Chapter 117 - The Price of their Sins #4

Chapter 117 - The Price of their Sins #4

"Fuck, give me some medicine...”

Park Joon-shik was kind enough to take Park Sung-yul to the infirmary. Blue Dragon Prison was a large correctional facility for hundreds of people. In such places, certain facilities and staff like medical officers were mandatory. However, doctors were unlikely to work in prisons on remote islands.

In the end, there was only one primary doctor working. There were no nurses.

The only doctor here said,

"Fortunately, no dangerous areas were hurt. However, I will tell the warden that you need to be hospitalized for a period of time.

Park Sung-yul nodded.

“I understand. Then Doctor, do you know why the prison is so loud right now?”

"It feels like an explosion. At first, I was nervous because I thought patients would come flocking. But you are the first visitor. If so, hadn’t it ended without any casualties? Ah, I have to stitch this up so stop moving. Stay put.”

Park Sung-yul looked around at the doctor’s words. Certainly, he was the only patient in here.

A war was taking place between the prisoners and guards. Even if there were no guns, it was strange that not a single person came here. It meant there was no armed conflict between the two groups. Maybe it was related to the explosion just before...

"Ah, I don't know. No matter how crazy they are, would the rebels hit this place? Ugh... Worrying about it unnecessarily just hurt my wounds. I'm sorry Doctor. Can I have a painkiller?”

"Yes, wait a moment.”

The doctor injected a painkiller into Park Sung-yul’s arm after he complained of pain. Then Park Sung-yul could breathe more easily.

Park Sung-yul leaned back on the bed and thought about the future. Why did a subordinate of Shin Chang-ho torture him? In the end, he had to confess everything because he was in such pain.

“...Damn, he won’t tell the police right?”

That would undo all the work he put into creating the puzzles. Park Sung-yul was worried about more than just his body. He gained a sense of superiority and conquest from killing someone. It was an exhilarating pleasure that couldn’t be explained in words.

He couldn’t feel that anymore thanks to one detective. He felt like a young child who had his toy stolen.

"But I found something new.”

It was the puzzles. He was moderately smart. With the exception of the 14th murder, he had killed 13 people without the world knowing. He would make them into puzzles and present them to the detective who caught him. That was the beginning of the murder puzzle.

Park Sung-yul would become the man controlling the detectives from the darkness. He was different from others. He was playing a game with the police while locked in prison. Just thinking about that gave him a sense of superiority and conquest.

Park Sung-yul suddenly laughed. He didn’t feel any pain anymore, whether it was due to the medicine, or his thoughts.

He didn’t know why the enemy struck. If he had known, then he wouldn’t have begged in such a way.

"Park Joon-shik will regret making me his enemy. I am someone who is playing the country’s detectives...”

At that time, the door opened and a group of criminals entered.

“Hey, Park Sung-yul! It has been a while.”

He spoke in a friendly tone.

“P-Park Joon-shik?”

"I’m sorry if you were resting, but I have someone who wants to meet you.”

The doctor paled as dozens of armed gangsters entered the room. Then Park Joon-shik gestured to one of the henchmen.

"Ah Doctor, you should rest outside for a while. I need to talk to him for a while.”

“Yes, yes.”

"Take it easy outside. Have something like a cup of coffee from the vending machine.”


Two of the henchmen grabbed the doctor’s arms and dragged him out.

“Hyung-nim! It is ready.”


Shin Chang-ho entered the room with a nonchalant expression. It was the calm just before a volcano exploded. Shin Chang-ho arrived at the bed where Park Sung-yul was lying and pulled out some papers.

“Let me ask you one thing. Is everything written here true?”

Park Sung-yul nodded with an expression like he now understood.

"I guess Shin Chang-ho is also interested in my puzzles. If you promise not to tell the police, then I will happily let you enjoy my puzzles. How about it?"

Then Park Joon-shik cried out,

"This bastard! Who are you trying to bargain with?!”

“Joon-shik. Stay still for a while. I’ll finish this.”

“...Yes, I understand.”

