Chapter 110 - Jail War #2

Chapter 110 - Jail War #2

“It came...!”

Kang-suk screamed wildly as he opened the door of the investigation headquarters so roughly that it seemed like it would break. Of course, the only person inside was Hyun-ho, but it still felt important.

However, Hyun-ho was dozing off in his chair.


He looked up at Kang-suk with wide and sleepy eyes. Hyun-ho muttered with a bemused expression,

"Sunbae, is it time for lunch already?”

"It sounds like you didn’t hear it so I’ll say it again. The thing we have been waiting for has come!”

“Hmphhh... I guess you did come for lunch.”

Kang-suk put the yawning Hyun-ho into a headlock.

“Keooook... I-I surrender! I give up!”

"Are you awake now?”

“What is the uproar all of a sudden?”

“Look at this.”

Kang-suk dropped a thick envelope onto the table and said,

"I brought this here since you’ve been asking for it, yet you were sleeping very well.”

Hyun-ho took the envelop with less sleepy eyes and read the text written outside. Then his eyes widened and he shouted,

"You were working properly, Phantom!”

The information from Phantom that the investigation headquarters had been waiting for had finally arrived after 2 weeks.

"Look at your eyes now. You should’ve done that sooner.”

“Sunbae! Can I open it straight away?”


Kang-suk and Hyun-ho carefully opened Phantom’s letter, like it would break if they touched it the wrong way. There was a tremendous amount of material on Park Sung-yul inside.

“...Jackpot. Not all of the cases that Park Sung-yul confessed are in there, but there are at least five of them. If all of this was done by Park Sung-yul, then he won’t be able to leave the prison for the rest of his lives."

"Five? That’s more than I initially thought...”

The words written were roughly at the prophetic level of Nostradamus.

"In addition, each puzzle is hard. This won’t be completed in just a day or two.”

The puzzles would take a few months, or maybe even a few years. The degree of difficulty was much harder than he thought, so his head started to hurt.

Kang-suk moaned and said,

"At first, I thought he confessed to his crime after three years in order for the evidence to disappear,ut he might have needed that time just to create all these puzzles. By the way, can you solve it? It looks pretty difficult.”

Hyun-ho smiled so that his teeth were visible and shook his index finger.

"Sunbae, have you ever heard the saying that a created puzzle can always be solved?”

"I think I’ve heard of it... Maybe some time ago?”

"I will prove it by solving Park Sung-yul’s puzzles... Eek.”

Suddenly, a strange sound emerged from Hyun-ho’s mouth as he rummaged through the materials with a confident expression. Kang-suk wondered what Hyun-ho saw and followed his gaze. There was a note left behind by Phantom.

-I have put together what I reasoned for the busy detectives. I hope it helps with the investigation. Don't get me wrong, this is just a service because I am bored.

His comments on the problems were written in red pen like a teacher. Kang-suk read it and muttered,

"Eh? Isn’t it pretty plausible? All of these answers seem correct. You would have noticed it with one glance. Why isn’t your face pleased?”

Hyun-ho dropped his head and said,

"I wanted to solve it myself! Isn’t this the same as writing the name of the killer on the first page of a mystery novel?”

"Ah, is that so?"

Kang-suk snorted and attempted an additional attack on the back of Hyun-ho’s head.


"Director-nim! Remains have been found!”

Kang-suk ran towards the place where the sound was heard and saw the body, which had completely rotted so that only white bones were left, buried deep in the ground.

"Thank you for the effort. I’ll call the coroner.”


A corpse was really in the place that Phantom had mentioned. This was the last one.

Kang-suk called Coroner Park Min-soo on the radio. It took less than five minutes for a man in a white robe to rush over.

“Kang-suk. You went through a lot of effort. Ah, should I call you Director now?”

"Just speak comfortably. There are only two people in my investigation headquarters, and the rest are just support people.”

"There aren’t many chances to hear yourself being called Director, so you should take this opportunity to listen to it often.”


Park Min-soo laughed and checked the condition of the newly discovered body.


"Won’t it be hard to figure out the identity again this time?”

"The status is similar to the other bodies. Usually bodies in the ground don’t rot well. It is called Casper’s Law of Decomposition...”

“You don’t have to explain. I also went to the police academy.”

Casper’s Law of Decomposition stated that if temperature and humidity were equal, the ratio of a body decomposing in air, water and the ground became 1:2:8.  

“Haha. I shouldn’t ignore a detective. At any rate, a body buried in the ground for just a few years wouldn’t be decomposed like this.”

“What does that mean?”

"I think it must be treated with special chemicals. It is too well decomposed.”

"Do you know what it is?”

“I need to go back and do a detailed autopsy... It might take a while.”


