Chapter 103: Accomplice #4

Chapter 103: Accomplice #4

The darkness of the city could be seen as the Ferris Wheel turned slowly towards the sky. Kang-suk and Phantom didn’t talk for a minute after its departure.

The first one to open his mouth was Kang-suk.

"I'm sorry, but could you not have that face?”

Phantom was still wearing Kang-suk’s face. If they talked like this, then it felt like he was talking into a mirror.

“Don’t you like looking at your face?”

"It's not that, it is a little annoying."

All humans felt an instinctive displeasure when seeing a person with the same face as them. It felt like he was meeting a doppelganger. Kang-suk didn’t have much interest in psychology. However, he felt goose bumps when he saw his face smiling in front of him.

The psychological term that expressed this... He had to search it up later. It was hard to talk, let alone negotiate.

Phantom laughed. It was the first time Kang-suk realized that his face could smile like that.

"Then I will do what you want.”

“Yes, that would be appreciated.”

Phantom put on the mask and then took it off again. Shin Se-ho’s face appeared once again.

"Detective Cho Kang-suk. Are you comfortable now?”

"I don’t like his face but this is better. By the way, what do you originally look like?”

"I'm sorry, but I sometimes have to hide my identity to infiltrate the enemy. I can’t show you my face without a disguise.”

It wasn’t simply the face. Everything, from the tone of his voice, to his speaking method seemed to be Shin Se-ho. Kang-suk wondered about the body, but Phantom was wearing a thick trench coat.

“Hrmm. Is that special makeup?”

"I’ll just say that it is something similar. By the way, you sound gentler. Didn’t you sound angry whenever I called you on the phone?”

"I think you are very selfish.”

A variety of expressions crossed Kang-suk’s face. The person in front of him was a dangerous criminal that couldn’t be compared to a neighbourhood gang. Even if cooperation was necessary for the investigation, that fact remained unchanged.

"You are so dynamic that I want to tease you all day.”

“Stop the nonsense and get to the main point.”

"Yes. Now we will talk about the case that is giving Detective-nim a headache.”


"I think I can help you. How about it?”

Kang-suk stared at Phantom silently. He wondered how much Phantom knew about Park Sung-yul, so he decided to try it.

"What are you helping me with?”

Phantom’s eyes went gentle. The answer that he received was far beyond Kang-suk’s expectations.

"You want someone to sneak into Blue Dragon Prison and look for information on Park Sung-yul. If some of the conditions are met then I can help you.”

“...You know a lot. How can you give a clear answer when I haven’t even asked the question yet?”

"Maybe somebody gave me information.”

"An informant.”

Of course, it was a lie. Phantom completely hid the fact that he wire-tapped Kang-suk by creating a fictional person.

"I don’t think it’s a bad deal for the police. Of course, after everything is done, I must be able to leave properly.”

Phantom laughed,

"Of course.”

"Well, if I was kept in there then I might lead some of the other prisoners on a jailbreak. Let's see. If I team up with the Bomber to escape, then the journalists won’t have to worry about working for a week.”

Kang-suk’s body trembled. Just thinking about that threat was terrifying.

"Then let me ask you one thing. You aren’t a police officer... What do you get for helping me?”

Sometimes he did something horrific for a good reason. Kang-suk suddenly wondered why Phantom came out like this.

“It is indeed money. Let's see. There is no bounty on a hidden crime. I am looking for the guilt of a man trapped in prison. I am fine with receiving 30 million.”

"I see. But I think you can make money through easier methods.”

"I am an irregular worker. I am very envious of the office workers with a regular salary.”

“Haha... At any rate, I will be sure to contact you at the end of the case.”

“I’m not worried.”

Phantom and Kang-suk briefly talked about the prison. In the meantime, the Ferris Wheel was about to complete one turn.

"Then are we accomplices?”

"We have gathered strengths to solve this case so it isn’t wrong to say that.”

"Then it was nice to meet you, Detective Cho Kang-suk.”

“You as well, Phantom.”

Phantom extended a hand covered by a thick glove.

"I’m sorry but my right hand is a bit hurt right now, so please bear with my left hand. Ah right, I am working with Cho Kang-suk, not the police.”

Kang-suk shook hands with Phantom without saying anything. Thus, the alliance between Phantom and Detective Cho Kang-suk formed.


The alliance with Phantom was established but the police were quiet. Kang-suk apparently thought that there was some type of deal between the police commissioner and Phantom.

"He said to hide as much as possible that Phantom is involved in this case?”

Kang-suk was about to make contact with the prison warden, which was the last preparation stage.

"He said that he would use the pseudonym Kim Cheol-su.”

On the table was Phantom’s fake ID made by the General Affairs Department. Ironically, even a family registration was needed to go to prison. He couldn’t go in with the name Phantom, so he needed a fake identity.

