Chapter 116 - The Price of their Sins #3

Chapter 116 - The Price of their Sins #3

Joo Hyun-ho leaned back in a chair that was so comfortable that it felt like his bed.

"It has been one month since he entered jail.”

Cho Kang-suk replied from the built in cabinet of the investigation headquarters.

“Has it already been that long? Time really goes by quickly.”

"We were able to find many of the victims that Park Sung-yul killed. Still, isn’t there something lacking? I feel like he is acting less compared to Phantom of the past.”

"Well, that is certainly true but... Isn’t it for the best if we can solve the case without any problems?”

"Still, it would be interesting if there was something bigger...”

He sounded like a child with a toy that had been taken away. Hyun-ho had expected to solve the puzzles first, so it was natural that he was disappointed.

"Hey! It is our fault if something blows up!"

"I suppose I just don’t care?”

“Aigoo! As expected of a building owner!”

Kang-suk talked lightly like it was a joke, but he was actually serious. If anything went wrong, then he was prepared to take all responsibility and resign. Kang-suk felt a strange responsibility towards Park Sung-yul who he arrested. If he had acted better during the interrogation then he could’ve discovered that Park Sung-yul was a serial killer.

Kang-suk bit his lip and muttered,

"Phantom, make sure that Park Sung-yul pays for all the sins he committed.”

Hyun-ho raised a thumb at Kang-suk’s serious expression.

“Ohh. Sunbae, you look like a detective in a drama.”

"Not a detective in a drama but one in reality.”

Kang-suk decided to give his junior a headlock.

"W-Wait a minute! Stop it! Sunbae, look at the breaking news right now!”

"Who would believe such lies?”

"It is real! H-Here!”

Hyun-ho, who had been watching the Internet news, raised his phone before Kang-suk’s eyes.

Kang-suk released his arm and focused on the phone screen.

“…Bio-business that emerged as the next generation growth engine... I don’t think this is it. Controversy over Sungjin Group again... Not it either...”

"Not there, the society side!”

Hyun-ho enlarged the screen when Kang-suk couldn’t find it.

“Ah, here. Ack what is this?”

[Prisoners are bombers? What is happening on Prison Island?]

The article was half speculative and didn’t talk about the incident occurring. However, Kang-suk sensed that something was happening just from that sentence.

"What the hell are you doingggg! Phaaaantooooom!!!”

Kang-suk screamed with an agonizing expression.

“G-Great! This is Phantom! Uhaha! Sunbae! Isn’t it very interesting?”

The grinning Hyun-ho raised a thumb. The reactions of the two people were completely the opposite.


Tae-hyuk experienced his biggest victory at the Death Circus. There were many cheaters there that made him feel challenged. When he thought about that time, the people that he was dealing with now felt like children.

First of all, he imitated the warden’s voice and asked for support.

“Yes. The inmates have made a bomb... it isn’t a toy. It has enough power to blow away at least one floor of the building. The damage to the guards isn’t great yet, but just in case...”

Tae-hyuk made it seem like an atomic bomb had been made of crude materials obtained in the prison.

-U-Understood. I’ll make sure someone gets out to you as quickly as possible.

He could tell that the voice of the other person on the phone was shaking.

The bait was eaten!

Tae-hyuk laughed.

After sending the request for support, Tae-hyuk leaked information to several news organizations about the incident. Shin Se-ho would do a good job, but Phantom couldn’t appear in this case. This had to be an incident occurring due to Blue Dragon Prison.

After all the calls were finished, Tae-hyuk quietly put down the phone.

“All of the actors are now gathered. Brown Bear should launch the fireworks for the new audience.


At the same time, Shin Chang-ho was setting up the bomb in a passage that led outside.

“Damn. This is a real bomb so I’m pretty nervous...”

This would buy time to slow down the enemy’s entry. There was just one bomb but the opponents didn’t know that. Once they saw the havoc of one bomb, who could easily enter?

They were Chinese inmates who were ordered to fight. Once they realized that their lives were in danger, they wouldn’t move as the warden commanded.

“The road to victory has finally opened.”

Shin Chang-ho laid the bomb on the flat ground with trembling hands and took out two bags, making sure to mix the contents well. A stain spread like a green liquid was sprinkled inside and it quickly turned purple.

“...It is complete. Now the wristwatch that will act as the primer...”

He turned a knob twice and the stopped clock needle starting moving again.

“The next 30 seconds!”

Shin Chang-ho bolted back to the command room. His head had turned white and he couldn’t think of anything else. It was a dangerous job with the risk of serious injuries if something went wrong.

