Chapter 126 - Swallow the Sun #4

Chapter 126 - Swallow the Sun #4

"I will give up this falsehood and show you my true image.”

Lee Gun-woo and the believers were affected by the incense. Counterfeit was a crime skill that changed the form of things and made them look different. The same could also be applied to gases.

'Make the scent a cloud.’

The fragrance, which hadn’t been visible until now, wrapped around Tae-hyuk like a cloud.


"He is clearly Pungbaek who has the abilities to create clouds!”


The crowd of believers shouted. Up to this point, it was the best magic. Taoist magic. No, he needed a bit more to bring it to the realm of Taoist magic.

First of all, he disguised himself as Kim Hyun-do, the director of the art museum who had a curious atmosphere. He changed his clothes to those worn in a Gojoseon drama. It actually didn’t matter what clothing he wore. It was enough if he could overwhelm them with the atmosphere.

'There is a lot of smoke in the room that blurs judgement. I will use everything I can!’

Tae-hyuk moved the clouds around his body towards the believers. The bishops seemed familiar with the smoke, but the believers were different. There were those who bowed or wailed like a child.

Tae-hyuk looked at the curtain. The situation meant that the king had to come out.

Some time passed by.

The leader, who had never been seen before, slowly walked forward.


The man had a corpse-like face. He had pale white skin. Unfocused pupils. White lips. It felt like opening a coffin and looking at the person inside. He didn’t seem like a living person at all. It was difficult to guess his age because there were no fine lines on his face.

But although he pretended to be as calm as possible, he couldn’t hide his fingers shaking with tension. He opened his mouth with a veneer of calm,

"Are you really Pungbaek?”

It was a clear question.

Tae-hyuk narrowed his eyes and looked at the leader. He knew how much pressure silence would give in this situation, so he decided to use it moderately.

The reason why Tae-hyuk proclaimed himself as Pungbaek was simple. Unlike Unsa and Usa who were called masters, Pungbaek was the head of the 3,000 followers and was called Earl. He was called Wind Master, Verve, Rain master, Head of a Thousand Arms, etc. However, his most famous title was Pungbaek.

"Despite going through hundreds of rebirths through the cycle of life and death, have you forgotten the face of the firstborn?”

The dignified figure was literally the God of Wind.

“...T-Then show me the evidence. This isn’t enough to prove that you are Pungbaek.”

It was one of the bishops who attacked first. He asked Tae-hyuk to prove that he was truly Pungbaek in order to raise doubts. It was the modus operandi of those who pretended to have powers.

"Maybe it has been too long. As long as the sun exists, the wind, rain and clouds will forever repeat their lives and deaths. It is no wonder that Usa doesn’t remember me.”

He felt goosebumps form as he continued talking in the tone of a historical drama. However, it was why he used Kim Bum-soo’s voice. He could now speak for several hours.

Tae-hyuk waved his hands and the clouds moved along with his body. Repeatedly using Counterfeit was very tiring, but the effect was enormous.

"Usa and Unsa are unsatisfied with the human body and repeated the cycle of reincarnation. And now the name of the leader is clearly...”

He paused for a moment, heightening the atmosphere. Then he slowly called the opponent’s name.

“Cho Min-hyuk.”


Cho Min-hyuk’s calm face suddenly distorted.

"There is no need to be surprised, but your people seem to be carrying a little bit of dirt.”

Tae-hyuk walked lightly to Song Chi-hyun and touched his shoulders. It was a soft touch, like a massage.


At the same time, a sharp knife appeared in Tae-hyuk’s hands.


Song Chi-hyun groaned like he had seen a ghost. The knife had been hidden in his clothes. Yet the other person took it just by lightly touching his body. He wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t seen it directly with his own eyes. It wasn’t a technique that humans could show.

Moreover, this wasn’t the end. Tae-hyuk turned the knife a few times like he was shaking off the dust, then stabbed it in Song Chi-hyun’s belly.



At the unexpected attack, Song Chi-hyun grabbed his bloody belly and collapsed.


"Pungbaek attacked Usa!”

"Ah, no, he clearly said that Hwanin... Is that Usa fake?”

"Was he killed because he is a fake? Ah, he is still alive!”

