Chapter 102: Accomplice #3

Chapter 102: Accomplice #3

-Hello Detective Cho Kang-suk. By the way, it seems like there are many uninvited guests.

The commandos leader wrapped a bandage around his hand and muttered,

"That son of a bitch is playing with...!”

The room only contained the recorded video, which told them one thing: Information from inside the police agency was leaking out.

"Kuook Who? What bastard?”

The commandos leader wasn’t an idiot and didn’t need an explanation to understand the situation.

-I’m more shy than I look. Negotiations shall proceed again from somewhere else.


In the end, the police and counter-terrorism team members were dancing on top of Phantom’s palms. But this wasn’t the end of Phantom’s video.

-You’ve come a long way. I’ll be sorry if you return with empty hands, so I have prepared a small gift so I hope you like it.

“A gift?”

Kang-suk gulped as he looked at the tablet.

The message cut off there. Considering his previous experience with Phantom, the gift certainly wouldn’t be ordinary. The table contained a video file and photos.

"We just saw the video...”

“D-Detective Cho! Try not to touch Phantom’s fingerprints!”

‘You were the one who almost smashed it.’

Kang-suk barely managed to stop the words from leaving his mouth. However, Kang-suk was an experienced detective and knew how to deal with this situation.

"Yes, I will pay particular attention to what you have told me.”

Once Kang-suk pulled out leather gloves from his pocket, the leader looked dumbfounded.

“Hum hum... Yes. Do it well.”

‘Phantom leaving fingerprints behind? Impossible...’

Kang-suk smiled and checked the photo file. He was nervous about the gruesome scene of a murder, but it was actually very simple.

"The problem is very close by?”

That was the only thing written on a sheet of paper. At that moment, something popped into Kang-suk’s head. Before the operation started, he had investigated what this place was. It had obviously been reported as a factory.

“It clearly doesn’t look like that.”

He had been in a rush when he came here, so he didn’t pay that much attention. But he realized something was strange the moment he saw the memo left behind by Phantom.

Kang-suk muttered in a small voice,

“…What is this place?”


"You will be arrested in accordance with Article 21 Clause 1 of the Medical Law!”

“W-What? Y-You! Who, who are you?!”

"The doctors are curious about who we are?”

"If you want to go after a chicken, then you have to catch a rat!”

"Plunge in with all your strength!”

The commandos, who were standing by to catch Phantom, opened the door and entered,


Then an unlicensed doctor wearing a doctor’s coat screamed,

"G-Gun! What? What is going on?!”

Kang-suk shook his head and clicked his tongue.

"It is like using a sword to cut off a nail. Mobilizing special forces to catch unlicensed doctors... Let's see... No license, illegal abortions...”


The unlicensed doctor, Jung Eui-do, still couldn’t understand the situation. He didn’t think the big guy in front of him was a homicide detective.

Jung Eui-do asked carefully,

"I didn’t hear from the police chief of Gangseo-gu that a crackdown was coming...”

Gangseo Police Station was in charge of the area where the illegal medical center was located. There must be secret connections for it to be operating so unabashedly like this.

Kang-suk shrugged.

"I'm sorry, but it isn’t a crackdown. Is there anything else?"

Jung Eui-do desperately waved his hands.

"Uh, no."

"Is that so? Eh? By the way, what is going on here?”

Kang-suk picked up the paperwork that was rolling around on the ground and placed it on the desk. There was something here.

"Can I take a look at it for a moment?”

“Yes, yes.”

If he were arrested for unlicensed medical treatment, he would be punished with imprisonment of up to five years or a fine not exceeding 20 million won. That was just the maximum sentencing, however. Most of them were released on probation if they showed their cooperation in the investigation and bribed people. It was how a hospital for illegal medical treatment could operate so unabashedly.

In addition, there were hidden things. If they investigated more than the abortions and illegal plastic surgeries...

“Hrmm. It looks like this place is where fetuses are killed and then trafficked.

"T-T-There is no such thing.”

Jung Eui-do’s face turned white.

It was 10 years imprisonment if he was caught smuggling a processed fetus. Then what about smuggling raw materials? It could increase to double that.

Jung Eui-do said as calmly as possible,

"If you feel doubt then you can search the hospital. I really didn’t do that.”

Fortunately, the remaining inventory in the hospital had been shipped several days before. He would never be caught...

