Chapter 118 - Prelude to the Mafia Game

Chapter 118 - Prelude to the Mafia Game

"Prison transfer?"

Yoo Cheol-ho sat on the bunk bed and looked up at the ceiling with a blank expression. He looked like a person who just lost his country. He had planned a successful escape from Blue Dragon Prison, an impregnable fortress. In preparation for it, he dug a mole tunnel in his cell. But he wouldn’t be able to use it properly before he was transferred. It was enough to drive Yoo Cheol-ho crazy.

Tae-hyuk laughed as he listened to Yoo Cheol-ho’s groaning.

'He completely looks like a dead dog.’

For a month, he had used a variety of methods to put Yoo Cheol-ho to sleep, but this was the last time. Tae-hyuk rustled through his pockets and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

Then he heard Yoo Cheol-ho grumbling from the top bunk.

"The guards are now busy being investigated.”

"Do you want one?”

"Sheesh. Is this hush money? I’ll take it.”

Thick arms protruded from the blanket and snatched the cigarette from Tae-hyuk’s hand before disappearing.

"You have been easily silenced in the meantime.”

"What are you talking about?"

"Just talking to myself."

Tae-hyuk shut up as Yoo Cheol-ho raised the cigarette to his mouth. It was just one cigarette, not a pack.

“Huhuhu... I should smell this cigarette for a while.

Yoo Cheol-ho muttered as he brought the cigarette to his nose. Then he literally collapsed on the bed. Tae-hyuk quietly left his bed and looked at Yoo Cheol-ho who collapsed on the top bunk. He hit Yoo Cheol-ho’s cheeks a few times to see if he was really unconscious.


“Hrmm. Isn’t this effect amazing?”

Tae-hyuk had turned the sleeping pills into powdered form and put them on the tobacco. It was absorbed in the body by putting it in the mouth or by smelling it. Eating it would make the affected person fall into a deep sleep within five minutes. If absorbed through the nasal mucosa, it wasn’t uncommon to fall asleep within five seconds.

"Then the game will start now. Let’s find the gold and perfectly change my destiny.”

Blue Dragon Dragon Prison was built on a naval base built during the Japanese colonial period. No one would imagine that an enormous amount of gold would be buried there. This fact was discovered by change during the prison renovations. Of course, the entire amount to the treasury and the reporters had only guessed the amount of money.

"But there will be no construction now.”

Tae-hyuk had changed the future by creating the prison war.

"Then there won’t be anyone who discovers it.”

Blue Dragon Prion would be shut down in 10 days and would receive a special administration. Then excavators would be brought in and the would be gold dug up. If someone tried to block him then he could use the crime skills to take care of them.

"But things are going too well.”

Even if the warden was growing drugs and a bomb exploded, did the prison itself have to be removed? Once he started to question it, there would be many uncertainties. No, in the first place, the existence of Blue Dragon Prison itself was a strange place.

“...First of all, I should check if the gold is there.”

Tae-hyuk left his cell and quietly headed for the drug farm where the gold was buried. The location was a very remote place inside the prison. At present, most of the guards were under investigation. In the end, the number of patrols could be countered on one hand.

'But what are those people?’

In order to get to the drug farm, he had to pass through the area where the Japanese inmates were gathered. However, even though curfew had passed, a bunch of people were making noises in the corridor. They weren’t guards or investigators.

Tae-hyuk hid his body and listened to their conversation.

"Oyabun. I didn’t think the warden would be caught like this.”

"Yes. He dared to make a deal with the Chinese.”

"But I’m glad we were able to obtain it safely. With this, most of the gold left behind by Shogun Takeda will belong to our family.”

“Huhuhu... There might still be some left, but the situation isn’t good. Prepare to withdraw as soon as possible.”


The unidentified group disappeared into the darkness.

Tae-hyuk took a deep breath.

They already dug up all the gold? If their words were correct, then he was too late. Anyway, he noticed that the warden had made a deal with the Chinese as well as the Japanese inmates.

"I’m not the only one trying to get the gold.”

He needed to check this.


Tae-hyuk changed his destination. There was nothing to check where the metal was buried. It wasn’t like a treasure chest buried one or two levels down. There were at least a few hundred kilograms. It was to the extent that one or two people would be able to dig it up all.

It felt like he acquired one more piece of the puzzle. The warden, who knew everything, was under investigation. However, there would certainly be evidence left behind in his office. Tae-hyuk secretly entered the room.

“...There is definitely something in here.”

He guessed that the warden and the Japanese inmates were doing something. They were business partners, not prisoners. He didn’t see the deputy who was always guarding the entrance. If so, he could search without having to worry.

First of all, he picked up a suitable piece of paper from the table. Tae-hyuk grasped a pen and triggered a crime skill.


Then he drew the structure of the warden’s office using Forgery.


As he guessed, there was a hidden space in the room. It was behind the picture in the corner.

“...He hid it in a place likely to appear in movies.”

Tae-hyuk clicked his tongue and pulled the picture off the wall. There didn’t seem to be a lot of cleaning, but the picture contained no dust at all.

“Let's see.”