Shin Chang-ho looked at Park Sung-yul with cold eyes.

"Of course I won’t tell the police. So answer me, everything in here is true?”

Park Sung-yul answered with a brighter expression.

“Haha. Of course. Well, you seem to like the story. If you want more details then I will tell you... Keok!”

However, Park Sung-yul couldn’t say anything else. Shin Chang-ho grabbed Park Sung-yul’s mouth with a big hand and muttered,

“Yes. Is that so? Ah, don’t worry. I really won’t say anything to the police. It is natural, since I don’t have the hobby of talking about people I kill, unlike you.”

“Oof! Ooo, ooff!”

Park Sung-yul’s eyes shook. The situation didn’t make sense.

“Joon-shik. Give me the scissors from earlier.”

"Yes, Hyung-nim.”

"I need to dig out his eyeballs.”


"It is a shame. Are you wondering why I am acting like this?”


Shin Chang-ho moved his face closer to Park Sung-yul. Then he whispered in the other person’s ear.

"This person, who you killed and proudly wrote about, was my younger sister.”

Shin Chang-ho showed Park Sung-yul the page about the 13th victim.


Despair filled Park Sung-yul’s eyes as he understood the whole situation. He ended up making the family of a woman he killed. The person also ended up being the leader of gangsters.

This nonsense...!

Park Sung-yul shrieked in his head. He felt his own death.

Shin Chang-ho inserted strength in the hand holding the scissors. His sister and lover... No, he would make the one who killed his only family pay.

“Goodbye, Park Sung-yul.”


There was a blunt shock the moment Shin Chang-ho raised his scissors into the air.

"What, this isn’t in the contract, Cigarette Seller.”

Shin Chang-ho looked at Tae-hyuk, who suddenly appeared, with cold eyes. The other person was holding a deformed metal pipe.

“This bastard! Where did he come from?”

"I’m sorry Hyung-nim! That bastard just suddenly moved!”

They screamed as Tae-hyuk abruptly appeared in the room. Tae-hyuk placed the iron pipe on his shoulder and spoke with a relaxed expression.

"Shin Chang-ho. Cool down a little bit.”

"What? Don’t tell me you want this bastard to live?”

“That isn’t it, but don’t you think it is a little too much to kill him?”


Tae-hyuk didn’t shrink away from the dozens of people with weapons in front of him. It was like he was confident that he could fight against all of them.

"Kill him right here. Then what would happen? The bomb is excusable once the war with the prison guards is known to the press. However, it isn’t the same when killing an inmate to resolve a grudge. This will certainly increase your sentence.”

“...It doesn’t matter. Any reason I have to get out is gone.”

“Really? Even if she is died, don’t you want to keep your promise to her?”

At that moment, the last promise that Shin Chang-ho shared with Shin Seo-yeon came to his mind.

-Just wait seven years. Then a ring and flowers...

Shin Chang-ho gritted his teeth.

“...Do you mean that she is waiting for this promise even though she is dead?”

"Yes. At least, if I were her.”

Tae-hyuk’s words rippled through Shin Chang-ho’s heart.


The woman who had waited a lifetime for him. Was she still waiting even after death? Tears flowed from Shin Chang-ho’s eyes.

"Yes...promise...I will keep it.”

Park Sung-yul, who almost died, spoke with a relieved expression.

“...Kim Cheol-su, thank you. I'm alive thanks to you."

Tae-hyuk laughed at Park Sung-yul.

"Yes, you are alive. You are alive to pay for what you have done.”


Tae-hyuk approached the bemused Shin Chang-ho.

"You still have three years left in prison. Are you a regular person in here? Then let your opponent know. The price of the sins he committed.”

"Kuhu, kuhuhuhu. The price of his sins? That’s right. I know the meaning of your words now.”

"I’m glad that you understand.”

Shin Chang-ho’s eyes came back to life. If he killed Park Sung-yul, then Shin Chang-ho would receive all of the sins. But besides killing, there were lots of ways to torment Park Sung-yul. Shin Chang-ho came up to Park Sung-yul and whispered.