"What is going on?"

Tae-hyuk laughed and replied,

"You don't have to worry. I did this as a demonstration.”

Tae-hyuk beckoned to the believers near Song Chi-hyun.

"Take off his robe.”

“Huh? Ah, yes!”

The scared believers stripped off Song Chi-hyun’s heavy robes. They saw the blood that spurted from the stab wound. Then there were alarmed screams!

"H-He is dead!”

"P-Pungbaek! Please have mercy!”


Tae-hyuk stretched out his hand towards Song Chi-hyun. The cloud surrounding his body spread towards Song Chi-hyun. Then a miracle happened.

"W-What am I seeing now...?”

“The wound is healed!”

"Ahh, P-Pungbaek. It is really Pungbaek...!”

Song Chi-hyun groaned and sat up. He touched his belly with a bewildered look.

“H-Heok! W-What? Wasn’t I obviously stabbed by a knife?”

The believers were stunned by the sight and there were those who even fainted. Song Chi-hyun looked over at the celestial being. Yes, celestial being. He was a real celestial being.


He was so agitated that words couldn’t come out properly.

When they first met, he thought the other person was just a high school teacher. However, he had changed into a god. A miracle occurred that was different from the scam they had been doing so far.

One hand could control wind and clouds, and the other could treat fatal injuries. He was literally a heavenly being from the stories. Song Chi-hyun unknowingly fell to his knees.

'If I expose them as fake, then I can break the Sun Cult. But then I won’t be able to get what I want. Now...’

He had acted a perfect play. The bishops and believers thought he was Pungbaek. He could dismantle Sun with simple words.

But before that, there was information he needed to obtain. The play couldn’t finish yet.

Tae-hyuk said with a stern expression,

“You seem to be misunderstanding something. I didn’t come here to punish anyone.”


Tae-hyuk slowly looked at the leader.

He accumulated followers by becoming the object of faith.

"It was three years ago that Cho Min-hyuk found Usa’s powers and memories. On September 17. After that, he started looking for his brothers and sisters."

It was exactly when Sun was created. If the leader denied the words, then it was like confessing this was a scam. He had no choice but to agree to the nonsense.

"All the believers gathered here in the name of Hwanin. It is reported that you wish to return to being human.”

Tae-hyuk stopped for a moment and looked at the leader. If he didn’t want the scam to be revealed, then he needed to talk. However, a strange answer was heard.

“A-Am I really Usa?”

Tae-hyuk’s play was so plausible that even the leader was completely deceived. Tae-hyuk inwardly laughed.

‘You shouldn’t forget. Ah...’

He had to continue until the end.

"Are you remembering now, Usa? I came here to check if you have recovered your memories.”


"Don't get confused. The cycle of reincarnation has repeated for thousands of years, so it is natural to be like this.”


"At first, I came to confirm that you are well. But it seems that while Usa was trying to find your siblings, you called the wrong things.”

"W-What are you saying?”

"Hwanung sealed the numerous evil spirits in the world. Nothing lasts forever in front of time. Even though Hwanung’s technique is great, he can’t keep them sealed up forever. It will gradually leak and disappear naturally. The evil spirits were attracted to all of you and gathered here. This amount is too large to be purified by itself.”

"Do you mean there are a lot of evil spirits here?”

"I don’t think Usa’s abilities and memories are perfect yet. If everybody here isn’t cleansed quickly, then their lives will be at stake.”


The believers that listened to Tae-hyuk’s words collapsed on the spot. They had gathered here to serve Hwanin. But due to that, the evil spirits had gathered. They never even imagined.

“You don’t have to worry. Isn’t Pungbaek right in front of you? I will do the purification ceremony myself.”

Tears flowed from the eyes of the moved believers.

"T-Thank you. Pungbaek!”

"Thank you!"

Tae-hyuk moved his gaze from the believers towards the leader.

“How about it? Will you help me?"

"I-I will help. Pungbaek.”

The fake Pungbaek next to the leader said,


"I'm sorry but this is the end of your role. He is the real Pungbaek.”

Thus, everything about the cult was handed over to Tae-hyuk. Tae-hyuk watched them and muttered in a small voice,

"I'll eat well."

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