He could see that there was a space behind the wall. As he pressed an area to open it, a wooden board opened and a safe recessed in the wall was revealed.

"Can this be opened with a fingerprint? Eh? It needs the iris as well?”

Usually, most safes only contained a dial. The security on this indicated that something very important was kept here. The safe was completely sealed with cement so it couldn’t be forcibly removed. In order to check the contents, the owner’s fingerprints and eyes were needed.

Tae-hyuk licked his lips.

"Why are there such cutting edge crime prevention devices in the prison?”

The material of the safe was made of a metal alloy that wouldn’t break even if a bomb exploded next to it. If he didn’t open the lock, then he would never be able to remove the contents. But he had already opened the weapons warehouse.

"Do it at once. Disguise! Counterfeit!”

Once Disguise was activated, Tae-hyuk’s face became the warden’s. He used Counterfeit to change the fingerprints on his fingers. After placing his thumb on the fingerprint reader and his eyes in front of the camera, the safe door opened with a rattling sound. Apart from the warden, only Tae-hyuk would be able to open this so easily.

“Now, let’s see what is in here.”

The vault contained 10 bundles of $100 bills and a gun loaded with bullets. There was also a bunch of documents.

“Whoa. $100,000? It must be his escape fund. Eh? This...”

Once he took out the paperwork, a small envelope fell to the floor. It was filled with white powder.

“...It isn’t sugar. Right?”

Tae-hyuk decided to check the contents of the documents first. The information contained there was amazing. In order to operate the drug factory, he bribed various officials and wrote down the details of numerous corruption scandals. But this wasn’t the end.

Even if the warden had the power of a king, it was only inside the prison. The warden also made deals with the Chinese and Japanese criminals. It meant there was a link connecting them.

"Mister Park...”

Tae-hyuk muttered the name of a man who was mentioned several times in the papers. Mister Park made the drug farm for the warden who wanted to earn big money. In return, he wanted certain people to infiltrate this place as prisoners. He also forged all the the necessary documents.

“What? If this is real, isn’t the warden simply his puppet?”

Anyway, the warden seemed to know nothing about the gold. Mister Park’s purpose was clear: Shogun Takeda's gold. And according to the man called ‘Oyabun’, the plan was already successful.

Tae-hyuk took all the items inside the safe and exited.


“Hey, Nakada.”

Tae-hyuk slapped the cheeks of one of the sleeping Japanese inmates.

Nakada woke up with a small groan. The Japanese inmates received facilities that were different from other places. It seemed more like a motel or hotel.

Tae-hyuk licked his lips and stared into his opponent’s eyes.

"Bastard. Who dares interrupt my sleep!”

"I am a Korean bimbimbap, not Japanese bastard.”

“Huhu... I’ve been in Korea for a year and I don’t know...”

Tae-hyuk smiled and aimed the gun at the other person.

“...Hiik! What?”

"Good evening. Nakada. I have come to ask you a few things.”

“You! Big Brother?!” (Japanese)

Nakada felt wide awake as he stared at Tae-hyuk.

"I don’t understand what you are trying to say.”

"Why is the killer from the Triads here! Besides, didn’t you die in South Korea?”

It seemed like the other person knew the face of the strongest killer in the Triads.

'I picked a good disguise.’

"Tell me what you are doing here. Otherwise, you will become very sick.”

“I’d rather die! I won’t betray Oyabun!”

“Really? Don’t the Japanese samurai disembowel themselves when committing suicide? Is it called harakiri? Is it to preserve the Japanese honor?”


Tae-hyuk gagged Nakada. Then he took a knife obtained from the kitchen and placed it against Nakada’s belly. He cut from left to right and his stomach came out.

"Do you want to touch it? Being able to touch your internal organs isn’t something that just anyone can experience.”


“Ah. I don’t think I will be able to eat soondae for the rest of my life. Now, Cancel Illegal Surgery.’

Then Nakada’s belly returned to normal like time had reversed.


Nakada’s eyes widened in shock.

"Apart from suicide from disembowelment, don’t you get your fingers cut off if you make a mistake?”

Tae-hyuk placed Nakada’s palm on the prepared board. Then he swung the knife.


Three of Nakada’s fingers were cut off and fell to the floor.


Nakada couldn’t even scream properly.

"But isn’t it strange? How are you not hurt at all?”


Nakada desperately stared at Tae-hyuk.

"And voila! Like magic! Your cut off fingers are now restored!”


Nakada felt like he was possessed. A dead killer was smiling in front of him. His guts had spilled out, only to go back inside. His fingers were cut off and then put back on again. How the hell could he dispel this?

“There is one way for this to be possible. The correct answer...”


“...All of this is a dream.”

Tae-hyuk laughed and took off Nakada’s gag. He continued speaking.

"Think about it. It is strange. I am clearly dead. Isn’t that right? Yet here I am torturing you. This is a dream.”

"Dream?’ (Japanese).

“Yes. It isn’t real. So why do you have to remain loyal in a dream?’

"Yes, definitely...” (Japanese)

"Why don’t you tell me? What are you doing here?”


Nakada hesitated for a moment before slowly opening his mouth.

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