Inside the envelope was a resident registration card, a passport, and a driver’s license. But the photo shot was literally art.

Kang-suk lost his appetite looking at it.

The person was in their mid-40s, and displayed a half-shaved head covered in oil. Deep wrinkles were seen on the face. In particular, the reddish eyes looked dangerous. It was almost like he was on a drug. Even so, the beard was neatly shaved with a razor blade. The atmosphere that he gave off would make any weak person crack. It felt like the face of a crazy person was painted.

He was photographed with an old shirt and a blue jacket. The quality was so good that Kang-suk could distribute many flyers right now.

"This is enough to seem like a criminal...”

This was the appearance of ‘Kim Cheol-su’ that Phantom would use in the prison from now on.

"Is he the person who will enter Blue Dragon Prison?”

Joo Hyun-ho opened the door and entered. This mission was strictly confidential, so he didn’t tell Hyun-ho that Kim Cheol-su’s identity was Phantom.

“Uh, that’s right.”

Hyun-ho looked at the photo on the ID and muttered.

"Wow, totally perfect. What type of person is he? He looks like he could kill 15 people while laughing. If you knew such a person then you should’ve told me in advance. There was no need to waste time on Phantom.”

"I didn't realize that I knew such a person.”

"He gets 30 million won as compensation, although he certainly deserves that much for entering Blue Dragon. Of course, one billion would be given if needed.”

"We were lucky."

Kang-suk barely managed to keep his mouth shut. Was this what a hat seller felt like when they discovered that the king’s ears were strange?

“Be quiet. I have to call the warden.”


He had sought cooperation from the warden beforehand. Now, if Kim Cheol-su’s details passed, a new prisoner would enter Blue Dragon.

Kang-suk called the number of the prison stored in his phone. Then a gentle voice welcomed Kang-suk.

-Detective Cho Kang-suk, is the criminal prepared?

"Yes, I will send you the relevant materials through fax right now.”

-Let’s see... Wah. Isn’t this person really a criminal?

“…I’m sorry but he is an investigator. I had to find someone who is unknown to as many criminals as possible.”

-With that face, he will fit in perfectly. At any rate, I will pay attention to Kim Cheol-su. I am the only one who knows that he is an undercover investigator.

“I understand. The more people who know, the more likely discovery will be.”

-So I will keep it a secret, even if he is treated a little harshly by the prison guards. You should know. The prisoners confined here usually aren’t human. A little roughness is needed to deal with these people. It is the only condition of my cooperation.

"Yes, then Kim Cheol-su will arrive in three days.”

-I hope this turns out well, Detective Cho Kang-suk.

The phone call ended there. The prison warden definitely seemed to be hiding something, but it was impossible to know unless he went directly there. Kang-suk muttered so that Joo Hyun-ho, sitting next to him, couldn’t hear anything.

"In the end, everyone involved in this operation is deceiving someone.”

He lost his appetite.

Everything was in order to dig out the tragedy caused by Park Sung-yul. However, the case wouldn’t end that simply.

Three days later, the stage was moved to the Blue Dragon Prison. Now Kang-suk had to wait for Phantom to safely get the information from Park Sung-yul.

"In the end, Phantom is the only one who can tell the truth about this case. He is literally an accomplice.”

Kang-suk closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair.


“The warden seems to be hiding something; you should be careful.”

Kang-suk and Phantom were riding the convoy heading to Blue Dragon Prison.

Once they arrived at the port, they would ride on the boat for 30 minutes before arriving at Blue Dragon Prison. Rather than the handcuffed Phantom, Kang-suk was the one that seemed more nervous.

"Don't worry. I am Kim Cheol-su. I don’t care if it is Blue Dragon or Red Pheonix, no prison can hold me.”

The tone was a completely different person to Phantom. The more he watched, the stranger it was.

"The guards don’t know that you are a co-worker. They just think you are a criminal who has committed terrible acts. It will be hard for you to endure.”

Phantom laughed.

Endure? He had lived there for 10 years. If he closed his eyes, the appearance of Blue Dragon Prison still vividly popped up. The time limit was one month. At that time, he had an appointment with the warden to get him out of prison.

“Detective Cho Kang-suk, we’ve arrived.”

Salty wind blew through the iron bars covering the window of the back door. They were at the port where a ship would transport them to Blue Dragon Prison. The moment he got there, he would be a prisoner completely disconnected from the world.

Phantom licked his lips and recalled the prison that was beyond the horizon.

First of all, it was important to find the gold left behind by the Japanese army. However, it was surprisingly enjoyable to solve the puzzle made by Park Sung-yul.

'Past events have already happened. How many puzzles can I solve based on the ending that I know?’

Phantom smiled and looked at his accomplice.

"Then let's go."

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