Chapter 105: Pieces of the Puzzle #2

Chapter 105: Pieces of the Puzzle #2

Illegal Surgery was a skill that could do any type of surgery, given that he had the tools. However, even if a wound was treated with Illegal Surgery, it wouldn’t be treated at all. At first glance, it seemed like a total useless ability. However, the true value of Illegal Surgery lied in the ‘Cancel’ ability that restored the area to its original state.

He was able to use it when he acquired the skill. Well, it was an ability that was automatically learned when he became a Noble, just like ‘Damage to Both Sides’.

Tae-hyuk rolled up his shirt and looked at his belly. An incision was made, and a plastic pack used for surgery was inserted inside.  He then used Cancel, and as if time had turned backwards, his belly returned to its original state.

'I put a lot of medicines and things I need for the future inside the pack. If it was a bomb...’

It was a skill that could make a literal walking bomb. That wasn’t the only scary thing about Illegal Surgery. The results of all surgeries were cancelled. It was the same with amputation.

He cut off his toe and triggered Cancel. Then an amazing thing happened in front of him, just like watching a movie. The toe he placed on his desk returned to its original place. The only thing was that Cancel could only be used up to 60 minutes after a surgery was done.

‘Cutting my neck is impossible, but I can cut off my arms or legs.’

It was a bizarre skill that allowed him to freely do things with the human body.

'First, I have to take this out.’

Due to having something foreign in his body, it felt like he had indigestion. He wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. In order to perform an incision, he needed tools such as a scalpel, tweezers, and a clamp.

However, Tae-hyuk had the Illegal Surgery skill. It was possible to cut it with something like a kitchen knife or scissors.

‘But the problem is that this is a prison, not the outside world. There is no such thing available.’

It was natural that prisoners would be restricted in handling anything that could be used as a weapon. It was the same with utensils like forks or chopsticks. Chopsticks sharpened using bricks could be used to hurt someone. For the same reason, pages from a notebook or shoelaces from shoes were removed.

But could he cut his belly with cutlery? It wasn’t an easy task.

Tae-hyuk had lived here for 10 years, so he knew more about the Blue Dragon’s environment than the guards.

‘First, I need a worker.’

Worker referred to a person who took a job in prison. Usually they were model prisoners or people who gave bribes to the guards. Tae-hyuk knew very well how to get close to one.

As he checked the wall clock, he saw that it was almost time for dinner. It was the first time he would meet the prisoners here. It was also a testing place for every newbie.


The signal sounded and the firmly closed door opened. A guard with a rod entered and said,

"Numbers 1047 and 747, it is time for your meal. Gather in the dining room.”


Tae-hyuk nodded without saying anything.

"Hey Newbie. Huhu. Did you learn many things from this friend?”

"I think I learned very thoroughly.”

"Kukuk! Don’t be too scared. This is a place where people live.”

Tae-hyuk inwardly smiled. Unlike the warden, whom he provoked, he had to see the guards every day. Therefore, his answers would be as close to what they wanted as possible. He was able to look like a moderately frightened newbie.

The guard looked at Yoo Cheol-ho lying on the bed. He poked Yoo Cheol-ho with his rod and said,

"Hey, it is time to eat. Stand up.”


Yoo Cheol-ho was lying quietly without any movements. He was stunned due to being hit by an iron pipe. It would be hard for him to get up. However, the guard didn’t know this and screamed.

“Get up!”


"This bastard is completely crazy!”

The guard tried to pull back the blanket covering Yoo Cheol-ho. Then Tae-hyuk said quietly,

"He told the other guard but I don’t think his body is that good. I think he received a doctor’s diagnosis to sleep for the rest of the day.”

“Really? Say that sooner you brat.”

The guard looked at Yoo Cheol-ho’s body with an annoyed expression before leaving the cell. Then he raised his hand.

"Follow me.”


Most of the violent incidents in Blue Dragon Prison mainly took place in the dining room. It was one of the few times that criminals of all nationalities gathered in the same space. The rule of don’t touch other animals when eating didn’t apply here.

Tae-hyuk muttered in a small voice so that the guard walking in front of him couldn’t hear.

“Then let’s try the best way.”


The eyes of the prisoners eating at the tables shone as they saw the newcomer.

"Hey, Newbie. Why is your face rotten?”

"I don’t think I’ve seen you on the 9 o’clock news. What did you get caught for?”

“Did the kid bring a little spoon? If not, he will have to eat by hand. Kilkil.”

"Don't tease. Don’t you remember how the newcomer last week was so frightened that he urinated himself?”

"Aish, that should happen with that face.”

Tae-hyuk ignored the other prisoners teasing him and went to the rationing area. Sarcastic remarks like these were already tedious. If he reacted, then it would just become more severe.

As he walked forward with a plastic plate, a staff member wearing a hygiene mask gave him rice and various side dishes. Although it was the principle of quantitative food distribution, it was normally done at the discretion of the staff worker.

This was one of the reasons why prisoners wanted to become a worker. Tae-hyuk looked at the pancake and soup that he saw. He watched the other prisoners receive the best food for a minute.

Then the worker passed him a note under the tray. It was so natural that he had obviously done it a lot. However, he couldn’t deceive Tae-hyuk’s Gambling skill that was well-versed in many tricks.

'It seems like this guy is in charge of trading.’

Tae-hyuk spoke in a small voice so that only the worker could here.

"I want to buy it.”

Tae-hyuk made a gesture like he was holding a cigarette and paused. The worker knew what it meant and smiled,

"Are you a newbie entering today? If you can’t suppress yourself now, what will happen in the future?”

"It isn’t what you think. Please sell it to me.”

