would show great synergy with Sixth Sense that allowed him to read the enemy’s attacks.

Tae-hyuk looked at the Bullet Time attribute. He could get it by moving one finger. Although he had to spend 100 points on the attribute, it was worth it.

"This isn’t a worker’s salary, but one that should be used immediately.”

Once he learned the Bullet Time attribute, he would have 107 points left. He would leave 50 points and spend the rest on the features he wanted.

"Increase the duration of the Counterfeit skill. Make Forgery more complete. Increase the range and accuracy of Robbery...”

In addition, increase the time he had to cancel Illegal Surgery and other attributes. He supplemented all of the crime skills that he had obtained so far.

“Now it is finished...!”

With this, Tae-hyuk had 10 crime skills. He had become so powerful that he couldn’t be compared to the past.

"Then the only thing left is to secure the scammers.”

Tae-hyuk closed the screen of the Demon Revealing Mirror with a satisfied face and hid himself in the darkness.


Song Chi-hyun stepped back into a corner of the auditorium and said in a dignified voice.

"Pungbaek will speak. So everybody, listen carefully.”

Song Chi-hyun looked anxiously at Pungbaek.

The words that came from his mouth would decide the future of ‘Sun’. Of course, the leader wasn’t a fool, so he would give up his position if he had to. The believers in the auditorium listened to Pungbaek’s speech with tense expressions.

"After thousands of years, I am able to appear in front of you thanks to Hwanin. I..."

The faces of the believers filled with surprise. Clouds rushed around Pungbaek, creating a mysterious atmosphere. The appearance of a man who literally controlled the wind. It couldn’t possibly be a trick or gimmick. Furthermore, he was talking to half-brainwashed believers.

In order to break them, Pungbaek would have to announce that he was a fake. Pungbaek laughed and said words that no one expected.

“ a fake.”

The believers showed a violent reaction to Pungbaek’s words.


Cho Min-hyuk, who was drinking tea in the audience with a calm expression, spilled the tea he was drinking.


Kim Jin-woo and Park Bum-ho fell down where they were standing. Song Chi-hyun maintained his calm and tried to fix the situation.

“Ha, ha, ha. Pungbaek really... Even in this situation, you don’t lose your wit.”

Tae-hyuk smiled and placed his fingers at his chin. Then the special makeup that had been fully assimilated to his skin was peeled off and his original face revealed. The believers who saw it shrieked.

"W-What the? A costume?!”

The face behind the special makeup clearly looked like a criminal. It was the appearance of Kim Cheol-su from Blue Dragon Prison. His face was scary enough to cause the believers to shrink back. It was reasonable since the believers didn’t have immunity to such things.

Tae-hyuk spoke into the microphone with a relaxed expression.

“Huhuhu... My conscience is pricked by those who are pretending to be gods. My face was changed due to special disguise makeup. The clouds are nothing but a superconductor that binds water vapour.”

Even after hearing such words, one of the faithful believers shouted,

"If everything is a scam, how did they know my history? Hwanin can obviously see the past, present and future. How else can you explain it?”

Tae-hyuk used the iron pipe to stop the bishops and pressed something. Then on one side of the auditorium, the projector screen descended.

"T-T-This bastard!”

The embarrassed bishops headed towards Tae-hyuk but the believers were staring at the screen. It was showing videos from the secret cameras installed in the cafe and convenience store. Among the recorded footage, there were videos of believers who were here now.

“I-Isn’t that me?”

"That is the story of my childhood! Didn’t he pretend to have the power to know this?”

"Aren’t they complete con artists?”

But this wasn’t the end. Tae-hyuk pressed a button again and more evidence of the scam popped up.

In the end, Song Chi-hyun realized that this situation couldn’t be rectified. He quietly spoke to his colleagues standing behind him.

"First of all, we should get out of here. Shit. That bastard hit us in the back...”

He wanted to stop Tae-hyuk but the water had already been spilled.


However, his colleagues didn’t reply. Song Chi-hyun gulped and slowly looked back. Kim Jin-woo and Park Bum-ho couldn’t be seen at all.

“...Those bastards ran away!”

The other bishops and the leader had escaped the auditorium in the turmoil. Song Chi-hyun looked at the believers surrounding him with a flustered expression.

"You have scammed us.

“Huh? I brought all my possessions to you. That was a trick?”

"I won’t be able to close my eyes if I don’t hit you now. Everyone pounce!”

Song Chi-hyun was stunned and lost consciousness.


The sweating Park Bum-ho opened his eyes in the darkness. He told Kim Jin-woo who was sitting next to him.

“Sunbae... I had an unbelievably strange dream. Pungbaek appeared in my setting, then Pungbaek revealed to all the believers what we did.”

Cho Min-hyuk, who was sitting behind him, aimed a high kick towards Park Bum-ho’s side.

"This brat fainted in the middle and thought it was a dream? What? A dream? Dreaaam? Fuck... I hope it is all a dream...”


Park Bum-ho realized that it wasn’t a dream, but something that happened a few hours ago.

Kim Jin-woo said,

“Leader. What should we do now?”

"Stop calling me leader. Are you still saying that in this situation?”

“Ah, yes...”

"At any rate, we have to escape from this place. It is like how the people were enraged at the king and queen during the French Revolution. They clearly feel anger towards us.”

Kim Jin-woo trembled as he got goose bumps.

"Chief. What should we do now?” There are many believers out there. If I knew this then I would’ve made a secret passageway...”

The total number of believers was over 1,000. They would keep hiding like this, but they would soon be discovered.

"We are trapped rats... But who the hell is that bastard? No matter how I looked, he was real.”

"I-it seemed like it. The thing he did it front of us, it wasn’t special makeup.”

"Yes, I know of only one person who can freely change their face...”

At that moment, Cho Min-hyuk fell silent as he got goose bumps and swallowed his saliva. There was one person who could change his face. He was definitely a famous criminal in the country.

“D-Don’t tell me...”

The appearance of the phantom masked person appeared in his head. It was at that moment.

"This truly is a predicament.”

Someone’s voice was heard from behind them.

Cho Min-hyuk cried out,

“W-Who are you?”

Then something white came closer. It was the mask worn by the main character of the Phantom of the Opera. And the criminal wearing it was clearly.

"You mean me? I am Phantom.”

Phantom appeared in front of the scammers.

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