"Over the next three years. I will let you know what the price of your sins are. Don’t worry, I have a lot of skilled men. Isn’t that right? Joon-shik.”

"Yes, Hyung-nim.”


Park Sung-yul’s face filled with despair. Then he shifted his gaze.

Kim Cheol-su smirked at him.


Park Sung-yul realized who the true puppet master in this place was.


'What the hell is going on?!”

The warden shouted at the armed guards and Chinese inmates standing in front of him. All of a sudden, the passage leading to the place where the prisoners were gathered had exploded. It was a bomb that had dealt considerable damage. He didn’t know where they got it from. But the warden couldn’t move hastily until he knew how many bombs were left.


If this continued, then the incident would leak. Investigators would come flocking. The traces of drug smuggling that he hadn’t disposed of would be revealed.

“...We have to take out all of the prisoners right now!”

Then the doctor in charge of the infirmary came running.

“W-Warden-nim! It is serious! Armed prisoners have attacked the infirmary...!”

"What, the infirmary?!"

The infirmary was far away from the passage where the bomb exploded.

“Yes! There are around 30 of them!”

“Oh my god! That is almost all their power! God has helped me! If I can grab all the prisoners in the infirmary right now then this case can quietly...”

The light of hope appeared in the warden’s eyes. But that didn’t last for even 10 seconds.

"Warden-nim! Did you send a request for support?”

The deputy, who had been guarding the warden’s room, came running.

"What nonsense is this? Why would I do such a thing?”

He needed to keep this incident inside the prison at all cost. Calling external support was just committing suicide.

"The counterterrorism team received Warden-nim’s request for support and have arrived at the port by seaplane...”


The warden ran forward with a blank expression. He opened a window and looked out at the shoreline. The deputy’s words were true.

"I-I never sent a request for support!”

The warden howled.

Thanks to the support of the soldiers, the war inside the prison ended simply. Investigators came to investigate the cause of the incident and found the drug farms.

The warden paid for his own sins.


It had been a week since the end of the prison war.

"This is the end of Blue Dragon Prison.”

The incident couldn’t be blocked and spread through the Internet media at a tremendous pace. It was all Tae-hyuk’s work.

The cruel acts of the guards and the war of the prisoners against it. It caused a lot of controversy and talk on the Internet forums. In the end, the warden was arrested for growing drugs, drug smuggling, abuse of prisoners by the guards, and assisting in murder.

Shin Chang-ho and his group didn’t suffer severe punishment because the public opinion was on their side. Of course, the fact that no one was hurt also played a role. In the end, all of them were just punished with a month of solitary confinement.

Tae-hyuk lay on the bed in his cell and smiled.

Two years later, Shin Chang-ho would’ve found out that Park Sung-yul killed his sister. It was the day after all of Park Sung-yul’s puzzles were solved by the police. In the end, Shin Chang-ho brutally killed Park Sung-yul.

He staged it as a suicide. The investigation didn’t last long. Shin Chang-ho’s men had firmly closed their mouths so the case seemed to be closed. However, the truth of the incident was revealed due to the intervention of a genius investigator.

In the end, Shin Chang-ho’s seven year sentence was increased to 15 years. During the extra eight years of imprisonment, Shin Chang-ho became Tae-hyuk’s mentor.

"With this, the relationship between Shin Chang-ho and Seo Tae-hyuk is gone. Now it exists only in my memories.”

Tae-hyuk licked his lips.

Today, the closure of the Blue Dragon Prison was finally decided. In 10 days, the prisoners here would be distributed across prisons throughout the country.

Quite ironically, Shin Chang-ho’s gang was sent to the same prison as Park Sung-yul.

The Chinese inmates would be sent back to China. They had grown drugs, so no one knew what type of ending they would have.

At night, Tae-hyuk rose from his bed. He used the last remaining sleeping pills to send Yoo Cheol-ho to sleep.

"Then the game will start now. Let’s find the gold and perfectly change my destiny.”

The remaining period was three days.

Everything had to be finished during that time.

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