Chapter 124 - Swallow the Sun #2

Chapter 124 - Swallow the Sun #2

Anybody that had their close family or a friend that fell into a cult would somehow try to rescue them. The Sun Cult had dedicated personnel to deal with such people.

This was a remote place far from the centre of the city. There was only a factory and some rice fields around. In addition, most of the stores that traded with university students had closed down. It was to the extent that there was just a lonely convenience store.

If there was an appointment to meet someone about the Sun Cult, they would inevitably meet at this cafe.

‘It is because there has to be a meeting before entering the base of the cult. This cafe is the best trap. However, doesn’t the status of the leader seem a bit low?’

It had been one year after gaining the crime skills. Did he feel like this because he had faced so many criminals in the meantime?

Tae-hyuk found 12 hidden cameras inside the cafe. There were also mini-microphones installed at the tables. Obviously, the bishops of the Sun Cult would be checking all of the guests that entered here. Using Tae-hyuk’s abilities, he could penetrate the building without anyone knowing.

But in order to shatter the Sun cult, he needed to use a frontal attack.

“Here is your coffee. By the way, I guess you have been waiting for someone. Have they arrived yet?”

Tae-hyuk looked at the door as he replied,

"He is a little late but I think he is coming now.”

There was a rattle as someone entered the cafe. Naturally, the gazes of the people inside the cafe would focus on him. He was a man in his 30s with shortly cropped hair. His physique showed that he exercised a significant amount.

The man looked around the cafe and confirmed that there were only two people. He turned to Tae-hyuk and bowed slightly,

“Are you Kim Cheol-su?”

"Ah, yes. Hello.”

“I am Lee Gun-woo. Pleased to meet you.”

He extended a small business card towards Tae-hyuk. The words ‘Republic of Korea’s Army’ in English and the title of ‘Captain’ were written. Lee Gun-woo received Tae-hyuk’s business card and muttered with a surprised face,

“...It is your real name. Ah. I’m sorry.”

"Haha, it is okay. Isn’t it a name you often see in textbooks?”

Anyone who saw the business card with ‘Kim Cheol-su, maths teacher’ would have the same reaction. The two people had only exchanged a few phone calls. It was the first time actually meeting today.

Lee Gun-woo ordered a glass of white mocha and sat at the table where Tae-hyuk was currently at. Then he carefully started his story.

Lee Gun-woo was a lieutenant who failed to get promoted and was preparing for discharge. He then found out that his sister had become involved in the ‘Sun’ cult. He was searching for a person to help him and met Tae-hyuk.

"In fact, I hadn’t thought about going there directly at first. She is an adult and I should leave her to her own work. However... I don’t think I can leave her in a cult.”

Tae-hyuk nodded with a heavy expression.

"Yes, I also want to regain the family that I lost to the Sun Cult.”

"That family is...”

“Ah, my little brother.”

“I see. At any rate, I want to find Min-young and bring her out.”

The two people exchanged information about the Sun Cult. And there were a few eyes watching them.


The base of the Sun Cult was only a minute’s drive from the cafe.

Lee Gun-woo started the car and said,

"I wanted to bring a handgun, like a pistol. However, I don’t have much time left until my discharge, and I don’t want to go to military prison, so I am just a soldier in spirit."

“Haha. Then did you bring any weapons?”

"Ah, I brought a small rod, so I will be fine. Rather, you should be careful as a maths teacher.”

"No. A lot of students abandoned maths so I had to study other subjects.”

Lee Gun-woo continued to joke around as if to calm himself down. Then he suddenly stopped and raised his hand from the steering wheel. There wasn’t even time for a deep breath as they arrived at the base of the Sun Cult.

Tae-hyuk spoke like it was the first time he had visited this place.

"It isn’t as large as I thought.”

“It seems so. I thought that it would at least have an atmosphere similar to that of a military base or a prison, but the fence is low and people can freely enter and leave.”

Tae-hyuk knew the answer but he didn’t speak it aloud. He was just a high school teacher whose family member was taken away.

The reason for having no barriers or guards was simple: the Sun followers lived in groups of five. They were the shackles that restricted each other’s actions.

Lee Gun-woo took slow, deep breaths and said,

"Hu... Then as we already discussed, let’s break through the front.”

Even if it wasn’t wide, there were three 4-story buildings. No matter how they moved, it would take a while with just two of them.