It didn’t stop with the discovery of the body. If they couldn’t find anything to identify the body, then this case would fall into a maze again.

"The first body found wasn’t like this...”

"With that one, I could determine the gender with the body type, and the identity can be found with dental records. It will just take some time.”

Kang-suk groaned in response.

"I want Park Sung-yul to properly confess to his crimes...”

However, he was a person who liked having the police dancing on the palms of his hand. Over time, the evidence would have disappeared. What weapon could be used to open his mouth? Kang-suk wanted to discover all of the crimes committed by Park Sung-yul in order to appease the dead victims. His brain started working at full strength.

"A person who is a specialist in mind games... ah!”

At that moment, something flashed through Kang-suk’s head.

"Won’t that guy be able to intimidate Park Sung-yul? In addition, he is right next to him.”

Kang-suk recalled his contract with Phantom and decided to add a few lines to it.


“By now, they would’ve realized that they can’t figure out the identity of the body. The puzzle would just deepen. Won’t he want to know?”

Someone else was thinking the same thing as Kang-suk. It was Phantom who was up to his own tricks.

Tae-hyuk laughed and looked at the ship for transporting goods that was docked in the port. A ship carrying food and other necessities arrived at Blue Dragon once every three days. Until a few years ago, supplies came to Blue Dragon Prison every day. However, the number of times decreased for some reason.

‘Maybe he wanted to prevent as many outsiders as possible from coming.’

The warden was growing drug farms here, and he did everything in his power to stop it from being exposed.

'So this trick is possible.’

Tae-hyuk carried some materials and hid it in the engine room while the crew was gathered outside of the boat. It was something that was easy to destroy. Now, it would be impossible for the ship to sail properly without any repairs. It would take a week to fix it properly.

'There are two ships. First of all, I need to make sure they don’t operate.’

Tae-hyuk exited the boat with a casual expression and returned to his room.

A day passed by. He heard that the supply ships were broken from the guards who didn’t filter their words around the prisoners. Tae-hyuk smiled with satisfaction as he relaxed.

On the other hand, there was an uproar among the guards. In the end, the warden convened an emergency meeting. One of the guards raised his hand and asked a question,

"If this continues, won’t the inmates starve?”

The answer was given by someone standing next to him,

"Don't worry about it, that absolutely won’t happen. There are two supply ships in the first place, so it is okay for one to fail. Food is also stored in the prison to prepare for this situation.”

“I see, then I don’t need to worry. Well, even if those guys starve...”

"As long as a god doesn’t play a joke, the food supply won’t be cut off. Haha.”

The other guards also laughed.

Unfortunately, there was a god in the prison.


"This way, no supplies will enter Blue Dragon Prison for the next week.”

Tae-hyuk smiled as he broke the engine of the second supply ship. Once this became known, the warden and guards would clearly panic.

He had to finish one task before that.

'It will take around 30 minutes to complete the logistics work.’

Tae-hyuk went back to the prison and headed for the warehouse where food was stored. Except for a napping logistics officer, no one else was there. There were ingredients piled up like mountains. There was enough food for hundreds of people to eat for a few weeks.

“Then it is showtime!”

Tae-hyuk pulled out a small vial of bacteria that caused symptoms of gastroenteritis. Simply put, it was food poisoning bacteria.

Tae-hyuk clicked his tongue.

“…Even if it was in a bottle, I brought this into the prison in my stomach. Truly crazy.”

It was one of the things he brought along with sleeping pills. Tae-hyuk started to distribute it among the food ingredients in the warehouse. Just like pouring salt on food, the specially cultured bacteria would grow.

"Don’t forget to sprinkle it in the refrigerator.”

Tae-hyun also added it to the meat that was as frozen as a stone and purposely sprayed water on the power cord.


The electricity went out and the refrigerator was turned off. The cold still remained, but it would disappear quickly.

“Always be careful about leaks.”

After a few days, no one would be able to eat any of these foods. Inside the fridge, bananas were stacked for tonight’s dessert. Tae-hyuk peeled a bunch of them then put the white banana in his mouth.

"Only amateurs would contaminate all the food. To have more of an effect, 1/5th of the food needs to survive.

This place was a prison on the island. The guards rotated weekly and stayed in the prison. Absurd things like a drug farm could be done because it was such a closed off space.

"Everybody can endure it if they starve together, but who will eat the food? What will happen in a situation where someone is starving?”

Tae-hyuk gave an evil laugh as he appreciated his work. After tonight, 4/5ths of the ingredients here wouldn’t be able to be eaten.

"Brown Bear wants to fight the Yakuza... But everyone will be at war because of the food.”

He quietly turned off the lights and left the warehouse. By tomorrow morning, everybody in the prison would realize the situation.


A life and death battle would start the war.

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