First, he had to know when exactly the bomb was going to explode. Shin Chang-ho slowly counted in his head.

One, two...

“...29... 30...!”

Shin Chang-ho fell to the ground while running. He was a bit hasty. It took a few more seconds to reach 30 and then the bomb went off.



Even though he had ran to almost the end of the corridor, he could  still feel the vibration of the explosion in the air. Shin Chang-ho spat out the dust that filled his mouth and muttered.

“This is a weak bomb? Just a bit more and the whole prison would be gone!”

However, there was a bright smile on his face. The image of his little sister, Shin Seo-yeon appeared in his mind. Despite not seeing her for several years, he was able to vividly recall her features.

“...Yes. I did everything that Cigarette Seller asked, and now I can hear where Seo-yeon is.”

That was clearly the terms of the agreement. Of course, he didn’t believe everything that Cigarette Seller said. But he showed an unbelievable ability. So he really might know where Seo-yeon was.

“Yes. Once I find out, will I be able to call her after a long time? Then I will apologize for living as a fool. Will Seo-yeon laugh and forgive me?”

Then he would once again ask her to wait. Shin Chang-ho laughed as he thought of his sister. He was the man called Brown Bear and an object of terror. However, he was only a cute baby bear in front of the girl he liked.

"Well, I have to return to the command room first.”

He got up and brushed off the dust on his body. He erased the appearance of Shin Seo-yeon in his head and returned to his usual appearance.

Once he returned, his men greeted him with excited faces.

“Hyung-nim! Brown Bear did great!’

"Is this really Hyung-nim?”


“Boss! We will take care of those bastards!”

Shin Chang-ho asked his excited subordinates.

“What happened to the enemies?”

"They were going to enter but fled once the bomb exploded.”

"I see. I wonder what the warden looks like now?”

Shin Chang-ho sighed with relief.

The operation was a success. The enemies were less likely to enter due to potential bombs being installed. If so, they just needed to wait here for the rest of the time.

Shin Chang-ho turned and looked for the Cigarette Seller. He was sitting in a chair and looking at the prisoners with cold eyes.

“Cigarette Seller. I’ve done everything you said. As promised, tell me where my sister is right now.”

"Didn’t I already give it to you?”


Something was strange. Cigarette Seller had only given him the bomb. However, he didn’t seem like the type to lie in such an obvious manner. Then did he receive something without knowing it?

Seo-yeon’s voice was suddenly heard in Shin Chang-ho’s ears.

-I waited 10 years. Seven years isn’t long.

As if to erase it, Cigarette Seller said,

"You can’t forget this important thing. Here it is.”

Tae-hyuk opened the drawer of the table where he was sitting and threw a bunch of papers at Shin Chang-ho. Shin Chang-ho received it with a bemused expression. It was the crime notes that Park Joon-shik had obtained after torturing Park Sung-yul.

Then Shin Chang-ho remembered his words.

-If you succeed, you will also get what you want.

"This, this thing, it is what I want?”

He recalled everything he knew about Park Sung-yul. A bastard who brutally murdered a weak woman who couldn’t fight back and was caught trying to get rid of the body. He would tremble whenever he encountered someone in the restaurant or yard. A typical type of person who was weak against the strong, and strong against the weak.

Now his crime records were in front of Shin Chang-ho. He turned the pages as if he was spellbound. He passed through many people before finding his lover that his subordinates couldn’t find.

[13th Puzzle - Shin Seo-yeon]

Yes. I’ll tell you. I’ll speak!

She was someone I accidentally met.

I was upset and riding on a city bus.

I got to the end point. It was a beach town...

There was a woman with a sweet atmosphere sitting by the waterfront. I noticed she was crying and went and sat down next to her.

However, she wasn’t sad. No, she looked delighted. It was like she received a proposal from someone she liked.

Why, yes that’s it.

So she was crying happy tears. Her crying resonated with me. She looked so beautiful...

I threw the knife I was holding without knowing it.

I got her name from her ID card. She was older than she looked. I thought she was only 20...

Oh, please remove the scissors.

I’ll talk!

I understand. I’ll tell you simply.

The body is...

The report continued but Shin Chang-ho was unable to read it anymore. He was so furious that everything turned red.

"H-Hyung-nim, what is it?”

“...Where is Park Sung-yul?”

"Why are you looking for Park Sung-yul?”

“I will kill him.”

Shin Chang-ho no longer cared about winning this war.

Kill Park Sung-yul.

He seemed to be alive just for this.

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