"I see we have people who came to visit. Sun welcomes all visitors.”

As they drove through the gate, a few people in suits came out to greet them. The man standing in the front said with a smile,

“Hwanin said you would come and you really did. The two of you are welcome.” (Hwanin: google link. I suggest you glance over this link because this myth will be mentioned several times)

Lee Gun-woo’s eyes widened at the unexpected hospitality.

"Kim Cheol-su and Lee Gun-woo, please follow me. Min-young is waiting for you.”

Lee Gun-woo groaned as the name of his sister emerged from the man’s mouth.

“H-How do you...”

"Hwanin knows everything. Then please come this way for a more detailed explanation.”

The guide was one of the bishops of the Sun Cult. They followed him and arrived at a big bathroom.

"Aren’t I going to see my younger sister? And how the hell did you know my name and my sister’s name? Perhaps...”

Lee Gun-woo was obviously agitated. He even came to this place without saying anything to his little sister. Then suddenly, he recalled a rumor about Sun’s leader.

He called himself the incarnation of Hwanin and had the ability to see the past, present, and future. Surely those abilities weren’t real. Such thoughts disappeared from his head. He didn’t believe in things like that in this world. There was obviously some crafty trick.

The bishop smiled at Gun-woo’s look of suspicion and said,

"I'm sorry but there is an order in everything. First you have to clean your body and wipe away everything of this world. Then we will arrange some clothes for you.”

Gun-woo didn’t protest again and entered the bathroom. Tae-hyuk followed behind him with a puzzled expression. In fact, Tae-hyuk knew the trick used by the bishop.

‘How did he do that? It was a cold reading based on the contents of the wiretap. What the hell, wasn’t that a tactic used a few hundred years ago?’

It was a technique that utilized psychological tricks during a conversation to guess what the person was thinking.

‘The information that they have isn’t perfect yet, so they will use the time in the bathroom to supplement it.’

Tae-hyuk smiled. It was like watching a young child’s cute tricks.

'Well, if that is what you wish. I’ll give it to you.’


The smiling expression disappeared from the bishop’s face as the two men entered the bathroom.

"Huhu. The two of them don’t know that they are moths in a web. Hey, what are you doing? Go grab their ID cards and phones.”

“Yes, I understand!”

"Make sure to set up some massages. It should take at least one hour.”

During that time, all the preparations needed to be finished. The bishop made them take a bath under the pretense of being cleansed. It was a prelude to the scam that would now begin.

"It has been a while since people have fallen into the trap.”

The cafe and nearby rest areas were all operated by Sun. Those who visited there were under the watchful eye of Sun. If one of them tried to come here, then it would be like this event.

When bathing, everyone was forced to undress. Of course, they would leave their wallets and phones in the locker room.

The believers entered and came outside with something.

"We got everything!”

“Yes. Check if they have SNS and get as much personal information as you can. I’ll be unlocking the phones.”

“I understand.”

The bishop smiled as he received the phones from the believers. Smartphones made cold reading much easier. This little device contained everything about a person. Moreover, it was possible to release the fingerprint lock.

"It there are fingerprints, then we can collect a lot of it. After making the artificial fingerprint, I can see all the personal information. It is a really good world.”

Name, gender, age as well as the place of birth and what school they attended. The name and contact information of the people they knew. The most visited sites on the Internet. In addition, there was the ID card.

From there, it was simple to pass on the information and make the leader appear like the incarnation of Hwanin. The only thing left was how to produce a plausible stage.

“It is very simple. We have done this over 100 times.”

The bishop laughed and headed for his studio with the two phones.

An hour passed by.

After bathing, Tae-hyuk and Gun-woo opened the bathroom door and went outside. The waiting believer held out some clothes and a glass of milk.

"This is milk gained directly from the cows raised here. There are no external chemicals ,so you can drink with confidence.”

Gun-woo muttered as he took it,

"It really feels like everything about the world has been washed away.”

Then they heard the voice of the waiting bishop.

"It was cleansing. You have been purged through Hwanin’s power. Now you are ready to meet Hwanin.”

“Ah, then your name...”

“I am called Song Chi-hyun. The founder is waiting. Please follow me.”

Tae-hyuk and Gun-woo walked down the long corridor as they followed Song Chi-hyun, a bishop of the Sun Cult.

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