"Is that so? However, this seems to be a picture of fetus trading.”

Kang-suk pulled out some photos from an envelope and showed them to Jung Eui-do.


Jung Eui-do looked stunned.

Jung Eui-do, along with the secret warehouse where they were all caught in, was captured on photo. He had made a deal with a Chinese who crossed the ocean. This couldn’t be explained.

"S-Something seems wrong. Ah, manipulation. That is photo manipulation...”

"Expert analysis will quickly reveal if this was altered or not. If you don’t have anything else to say then get up.”


Kang-suk placed the new evidence and Phantom’s gift into an envelope and stood up.

Kang-suk had examined the table where the phantom mask was sitting and found an envelope containing  evidence that illegal medical activities were being conducted here, as well as the crime of selling fetuses.

"I have to thank him for this...”

Cho Kang-suk scratched his head and sighed.


After teasing the commandos leader, Phantom was sitting on his bed and staring at the Demon Revealing Mirror.

[Crime Skill: Illegal Surgery has been acquired.]

-Various surgical operations can be done.

-However, treatment isn’t possible.

"It is a little early, but let’s just say that I am discharged.”

He wondered about the newly acquired crime skills, but there was a more urgent matter first. Tae-hyuk contacted Cho Kang-suk using Phantom’s private line and used Voice Modulation to imitate Kim Bum-soo.

"Hello Detective Cho Kang-suk.”


“Did you like my present? My proposal is still valid. Of course, if you bring uninvited guests again, then it will be the same as today.”

-...Sorry I couldn’t keep my promise.

The corners of Tae-hyuk’s mouth went up.

Cho Kang-suk, a detective with a sense of justice, was apologizing to the criminal Phantom. It was a pity that he couldn’t see what had happened.

"You must have suffered acting as the middle-man. Then I will give you a clue. The newly appointed police commissioner seems to want to catch me a lot. Tell the police commissioner that if he acts again this time, I will release ‘it’.”

-What does that mean?

"You don’t have to know. Just pass it on.”

- ......

"The meeting point will be delivered in 12 hours. Then let’s finish this case well.”

Tae-hyuk hung up and leaned back on his pillow. The after-effects of his injuries still remained. However, he could restore his exhausted stamina with a good night of sleep. After upgrading to ‘Noble’, his body had become stronger than before.

"But it seems like the new police commissioner has really done something wrong.”

Tae-hyuk laughed.

In fact, it was a bluff when he told Kang-suk that.

"Maybe I really am a god?”

There had to be something behind him if he could sit in the position of police commissioner. Tae-hyuk was aiming at that.

"Anyway, won’t my bluff be true if he really comes alone to the next meeting place?”

If not, he would just leave a video mocking the police like this time.

In fact, the way of figuring out if Kang-suk had a tail or not was very simple. Since he copied Kang-suk’s phone during the hippo case, he could listen to all of the calls. Phantom doing all contact with Kang-suk wasn’t just to build up his merits. By wiretapping Kang-suk, he could see the movements of the police regarding Phantom.

“Then shall I see how rotten this police commissioner is?”


The new police commissioner, Chae Bum-ho, stood up after hearing the report.

"He will reveal ‘it’ that put me in the position of police commissioner? D-Don’t tell me... No. It is a top secret. A mere criminal...”

Chae Bum-ho muttered with a dark expression.

“…However, Phantom was clearly involved in the dismissal of the last police commissioner. No, anybody who knows I was involved with Taesung has already...”

Phantom definitely knew something. If the incident became known, then it wouldn’t end with just removing his clothes. It would be difficult to escape being branded as a criminal.

Chae Bum-ho’s face distorted.

He knew the position that he was sitting in. Most police commissioners met a disastrous end. Of the past police commissioners, nine were involved in a crime, and some were still in prison. He had been careful not to step on any toes, but the criminal wearing a mask would reveal ‘it’?

He couldn’t just wait and see.

Chae Bum-ho licked his lips and contacted the Gangdong police superintendent.

"It is me. Tell Detective Cho Kang-suk to listen to what Phantom wants. But be sure to report it to me.”

-Yes, I understand.

Chae Bum-ho hung up and muttered.

“Don’t think you won, Phantom. I will surely rip your mask off.”


-Listen to what Phantom wants.