"Of course, if you have money then I will sell it at any time. However, it is a bit expensive because this is an island."

Tae-hyuk remembered that the price of cigarettes was around 20,000 won. If he thought about how it could be purchased for 5,000 won at a convenience store, it was an exorbitant price.

"How much?"

"100,000 won for one pack.”

"That sounds a bit expensive.”

“Don’t buy it if you don’t want to.”

If he bargained here, then he could cut the price in half. However, Tae-hyuk needed to get what he wanted.

"Then I will buy 20 packs.”

"Wow, that is a lot.”

The worker gave a small whistle. Most of the prisoners here were criminals who committed terrible crimes. Unlike other prisons, there were few scammers or people who committed economic crimes. But buying 20 packs of cigarettes for 100,000 won? It was probably the first financier in a long time.

The stiff face of the worker relaxed and he gave a friendly smile.

"You are a newcomer so I’ll let you know how we handle trades.”

"There is no need as I’ll pay in advance.”

Tae-hyuk pulled an envelope from his sleeve and extended it under the tray. Criminals in prison were allowed a certain amount of money. It was up to two million won. After that, they could receive one million at a time through mail or money transfer. With that money, it was possible to buy things like snacks from the prison kiosk.

"The amount should be right. Please check it so I can receive the goods as soon as possible.”

"Huhu, understood. It will be ready soon.”

Even a prison on a remote island wasn’t completely disconnected from the outside. Many vendors brought in foodstuffs and there were goods sold at kiosks. It was probably the best thing for the workers here.

The workers would bribe the contractors in order to bring some things into the prison. It was mainly cigarettes, but sometimes there were psychotropic medicines and cutlery being smuggled in. Of course, the higher the risk, the more expensive it was. A newbie would be able to buy cigarettes, but it would take longer for anything else.

‘Of course, they aren’t necessary. I’ll obtain everything with just cigarettes.’

Tae-hyuk smiled and bowed slightly.

There were many people here who couldn’t buy cigarettes because they had no money. If he gave them one pack then they would kill for him. The rumour that there was a person who bought a huge amount of cigarettes spread quickly.

Tae-hyuk looked at his plate. The menu of the day was miso soup, stir fried anchovies, radish kimchi, and soy sauce beef. It wasn’t bad because there was meat.

Was it because Tae-hyuk bought 20 packs of cigarettes? There were two big lumps of meat on his plate.

He took it and sat in a vacant seat. A hulking person who looked like he did martial arts sat across Tae-hyuk.

“Hey Newbie. Do you know that you are famous?"

“Is that right?”


The hulking person had nothing to say as Tae-hyuk smiled and picked up his spoon.

“I guess you are still used to homemade food. You should be glad that you were given decent food.”

Tae-hyuk said nothing before grabbing the oversize fist. Then the opponent’s face distorted.

"K-Kuong. W-Why is this bastard so strong?”

"Next time, it will be your crotch instead of your hand.”

“...Kuong, let go.”

He drew the attention of the other prisoners around. Then someone deliberately poured a plate containing hot soup towards Tae-hyuk, which would literally burn the face.

'They aren’t kids. If you want to harass me then you should do it right.’

Tae-hyuk laughed and grabbed the collar of the big guy sitting near him. Then the big guy sat in Tae-hyuk’s spot. It was a superhuman move that was only possible due to his agility.

“A-Ack! Hot, hotttt!”

Instead of Tae-hyuk, the big person was the one hit by the miso soup.

“What are you doing?”

The guards watching from the entrance of the dining room cried out. The other prisoner explained,

"I'm sorry. My leg caught on the chair and I accidentally poured my soup as I slipped."

"Take him to the infirmary right now! Don’t cause any more problems for me today. Che!”

The big guy walked out with a face covered in a cold towel. However, he didn’t forget to curse Tae-hyuk.

"It looks like you have a bit of strength. I’ll let you know who is in charge here. Just wait.”

This wasn’t the end of the newcomer’s welcome.

"Eat some rice and soybeans.”

"What did you do?”

10 prisoners surrounded Tae-hyuk like he was a novelty toy. It would be difficult to expect the help of the guards if anything happened. Once Tae-hyuk saw the people gathered, he realized it was time for him to lay down his cards.

"You don’t have any money?”

“What? What is this dog?”

"Do you want some cigarettes?”

The criminals gulped since they knew that Tae-hyuk had bought 20 packs of cigarettes. However, they couldn’t bend to a newcomer.

Tae-hyuk smiled as he noticed everyone watching him. There was no big person among here. At most, they were ‘Commoners’, those with a sentence that was shorter than three years. It was easy to take care of those types of people.

"If you do me a favor then I’ll give you a cigarette.”


“It is simple. I’m too bored in here. You can get a cigarette if you tell me one of the funny stories that happens here. Isn’t it a good deal?”

He could hear gulps from around him. However, there were prisoners who still had their pride even with no money.

“Hey Newbie. Are you crazy? Do you think we are beggars? If you keep talking like that then I’ll make you eat glass powder.”

Tae-hyuk inwardly smiled.

Glass powder. When finely grounded and put into food, the stomach would become a mess, and the person would bleed out and die. However, it wasn’t easy to find glass in this place. It was even more so for those who didn’t even have the money to buy cigarettes.

'In my 10 years of staying here, I’ve only seen three people die from powdered glass.’

“Really? Then how about one story per pack? You don’t have to if you don’t want it.


The eyes of the complaining prisoner changed. Tae-hyuk felt like he would be the first one to come and see Tae-hyuk.

First of all, the cigarettes. They were the beginning of his plan.

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