-Then I will be going to see him alone?

-Yes. Detective Cho. The pride of the police agency is on your shoulders. Please make a good deal with Phantom.

-I understand.

Tae-hyuk smiled widely as he listened to the conversation between Cho Kang-suk and the Gangdong police superintendent.

"That was a really simple bluff. I don’t know his face but I would like to play poker with him. I wouldn’t even need to use the Gambling skill...”

He suddenly felt a pain in his palm while muttering. Tae-hyuk frowned and looked at the wound.

“…It really can’t be treated.”

There was a cut from a box cutter knife on his palm. It had clearly been perfectly stitched with the Illegal Surgery skill. Even so, nobody seemed to notice the wound.

"Will this aggravate it? I guess I have to put a plaster on it.”

Illegal Surgery couldn’t even do first aid treatment so it felt like a useless skill. However, it had a special function.

“Operation Cancel!”

The small sign of the surgery that sutured the wound disappeared, and it returned to the original state before the procedure.

“...This could be very useful in prison.”

He rubbed some ointment on the wound, covered it in a plaster, and contacted Kang-suk. It was decided that they would meet at the meeting point right now.

‘They might have noticed that information was being leaked and planned a double trap. So we will meet here.’

Kang-suk seemed perplexed when he heard that the meeting place was L Amusement Park, but the answer came soon.

"Then I’ll see you in 45 minutes.”

-I understand.

He suggested a time that took into consideration where Kang-suk currently was. It was only enough time for him to get here.

By the time Tae-hyuk called a taxi and got to the amusement park, there were five minutes left until the agreed meeting time. Tae-hyuk bought a ticket to the Ferris wheel and changed his face to Shin Se-ho, whom he had met several times.

"It is a weekday evening, but why are there so many people?”

He couldn’t help laughing. Kang-suk was meeting Phantom in a place like this. If he thought Phantom was a simple terrorist, then Kang-suk would’ve turned it down somehow. It meant that he intended to cooperate since they had the same purpose.

Tae-hyuk called and asked,

“Detective Cho Kang-suk. Have you arrived at the meeting point?”

-Heok... I am almost there.

“Yes. Once you arrive, buy a Ferris wheel ticket and get on the next one that arrives. Then you will be able to meet me.”

-I understand.

Tae-hyuk went to a nearby restroom and changed clothes instead of using Counterfeit. Now he looked so much like Shin Se-ho that even family members wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

‘Oh, there he is.’

When he got back to the Ferris wheel, he could see Kang-suk looking around. Tae-hyuk quietly walked over and said,

"Eh? If it isn’t Detective Cho Kang-suk.”


"I don’t think you’ve come to play with your girlfriend. Was there an incident or something?”

"Ah, no.”

Despite Kang-suk’s confusion, he pretended like nothing was going on. He had to meet with Phantom and have an important talk.

Tae-hyuk said with a smile,

"Aye~ you must be hiding something. Don’t be like this. Let’s share something good together.”

“...I’m sorry but I am very busy. I have to meet someone right now.”

“Can I join you?”

“That is a little...”

Kang-suk noticed that the Ferris wheel car was coming and ran. There was no time to explain. Tae-hyuk didn’t miss it and followed along. In the end, Kang-suk cried out,

“H-How did you get in? Please leave immediately.”

"Detective Cho Kang-suk. Who are you going to meet here?”

“I can’t tell you that. I’m sorry but I really can’t. You can make a formal protest to the police station.”

“Nope. You are right, Detective Cho Kang-suk. Weren’t you supposed to meet someone?”

Kang-suk’s body stiffened. Now he remembered that Shin Se-ho shouldn’t be here. He was captured by a killer and was currently stuck in the hospital...

Kang-suk gulped and looked at the man in front of him.

"You, who are you?”

"The man that Detective-nim has been waiting for. Then let’s start the deal.”

Kang-suk stared at the other person.

“P-Phantom? But no matter how I look, you are Shin Se-ho...”

“Is this enough to make you believe?”

Tae-hyuk took the phantom mask from his pocket and placed it on his face. After a while, he took it off to reveal Cho Kang-suk’s face.


"It is a joke. Then let’s start the negotiations.”

Rattle rattle.

Once all the passengers boarded, the Ferris Wheel started operating. It would take five minutes to go around once.

Everything had to be finished during that time.

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